Kingafroninjaa Nov 2011
Even in the darkest of the night,
I can still remember those lips finding their way towards mine.  
We can barely see what's in front of us,
But yet our bodies are gravitating towards each other.
I'll let you guide my body into the night.
The darkness brings us together.
The darkness holds no fear.
The darkness conceals all flaws.
As the sun begins to slowly creep against the horizon,
He quietly leaves the sanctuary of her heart.
As the seconds of the morning sun ticks by,
He gradually becomes nothing but a dream of her imagination.
The light grasps the truth.
The light enhances the shame.
The light shows the scars.
I can still feel your warmth tingling against my skin.
It's time to wake up.
am Jul 2013
I just want the darkness to absorb me.
make me disappear.
take me away.
Dark Jewel Jan 2016
Darkness is a difficult thing,
It's a monster.
A Villain.

Maybe..* That's what I am.
A monster...
Irene Mejia Oct 2014
The darkness,we can find it anywhere.
In love
In happiness
In all feelings that we have
There is going to be darkness
Tears and broken souls.
NewAgeOfAnarchy Dec 2014
The darkness brings about the beauty of your eyes. Your beautiful face glows has the moon shines in the night sky.
My lips connection with your soft lips, as the clock hits midnight.
2014 copyright Michael Cross
When no one else was there to save me,
it was.
It always wraps me in its warmth,
Listens to my every sob,
Pats me in sympathy and comfort.
It's been my lifelong friend.

Most kids are afraid of the dark,
But really there's no need.
Darkness has always been my friend
Erin Mar 2015
Loneliness takes over
And when the loneliness gets too much,
*Just find the darkness.
I am the stranger outside
Watching you in the shower
The monster under your bed
When you're trying to sleep

I am the stalker in the shadows
When you're walking in the street
The fear on the dark corners
You know I'm waiting there

I am the nightmare at night
Those forbidden thoughts in your head
You try to make yourself resist
But you're a prisoner of my will

I am the coming domination
As you fall to your submission
The surrendering to completion
At last, you face exactly who I am
Copyright Chris Smith 2014
Zaynub Jul 2014
why were you only honest
at 3 am?

it was easier
for you to blend
the darkness of your soul
with the dark of the night.
celestial Apr 2014
in class
they asked us
if we were
afraid of the dark

no i'm not afraid
of the dark that
fills my room
at two a.m.

i'm not afraid of the dark
that engulfs
underground caves
or the darkness
submerged deep in
the atlantic ocean

i'm afraid of the dark
that seeps through
every fissure
and crevice
of my splintered heart;
the blackness that
cascades through
my veins
and the gloom
that fills my lungs
(with no room
for oxygen.)

yes, i'm afraid
of a certain kind
of darkness:
the kind that can't
be illuminated
by a flashlight
Legiondary Oct 2014
I made a promise to myself long before,
That never again would I write no more,
Because I only felt Darkness...
I sit at a crossroads and no matter which way I look,
Nor would it matter which direction I took,
Because I only saw Darkness...
I await a door to be opened but all remain locked,
From any such light my sight seems to be blocked,
I can feel the Darkness...
Being the good samaritan will get you nowhere in this life,
Nice guys finish last in my back hangs out a knife,
I only see Darkness...
As much as I pray to the Light,
There is absolutely no light in my sight,
I only see Darkness...
Is the Light truly your friend,
Because every day just feels like the end,
I feel only Darkness...
Faith, Hope and Love,
I could use some help from above,
I see only Darkness...
When I search my body for my soul,
But think long ago the Darkness has stole,
I must have lost it to the Darkness...
I pray but I see no light at the end,
I guess that Darkness is my friend,
I can feel the Darkness...
In a world of black and white,
When that road is the only one that feels right,
Time to embrace the Darkness......

   © P.I. 2014
Colette May 2014
thousand words worth
can never even
the darkness
Iman Sep 2014
Some days all I see is darkness.
Even though some days can be so bright and happy all I can see is the darkness.
Just a little thought of the darkness can bring it straight back into my mind even on the brightest days.
And on those days when I close my eyes I see the darkness.
I open my eyes and I can see the darkness also but every once in a while I can see a sliver of light in the darkness.
I don't have these days like every day but I have them some times but don't we all.
Sorry if this poem isn't as good
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