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J J Nov 2019
Look at the stars
Spinning, coursing lightweight
   Through the blackness,
Like ice-coated spiders
Floating gentle, softly interweaving
Cloud and hovering nearly near enough
To be captured by your tiny hands.

It seems all so easy
To stay here mentally forever.

Look at the stars
Drifting magnetically, childlike
In their path. Lost and dreamy,
An image separated from a cause;
Heavenly blessings as they drop close enough
To kiss the roses,
Breezily hoping to rest frozen

'Neath the nest of your tired skin;
Lazily watching the night transition

As others must've all those nights before--
When you were too busy to pay them any mind.
These stars map a codex that laughs at you
While you're fixed to the ground and forced to look

These stars sing of the dead. Muses without a voice
Or lives to any longer be lead. The stars dream
Silently of you, patiently nibbling at your breath,
Looking forward to the day they can absorb your
            smiling teeth.

The stars hold your spirit and you theirs,
Both constant and unremarkabley dull--
The stars did not ask to be beautiful,
We made them that way. The stars

And you are one, in as much a way as polar opposites
Can be one.
You and the stars, making your fates as you go along...

You and the stars: unintentional twin sisters left astray.

You and the stars: two blind men unravelling an exquiste corpse.
You and the stars: two pawns beating helpless in awe of their sojourn.
You and the stars: complimenting the other like sand does glass.
You and the stars: in awe of each other and the rainwater that

The moment.
You are the stars, you are the dreamer, you are the observer,
You are the life that has been given life in order to give it back

Sing softly now and lullaby the stars asleep,
Like the son does after growing old for his dying mother,
Like the summer leaves do when their boughs start to snap.
Sing softly for the stars that remind you of whence

Once you were nothing

But a hypnotised lantern

Wandering the endless black.

You and the stars, connect them
even when they appear as aimless

  anxious dots.

Form a shape out of the stars; encarve
And embody the flesh of your own constellation.
Newly added ending (Monday 18th)
Gabriel Dorian Sep 2014
In my highs and hues,
In my search of who’s and whose,
As I felt the grasp of an end
By the pens which tend
To pour all inspiration
Into a composition

As I linger and watch
The bright summer’s hatch
It so happened, I came across a person
It  just so happened, that I felt so strange
As if I have never lived,
‘Til that very day

As she walked with grace,
She turned this soulless place
Into a dream
With such a scheme
As she waved her hands of glory,
She made a fantasy,
As if it was not real
As if I were to enter a deal

I suddenly pondered how one single meeting,
Can change my life’s setting
She caught my attention
She astounded my vision
I felt like I knew her
In another time —time before us
Could she be my soul mate?
Well, I just couldn't ask her on a date
I didn't personally know her
I just know that we are to meet once more

Then I knew, I have to know
The girl who always said “No.”
But then I knew that girl,
Way like the back of my hand
I wished to have a little infinity
With her
For we brought by serendipity

Yet in the deepest wretch,
We lurked
Yet the deepest emotion,
We felt

Yet it was in the stars,
Which took fault
Yet in the stars,
We blamed,
But perhaps Shakespeare was
Undeniably right
That the fault in our stars was not of might
For it was our fault
By which we blame the stars
Yet in the stars,
We chose to adhere
And revere
Yet in the stars,
We felt pain
Which insisted to be felt
But in the stars,
We had a little infinity,
We were star crossed lovers
Yet in the veil stars,
We fathomed
Something we thought we never would
Yet in the stars,
We kindled our love, hope, aspirations and desires
Yet it was the stars
Which witnessed
Yet beneath the stars
We fell in love
Yet in the stars,
Oblivion didn't matter
Yet in the stars,
Daunt didn't enclose our hearts
Yet in the stars,
We felt —grand.
This poem was inspired by Ms. Angeline Patricio, who once  held a very special part of my heart and the whole of my hypothalamus and John Green's "The Fault In Our Stars.", this I dedicate to her.
everly Jun 2017
its incredible how everyone views stars diffently
some who see the stars as the nightlights when the sun goes out
some who wish on the stars
some who dream about being that high like stars
some who hope to be stars someday
some who think they can count the stars
some who want to shut out the world and cry out against the stars
some who want to think that the stars are
pieces of heaven shinin' through in a world so cold and somber
those who know that theres more to our world past the stars
some who love to identify and track the stars
some who wish they can know where the stars came from to give praise to such wonderful creation
some who know where the stars and everything under it came from
some who have to give up on everything in their lives and are forced
to wallow about in the streets and give the stars names
some who are too busy to think about stars
some whove never really looked up from whats in front of them
but me
ill love them because theyll always be there for me
unlike these human beings
Written March 10
Cassis Myrtille Sep 2013
Stars, stars
they shine so bright
yet so bright in
the dimly-lit sky

Stars, stars
Ever heard of shooting stars?
Well, I think I saw one
And made a wish
And then I saw it go right down

Stars, stars
Thousands and thousands
Millions of millions
collected dust
are called

Dust, dust
Oh whatever happened to your other name
Thou'st don't shine so brightly anymore
By cause of dead wishes
dead dead dead dust
Then why did thy,
the shooting star,
come right up,
I wished, I wished a little wish
And then you went right d
Hopes fell right down
The same way you fell right down

Stars, stars
they shine so bright
yet so bright in
the dimly-lit sky

Are you sure you are shining bright in the sky?
Counting stars (edited October 18/13)

Looking at the night time sky
Staring at the stars
counting all that we can see
Serenaded by the cars
clouded sky and rainy nights
full moon and sometimes none
I cherish counting stars with you
You are my only one

Making wishes on the shooting ones
Knowing what we see is gone
In the twinkle of an instant
Their light may now be done
In the darkness of a moon filled night
Lying, counting stars with you
It doesn't matter how high we get
we may even just see two

I know we can not count them all
If we stay here 'till we die
The thing that is important
Is that we just give it a try
Each night we begin again
The stars come out to play
Counting stars each night with you
My first wish comes true each day

Imagine, if there's someone there
Counting stars, and we are one
That they look at and imagine
On the far side of the sun
thinking, what is going on
Way out there in space
counting stars, like I with you
brings a smile to my face

Lying here just holding hands
And counting stars we see
Just knowing that this point in time
belongs to you and me
counting some we do not see
A speck in outer space
Lying, counting stars with you
this is my favorite place

I know we can not count them all
If we stay here 'till we die
The thing that is important
Is that we just give it a try
Each night we begin again
The stars come out to play
Counting stars each night with you
My first wish comes true each day

       
Anjali Lamani Apr 2019
Beautiful stars.
Distant and twinkling. Burning for us.
Guiding us. Shining despite the darkness.
A part of a whole universe.
Beautiful alone. Breath-taking together.
We are children of stars.
Bright and shining.
Burning for the ones we love.
Shining even brighter in the darkness.
A part of a whole universe.
We begin like stars.
Struggling. Blazing. Fighting.
Trying to burn the brightest.
Wanting to be – no, needing to be – the best.
We live like stars.
Shining for others.
Lighting up someone else’s world.
Providing warmth to the worlds around us.
Nurturing life. Bearing the heat.
We age like stars.
Changing with time.
Becoming better and stronger.
Leaving behind a legacy.
A sign that says, “I was here. Remember me.”
We are the children of stars.
We are their legacies.
We must carry forward their mission.
Their mission to spread warmth and ecstasy.
Their mission to share their brilliance and illuminate the world.
We are stars in constellations with our family and friends.
We are a part of something larger.
We not only exist for ourselves but for others too.
We are stars.
Forged with iron in our blood and calcium in our bones.
The same iron and calcium that is found in the core of a star.
Made of stardust.
Always present yet sometimes not visible.
Next time you feel downcast, look towards the night sky.
You are a star.
A part of a growing, expanding universe.
You live for others, burn for others.
You are the light in someone’s life.
You are important.
If you see someone else in low spirits,
Don’t hesitate to remind them
That they, too, are stars.
Remember to spread love, light and joy.
We have a legacy to live up to.
A legacy to leave for the stars that shine after we burn out.
I am a star.
You are a star.
We are all stars.
A daily reminder
broiyendo Oct 2016
do you see these stars every night?
each of them have their own light,
with different stories they told,
they might be pretty bold.

these stars are sparkling bright,
however, amidst the night light
are the clouds trying to block your way,
trying to take over the stars.

the stars all have their own tale,
however not all shine so brightly,
because these stars may become pale,
or they fade so quickly and easily,

but watch these stars.
one day, all of them
will be like the shining aurora borealis
on a winter solstice,

but don't vanish your colors so easily.
it will not definitely be easy to go
in the path of shining stars,
where everyone competes.

the colored stars shine bright
because of how colorful they are
but don't let that take you,
you'll shine bright too.

and you'll be part of them
if you'll be able to shine brightly
despite the difficulties,
you'll still stand out with everyone.

you'll be something to remember,
even though it was for a few seconds
in someone's life, as long as you
shined, it does matter.

