Poetry by MAN Jun 2013
One Family united as one
The Father, Mother Daughter and Son
In unity we can set things right
In the darkness be the guiding light
Keep your heart open
Keep hoping
The Family be the truth to all lies spoken
We have the tools set it straight
I can't wait to see the date
We all can relate
Not to hate
A Families love
Black,White our blood is both red
ONE PEOPLE ONE WORLD we must move ahead
We can do it
Take a moment show someone you care
To get it together for..
Written in the 90's M.A.N.
ellie Dec 2014
I wrote this poem for you to keep
As you lie peacefully asleep
To share the stories you once told
Sat in your chair growing peacefully old

I will always remember those days
When I sat up to the table studying the maze
Of thousands of puzzle pieces in my gaze
However I was never fazed
Because you were always there to guide the way.

I will always remember your trips out and about
Although never adventurous I felt,
McDonald's and M&s; without doubt,
Were you favourite places to walkabout

I will always remember your creative flare,
Your knitting needles and you cross-stitch squares,
how you could sit and chat, yet knit with care
Always seemed so unfair  

But most of all, I wrote this poem to say thankyou
Not just from me but from all the family too
For the wisdom and knowledge you once shared
For showing you loved us and that you cared

I wrote this poem to say goodbye
As you watch us from up high
I remember all the fun times we had
As my friend and as my Nan
And I miss you more than words can say

I hope we can meet again someday
biologically yes you are..
physically, very clear
you are my*  brother  according to science

but to me you're  dead.

you treat me like shit.
to put it bluntly

emotionaly, you're not my  brother,
you're a stranger living in my house.

i used to have a  brother,
now he is nothing but a  monster.
Silver Lining Jul 2014
I come visit you..
And I'll leave a daisy on your stone
So you know how you left a print on my heart.
A wilted flower of hope that had been given up
I miss him. So. Damn. Much.
GC Jul 2014
there was a slice of chocolate cake in the fridge
and my sister asked me if i wanted it.
i didn't respond, stared off into space
and continued to smoke my cigarette
in the kitchen because mom was
asleep already and it was 1 am
on a saturday in july
and it was hot and we were both braless and hoping
the single fan on the counter would circulate the air enough
to make us comfortable in the cottage that we called home
that didn't have air conditioning in the middle of the woods.

the three of us hadn't moved for three more hours,
instead spent all of that time talking about nothing
and everything the way sisters do
because sisters eventually end up saying all the words that have
to be said
but each time it sounds new even though it never is.

we're all different but the thing about sisters is
that other people always see you as the same.

we all eventually grew into having brown hair
even though i had been born a redhead
and she had been born blond
and she had been born the same shade of brunette
that still graced her scalp but was thinner than the rest of ours
and fit in an elastic pony tail comfortably
unlike mine, which broke those things immediately
and she, who cut hers all off in hopes
to cleanse herself and
keep herself from being weighed down.
Mark Ball Mar 2015
Misery sticks
to your skin
like the solitary smell
of your family home.
Juliesen Night Apr 2014
He stands beside me,
In awe of the sight before thee.
His hand has mine.

We both look at each other.
Nothing can be told from his eyes.
The eyes of Ashure haze.

"Do not be afraid..
We are home."

The sound of rushing water,
Crashing into its ever blue.
The beauty of the growth around it.
I call it home.

This was the place,
Where the wolves shall be born.
Creation of a pack.
Has just begun.

Werewolves alive.
Waterfalls of Beauty.
A family.
For eternity.
Folarin Seun May 2015
Nuclear family
Extended family
Your close friends
Anyone who cares should be part of your family
Family is everything
Shannon Callow Dec 2015
You are the water to my seed,
you push me to grow, blossom and succeed.
You are the hope whispering in my ear
when my despair is growing near.

You are a superhero in disguise and inspire me
to become a strong independent woman and be the best I can be,
I hope that when I'm older I'm even half as remarkable as you are -
you are the most supportive, caring, beautiful person I know by far.

You are so special to me and every day we spend together is so sublime,
and no amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years with you will be enough time.
And out of all the grandparents in this universe so divine,
I'm so glad that you got to be mine.
Arianna Stewart Oct 2014
Family needs to stick together
Through the tough, hard times
When it rains at night
Family needs to stick together
Like birds of a feather
Peas in a pod
Family needs to stick together
The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple’s a rose,
And the pear is, and so’s
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose—
But were always a rose.
Violet Girl Dec 2014
For the first time in ten years
Both my parents were near
Seated at a table together
Not next to each other
With my brother in the middle
They sat as their food sizzled
We will always be a family
Though my mother has remarried
I really need for times like this
Family dinners are bliss
My parents have been divorced for about ten years. Yesterday, we had our first family dinner since they were together. We ate at Quaker Steak & Lube after my brother's hockey game.
Roar May 2014
Having a sibling,
                             means you are never truly
                                                                ­           Alone here.
I am glad I have someone to face this world with.
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