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Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
O Lord, please set my bound heart free
Let not this world my prison be
Where fear and shame would pull me down
To suffocate and cause me to drown

'Stead loose my soul that it may soar
Heavy, fettered, chained no more
So You can lead me to the hills
Away from where "perfection" kills

In You alone my worth is found
What joy immense, this truth profound
To know I'm precious in Your sight
My strength, my hope, my life's delight

Surrendered now to Your control
'Tis love which heals my wounded soul
Convinced that I can trust Your heart
Toward me, to You my cares I impart

And selfish may I no more be
But lend me eyes that I might see
The wounds which other souls still have
To give to them Your healing salve

That You might take their tender pain
And turn it to eternal gain
So suffering may not wasted be
But used to set our cold hearts free

Then we who in triumphant praise
More closely on Your face may gaze
Beholding all Your beauty vast
Held tight to You, content at last!
**sung to the tune of 'Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness'
(music by William Gardiner)

September Roses Jul 2018
Life and love and death and birth
And peace
And love
On the planet earth
   Is there anything that's worth
More than
And love
On the planet earth
Mi, fa mi mi, fa mi ti la
ryn Sep 2014
What's my worth?
Am I worth a second glance?
Till present, from birth
Am I deserving of chance?

What's my value?
Am I worth time spent?
What did I do?
Did I squander the life lent?

What are my virtues?
Do they even shine through?
Do I put them to good use?
Or useless like a pair less shoe?

What defines me?
Is it the words that write?
Or work I do diligently?
Could it be my punches in a fight?

What have I done?
Take your time to think
Did I do it with a loaded gun?
Must've done something; must've missed the link

What am I good for?
Important work or menial labour
Could have I done more?
Achieved alone or together

Do I think differently?
Indulge in fairytale notions
Is it sheer folly?
To believe in magic potions

Am I just silly?
Do I dream too much?
Accept reality
Am I capable of such?

Do I shirk what I carry?
Should I have said no?
Did I delay and tarry?
Have I nothing to show?

Am I wrong to feel?
Is it foolish to want?
When it all is real
Now bearing the brunt

Do I wear you weary?
With my endless stupor
Why can't I bury?
Before we expire

Why do I wallow?
Wading through eye puddles
Should I just burrow?
Deep into these riddles

Why do I falter?
Why can't I heal and rise?
Why do I break and shatter?
How do I stop my eyes?

What is this dense forest?
Must everything be obscure?
Can I not be honest?
Can I not be insecure?

Could I be any more random?
Asking as they come to mind
Have I compromised my decorum?
Have I been blind?

Should I delve even deeper?
May I go on and ask?
Am I worthy of an answer?
Or should I just don my mask?

Gargantuan was my crime
Thick was its girth
Absolution this time?
Of it am I worth?
Piyush Gahlot Jul 2018
Love the most amazing feeling in the world,
Makes you feel satisfied emotionally,
Gives you some of the best memories,
But trusting someone to that extent,
Giving them the power to hurt you to the deepest,
Is It worth It?
Break up phase :(
elizabeth Feb 2018
they don't tell you how much love will hurt.

they tell you
that you will feel happier than ever.
that you will feel whole
and that the emptiness in your heart
will fade away.

they tell you
that love is what makes the world go around,
that everything you have ever needed
will appear in the boy holding your hand.
that looking at him will make you feel something
you never even dreamed of feeling,
and that he will make you feel safe and like you can do anything.

they don't tell you that
seeing the boy who once made you feel strong and beautiful
will send a painful shock through you,
like someone is pulling the heart through your body
and physically breaking it in two.
that you will cry on the cold, hardwood floor
because you feel too weak to sit up,
and that each time you look in the mirror,
you will feel more and more repulsive.

they don't tell you that love will tear you in half
and that it will take every fiber in your being
to put yourself back together.
that, after he leaves,
you will question who you are and why you're here,
that your life will feel wrong and useless.

they don't tell you how much love will hurt.
they tell you how it will bring light into your life,
but they don't tell you how much love hurts
when the darkness takes over.
Nancy E Tracy Nov 2014
So full of life and vital things
upon the brink, I spread my wings
and close my eyes and look ahead
at all the things I've never said

at all the things I should have done
of prizes that I've striven for
and hopelessly have never won
of friends I've made
who've come and gone

Of mountains that I should have climbed
instead, on cushions I reclined
and thoughtlessly I drank the wine

of Apathy

So now that clouds have drifted by
and all alone, I lift my eye
and see the way to heaven's door
and know that life's worth fighting for