this is a letter from me to you;
the stars may not have anything for you,
but if you think deep inside your heart,
those stars represent you.

well, not only you, but everything.
your precious memories,
your family and friends,
and everything that matters to you.

you know when you keep making mistakes?
remember, those mistakes helped you.
they helped you in shaping your star,
and helped you be who you are today.

the stars are scattered,
something like what a baby mess scattered,
but they shine in the glorious night sky.
do you see these stars?
i like the starry night and i wish that our hearts could collide as one.
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
I'm seeing stars
seeing stars
paisley patterned
sparkling stars
quasi quilted
layered quarks
seeing stars
I'm seeing stars
sugar-coated stars
sprinkled Spangled
pavement frost
seeing stars
I'm seeing stars
walking to the
doggie park
stepping along
the shiny
glittery stars
I'm seeing'em
seeing stars
glittery stars
this morning before sunrise walking my dog to the park the thin layer of frost shimmered under the streetlights like glitter mimicking the stars above
brian odongo May 2017

Today the night sky shines bright
As though to mock the moon
That each eventide arises
Taking the mantle from the sun
All united in an assignment
To light the way for earthly treaders
The radiant stars endlessly move
Age to age whispering its great adventures
Tis music of the stars
Singing of the past,present and future
Singing of a long past left in traces of unwritten history
Singing of the presence experienced by the audience
Singing of a future concelead to mortal eyes
Tis the music of the stars

The inaudible lyrics of the stars
That need no lute nor lyre
To sooth the listeners' heart
The grace of the 'heavenly singers'
Like a spell enchants the audience
Its glory inspires the astronomer
Its music moves the poets hand
Tis the music of the stars
Singing to the 'deaf' mortal
Singing how like a porcelain his life is brittle
Singing how his life is brief at its best
Tis the music of the stars

The music of the stars :
Tis a melody that wanes
Like a script come to an end
Tis a rhythm that diminishes
The beats slowed by the dawning day
Tis a harmony that disaccords
Like a string broken from the harp
Tis the music of the stars
Singing comfort to the lonely seafarer
Singing hope to the night pilgrim
Singing praises to the night watcher
The 'night singers' leave the stage
The morning stars echoes the refrain
Tis the music of the stars.
Inspiration gotten from being at night on a country side
lilac Nov 2016
upon twilight she walks,
small jar in hand.
while moon rises in sky,
she prepares her routine.

stars play about
in the moon lit night.
twinkling overhead,
welcoming her presence.

she climbs the ladder
to the twinkling night sky.
her fiftieth day of catching
the beautiful stars.

her eyes twinkled
along with the stars
as they approached her
their glimmer golden.

the stars let her breathe,
filling her life with light
and in her little glass jar
were stars ready to land.

she was the star girl,
the princess of the night.
she caught the stars,
and the stars smiled.

stars in her hair,
in her jar and her soul
brought her to life
every gorgeous night.

but one shadowed night,
the sky had no stars.
on her ladder to space,
the little girl stared.

all the stars - gone!
where could they be?
star girl’s life was slipping,
her breaths shortening.

she was falling down,
falling through the sky,
all the stars were gone,
and her jar was empty.
collab poem i did with my friend. she's also on here!
Three stars and a sun, in one sky, so high,
I live and die and die will I for my
Motherland this is the land of my birth,
No purse is worth the price of this earth
Can we rise, can we all, hell no!,
Or should we all just take the fall?
Bless the man if his heart and his land are one
...3 stars & a sun!
3 stars & a sun! I'm ready to defend the 3 stars & a sun!
Omission to a mission, transport for the brain,
Packed w/ stacks of tracks built for a train,
I eat lead, but I never let it be said,
"He said, she said," it makes me see red
''cause I don't take ******* & I'm 'a pack it and push it,
And hit you w/ the full clip
Switch to mode lock-'n'-load in the land of Juan
...the 3 stars & a sun!
3 stars & a sun! I'm ready to defend the 3 stars & a sun!
"Bahay kubo kahit munti, may pula,
Bughaw, dilaw, atsaka puti"
There is a need to sow the seed,
Toil the soil and plod until your hands bleed
''cause this land is sacred,
Many a battle have been fought with hatred
Don't tell me that you understand,
It's been 4 hundred years of tears
For the brown man,
Still and all the fight has just begun
...3 stars & a sun!
3 stars & a sun! I'm ready to defend the 3 stars & a sun!
This piece is not originally mine, this was composed by a deceased Filipino rapper named Francis Magalona. This is just a tribute to the guy. RIP Francis M.

"For the Philippines"

Farewell to you Master Rapper.
Shelby Feb 2019
when i was young
burning white hot embers of cloud and dust
captured my mind
looking up at the night sky
brought me comfort
endless stars lit up in the eyes of my loving mother
and the ones who loved me
took me from this world
and I was transported to a blissful serenity

as night fell
at the age of 14
I was comforted by a familiar friend
a black hole
I aimlessly wandered
to find an exit with no exit sign
an unsettling presence of relentless pain
manifested into a darker presence
that wrapped around me
in a close embrace
darkness turned into depression
depression created ripples in my peace
a rip tide that drug me out
further and further
away from the shore of solid ground
that was my peace
but the stars
burned brightly
illuminating the sky
on those sleepless nights
created a story of happiness
a world without pain
no screams in my head
that forced me into demented parts of my inner mind
screams that had no ending
no one loves you
manifested into the words that were thrown in my space
by heartless souls
ones I called friends
but this was a safe haven
and no one could hurt me there

at the age of 17
darkness was no longer my friend
it was a demon that would steal who I was
who I was before a cunning smile
and burning hell fire in his eyes
that whispered sweet words i wanted to hear
but meant nothing in a monotone voice
the stars I looked forward to at night
died out
died out
as quickly as the love I thought I shared with another
the stars I loved
turned into bottles and pills on the floor
to forget what was taken from me
my innocence
and clarity of the reality around me
trapped me in a reality he perceived
that i was alone without him
and worthless without what he defined as love for me
underneath my starry friends
the gentle whispers of the wind
spoke stories to me I told him
the whispers of the wind
were quieted by
the screams
the cries
the howls that came from within
the galaxies I loved to study
were replaced by the coarseness of your fingers
studying what my body over my mind had to offer
the ground of the forest
cool on uncovered forearms
and miscellaneous leaves I found in my hair
were replaced by
a shaking body
that would bleed a crimson red
onto a brown painful ground
and clothes that would never fit right onto my body again
the stars showed
how frightful the night had become
when the face of a loved one
turned into a demon
his sinful fingers that painted black over the stars
and black and blue over my ivory skin
never again would the night be something I longed for
because it too
turned its back on me

but at the age of 19
the night sky would light up once again
but not the way I once loved it
the stars I adored in the sky when I was young
would be found in the eyes of my loved one
who only had undying love
and tenderness
the man I found myself in
every piece of me I lost before
his deep honey dipped eyes
held more stars and galaxies than the night sky
they sparkled brighter than the stars I loved before
his eyes put Van Goughs starry night to shame
because nothing can compare to the way his star filled eyes whisper I love you before his lips part
Adler Aug 2015
These beautiful stars shine bright
In front of a skyline filled with ink.
Then as if on cue They start to sing
The night's most beautiful Lullaby.

So I count the stars And wonder what they are
I count and I wonder Every moonlit night
Searching for answers, as time passes by.
Hanging on strings Swinging high in the sky,
These graceful figures seem to dance To A melodic lullaby.

I listen, as I look And suddenly I see,
Each little star, Is a precious memory.
And From the safest of places,
I stare in awe, At the little lights,
Beautifully painted on this canvas of night.

I climb up my ladder,
Right to the top, Into the cool night air.
And I hold out a hand To gently grasp one,
And I quietly watch these beautiful memories
Play out before my eyes.

These bright little stars Now seem to play
The nights most solemn and beautiful Lullaby.
These Little lights Attached to a string of mine,
Softly touch my heart As they sing
Humming the night's peaceful lullaby

And Above the world Where I dare to dream,
I listen to This lullaby
Filled with happiness and hope
Bringing light to life
In this darkened world

To You, they simply exist
Waiting to be be preserved.
In a picture,
In a book,
In a mind.

But To me,
they are writers, They are singers,
They are made of a beauty
A joyful song
That cannot be contained

With time They will fade.
And Someday, they will be gone.
But tonight These stars shine bright.
They shine with faith And hope.
These stars dance And they sing.

And these memories play
As the stars Seem to compose A performance,
This graceful play, Made just for me.
So I count the stars, These infinite memories,
As they appear each night in the sky.

I need to show
This beautiful sight
I need others to hear the singing
And I want others to know,
The beautiful song of the stars.

Then I watch the stars leave,
And watch them fade.
Although just for the day,
And the moon leaves the sky,
When the sun comes to play.

