Alyssa Sunico Apr 2013
It was nothing like the movies
No cheesy pick up line
No accidental touch of hands
Not even and intense gazing.

Yet no movie or book can describe it
The moment when you notice things;
First, the tone of his voice
Second, the nonsensical gestures he makes.

These may be stupid and odd
But in that moment when “two” friends seriously talk
And suddenly look into each other’s eyes
Will you realize that shoot! You like him.
Adriaan Harms May 2015
Friends are real,
Friends are true,
I would love to call you a friend,
But that's not the real you.
Friends are loving,
They always care,
You can say they are like a part of you,
'Cause their always there.
They'd rather die than to lie,
They'd rather say everything than say nothing.
Friends are real,
Friends are true,
I can call everybody else my friend,
But sure as hell not you.
For finding your real friends in the acts they have done.
Dolores L Day Feb 2016
I still reference you in conversations.
I still smell your flannels.
I wonder how soft your hair is today.
I kiss the walls of the shower just to hear the same pop our lips would make.
I wish I had endless pictures of your collar bones and eyes.
I wish I had endless access to your thighs and chest and that dot on your neck.
When I cum I say your name.
Your voice recordings aren't the same.  I want you to call and put me to sleep with your breath and I want this all without the repercussions.

I want you to be my friend.
And I want the benefit of you being my lover again.
Being selfish: it's what I do.
jeffrey conyers May 2013
Oh, they think they know.
While second guessing at best.
Pure speculation about us.
About our friends with benefits.
Without understanding just how deep it is.

We see the smiles.
We hear the giggles.
And notice the winking of the eyes.
And they still don't realize just what our friendship truly is.
While they try to materialize to themselves our friends with benefits relationship.

While they think it's sexual.
Maybe even physical.
None gives it a guess that it's mostly emotional.

When we need a laugh.
When we need a listening ear.
That's when our friends with benefits appears.

When we need advice.
Whether it's good or bad.
That's when our friends with benefits kicks in.

We let them speculate.
We let them make their stupid mistakes.
Even when we could straighten out their wrongs.

All because our friends with benefits is so much more.
Then physical or sexual.
Star Dec 2015
See from a far
Reunited under the stars
Sharing our own stories
Twisted with different memories

The feeling of ecstasy
With each others company
It feels good
To have this mood

The sun will soon rise
Together with our mind so wise
But one thing is for sure, we'll be friends
In a day that never ends
I wrote this poem when i was w/ my friends.
Madisen Kuhn Feb 2015
my stomach is in knots
and i feel so sick thinking about you
holding anyone that isn’t me
and i don’t understand why you thought it’d be a good idea
to tell me that you’re falling asleep at night
with another girl in your bed,
even if you’re not kissing her goodnight,
i tried to drown out my sobs all day with
modern vampires of the city on vinyl,
but it still feels like someone
sunk fangs in my lungs

it’s only been a week, the cuts from your nails
from holding my heart so tight
are still fresh
and i never asked you to stop,
i never told you i wanted to try
to be more than friends again,
i never tried to paint your hands red,
but all you could seem to do is defend
yourself and repeat that you’ve done nothing wrong
“you said we’re just friends
you said we’re just friends
you said we’re just friends”

and we are just friends
i just wanted you to understand and acknowledge
that it still hurts

and you can say you’re sorry, you said sorry,
but i’m sure she’s tucked in beneath your sheets right now
and you’re still repeating in your head
i’ve done nothing wrong
i’ve done nothing wrong
i’ve done nothing wrong
we’re just friends
we’re just friends
we’re just friends

and i’m glad you’re comfortable,
i’m glad you know you’ve done nothing wrong,
i’m glad you have someone to hold at night,
i’m glad thoughts of me don’t rip your heart out,
i’m glad you’re okay with being just friends

i’m glad you’re fine,

but, i’m sorry,
i’m not.
Paula May Mar 2016
Sometimes, we're friends
Sometimes, we act like more than friends
The question is, where do I stand?
I can't demand, I can't get mad
But what else can I do?
daisies May 2014
I'm sorry.
I'm just worried.
What's going on?
I can't go on.
How do we met?
Don't you get mad?
With all the miserable things that I've said?
I want to apologize.
Let's get these questions maximized.
We didn't meet each other by accident,
*but we are meant to go on the same path.
I'm leaving my school so soon. And my friends are travelling back to their countries. This question strikes my mind; "how do we meet?"
Kale Apr 2015
Every now and then
I think back
To my relationship
With you
How you loved me
But loved them more
How you were compassionate
But too insolent
I wished on every star
That you can see
My love for you is boundless
And that my eyes sees no other
But each day
I heal that breaking soul
You break mine twice as much
And when I call out to you
You brush off my presence
When will you see
That I want to be more
More than Friends
Camila Dec 2014
I guess I used the wrong words when I talked to the stars,
I wished to never lose you and it sort of worked.
I should´ve been more specific,
cause I wanted us to be bonded by love.
You are not away,
but you are not here yet.
I don´t know how we crossed that line and somehow we ended up talking 6 hours a day and you call me friend. WHAT!?
I can recommend two things in life
Friends and shoes.
A friend will defend 'till the end
Shoes will let you cruise the streets
A friend will try to mend you when broken
Shoes will soften, and mould to you
Like a lover in bed.
Friends pick you up when you are down
Shoes become missiles ready to be thrown.
But, as a woman I can say the play
from shoes is better than friendly play,
Shoes attract, friends detract.
Both are needed
Just not on the same day!

“If sex were shoes, I'd wear you out. But I wouldn't wear you out in public.”
― Jarod Kintz
“When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'.”
― Groucho Marx
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