feeling discomfort dissipates as
I embrace instead of
pushing away
ic Mar 2014
when i walk next to
all i want to do
is hug you,
and all i want to
is for you to hug
me back.
the crisp morning air
embraces my skin
greeting each pore
with a welcome
to wake up
Written before my morning bike ride to work.
cosmic poet Apr 2014
I can feel the darkness
I can feel my blood embracing the poison
like a lover in the shadows
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The gods in the sky they quiver in fright,
because you're the most beautiful right here tonight.
They sit there in awe, in a fascinated state
while I hold you so closely knowing you are my date.
We stood there and danced to the songs that we knew,
while I told you so sweetly that I'll always love you.
I miss you
The cuddles
The kisses
having someone who cared for me
I wish I could cuddle with you again
Just hold you, or lie in bed together
I know you need it now
Just like I did then
So come darling
Leave your troubles behind and embrace me
Kay Tailor Apr 2014
Have you ever felt
A compelling urge
To hug somebody?
To just wrap your arms around them
And never let go?
You just want to drop everything
And hug that person,
Touch them,
Embrace them.
You just want to be near them.
No talking.
Just hugging.
Because you seem to say more,
Have deeper discussions,
When you’re in each other’s arms
Then when conversing aloud.

That’s the kind of bond
I want to have with someone
Some day.
Because the simplest of things
Speak louder
Than any words
Ever will.
Bruce Mackintosh Nov 2012
Before our Moon
dips below
the romantic
I'll swing you
with such
will need
the Jaws of Life
to extricate us
the other.
Deemz May 2014
Embrace me with a smile,
embrace me with a hug.

Embrace me with your prescence,
and i'll embrace you ,
with the memories we had,
before the last time we had embraced goodbye.
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