But when Stardust covers the floor
Where galaxies swirl, Where these gentle lights
Gracefully twinkle and twirl,
I laugh and I smile, And I get up to dance
to the beautiful music of the stars.
STARchild Feb 2018
I used to share a room whith my father
he would go outside and sit in his shed
he would go out with friends
and get drunk

anyway when he was out
every night
I would stay up till midnight
and I would watch the stars and the moon

They'd like to sparkle and glow
iluminating the dark room and the outside
I always like to have a conversation with them
As I heard the clutter of conversation between stars

I always had my personal conversation with the moon
the moon would always give me complements
on how the light reflected on my pale skin
that nobody else liked
On how my personality was different
Which nobody loved
On my interesting take on the world
which everybody put me down for
And on my funny and different mind
which everybody called me dumb

On the first night of me doing this
the moon and stars forever became my friends
Id count everyone of them
id name everyone of them
Every time they appeared
Id say hello to each one before we began talking
We always has the funnest of conversations

And then midnight comes around
And I say to all of them
Good morning
Because I know they go away when the sun came up
So I said good morning because midnight is the start of
A new day
(I never liked the sun for chasing away my friends)

And id do this every single night and still do
But around the time I began kindergarten
I began to truely notice that some stars have disappeared
but there would be new and different ones
So I named the new ones
and welcome them
and things changed a little
Everytime a new one would come in
Id just name it and we'd continue our conversations

And there was this one star
Very unique
It was off in the middle of the sky
all alone no stars but far off around it
and it shined brightly
of course the other stars weren't avoiding this little star
In fact they were trying to go to the poor thing
but the sky had its own plans so it stayed alone

All that night i had a fun conversation
And at midnight I went to say good morning
but i forgot to name the poor star
so right when the clock struck 12:01
I named the star "Hayden"
and I said to Hayden good day
And he sparkled and I went to bed

The next day I went to school
and I felt how Hayden felt
that day were having hot chocolate
and watching the nightmare before christmas
it was into the school year and a day before winter break
I was sitting in the back alone
watching the show
and this boy.... he walked up to me
and sat next to me and he said
" interesting movie huh?"
I just sat there and stared in amazement
And I shook off the look and just said "yah"
I'm going to spare you the rest of the conversation and just say
we became good friends
at the end of the day we shook hands and I said
" my name is Tommy."
And he said
" its nice to meet you Tommy ... my names Hayden... its nice to be your friend."

I walk away in amazement

but that night Hayden isn't in the sky
And never was again
And me and Hayden at school were friends
all the way up to fourth grade
He turned around and stabbed me in the back
He betrayed me and left me alone
And I never saw him again

I was truly alone again
Just had the stars and moon as friends

And new stars continue to roll in
And I continue to name each one

But I wonder
what happens to stars?
do they become suns
do they just explode and destroy and disappear
like he did?
And I say to myself
" not all stars disappear
not all stars will be that way
but we know
Stars are your friend when no one else is"

See everyone is a star in there own way
each different
and In a different location
But you gotta know
were all in the same sky

And as the moon lights up my life
And my room and the outside
I think and know
I'm glad to have the nigh sky as my friend
Cause when I'm dead
I don't wanna go to heaven and have fun
I don't wanna go to hell and watch those he wronged me
I want to dance and walk around the night sky
and truly meat the moon
and each star
Sun (even though if they chase away my friends
They deserve something to)
Black hole
I wanna meet everyone in the sky I saw
all of those who were there for me when I was alone
The night sky is mine
and my friends home
Don't worry
No one is alone
for the leading moon
isn't days doom
its happiness
and my true. happy. home.
I love you all.... I love my friends and I love those of you who like my poetry.... you don't have to like my poetry I'm not one of those people. I love you all anyways.
Salvador Kent Mar 26
For the first time in a week...

It was surreal to feel the wind
Lightly blow against your cheek
And amongst the trees...

Infected your ears
Music. Symphonies.

Caused a quarter of the world
To put themselves to sleep...
Hibernation. Dream.

Although there were more people
Outside today than you've seen.
Contemplating the birds sing
While standing two metres apart
From each other...

Sad sight. You caught the glance
Of a girl you swear you recognised...
She smiled for a split second almost
In greeting and then turned away...
It's a small world.

She reminded you of another girl
From the days you used to run
About in the golden sunlight,
Days adolescence was a concept
You didn't see coming, faster. Faster.

You kept in touch with this poor girl...
Purple. You were talking to her
Yesterday evening as you stared at
the black outside your window...

She claimed a star had appeared
In the night sky.

She said sometimes
Staring at the night sky
She'll indulge in throwing
Her problems into the stars
And watch them go by...

And she would look at stars
And solve her problems
Or watch them float away
In the clouds passing by...

If only it were that simple.
If only life was so simple
You could throw your thoughts
Into the stars and they would
Sort themselves out in front of
Your eyes...

Imagine being able
To stare at the stars all night
Without tears dropping
Down your cheek.

Stars make you cry you see.
Because there was a time
You talked about stars with
Blue eyes.

And now whenever
You see the stars
In the sky you remember
Blue eyes. Not the actual one,
The concept.

Because actual blue eyes
Infuriates you. Slow replies.
Hours on end waiting
For a single text
That normally reads
Cool x.

This girl who talked
About the stars with you
Yesterday night
Reminded you of nights
You spent with blue eyes...
Hours on end of text after text
Saying how beautiful the stars

Irrelevant really.
Hours you're never getting back.
They just sit in your mind
And slowly extract cyanide
From the sweet almonds
You call memories.

Poisoning your brain like
Snakes snakes snakes...

Back home.
Birdsong in that brain of yours
Since you can't hear it anymore.
You wanted to write verse
But decided now is not the time
Because you glanced at that girl
Who you knew briefly
In a memory from years ago.

You haven't even lived
Sixteen years of life and you
Feel it's gone on for too long

I wonder if the stars are the same
In france? Or are they more beautiful...

Orange juice.
You pour it down your throat...
That's life you think to yourself
as the birdsong emerges from
Your subconscious.

It's all you can hear now...
But its beauty is gone...
Now all you can hear is cries.
Agony. Pain. That's what's caused
When you spend too much time
Caressing the concept of pretty
Blue eyes...

I wonder if once hysteria is over
People will ask me how I spent
Days locked into my home
For the good of the country.

I'll reply:

I thought of blue eyes
As I walked through the woods...
Made me cry to think
I'd never talk about the stars in the sky
With her again.

I thought to myself
I wonder
If the stars looked the same
In the green fields of France...

And I listened to the birdsong
Infect my mind...

Birdsong and orange juice
Became my life...

Hysteria was rife...

I fell in love with a pair
Of blue eyes that never
Even existed...

Birdsong and orange juice
Infected my mind
Like almonds, alcohol and

Like pretty blue eyes.
I wrote this one today  after a walk in the forest. Felt appropriate.
Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Hope's a hopeless hobby.
Nihilistic mother
taught steely melancholy.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Wisdom dashes all wishes.
In egodeath, discover
how free a nebbish is.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
We are not indebted
to Indian givers stellar:
stardust smarts our fetish.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

The stars eat their young.
Orion universe, hunters,
whose lotus lights stun slums.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
Yue Wang Yidhna Dec 2017
Story by: Yidhna
Written in Chinese By: Yidhna Yue and Ezio Fu
Translated in Full by Yidhna

1.“Light and Darkness”
Another myth
The Monomyth
Symphony of a war
A war of the light
and Dark
A war in the myth
Myth of the black moths
Myth of the fireflies
From the beginning of
The universe
That which is also the end of time
Life, like the phoenixes,
Ends end with new life

For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction  
I am a knight
I am a knight
For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction
I am a dynast
I am a dynast

Stars, as heaven sent Guardians
Fall from the sky
As snow flakes fall from the sky
Fall to the their rebirth
Fall to their renaissance
as Fireflies
Fireflies of the righteous path
Fireflies of light
They will return
as stars in the night sky
For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction  
I am a knight
I am a knight
For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction
I am a dynast
I am a dynast

From swamps of darkness
Flows the corrupted
In the caves of darkness
In the forms of black moths
Tarring the world with the wickedness
without heart without hope
Rebirth in the night
Without light
For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction  
I am a knight
I am a knight
For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction
I am a dynast
I am a dynast

For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction  
I am a knight
I am a knight
For light and for darkness
For love and for destruction
I am a dynast
I am a dynast

