Dan Bolens Dec 2014
Starlight wings white as snow,
Illuminating the night sky.
Will you take me?
Can I reach you?

The resonating sound of love,
Sends ripples through the ocean of my heart.
Once an endless abyss,
Now harbors summery waters.

Your words imbued with sunlight,
Drive away the most torturous thoughts.
As the notes of your dulcet voice,
Echo through the airways.

The rhythmic beat of your heart,
Like the ticking of a clock.
I hear it.
I feel it.
I need it.

Oh, bearer of radiant wings;
I continue to climb higher;
Continue to work harder,
Continue to stand taller.

I will fly with you;
I will reach you;
And I will touch you;
As you have touched me.
Lee Banks Aug 2014
Give me wings
Burn them onto my skin
Ink them upon my arms
Let them shelter me from harm

Give me wings so that I may try
Give me wings so that I may cry

Give me wings
Let me fly.
aashi Oct 2014
Look behind me,
I don't have wings
simply a bare back and spine.

But oh, how I wish to fly.
Inspired by what reading means to me. And not being able to read right now because my book was confiscated because I have to study makes me right poetry.
Johanne May 2014
In an attempt
to fly away
my wings broke
raine cooper Jul 2015
i wanted to tell you i loved you,
but the butterflies in my stomach swarmed my throat, and all the words got caught in their wings
So happy this was picked for the daily! Thank you all so much for your kind words and support of my writing. I appreciate it, truly.
Lennox Jones Jan 2015
Birds have wings
We have our imagination
Use it and fly.
Emma Hill Mar 2016
Put me in a chokehold and press my face into goose feather
stained with mascara tears, acid rain rolling down translucent
glowing and painted with rouge the color of
hot in my heart and pumping to the furthest reaches of my
bound and held captive by smooth black ropes leaving me
to go against your will, I am at the mercy of games we
rough and don't treat me like I'm fragile I'm not meant to
down barriers and ascend stairs toward the gates of
Is found in leather and lace, cuffs, safe words and
resonates with angel wings beating as drums
Unedited /
Nandini Sep 2014
I borrowed wings ,
from the very wild wind..an unknown breeze.
im on adventures runway
taking off !!!
few lines i wrote while on my flight to Kashmir... before the flood ...dated 28/8/14'
MV Blake Apr 2015
Who falls too far from the tree?

The unlucky,
The unwelcome,
The misfits,
The free.

So save your broken wings.

You'll never know
When you'll find them
Whole again.
The amateur poet Nov 2013
Running, running, faster, faster, harder, farther, pushing my limits
The rush of adrenaline floods my veins
Pushing me farther, faster
Making the cold air burn my face.
The closest thing I have to taking flight,
My dream

My dream that has been in the works for eight years now
Now, almost ready to be put into motion
A motion that must be completed once its started
And I've finally started to break away.

Jump, leap, reach for the sky.
My wings are ready,
And so am I.

Smooth, sleek, powerful in design
Just waiting for a spark
The allowance to fly.

Golden tipped feathers, all perfectly aligned
Tone wings from practice
Just waiting for a sign.

Planning, preparing my wonderful escape
Many years of planning, making sure of no mistakes.
The situation thought through
Run, leap, and fly.
It sounds so simple, but that is far from the truth.

Riding on this moment,
Every anxious hour spent crying in pain,
Just waiting to see the world from a freer point of view.

Failure leads to more waiting, and that just won't do.
The first try must work,
I'll make it to the clouds,
Just watch me.
The world will be mine.

The moon, the clouds, tired, sleep deprived joy.
The sights of the world I've only heard of before
Before I saw it rush under me below.
The music of the world
Singing the opening to it's show.
The wind in my ears, fire in my blood
I can only dream of what it will be like flying so close to the sun.

690 days until I can take flight.
690 days of planning it right.
It can soon be mine,
I will be free!
But until then
I fly at night,
with my love
but only in dreams.
Peeka Apr 2015
I cry at night for a part of me that aches
A dragonfly friend I once had
A spirit none can break,
Is surely gone by now.

It was not a mistake
When all alone we bend rules
Though I still cry at night,
That creature was a mystical sight.

That dragonfly and me were alright.

I used to believe in a bearded man
A bunny bringing gifts at night
I believed in something far away,
Beyond my truth, a fake charade.

And now I see
The dragonfly wings beat on
Alive in my memory,
Hope for eternity.*

Your truth will set you free.
Anonymous Dec 2014
I wonder
If I had wings,
Or just the ability to fly,
If when I was standing on the edge,
Would people still want to pull me back to solid ground?

Or would they throw me off of the cliff
And hope that I can save myself?

                                                      ­                                                              (w.­n.)
Gideon May 2015
Stories were told
Of aliens with wings
And how they flew
In chariots of fire
And how they dressed
Like warriors with swords

These aliens they say
Watch over us all
With strength of giants
And the sword of truth
And eyes that shone
As bright as the moon

These aliens they say
Will keep us from harm
When lost in the dark
They'll show us the way

Their homes I learnt
Is paradise above
And when I die
My zombie they say
To their homes will fly

Where O! where are they now
The aliens with wings
Where are they now
To save us from sin

Angels they say
But for all I know
These aliens with wings
Are nothing but tales
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