Krusty Aranda Feb 2012
Words are hollow.
Eyes are deceiving.
Thoughts are far fetched.
Illusions are broken.
Looks mean nothing.
Expressions can be fake.
Emotions are assassins.
Senses don't work.
Heart stops beating.
Light turns into darkness.
Does this mean I am dead?
Atul Nov 2015
All such stuff is only a myth, right?
Why else would women be forsaken?
Is having periods a grave sin, really?

Their God is just a fantasy, right?
Why else will God forsake Its kids?
The real God is sleeping, isn't It??

God could be a female too, right?
Why assign a gender to God then?
Is God so weak, kidding right???
Read about some ridiculous places of worship recently.

My HP Poem #923
©Atul Kaushal
Isabelle H Graye Sep 2014
What is a man?
Does he make women cry?
Does he brag about it?
Does he cheat on the one that he claims that he loves?
Does he make her feel like crap?
Does he have to put down others to boost himself?


He only loves one woman
He owns up to his mistakes
He is humble
He has goals
He stands up for what is right
He is what other men want to be
Fuck you Wes.  You are not a man, you are not even scum
Wanderer Apr 2014
I stand in the back of the crowd
looking around
is anyone really here
or am i seeing shadows
because surely these people aren't real
With their smiling faces
in the midst of a war
With diamonds and pearls
hanging from their necks
in a time where money is rare
They must be shadows
I can promise you they aren't real
nada jawa Mar 2015
i need a poem about Real Madrid football team
Deepening Wells Jul 2014
It's no real smile,
but it's better than a real frown
Katherine Oct 2012
A real man
Remembers that stars are there
Even when blocked out
By city lights
He knows patience
Because more often
Than not
Worth it
He does not falter
With his love
He does not stutter
When he mutters

A real man
Need not be rich
Or giant
Or aggressive
But knows that family
Is prosperity
Love is vast
Is more powerful
Than destruction

When he laughs
He is carrying me away
On plush clouds
Lightening my day
Reminding me, not to feel so heavy
You feel his heart
Beating at once
With yours
Even from far away

When he smiles
It is not forced
It is peaceful
It is effortless
You see the world in his

When he cries
(Yes, a real man cries)
He is shedding away his pain
Collecting tears
To make a river
So that he can swim
He never
Allows himself to sink

When he loves
It is almost indescribable
He takes care
He is devoted
He is reliable
Of the universe’s trials

The sad truth is
So many good men
Go unnoticed
In this world
So many are
For granted

When a girl
She has a real man
She must decide to
Step up
And become
A real woman
She gives him her heart
And never thinks twice
And if she’s lucky enough
To be given his
She treats it
Like a precious stone
And never lets it
Out of sight.
Adeline Dean Jul 2013
Haven't made a heart to heart blog post in a while..

So recently a friend of mine messaged me on kik. We kinda drifted apart, but all the same we drifted back again .. You know that feeling?

She's asked me about how I was and what new things we going on in my life and then out of know where she asked me how I got into what I do, that , for those of you that don't know, is makeup.

It a happy, funny, weird story all at the one time.

As some of you already know, when I was 5 my parents died and I moved to Paris with my nan (<3) and she always wears red lipstick, even to this day. Lipstick , red lipstick to be more exact, was only worn by the higher class women and was generally quite expensive. Us Dean family have a ... Tradition I suppose. When a mother gives her child her very first red lipstick it means that she, in the eyes of the family, has matured and such not blah blah blah. Anyway. I didn't have my mom to do that ,so my nan took that role instead.

At the ages of in and around 14 I started wearing makeup, but never in public, my nan wouldn't allow such things. I always tried to copy her make up , because she was the only female figure I had as a child , and the only person I ever respected. Even to this day my makeup is still like hers , she notices that ever time I visit haha ~

I started posting picture of my makeup ideas on my old facebook about 3 years ago and one day a represtentive from Lancôme called me and asked me to work for them , I said yes. I told my nan that day and she gave me my first red lipstick and I still have it to this day

je t'aime Nana <3
Styles May 2014
So, what do you think about my writing?

I think you should stick to your day job - you're actually good at that. Why did you ask?

I just needed a reason to add my five fingers to your stupid face!
Megan Zhao Feb 2016
Imagine my pink tulips  
blooming in the snow
perhaps,  this morning
                                 it was real
Put a pot of tulips in my backyard, which is full of snow, and took some pictures....
Craig Harrison Jul 2014
What does virtual have over real
a virtual world can't give you realism
you can't run against the wind on a hot summers day
or go to the beach and play
you can't dig a giant hole and then get left upset because it's time to leave
you can't feel the snow hit your face, or the feeling of excitement when school is closed

you will never learn from the past if every time you fail you can reload
you'll never get that feeling when you first fall in love
you can't feel pleasure from eating a box of chocolates
or feel guilty for breaking your promise
In a virtual world you'll never get to feel surprise
or upset when someone breaks your heart
you'll never truly understand what it means to be a live

In a world where real is real and virtual is virtual
I would choose the real world with all its good and all its bad
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