2.“The Fireflies”
Without hope, who yet lives?
Within darkness, who yet saves?
Flames of light?
Flames of heart?
Or faith, and loyalty to faith
When Irises
No longer shines
When golden armors
Scars like flesh
They will still use blood
To light up belief
and bravely awaits the new dawn
Fallen from the stars
They are the warriors
They are the saviors
They are the fireflies
They are the fireflies
In love they will return as star lights
In death they will return as star lights
In death they will return as star lights
Time endless War eternal
Light and darkness mourn for peace
Light, fireflies,
Heaven sent star lights
Under the dark nights
When time dies
When time ends
Losing its dark and light
The fireflies still sing
Sing toward a path to truth
Living in faith, living in love
Living in the rebirth, renaissance
As stars from the sky
Fallen from the stars
They are the warriors
They are the saviors
They are the fireflies
They are the fireflies
In love they will return as star lights
In death they will return as star lights
In death they will return as star lights
Guardians of the righteous path
Guardians of the righteous light
Messengers of life: The fireflies
They are the stars
They are the stars
Fallen stars
When the green light
Loses its shine
When the flames of the fireflies
Loses its fading light
They will return to the heavens
Return to the sky
Like the legend of phoenix
Hope reborn with light
The promised hope in the starry night

3.“The Black Moth”
There’s love for the darkness
Love for their own kind
There’s hate for them too
Hate for the enemies
The black moth are born from shadows
The black moth will die into shadows
Shadowed in the forms of Black moths
The flee with flight
Then rebirth when died
As shadows of the Night(Light)
We are born from the darkness
Molded into the night
We will live within the cycle
We are the black moths
We are the black moths
Borne out of the shadows
As we live and die
As shadows of the dark nights
Different eyes
Sees a different world
If it never was
How can one say anything at all
Who to tell from right and wrong
When both light and dark are the purest
When all weapons only hinder
When all pride could only be humble
When you no longer look back
I will still follow
We are born from the darkness
Molded into the night
We will live within the cycle
We are the black moths
We are the black moths
Borne out of the shadows
As we live and die
As shadows of the dark nights
He doesn’t need love
To live lovely
He doesn’t need light
To feel proud
Just the opposite light
Just a prodigy’s right
Bravery in the darkness
For no one’s praises
When the light comes
In the last minute
We will vanish in peace
We are born from the darkness
Molded into the night
We will live within the cycle
We are the black moths
We are the black moths
Borne out of the shadows
As we live and die
As shadows of the dark nights
We are born from the darkness
Molded into the night
We will live within the cycle
We are the black moths
We are the black moths
Borne out of the shadows
As we live and die
As shadows of the dark nights

4.“The Red Firefly”
Born between light and darkness
I am an outsider
To this world
To time
To death
To darkness
To light
I am Andorhous
A messenger with a mission
To save time
I am Andorhous
The Red Firefly
The result of a mistake in time
I was born between two worlds
Birthed in Night and Light
I am the red firefly
I am the Hero of Time
I am Andorhous
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
Because of my birth
The Goddess of Time
Helyhna was never born
Time returns
All will die
At the Final Battle
Between Light and Dark
I am Andorhous
An error that brought the world’s end
I am Andorhous
I need to stop my birth
I was born between two worlds
Birthed in Night and Light
I am the red firefly
I am the Hero of Time
I am Andorhous
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
For I am an outsider
I can see what they refuse to believe
I understand the beginning
I understand the end
I understand the mistake I made
I am Andorhous
I will make my sacrifice
I am Andorhous
I will use a moment to bring back eternity
I will use a moment to bring back Immortality
I was born between two worlds
Birthed in Night and Light
I am the red firefly
I am the Hero of Time
I am Andorhous
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
I was born between two worlds
Birthed in Night and Light
I am the red firefly
I am the Hero of Time
I am Andorhous
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
The Red Firefly
5.“Guardian of Time”
The Goddess of Light
The Guardian of Time
The Eternal Angel
She was suppose to be born
At the beginning of time
To end time
She is the princess of
The Firefly Queen and King
She stopped and imprisoned time
So life lives
However, a mistake made in time
A mysterious red light fallen from the sky
Suddenly raced toward the palace
And caused another creation to emerge
That creation was Andorhous
He who was birthed between dark and light
Where are you, Guardian?
Where are you, Helyhna
Instead Andorhous Born
Born from Darkness and Light
Torn from Darkness and Light
Where’s the Guardian
Where’s our Guardian
She who’s the Guardian
She who’s our Guardian
Guardian of Time
Thunder roaring
Clouds soaring
Endless darkness
Endless blood
Tearing the sky
Tearing time
When blood flows to the edge of the river death
When corrosion follows the dark end
No knights to guard
No light at the rim of the clouds
Listen to the people mourning
Look at the innocent withering
Who will protect us
Who will lead us out of the darkness
Where are you, Guardian?
Where are you, Helyhna
Instead Andorhous Born
Born from Darkness and Light
Torn from Darkness and Light
Where’s the Guardian
Where’s our Guardian
She who’s the Guardian
She who’s our Guardian
Guardian of Time
The sky darkening
Worlds Ending
Endless battles
Endless wounds
Battle to the end
Judgement at the end
Only the guardian Angel
Can bring peace back to the motherland
Where are you, Guardian?
Where are you, Helyhna
Instead Andorhous Born
Born from Darkness and Light
Torn from Darkness and Light
Where’s the Guardian
Where’s our Guardian
She who’s the Guardian
She who’s our Guardian
Guardian of Time
Where are you, Guardian?
Where are you, Helyhna
Instead Andorhous Born
Born from Darkness and Light
Torn from Darkness and Light
Where’s the Guardian
Where’s our Guardian
She who’s the Guardian
She who’s our Guardian
Guardian of Time

6.“The Choice”
Parallel universe
Another timeline
She said to me
Because of my Transtemporal birth
She doesn’t exist in my world
Because of the appearance of time
Eternity will die
Because of the Final Battle of Dark and Light
All will die
Because of me, the Red Firefly
Death or Imprisonment
What Do I choose
What Do I choose
Helyhna or Darkness
What do I do
What do I do
“Just an insect among life
What could I do
If all dies
I too will meet my demise”
Helyhna said calmly
“You can stop your birth”
“You will go back
Stop that falling red light
In the paradox
One version of you will die
And this you will be my imprisoned time.”
Death or Imprisonment
What Do I choose
What Do I choose
Helyhna or Darkness
What do I do
What do I do
Death or Imprisonment
What Do I choose
What Do I choose
Helyhna or Darkness
What do I do
What do I do

7.“The Final Battle”
In my hesitance
The sky
The shadows of dark and light
Leaving only a rip of emptiness
In space and Time
The stars are shutting down their lights
The black moths and shadows are swallowed alive
All creatures are torn between
The ocean of sea and blood
I have decided
I stand corrected
I will bring back peace
I will bring back eternity
For the Guardian of Time
For the Guardian of Time
When silence in the air
Are broken by the screams of Darkness
When the remaining brightness
Are swallowed by the rip
In space and time
When two worlds are being swallowed by emptiness
I have decided
I stand corrected
I will bring back peace
I will bring back eternity
For the Guardian of Time
For the Guardian of Time
But, I could only remember Her
The guardian of time
I remember her countenance
I remember her pleading helplessness
I decided to go back to the beginning of time
Prevent my erred birth
Stop the mysterious red light
Return the Guardian
To Eternal Life
I have decided
I stand corrected
I will bring back peace
I will bring back eternity
For the Guardian of Time
For the Guardian of Time
I have decided
I stand corrected
I will bring back peace
I will bring back eternity
For the Guardian of Time
For the Guardian of Time

8.“I will stop time”

There’s only this way
An inevitable way
Yielding or fearing
Which is the tragic flaw
You look through the world
With a layer of tears
and have chosen the way
Because only through this choice
You see beauty of the eternal days
For love and For time
For darkness and for Light
I will create my unbirth
I will stop Time
I will stop Time
I will stop Time
For the Guardian
The Guardian of Time
I still remember Helyhna’s words
Prisoner or Freedom
Why choose Imprisonment
Because you don’t just have the darkness
But also the conscience of the light
You will always be an outsider to
Both dark and light
But you
You are Time
And I
I am the guardian of time
For love and For time
For darkness and for Light
I will create my unbirth
I will stop Time
I will stop Time
I will stop Time
For the Guardian
The Guardian of Time
For love and For time
For darkness and for Light
I will create my unbirth
I will stop Time
I will stop Time
I will stop Time
For the Guardian
The Guardian of Time

9.“The Prisoner of Life”
Andorhous lives beyond time
I can travel through time and space
Because I’m living within the error of eternity
Because I am that error
I am the limit, I am time
I flew toward the birth of Helyhna
To wait for the falling red light
When I finally realized
I am that red light
I caused my birth
I Surrender I Yield to Eternity
I am Time as I stopped Time
I am Time An anomaly
I am Time A Prisoner
Prisoner of Helyhna
The Guardian
My Guardian
Guardian of Time
Guardian of Life
I suddenly stopped flying
I finally realized that in this
Wheel of a storyline
I am that cause of abnormality
I caused my erred birth
Now that Helyhna’s safe born
I stayed in this timeline
Became Time
Prisoner of Helyhna
The Guardian of Time
I Surrender I Yield to Eternity
I am Time as I stopped Time
I am Time An anomaly
I am Time A Prisoner
Prisoner of Helyhna
The Guardian
My Guardian
Guardian of Time
Guardian of Life
I am the narrator
I am the protagonist
I am the villain
I am the hero
I am Time
I am the prisoner of
The Guardian of Time
I Surrender I Yield to Eternity
I am Time as I stopped Time
I am Time An anomaly
I am Time A Prisoner
Prisoner of Helyhna
The Guardian
My Guardian
Guardian of Time
Guardian of Life
I Surrender I Yield to Eternity
I am Time as I stopped Time
I am Time An anomaly
I am Time A Prisoner
Prisoner of Helyhna
The Guardian
My Guardian
Guardian of Time
Guardian of Life
James Anderson Jul 2010
I look up at the starless sky
Without the stars who should be there
Sharing this moment with me
This moment that hold no significance

