rachel Aug 2014
Eyes are the windows to the soul
You can see where someone has been
How much they have seen
How many times they've been hurt
What they long for
John K Trainer May 2014
Alive, astir
Gliding, enshroud, obscure
Awaken my tormented soul
A cinquain poem
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
A darkened soul

Always sees more
Knows what to fear
What it's for
To feel exposed
Try walking free
The dark does follow
It wants to see
Writing hand
Matthew Mar 2014
A vessel for water
hardened soil      
ceramic broken  
forever spoiled.  

But gather with care,
these grounded bits,
and paint upon them
as a soul canvas
The day had come when lovers had to say goodbye
Bid a piece of smile and wave a little hand
She thought that their love was so real
Yet ended up being strangers to each

Weeks had passed and you are still there
In her little mind that is full of moments
Moments that you had shared together
Moment that you should have cherished together.

It's been a while since her heart was so alone
And now, she had learned something new
That no one could fix her broken soul
But only she could do it, if she only knew.
Katlyn Orthman Oct 2014
Immortality lies in the soul
My body may age
I will grow wise with time
But my soul will still burn with youth
Until death do us part
Atta Santoso Sep 2014
I lost a soul
Beautiful soul
In a blue dawn
I lost you

I lost my love
Now I have to live
My life without
I lost my cat, 14-9-14
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Your soul buoys up a body of mine,
leaving imperishable marks of an illusionary joy,
holding me through a lagoon of flowers,
embracing me in a verdant of sigh;
my soul becomes your captive while my body tells a lie.
Kingafroninjaa May 2012
Can I drown in the sweet sorrow of your passion?
Bask in the drips of your essence and savor your liquid ecstasy.
Stare in awe at the contours of your body as it bends to my very will.
Making you feel as real as this fantasy world we have thrusted ourselves into.
Your soft whimpers caresses my ears as our spirits are driven by their own Heaven and Hell.
The rapid movements of your ribcage soothes my ravenous soul as our bodies intertwine with each other.
The aroma of our mixture captivates my subconscience as we're climbing towards your highest peak.
Your petite thighs clenching onto my physique build as the wave of nirvana overpowers your psyche.
She slowly drifts away from our fantasy world, leaving me here to dwell on her forsaken sorrow.
My body yearns to hear your voice in the endless darkness as it awaits for your return.
Can I cross the threshold into your garden of Eden one last time?
Colleen Cavanagh May 2014
What is my soul?

Is my soul the way I laugh?
I laugh from the deepest part of me,
joyfully celebrating my life.
Is my soul the way I cry?
I cry from the deepest part of me,
embracing the pain my life delivers me.
Is my soul the way I listen?
I listen from the deepest part of me,
learning everything life has to teach me.
Is my soul the way I speak?
I speak from the deepest part of me,
telling life exactly what I think of it.
Is my soul the way I hate?
I hate from the deepest part of me,
turning away all those who've hurt me?
Is my soul the way I love?
I love from the deepest part of me,
Eternally bound to those people I care about.
Is my soul solely my own?
Is it possible to speak, to cry, to love alone?
Is my soul a piece of God in me?
Is my soul only mine because I have faith?

Is my soul?
Abi Sweeney Mar 2014
Pull out a mirror and look at your soul.
You probably cant see anything through all that filth.
Steele Jul 2014
They                                                             ­                     They
   say  that  the  eyes                                  say  that  the  eyes
    are                the soul                         are                the soul
        windows to                                          windows to
I dunno if this qualifies, but I'll play along as best I can.
Shan K Jun 2014
you are not your grades or your scars
your height or your weight
you are not your face or the color of your hair

you are the person you define yourself to be
you are who you want to be
you are not the opinion of the people around you

you are your soul
be it old or young
you have lived many lives
and this is just the beginning
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