Next time I see a mountain high
I'll bound right up and touch the sky
I'll seek the prize and win this time
I'm not afraid, I'll take what's mine

won't rest on laurels in the sun
I'll fly to where the work is done
  and if it's worth the price I'll give,
of all I have, so we can live
in peace, I'll comfort anyone
who needs my help
to get things done

I'll thank the Lord for what he gave
his sinless life our souls to save

I'll hold my friends much dearer still
I'll share the wine, we'll drink our fill

No Apathy
Grace Spellman Sep 2017
i never did get to show you the poetry i wrote about you,
i never did get to kiss you as many times as i wanted,
and if i knew our last kiss was going to be our last
id go back and give you 100 more.

i found poetry within the knots of your hair,
and i found comfort within the warmth of your lips,
and if i wouldve known us doing this would have caused all this chaos
i would still do it all again
because youre worth it

-you were always worth it
written about a boy who broke my heart by the ocean.
Vicki Kralapp Dec 2014
I hear the bells and see the signs of Christmas all around,
but this is such a special one for me words can’t be found.
Through a year of desperation and a time of healing too;
a special celebration after all that I’ve come through.

Last year God heard me praying for this painful life to end,
and so He sent me angels to mend my heart instead.
Now as I drive down city streets and see lights all aglow,
tears of joy stream down my face for all I’ve come to know.

So I kindly told dear Santa to give my gifts away,
to other ones that need them more than I this Christmas day.
For I’ve been truly blessed with the greatest gift of all;
a peace that can’t be understood and God answering my call.

My house is filled with grateful thanks on this the Holiest night,
and you can find two Christmas trees trimmed with the brightest lights.
The first to celebrate the time of this our Savior’s birth,
the second to remind myself of all that I am worth!
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
ᴢᴀɪɴᴀʙ Jul 2018
your worth is unmeasurable

its value is so high
yet so low

all it takes is
the right person
to determine
how much you’re worth

don’t let an unmeasurable soul
measure your worth.

don’t let one with an
unmeasurable worth
determine the value
of yours.
- don’t gift fragile hands with the power over your worth and be surprised of the repercussions.
Let's all just go out,
no worries
or fear.
No feelings of doubt,
when facing this year.
For all is so simple,
when one doesn't think.
Just go out and find it,
don't waver,
don't blink.
For all that was needed,
was water to drink.
To feel incompleted,
just stop
and you'll sink.
The sense of true love,
you'll feel nothing above.
Is all that there is,
just places to live?
When thoughts you perceive,
have one thing to give.
And that's hope
for your time
spent here on this earth.
A hope that you'll find,
a feeling of worth.
Go out and find it.
slay Aug 2018
Why you keep doin me *****?
Told you so many times that my tongue turned to sand
And you fell asleep laying in bed while I was talking to you bout that thing that you did
Yeah, that hurt me like ****

I got too much patience in love
You keep ******* me over, im tired of your fuss and your one shoulder hugs
Never enough
I want so much more, diamond tier laden Tiffany’s caking, piping that icing in my red ruby rhinestone
My heart’s in the right place but I’m not a martyr,
Sure I’ll cry when my bed’s cold, I’ll cry once it’s over

I’m an old soul
Can’t pull a fast one on me
Been round the block enough times to know your spit game is weak
I know all your tricks and I’ve seen other versions
****** with you in a past life before I wasn’t a ******
You’re so flirtatious,

I need that good **** , that lovey dovey coo ****, because I am the softest bad *****
won’t lie I be into you heartless that vibe is a must have I’m coppin just gimme somethin to go off of

Why you still look at me sideways?
Make your ****** mind up
I’m so hurt when you touch me babe the way you touch her
****, you were selfish cause i peeped she was fine Nd if you just approached me but instead you keep lyin
devine Aug 2018
a whole year
a whole wild world

hundreds of laughter
gorgeous amber
restrain my anger
i thought it was for the better
but my heart is shattered

unbearable pain
from a beautiful sin
getting wider everyday
getting sadder everyday

i am aware of limits
i face it every minute
but we're beyond that
is it that bad

been out all seasons
escaping prisons
fighting demons
i shout it out loud
hold you around
feeling insanely proud
you can tell by the clashing sound
but why am i wrong to believe in
everything we are
everything i got

my strength subsides eventually

because i'm out here fighting
but you're in there hiding
LexiSully Jan 2016
She felt lost and alone, longing to feel needed, craving to be loved

She watched as love birds came and went, each with their twinkling eyes, all wearing wide grins

Why was she, lovely and kind, so eager to find her knight in shining armor?

Because, she decided, it was how one felt notable in this merciless world.
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