While I look, I miss the sky
I miss the stars
I miss the light they provide
All that’s left is the moon

All alone that poor moon is
Glowing in the dark
When it should be glowing in the light
Just like me, alone when we should have others

I feel the moon’s sorrow
For I feel the same
The empty sky is no place
No place for either of us

I wonder what happened
Those poor little flecks of light
One day here
The next day gone

Not a single word was said
About their disappearance
All forget about them
Except for the moon and I

Every night I would look
Waiting for the stars to come back
To see the moon no longer alone
To see the sky back alight

Every night I would look
And ever y time I would despair
For the stars are still gone
And show no sign of returning

I hear the moon weep
The man on the moon weeps
The tears silent
But the sorrow is deafening

After eons passed
The stars did not return
I waited, and so did the moon
Finding comfort in each other’s presence

There are some nights
When the moon is gone
And the sky is dark
Missing the moon

I detest those nights
Fearing the worst
That the moon had gone
And joined the stars

My fears never came to pass
For the moon would always return
At first a sliver
Then it would all be back

Even in the darkness of space
The moon kept it bright
A single candle in the darkness
Burning ever bright

I went out one night to see the moon
That was my reason now
For I knew the stars were gone
But the moon was still there

And on that one special night
I realized with keep insight
That not all the stars were gone
That one was still left

For the moon was not a candle
But a mirror
It reflected the light off another
The light of the Sun

I told the moon what I figured
And the moon was joyous
For not all the stars had left
The Sun was still there

And armed with that fact
That one star was still there
A glimmer of hope rekindled
And I knew what I had to do

I said farewell to the moon
It knew what I was doing
I left for the sky
To bring back the stars
Just started writing because a friend inspired me to write, and this is what I came up with.
Laura Matthew Nov 2011
The other night you reached up to the sky for me
And pulled down a handful of stars
To keep in my pocket
You gave me the North star on a silver band
To always show me the way home
To remind me that home is wherever I’m with you
You gave me the key your dead-bolted heart
And I will carry it with me everywhere I go
On a string around my neck
Or in my pocket full of stars
So as not to let it slip through the
Sidewalk cracks of my hands.

I used to see the stars from my window every night
And send my thoughts across the reservoir to you
Like the winds that blow water into waves
Tears welling up over the spillway
Pouring over onto cold cement
Pounding like my beating heart
A storm in a teacup
A tempest inside this body of water
Inside this body of mine
And with each ebb and flow it swells
Knowing so well this whirlwind of feeling
Spinning tipsy through my soul
A gentle hurricane, a familiar flooding
Of safety and contentment and longing and warmth
Rocking me to sleep when I can’t
Curl up in your arms.

They say that all the bodies of water on this earth are blue
Because they reflects off the color of the sky
So I went down to the reservoir
With my pocket full of stars,
The ones you picked out just for me, and
Set them free, one by one,
On the waters’ edge with
Wishes tied to their backs in the hopes
That they’d make their way
To the night sky above our wondering heads
In the hopes that they’ll shine beyond
The milky light of the moon
That creates a film across the darkness
With the promise that I’ll carry your heart with me
When we part ways for the night.

These days when I lay down to sleep
My ceiling’s full of holes from fallen stars
That I’ve wished back into place
But didn’t give enough time to grow
Their roots back into the sky.
I wake up with stardust in my sheets,
Empty space where your body should be
And the water from the tap just isn’t as blue
As the reservoir’s on a clear day
And the city lights stay on too long
Keeping me from seeing the stars
When I look out my window at night.
But I still keep the key to your heart
On a string around my neck,
Resting just above my own beating vessel.
And I still wear the North star on my ring finger
To lead me home again.

For now I am your latchkey kid
Sitting on your front steps
With the key to your heart slowly
Growing warmer in my grasp
Knuckles white from mid-October wind
Rushing through my jacket.  Here I sit
Watching dusk stretch it’s hands across the sky
Looking for the pocket full stars that I set free
Waiting patiently for you to come back
And show me the little tricks to
Unlocking the door to your heart,
The way you have to turn it just a hair to the right
And push against the doorframe
An un-exact science I haven’t mastered yet.

I can picture you now, behind your counter
Selling liquid stardust in pretty little bottles
Packaged painkiller in a clever disguise
I imbibe in the hopes that stars will fall
At my feet to grant me one last wish.
And at night when you return from the closing shift
Smelling like hard work and strangers’ *****
Find me on your front steps, shaking in the cold
You take my hand in yours, guide the key
Watch it do its job, the hardest worker
Letting me into your tired arms
Where I can feel your beating heart
Crash into mine like waves.
We’ll sit here on your front steps for awhile
Watching the stars slowly float away from each other

In the reservoir of the sky.
Title credit goes to e. e. cummings, *i carry your heart with me*
Raphael Cheong Dec 2013
Six feet beneath the stars
And inches apart
The distance between our lungs
Can be measured by the thumps of my heart

The brilliance of the sky
It’s as if the stars rejoice for us
And somewhere constellations loom
Bewitching even non-believers’ hearts

Nocturnes be played by orchestras
In this vast prairie of growing vines

Flickering lights shine bright again
A perfect vision of a lullaby

Just two lovers
And a million stars
A billion stars

Whoever dareth shepherd the stars?
Even four eyes are barely enough
To overlook a sky so vast

A quiet wonder strikes a chord
What be contained within these stars?

Of hopes and dreams and promises
Crackled reminders of times that past
Like flames that burn on and on and on
And laser beams from heaven’s guns
An incandescent symphony
An elegy sung in harmony
A love story without a twisted plot
These stars make tragedy come to nought

Serenity on high but yet how loudly
These stars shine for us, ever so fondly

Just two lovers
Six feet beneath
A million
RAJ NANDY Jul 2017
Dear Readers, I have tried to cover the salient features of this True Story in free flowing verse mainly with end rhymes. If you read it loud, you can hear the chimes! Due to the short attention span of my readers I had to cut short this long story, and conclude with the
Golden Era of Hollywood by stretching it up to the 1950's only. When TV began to challenge the Big Screen Cinema seriously! I have used only a part of my notes here. Kindly read the entire poem and don't hesitate to know many interesting facts - which I also did not know! I wish there was a provision for posting a few interesting photographs for you here. Best wishes, - Raj Nandy, New Delhi.  

                 THE LEGEND OF HOLLYWOOD :
                        THE AMERICAN  DREAM
                             BY RAJ NANDY

Since the earliest days, optical toys, shadow shows, and ‘magic
lanterns’, had created the illusion of motion.
This concept was first described by Mark Roget in 1824 as  
the 'persistent of vision'.
Giving impetus to the development of big screen cinema with its
close-ups, capturing all controlled and subtle expressions!
The actors were no longer required to shout out their parts with
exaggerated actions as on the Elizabethan Stage.
Now even a single tear drop could get noticed easily by the entire
movie audience!
With the best scene being included and edited after a few retakes.
To Thomas Edison and his able assistant William Rogers we owe the invention of Kinetoscope, the first movie camera.
On the grounds of his West Orange, New Jersey laboratory, Edison
built his first movie studio called the ‘Black Maria’.   (1893)
He also purchased a string of patents related to motion picture
Camera; forming the Edison Trust, - a cartel that took control of
the Film Industry entire!

Fort Lee, New Jersey:
On a small borough on the opposite bank of the Hudson River lay
the deserted Fort Lee.
Here scores of film production crews descended armed with picture Cameras, on this isolated part of New Jersey!
In 1907 Edison’s company came there to shoot a short silent film –
‘Rescue From an Eagle’s Nest’,
Which featured for the first time the actor and director DW Griffith.
The independent Chaplin Film Company built the first permanent
movie studio in 1910 in Fort Lee.
While some of the biggest Hollywood studios like the Universal,
MGM, and 20th Century Fox, had their roots in Fort Lee.
Some of the famous stars of the silent movie era included ‘Fatty’
Arbuckle, Will Rogers, Mary Pickford, Dorothy and Lillian Gish,
Lionel Barrymore, Rudolph Valentine and Pearl White.
In those days there were no reflectors and electric arch lights.
So movies were made on rooftops to capture the bright sunlight!
During unpredictable bad weather days, filming had to be stopped
despite the revolving stage which was made, -
To rotate and capture the sunlight before the lights atarted to fade!

