anonymous Oct 2014
The bath water
is the colour of my eyes;
yet, I don't know
which is wetter.
Indou Apr 2014
Water is so loud
When I brush my teeth
Something is untold
It's screaming outside of me.
Here is a glass of water from my well.
It tastes of rock and root and earth and rain;
It is the best I have, my only spell,
And it is cold, and better than champagne.
Perhaps someone will pass this house one day
To drink, and be restored, and go his way,
Someone in dark confusion as I was
When I drank down cold water in a glass,
Drank a transparent health to keep me sane,
After the bitter mood had gone again.
Jicho Piramidi Mar 2015
People don't understand
Blood must flow for blood
Before it can allow water
But in the end
It will all turn to ice
C Davis Jul 2014
The lotus wades

     Shallow water

          Even and calm.

Her petals brighten

     In the beating sun's rays,

Glowing of tranquility.

          The onlooker grows jealous

     Venom green with envy

While the lotus rests,

          Mockingly green leaves.
[written 1/23/08]
Keith May Nov 2013
There are some nights
when I love the taste of water,
but I reach for whiskey instead.
I'll lay somewhat less awake in bed
until the morning when I know
I'll swallow enough in the shower.

It's nothing insurmountable,
like the cleanliness of an infant being baptized.
The congregation stares straight-mouthed
until the next baby is washed
and it stares blankly into the crowd
and the parents are proud.
The water hollowed the stone,
the wind dispersed the water,
the stone stopped the wind.
Water and wind and stone.

The wind sculpted the stone,
the stone is a cup of water,
The water runs off and is wind.
Stone and wind and water.

The wind sings in its turnings,
the water murmurs as it goes,
the motionless stone is quiet.
Wind and water and stone.

One is the other and is neither:
among their empty names
they pass and disappear,
water and stone and wind.
elissa Apr 2014
cloudy skies obstruct your eyes
waves are your body,
your irises are the tides.
Francie Lynch Dec 2014
You and I
Are water and salt:
Needing one another
To live,
But dying of thirst
If taken together.
You're supposed to only have water in my school
But soda is water too with a color
So what's the hassle?
ZinaLisha Apr 2014
whatever you do
dare not to stare
they will take you places
do not be willing
to go there

they are tainted
they will ruin you
right from the start
cover your body
protect your heart

puppy dog eyes
bedroom glares
never fall captive
to scorpio or pisces
no matter who dares
W L Winter Sep 2014
We walk immersed
in an ocean of mist
If that mist would vanish
we would vanish
Our  husks would crumble
without shape to be
scattered on dry winds
Fill your vessel with water
then plunge your hand
into its mysteries
With it our faces are formed

Our dreams wander
paths of its currents
Where it touches earth we gather
drawn to kneel and drink
so that we may know it and live
As the moon rolls it follows
and we follow with it

We call it by name
Grave of sailors
Crown of mountains
Mother of thunder
Quencher of fire and
Sister to the flame within
Transparent yielding womb of all

In it breath forged in stars and
cast out to form rain and bear fruit
Without it even cactus wither
It sustains the scorpion and the king
A hawk beneath the cloud cries five
times in tribute to its beauty
Trees thrust spiraling into great
heights by its power

Deep in the forest it conspires
with stone to make music
And wherever sounds that melody
life springs forth and
that life cannot be forbidden
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