Serenity Marine Jan 2015
You are my star,
the star that shines brightly in the night sky,
you are the star that will shine forever in my eyes,
You are my star to keep and admire.
*I wish upon a star you'll forever be mine
Curing Dec 2014
Shine in darkness, shine with love
shine through all your pain.

Shine despite the heartache,
yet savor still the rain.
forgive the sun
its jealousy
unlike you
it only shines for half the day
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2015
Shine Luna Shine
Shine off the years of
Through those bars of rage
And painful plagues
Shine to the modern world,
Tell it to heavens gate
Shine Luna Shine
Did they break you?
Or raped you a thousand times?
Didn't they kill you?
And make you a modern lie?
Shine Luna Shine
Shine off the evil deeds
That made you a laughing stock,
Shine off those evil words,
They told you at teenage age
Shine off the hatred
And make them roaming wretched,
Shine Luna Shine
Make them wonder
Shine Luna Shine
Make them a whirling wind,
Give them nights of terror
Soar and leap like an ocean,
Swallow them deep
Take them all
As you Shine Forth
Shine Luna Shine,
This is a poetic story that express deep rooted emotions.
Will Rogers III Mar 2015
rain or shine
i shan’t not decline
the desire to ride
nor indoors abide
[composed on March 8, 2014, revised on March 30, 2014]
gianna casazza Jun 2014
The women dressed in gold
Help i must find her
For she makes me shine
physically attractive?
her beauty inclined
admirers only desired
and true friends Only admired
Where did she come from?
As she walks tall in heels too high
With a intelligent mind
Spreading the light to shine
She was giving a gift
Not For you but for i
a tempt to capture her
And you will pay,
For she knows her gift
And wont give it away.
For she will continue to shine
I wont allow you to take my shine
raine cooper Mar 2016
the sun doesn't shine in your world, and i wonder why. perhaps it's because you choose to write all your poems in the clouds.
Andrea Fann Aug 2014
all I see is darkness

once I shone
        once my light was on

but the light has left me,
               long ago
           seemingly never to come back.

yesterday you returned.
the vultures at the zoo
(all three of the)
sit very quietly in their
caged tree
and below
on the ground
are chunks of rotten meat.
the vultures are over-full.
our taxes have fed them

we move on to the next
a man is in there
sitting on the ground
his own shit.
i recognize him as
our former mailman.
his favorite expression
had been:
"have a beautiful day."

that day i did.
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
He was,


His whole existence was,


Oh so Taboo in his walk, speech,
and every step was Meticulous
it was ridiculous  

He was,

Raktim Baruah Jun 2014

We believe, in the power of dreams
We dare, to transcend all realms,
For every day is a challenge for us
It’s our way of life, to aim for the stars

In our journey, to the pinnacle of glory
We decided to re-write the story,
It’s the foundation, for the rise
Of a new league of surprise

The future is ours for the taking
It’s a kingdom of excellence, in the making,
Let’s join our hands, and sustain the lead
United with a vision to succeed
To surpass the stars & shine!
LostDreame Aug 2014
this isn't a poem, but it's a message
to those who cut and drink because they failed
failed in life, failed in love
failed in whatever they didn't except of
but i swear it'll work out in the end
someway or another, you will be okay
no need to cut
no need to drink
all you'll want to do is shine
so shine like rubies
Jaimi M Dec 2014
You pure soul,
shining onto this
world with nothing
but a smile;
Hoping for the best
in every situation,
and watching as it
fails, encouraging
to try once more.
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