Shift from New Jersey to West Coast California:
Now Edison who held the patents for the bulb, phonograph, and the Camera, had exhibited a near monopoly;
On the production, distribution, and exhibition of the movies which made this budding industry to shift to California from
New Jersey!
California with its natural scenery, its open range, mountains, desert, and snow country, had the basic ingredients for the movie industry.
But most importantly, California had bright Sunshine for almost
365 days of the year!
While eight miles away from Hollywood lay the port city of Los Angeles with its cheap labour.

                        THE RISE  OF  HOLLYWOOD
It was a real estate tycoon Harvey Wilcox and his wife Daeida from
Kansas, who during the 1880s founded ‘Hollywood’ as a community for like-minded temperate followers.
It is generally said that Daeida gave the name Hollywood perhaps
due to the areas abundant red-berried shrubs also known as
California Holly.
Spring blossoms around and above the Hollywood Hills with its rich variety,  gave it a touch of paradise for all to see !
Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903, and during
1910 unified with the city of Los Angeles.
While a year later, the first film studio had moved in from New
Jersey, to escape Thomas Edison’s monopoly!    (1911)

In 1913 Cecil B. De Mille and Jesse Lasky, had leased a barn with
studio facilities.
And directed the first feature length film ‘Squaw Man’ in 1914.
Today this studio is home to Hollywood Heritage Museum as we get to see.
The timeless symbol of Hollywood film industry that famous sign on top of Mount Lee, was put up by a real estate developer in 1923.  
This sign had read as ‘’HOLLY WOOD LAND’’ initially.
Despite decades of run-ins with vandals and pranksters, it managed to hang on to its prime location near the summit of the Hollywood Hills.
The last restoration work was carried out in 1978 initiated by Hugh
Hefner of the ******* Magazine.
Those nine white letters 45 feet tall now read ‘HOLLYWOOD’, and has become a landmark and America’s cultural icon, and an evocative symbol for ambition, glamour, and dream.
Forever enticing aspiring actors to flock to Hollywood, hypnotised
by lure of the big screen!

                     GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD
The Silent Movie Era which began in 1895, ended in 1935 with the
production of ‘Dance of Virgins’, filmed entirely in the island of Bali.
The first Sound film ‘The Jazz Singer’ by Warner Bros. was made with a Vitaphone sound-on-disc technology.  (October 1927)
Despite the Great Depression of the 1930s, this decade along with the 1940s have been regarded by some as Hollywood’s Golden Age.
However, I think that this Golden Age includes the decades of the
1940s and the 1950s instead.
When the advent of Television began to challenge the Film Industry
itself !

First Academy Award:
On 16th May 1929 in the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard,
the First Academy Award presentation was held.
Around 270 people were in attendance, and tickets were priced at
$5 per head.
When the best films of 1927 & 1928 were honored by the Academy
of Motion Production and Sciences, or the AMPS.
Emil Jennings became the best actor, and Janet Gaynor the best actress.
Special Award went to Charlie Chaplin for his contribution to the
silent movie era and for his silent film ‘The Circus’.
While Warren Brothers was commended for making the first talking picture ‘The Jazz Singer’, - also receiving a Special Award!
Now, the origin of the term ‘OSCAR’ has remained disputed.
The Academy adopted this name from 1939 onwards it is stated.
OSCAR award has now become “the stuff dreams are made of”!
It is a gold-plated statuette of a knight 13.5 inches in height, weighing 8.5 pounds, was designed by MGM’s art director Cedric Gibbons.
Annually awarded for honouring and encouraging excellence in all
facets of motion picture production.

Movies During the Great Depression Era (1929-1941):
Musicals and dance movies starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers provided escapism and good entertainment during this age.
“Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it
backwards and in high heels,” - the Critics had said.
This compatible pair entertained the viewers for almost one and
a half decade.
During the ‘30s, gangster movies were popular starring James Cagey, Humphrey Bogart, and Edward G. Robinson.
While family movies had their popular child artist Shirley Temple.
Swashbuckler films of the Golden Age saw the sword fighting scenes of Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn.
Flynn got idolized playing ‘Robin Hood’, this film got released in
1938 on the big screen!
Story of the American Civil War got presented in the epic ‘Gone With The Wind’ (1939) with Clarke Gable and Vivian Leigh.
This movie received 8 Oscars including the award for the Best Film, - creating a landmark in motion picture’s history!
More serious movies like John Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’ and
John Ford’s  ‘How Green Was My Valley’, were released in 1940 and 1941 respectively.
While the viewers escaped that depressive age to the magical world
of  ‘Wizard of Oz’ with its actress Judy Garland most eagerly!
Let us not forget John Wayne the King of the Westerns, who began
his acting career in the 1930s with his movie ‘The Big Trail’;
He went on to complete 84 films before his career came to an end.
Beginning of the 40s also saw Bob Hope and the crooner Bing Crosby, who entertained the public and also the fighting troops.
For the Second World War (1939-45) had interrupted the Golden Age of Hollywood.
When actors like Henry Fonda, Clarke Gable, James Stewart and
Douglas Fairbanks joined the armed forces temporarily leaving
Few propaganda movies supporting the war efforts were also made.
While landmark movies like ‘Philadelphia Story’, ‘Casablanca’, ‘Citizen Kane’,
‘The Best Years of Our Lives’, were some of the most successful movies of that decade.  (The 1940s)
Now I come towards the end of my Hollywood Story with the decade  of the 1950s, thereby extending the period of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
Since having past the Great Depression and the Second World War,  the Hollywood movie industry truly matured and came of age.

                        HOLLYWOOD  OF  THE  1950s

The decade of the ‘50s was known for its post-war affluence and
choice of leisure time activities.
It was a decade of middle-class values, fast-food restaurants, and
drive-in- movies;
Of ‘baby-boom’, all-electric home, the first credit cards, and new fast moving cars like the Ford, Plymouth, Buick, Hudson, and Chevrolet.
But not forgetting the white racist terrorism in the Southern States!
This era saw the beginning of Cold War, with Eisenhower
succeeding Harry S. Truman as the American President.
But for the film industry, most importantly, what really mattered  
was the advent of the Domestic TV.
When the older viewers preferred to stay at home instead of going
out to the movies.
By 1950, 10.5 million US homes had a television set, and on the
30th December 1953, the first Color TV went on sale!
Film industries used techniques such as Cinemascope, Vista Vision,
and gimmicks like 3-D techniques,
To get back their former movie audience back on their seats!
However, the big scene spectacle films did retain its charm and
Since fantasy epics like ‘The Story of Robin Hood’, and Biblical epics like ‘The Robe’, ‘Quo Vadis’, ‘The Ten Commandments’ and ‘Ben-Hur’, did retain its big screen visual appeal.
‘The Robe’ released on 16th September 1953, was the first film shot
and projected in Cinema Scope;
In which special lenses were used to compress a wide image into a
standard frame and then expanded it again during projection;
Resulting in an image almost two and a half times as high and also as wide, - captivating the viewers imagination!

The idealized portrayal of men and women since the Second World War,
Now failed to satisfy the youth who sought exciting symbols for rebellion.
So Hollywood responded with anti-heroes with stars like James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Paul Newman.
They replaced conventional actors like Tyron Power, Van Johnson, and Robert Taylor to a great extent, to meet the requirement of the age.
Anti-heroines included Ava Gardner, Kim Novak, and Marilyn Monroe with her vibrant *** appeal;
She provided excitement for the new generation with a change of scene.
Themes of rebellion against established authority was present in many Rock and Roll songs,
Including the 1954 Bill Hailey and His Comets’ ‘Rock Around the Clock’.
The era also saw rise to stardom of Elvis Presley the teen heartthrob.
Meeting the youthful aspirations with his songs like ‘Jailhouse Rock’!
I recall the lyrics of this 1957 film ‘Jailhouse Rock’ of my school days, which had featured the youth icon Elvis:
   “The Warden threw a party in the county jail,
     The prison band was there and they began to wail.
     The band was jumping and the joint began to sing,
     You should’ve heard them knocked-out jail bird sing.
     Let’s rock, everybody in the whole cell block……………
     Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone,
     Little Joe was blowing the slide trombone.
     The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang!
     The whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang,
      Let's rock,.................... (Lyrics of the song.)

Rock and Roll music began to tear down color barriers, and Afro-
American musicians like Chuck Berry and Little Richard became
very popular!
Now I must caution my readers that thousands of feature films got  released during this eventful decade in Hollywood.
To cover them all within this limited space becomes an impossible
task, which may kindly be understood !
However, I shall try to do so in a summarized form as best as I could.

Top Ten Year-Wise hit films chronologically are: Cinderella (1950),
Quo Vadis, The Greatest Show on Earth, Peter Pan, Rear Window,
Lady and the *****, Ten Commandments, Bridge on the River
Kwai, South Pacific, and Ben-Hur of 1959.

