let’s live suddenly without thinking

under honest trees,
                        a stream
does.the brain of cleverly-crinkling
-water pursues the angry dream
of the shore. By midnight,
                                a moon
scratches the skin of the organised hills

an edged nothing begins to prune

let’s live like the light that kills
and let’s as silence,
                            because Whirl’s after all:
(after me)love,and after you.
I occasionally feel vague how
vague idon’t know tenuous Now-
spears and The Then-arrows making do
our mouths something red,something tall

oni Dec 2014

when i am
not thinking
of how much i
miss you
i am thinking
of how much
it would be
if you were

Carmen Reed Oct 2014

i've been thinking,
about the clouds up high
about the bright blue sky
about pie--just a slice
about everything nice

i've been thinking,
about true love
about courage--kind of
about happiness
about first kiss

i've been thinking,
that you don't need everything
to live your life,
that you don't need everything
to make you happy

Styles Jun 2015

My skin illuminates your body with my touch,
your body quaking from the rush.
My aching loins -- eager with lust,
paying dutiful attention to your pearly gates.
With zeal they await,
to invade your presence with my grace.
filling split with my space.
in one fulfilling embrace.
Your tender folds aroused,
enclose my arousal.
swollen with desire,
swallow me whole like a mouthful.
legs spread -- wide open and exposed.
your plush lips,
blush with lust.
as your body erupts.

Considering the tomatoes
Sunshine turns the grapes to wine
We have 27 tomatoes standing in a line
Waiting to be burnt and blushing to the sun

But too much sunshine makes me taste too sweet
But if I jump now I will lose my green feet
You have got to be mature enough to be squeezed
To juicy sour and loosely sweet

For I am a tomato,
A tomato thinking about life

GreyJunebug Apr 2014

Grey clouds consume my mind,
Fills it with a deadly poison,
My heart feels as if it is shrinking and the pain is excruciating,
I can not hold it in,
I can not pretend that I am not hurt,
I can not lie to myself and say "It is nothing",
I can not because I am human and I feel everything,
I began to think and think of the black abyss I contain,
I can not stop thinking and I hate it,
I hate it so much,
"Stop, stop, stop"
But I can not stop feeling
I can not,
Then, I break into infinite pieces
I try to grab each piece
But there are too many and the baggage is too heavy and
I fall.


Ellie Belanger Sep 2014

When I can't take the silence anymore
I type my little message,
send it to your cellular device
"Goodnight, sleep well."
When I really want to say
"I love you, sweet dreams."
And a few minutes later you say,
"Oh yeah. Good dreams."
And I want to kiss you,
smile at you, eat frozen raspberry yogurt
with you,
and I can't so
I guess I'll go to sleep.

My Scarlet Amora Nov 2014

I can't stop thinking about you
Your eyes are so blue..
I remember when I first met you
Something sparked in me
I wanted to know everything about you
And then you smiled...
God that smile
I can still feel my heart melting when I think about you
I knew from the beginning
But I didn't
I knew there was something different about you
Something special
I wonder if you feel the same way?
I didn't think so

Kyle Howard May 2015

Don't dig too deep,
For the devil may dwell within.

Sometimes our thoughts are our own worst enemy.
elizabeth Jun 2014

How could I have forgotten
The way you kissed my forehead
Or the way you pressed your face
Into my collarbone
Or the way you twirled your finger
Around my necklace
The way I do
Every second
Of everyday
When I'm thinking
About you

Deepening Wells Jul 2014

My confusion troubles me
My wondering depresses me
And my knowledge grows heavily
And the icing on that cake is everything I hate about me

I have been thinking about what truly troubles and depresses me, and the heaviness upon me that grows.
Charlie Apr 2015

I sit here alone and think,
what a dangerous thing to do.

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