Craig Harrison Jan 2015
Only you can set my heart on fire
Only you can destroy me
on my mind until the body begins to tire
dreaming of you, each night you're all I see
I gave you my heart, only you can destroy me.

I just miss you, in a quite simple desperate human way
Life is not life with out you in it
you gave me life, you gave it meaning
my heart is on fire, a fire that you lit
a fire that as stood but is now beginning to sit.
I miss you, in a quite simple desperate human way.

The image of your smile that sinks further into my mind
the fun times, just a memory
the way you loved, the way you were always kind
Only you can set my heart on fire
Only you can destroy me
Only you can set me free
free from the pain
the memories of you are keeping me sane
set me free from this pain.

As you lay there, sleeping
little did I know
something so evil was beginning to grow
inside your head, something that didn't belong.
You were always so strong
fighting the pain
fighting to be free
but one day you was taken from me.
Skye Mura Nov 2014
It's been 2 months
Since we parted
But we've been
Together for 2 years
It's probably warm
Where you are
But I'm still here
Recovering from
The coldness of
Your words
It's so hard to
Wait for closure
From someone like you
But you're worth it
So I'll wait.
Chloe Jul 2014
You don't hate yourself
because of the
shape of your nose,
angle of your eyes,
length of your arms,
or size of your waist.

Your self hatred
runs so much deeper
than those things.
Your self worth
runs even deeper.
Samara Kae Gibbs Dec 2014
Snowflakes are all different,
Like the different people on the earth;
Falling, and falling,
Wondering what they are worth.
Rhianecdote Feb 2015
A friend once said to me
That rejection is a time for reflection
And I tend to agree
So tell me
As I stare into the face of rejection
Why is it that I see my own reflection?
Am I cursed to take this personally?
Chloe Elizabeth Aug 2014
After laying awake for endless nights,
with the shattered pieces of my heart
leaking into my veins
and carving away at the life
I used to share with you,
I realized that you are not one
worth suffering for

By Chloe Elizabeth
Find the ones who are.
I'm a better man for leavin'
Than just staying here decievin'
Myself into believin'
That we've something left worth fighting for

I couldn't stay here lyin'
Inside I would be dieing
It's best I give up trying
There's nothing here worth fighting for

I still must thank you baby
For showing me to stay'd be
More no instead of maybe
We've nothing left worth fighting for

It's time to get a move on
In the morning I'll be long gone
I guess you lose and I won
We've nothing left worth fighting for
iznolan Jun 2014
move on
is not easy
but trust me
you can go through it
because everything
happens for a reason
a reason to make you braver
to see the future.
Brice Oct 2014
Perhaps one may taste a trace of my self-worth on their judgmental taste buds
Then destroy it with a single unpleasant chomp
And swallow it down with a sickening gulp
Merciless monsters
Kaye B Anderson Aug 2014
A lie big enough
to turn into a regret
that becomes an ever lasting guilt -
A lie that will hurt you more then it would the person lied to.

Is it worth it?
Hayleigh May 2014
Perfection is all you ask,
Staring into your reflection,
Your minds own rejection.
You lost your confidence
to embrace imperfection.
To the extent,
You exaggerate,
That life would be better,
If only;
You could appreciate,
That this is fate
And you need to accept
What is left.
Take a breath;
A step back;
Relax and realise,
Its not about
S h a p e or SIZE.
Open up your eyes,
To the beauty inside
- us all.
Simon Woodstock Mar 2015
A psychedelic life with the love of an amazing woman is the only one worth living
LRB Sep 2013
You know, it isnt easy
Working young
Feeding a family of 3
Only 18
Only 7.25

You know, it's hard
Working 2 jobs
Never seeing that family of 3
1 Brother
1 Mom

You know, it's life
Working until you die
Until your family is 0
100 hopes
100 dreams
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