However Taking The Entire Decade Of 1950s Collectively,
The Top Films Get Rated As Follows Respectively:
The Ten Commandments, followed by Lady and the *****, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Bridge on the River Kwai, Around the World in Eighty Days, This is Cinerama, The Greatest Show on Earth, Rear Window, South Pacific, The Robe, Giant, Seven Wonders of the World, White Christmas, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Sayonara, Demetrius and the Gladiator, Peyton Place, Some Like It Hot, Quo Vadis, and Auntie Mame.

Film Debuts By Rising Stars During The 1950s :
The decade of the ‘50s saw a number of famous film stars making
their first appearance.
There was Peter Sellers in ‘The Black Rose’, Marlon Brando in
‘The Men’, and actress Sophia Loren in ‘Toto Tarzan’.
Following year saw Charles Bronson in ‘You Are in the Navy Now’,
Audrey Hepburn in ‘Our Wild Oats’, and Grace Kelly, the future
Princess of Monaco, in her first film ‘Fourteen Hours’. (1951)
While **** Brigitte Bardot appeared in 1952 movie ‘Crazy for Love’; and 1953 saw Steve Mc Queen in ‘******* The Run’.
Jack Lemon, Paul Newman, and Omar Sharif featured in films
during 1954.
The following year saw Clint Eastwood, Shirley Mc Lean, Walter
Matthau, and Jane Mansfield, all of whom the audience adored.
The British actor Michael Cain appeared in 1956; also Elvis Presley
the youth icon in ‘Love Me Tender’ and as the future Rock and Roll
In 1957 came Sean Connery, followed by Jack Nicholson, Christopher Plummer, and Vanessa Redgrave.
While the closing decade of the ‘50s saw James Coburn, along with
director, script writer, and producer Steven Spielberg, make their
debut appearance.

Deaths During The 1950s: This decade also saw the death of actors
like Humphrey Bogart, Tyron Power and Errol Flynn.
Including the death of producer and director of epic movies the
renowned Cecil B. De Mille!
Though I have conclude the Golden Age of Hollywood with the 50’s Decade,
The glitz and glamour of its Oscar Awards continue even to this day.
With its red carpet and lighted marquee appeal and fashion display!

From Fort Lee of New Jersey we have travelled west to Hollywood,
From the silent movie days to the first ‘talking picture’ with Warren
Bros’ film ‘The Jazz Singer’.  (06 Oct 1927)
On 31st July 1928 for the first time the audience heard the MGM’s
mascot Leo’s mighty roar!
While in July 1929 Warren Bros’ first all-talking and all- Technicolor
Film appeared titled - ‘On With The Show’.
Austrian born Hedy Lamarr shocked the audience appearing **** in a Czechoslovak film ‘Ecstasy’!  (1933)
She fled from her husband to join MGM, becoming a star of the
‘40s and the ‘50s.
The ‘Private Life of Henry VII’ became the first British film to win the  American Academy Award.  (1933)
On 11Dec 1934, FOX released ‘Bright Eyes’ with Shirley Temple,
who became the first Child artist to win this Award!
While in 1937 Walt Disney released the first full animated feature
film titled - ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarf ‘.
The British film director Alfred Hitchcock who came to
Hollywood later;
Between 1940 and 1947, made great thrillers like 'Rebecca', ‘Notorious’, ‘Rear Window’, and ‘Dial M for ******’.
But he never won an Oscar as a Director!

This award began in 1944 by the Foreign Correspondence Association at
the 20th Century Fox Studio.
To award critically acclaimed films and television shows, by awarding a
Scroll initially.
Later a Golden Globe was made on a pedestal, with a film strip around it.
In 1955 the Cecil B. De Mille Award was created, with De Mille as its first

In 1959 The National Academy of Recording and Sciences sponsored the
First Grammy Award for music recorded during 1958.
When Frank Sinatra won for his album cover ‘Only The Lonely’, but he
did not sing.
Among the 28 other categories there was Ella Fitzgerald, and Count Basie
for his musical Dance Band Performance.
There was Kingston Trio’s song ‘Tom Dooly’, and the ‘Chipmunk Song’,
which brings back nostalgic memories of my school days!


Challenge Faced by the Movie Industry:
Now the challenge before the Movie Industry was how to adjust to the
rapidly changing conditions created by the growing TV Industry.
Resulting in loss of revenue, with viewers getting addicted to
their Domestic TV screen most conveniently!

The late 1950s saw two studios REPUBLIC and the RKO go out of business!
REPUBLIC from 1935- ‘59 based in Los Angeles, developed the careers of
John Wayne and Roy Rogers, and specializing in the Westerns.
RKO was one of the Big Five Studios of Hollywood along with Paramount,
MGM, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Brothers in those days.

RKO Studio which begun with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the ‘30s,
included actress Katherine Hepburn who holds the record for four Oscars
even to this day;
And later had Robert Mitchum and Carry Grant under an agreement.
But in 1948, RKO Studio came under the control Howard Hughes the
temperamental Industrialist.
Soon the scandal drive and litigation prone RKO Studio closed, while
other Big Four Studios had managed to remain afloat!

Paramount Studio split into two separate companies in 1950.
Its Theatre chain later merged with ABC Radio & Television Network;
And they created an independent Production/Distribution Network.
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope had been Paramount’s two biggest stars.
Followed by actors like Alan Ladd, William Holden, Jerry Lewis, Dean
Martin, Charlton Heston, and Dorothy Lamour.
They also had the producer/director Cecil B. De Mille producing high-
grossing Epics like ‘Samson & Delilah’ and ‘The Ten Commandments’.
Also the movie maker Hal Wallis, who discovered Burt Lancaster and
Elvis Presley - two great talents!

Cinema Scope became FOX’s most successful technological innovation
with its hit film ‘The Robe’. (1953)
Its Darryl Zanuck had observed during the early ‘50s, that audience  
were more interested in escapist entertainments mainly.
So he turned to FOX to musicals, comedies, and adventure stories.
Biggest stars of FOX were Gregory Peck & Susan Hayward; also
stars like Victor Mature, Anne Baxter, and Richard Wind Mark.
Not forgetting Marilyn Monroe in her Cinema Scope Box Office hit
movie - ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’, which was also shown on
prime time TV, as a romantic comedy film of 1953.

During 1950 the studio was mainly a family managed company with
three brothers Harry, Albert, and Jack Warren.
To meet the challenges of that period, Warren Bros. released most of
its actors like James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Oliver de Havilland, -
Along with few others from their long-term contractual commitments;
Retaining only Errol Flynn, and Ronald Regan who went on to become
the future President.
Like 20th Century Fox, Warren Bros switched to musicals, comedies,
and adventure movies, with Doris Day as its biggest musical star.
The studio also entered into short term agreements with Gary Copper,
John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Patricia Neal, and Random Scott.
Warren Bros also became the first major studio to invest in 3-D
production of films, scoring a big hit with its 3-D  suspense thriller
‘House of Wax’ in 1953.

