Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
"Look, a star", I said
He replied, "I know, it's beautiful"

I was looking at the sky and he was looking at me
Kaloseira Nov 2014
If stars won’t sparkle, would still see the light?

If stars didn’t fall, would you make a wish tonight?

If the stars are missing, would you spare time for moon to sight?

And if the stars aren’t there, would you still appreciate the night?
Your lips tasted
like the stars
i never got to see
because of the cities
bright lights.
And once our lips connected,
Meteors fell down to earth,
And the ground beneath us started crumbling.
For it was the end of the beginning,
And I couldn't have been more un-afraid.
Xavier Dec 2014
In crowds of shade,
In the place near the start.
There is only one face.

And she said with her last ounces of blood dripping from her face, with the last gasps of air she will ever know…

“There is a moon, there is a sun, and there are the stars. You were the moon among stars, I was the sun chasing you around the world.”

The words poured out like my tears as I held her closer turning her chin so I can stare into her fading eyes...

“I may have been with all those stars, but they’re all the same. They burn out fast, so it won’t last. You were the star of stars, and I was chasing you around the world.”

I watched the glow from her face leave as it walked off with my sanity. I pulled her in closer, tightly, with all my might.
I was hoping I would be able to hold her so tight that she would become apart of me.
The sky is so tragically beautiful;
A graveyard of stars.
Star Dec 2015
See from a far
Reunited under the stars
Sharing our own stories
Twisted with different memories

The feeling of ecstasy
With each others company
It feels good
To have this mood

The sun will soon rise
Together with our mind so wise
But one thing is for sure, we'll be friends
In a day that never ends
I wrote this poem when i was w/ my friends.
RL Glassman Sep 2015
Although I am small in sight

when I look at the night sky

it reminds me

so are the stars, that shine so bright
Written 3/18/2014
I laid on a dune, I looked at the sky.
And saw the clouds passing by.

The Moon was peeping through the clouds.
To me it seemed so fake; like a plastic in a vase !

But if I had a mind,
I could write about Pluto, Jupiter and Mars.

I could folio on a rainbow from Venus,
and have breakfast with stars.

Or I could spin the galaxies,
And play pinball with them.

But, I felt so helpless and small;
'Immense', that is what I could say in all !
Ellyn k Thaiden Apr 2014
Her lips, tight and curved,
Ready to string up an arrow
And launch it to the sky
To explode into a fine dust
Where a myriad of stars congregate
Just to kiss your freckled cheeks
N e v a Feb 2015
Stars fall from my eyes

Feeling like an empty void

Where existence is none

Stars slowly  fading  away

Into  the opaque  night.

I wonder why..

Do I feel so alone?
Actually, this is kinda random and came from the top of my head.
farahD Nov 2014
His guitar glows,
Like endless flow,
Of glittering stars,
Late at night.

Dance my heart,
In ecstasy,
Caress me,
With his melody divine,
My heart beats in tempo.

A rapture love,
Of eternal bliss,
Seduce me,
For the night,
And take me deeper,
To the endless flow,
Of glittering stars.
**I love guitar
Debbie Lees Mar 2015
Your the star I wanna wake up to
You're my star
The star no one can take from me
The bright star that guides me through the dark
The one that lightens my night
The star that shows me what true beauty is
Frank Ruland Sep 2014
                                                       ­                                                         happier ­                                                                 ­                                 horizons
                        destiny,                                ­                                          
                      ­               depraved
                                                        ­                             shooting
                                                        ­                      stars
                                     ­                      mending         
                          ­                                    scars
We can all mend our wounds if we look to a brighter horizon
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