MINOR STUDIOS were mainly three, - United Artists, Columbia, and
The Universal.
They did not own any theatre chain, and specialized in low-budgeted
‘B’ Movies those days.
Now to cut a long story short it must be said, that Hollywood finally
did participate in the evolution of Television industry, which led to
their integration eventually.
Though strategies involving hardware development and ownership of
broadcast outlets remained unsuccessful unfortunately.
However, Hollywood did succeed through program supply like prime-
time series, and made-for-TV films for the growing TV market making
things more colorful!
Thus it could be said that the TV industry provided the film industry
with new opportunities,  laying the groundwork for its diversification
and concentration;
That characterized the entertainment industry during the latter half  
of our previous century.
I must now confess that I have not visited the movie theatre over the last
two decades!
I watch movies on my big screen TV and my Computer screen these days.
Old classical movies are all available on ‘You Tube’ for me, and I can watch
them any time whenever I am free!
Thanks for reading patiently, - Raj Nandy.
Hannah Davis Nov 2013
I remember the first day I truly saw his beauty. The first day I stepped into his world. It was just him and I. Together we were unbreakable. We lifted each other up and binded each other's deepest wounds.
         His eye pierced through my heart and saw me purely and truly for the person I no longer had to disguise. He couldn't speak, yet said so much. I could hear him. I was proud to be a person to hear such a silent voice that spoke so big.
        It was his eyes. A human being can only dream of having a voice this loud in complete and dead silence. Eyes; such a small feature on a creature who could stand so tall. Yet, they overpowered everything else. They spoke for what was true and could tell no wrong. A reflection of the heart and soul, it was.
        I could see it. His heart was bigger than any human beings. And it showed so clearly. If only man could have such a heart like his, then the world would become completely pure.
        He knew me. He knew me like no other person  will ever know me. Not a single word was spoken and everything would be understood as whole. The secret was silence. Because in silence, that's when most will ever be revealed.
        Its true, a person never sees the world differently until they step into another's shoes. But we were in each other's worlds. Two worlds collided into one. There was so much meaning, so much understanding. He knew what I could never say and I knew what was never heard. It's what made us so unique. A heart's cry could never be hidden because when eyes were met, everything was known. As either broken or whole, he saw every crack and bruise and every opened wound.
        He knew my tears. As one sees as broken, he saw shattered, crushed and scarred. My heart was clear to him as if it were cut out of my chest and held up to his face.
        I knew his tears. Never once seen by any other except for one. No tears ever fell from his eyes but his eyes reflected a crying heart. I saw his hurt. How can one disguise pain to be so beautiful, so majestic? I saw more than people knew. More than people will ever know. He saw in me what was never revealed to any opened mind. I saw more in him than what met any ordinary eye.  
        The stars used to dance over us. The moon, a cresent, would smile down at us. I remember the sparkle in his eyes and how it reflected a world beyond. I watched the million stars dance  in his eyes that night. He had that spark that could out shine even the brightest star in the sky. His heart was radiant. They reflected that twinkle his eyes owned so well.
      He saw me. His eyes would go deeper than any surface and we would be left looking for more. He spoke to me through eyes that spoke for a heart so true. He consumed me with acceptance and love that I've never felt so powerful and obvious with any human being in my life.
        Being around made me forget all the pain. At times he'd look at me and wonder why I was crying and I saw the pain his heart would hold. I was never alone. He was always there to wipe away tears that would hold such burdens. And in those moments, another stitch would be added onto a bleeding and broken heart.
        I was not the only one broken. He was broken too. He was once left behind, unloved, not accepted. He filled in the holes of what could be missing in a heart and I did the same for him. We lifted each other up and binded the blood of unseen and seen wounds, until there was no trace of scars.
        Two broken hearts healing. One is so hard to care for. A heart acts as if a child would. It needs to be fed love. All the nutrients that act for love, acceptance, want and protection. No one wants a broken heart. They hold such deadly and toxic burdens unseen by blinding eyes. Some cannot carry all the weight of troubles without support.  A heart needs to be pampered to avoid being abused.
        We were each other's support. He was healing and so was I. Our hearts connected to make each other stronger and unbroken. It may be impossible to read minds, but it is possible to read a heart, if taken the time to read in between the lines; between the cracks and scars.  And we did that without even trying. How rare is that?
        In a moment so perfect, one will always think of forever but they never hear the sound of reality knocking on their door. How deafening can death sound to the ear sometimes. It was there. Not even beside us, but in front of us. A person can be so blinded to what is beautiful and the closest thing to perfect because perfect is barely anywhere in this world. But when beauty is found, we cling onto it because in darkness, it could be the only thing that shines. But when light dims and fades, then what's there to do?
        The sun set early that night. The stars fell from the sky one by one and crashed all around me. I could hear them break like fragile glass cracking and breaking beneath my feet. The one sound that was unbearably deafening. I didn't dare to look at the disaster coming forth. Yet I could feel the edges of the stars hit me all around. Soon enough, I could feel the warm rush of blood leave my body nice and slowly as the stars tore me to pieces. Clouds would forever hide what was wished to be seen that night. After the thousandth one shattered into millions, there was no more left.  They disappeared, vanished; along with the spark I once saw in his eye. My brightest star began to dim right in front of me. He started to disappear. In amazement, I could only watch him fade into the air right in front of me. My hands wanted to reach out and grab everything that was leaving so quickly, but i stood there as if paralyzed in place. The wind was against me, holding everything we ever had in it's hands.  All in one, with a great deal of force it moved on. As if a massive hole disguised as a disintegrating heart, the wind carried through, leaving the emptiness i never desired to feel again. I watched his new set of wings while he took a first and last flight away from me for forever.  He carried all the moments, all the memories and a broken and healed heart. I could only pray he'd get the first heart fixed for me while he was away.
          Here's to the first year without seeing his face. Nothing has been the same ever since. It's true, no one will ever know me like I was once known before. Two different people can be created throughout a tragedy. In one's eyes, it can be a beautiful thing. In another's it can be a nightmare slowly transforming into a reality. Throughout it all, some can grow and be created for the worse and  some for the better.
         I can still see his wings. They are still just as beautiful as he once was. They're combined with all the stars from heaven itself. That shine his eyes held once, still shine but differently. He shines even brighter now that he's closer to the stars than I'll ever be. They still portray a heart and a life of pure and touching beauty. And I experience that every time the stars dance over me, pulling me back in time to when there was just him and I.
       His wings are jeweled with every star above while looking down at me. As they shine, it'll set a reminder that he's never far away. For whenever I'm missing him, I'll look up to the heavens for the stars to connect us again. I'll close my eyes and be carried through time and know it'll be okay. Because every night when the stars of his wings glow, I'll watch and think of him. But from now until we become alike, keep shining for me. Above and over me.
kms Jul 2014
We marked the deaths on a map in little black tallies,
every day we counted the numbers and they had come to a strong incline.

You sat in the dust by the flames
playing with a cattail
and you asked me
“When will it be over?”

The smoke drifted into open sky above us and I tried to count the stars.

The map was held together by rivers and
and lakes.
And we were held together by a commonplace drive:


The poem in your eyes had no backbone and it was falling apart at the seams and it made you
tired and
sad and

The map is held together by little black tallies on the edges from an old charcoal pencil.
And we are held together by a thread of life that could very well be


Alas, that is out of our reach but we must remember to always
fight! and to stay alive
please keep holding on

Because home awaits with open arms and we are here counting stars and
we must never die.


The mayor warned when we came home to
never leave again
and to
never go again
and I do not understand because
we couldn’t stop that
and you told me that I understand
and that he doesn’t.

Mother looked at me and my scars
and told me to go
and told me that I shouldn’t be home.

And we found a lake from the map marked with a charcoal pencil and stayed there
and you fished
and I found berries.

Every night we counted the stars and
we were connected by constellations.

Every night we were connected by the grass beneath us
pricking the backs of our necks

and we caught the flying stars
and we were connected by constellations.

The notes of the piano rang in open air across the lake
how far can the notes stretch to connect us?  

As the lake grew, constellations stretched
and we never knew what color your eyes were.

Blinded by the bright light from the upcoming sun,
we both ran for cover, turning our backs on each other for the first time in
a while.

The thick trees hid us from the light well enough, but

We kept running.
The sun was catching up
too fast
and we ran for everything we could live for.
(each other)

I ran for you and you ran for me.
That’s all we could do until you laid on the ground,
tired and
sad and

You stopped running so I did too and we both were hungry for what we could’ve had.


When we were still in the war, they let you bring one thing from home.
You brought the idea of hope
and I brought the idea of music
and we mixed together very well.

The nights when we counted stars under the full moon
were the nights when we’d fall asleep with our arms touching.
(A sign that people are alive.)

The dust woke us up when it blew in our open mouths,
and in a shallow breath the tiny things landed on our tongues, woke us up, and
made our eyes cry.

“When do you know to go home?”
I ask myself this a lot because I know that there is no answer.
Human beings like to ask themselves things without answers and then get angry that there is no answer.
Because only they know when they put you back home.
You and I were lucky because we only had a little time in that hell,
but the others weren’t.
The little black tallies from the charcoal pencil weren’t because they

The light woke us up and we knew we had to run
It landed upon our eyelids and woke us up and made us cry.

I think of you as I am running and my bare feet
across the dirt.
I think of you because your hair always was full of the stuff and now all it does is make me cry.


I think we are running along the line on one of your maps.
I think our feet are creating the dark brown streaks on the paper with the little black tallies on them.
And I think that we will never find out
the color of your eyes.

We run back to back for a while
until the light stops us and we hide beneath the tree’s leaves.

I am hungry for our arms to be touching again.
I am hungry to count stars with you and the place we did that was the war,
so could you say that
I am hungry for the war?

I am not hungry for the charcoal pencil,
but I am hungry for the hand that touched it.

I am not hungry for the dirt,
but I am hungry for the person who would lay in it carelessly.

I am hungry for the map so I can see the dark brown veins running across it with bare feet
the dark brown surface of it.

I am hungry to breathe in the commonplace drive that pushed us along the dark brown lines and out of
the war.
And I am hungry for the idea that once was.

That is no longer existent when I am not with you
which is a side effect of
that I did not know about.

I would welcome any side effects that came with you with open arms, of course, because I would still have
I merely did not know about that one, but I am sad to see the idea go.


I wish you the best in all your journeys.
I wish to hear the beat of your heart against the crickets again,
but now I am afraid that the light has caught up with me
and I am afraid that
we will never find out what color my eyes are.

I wish you the best in running from the light
but remember that the without light there would be no darkness.

I am sorry to have to tell you that the dust will settle in the rocks and that
the maps have been burned.

The tallies have turned blacker than ever before.
The tallies have turned into ash from the bright flames.

The maps have fallen asleep in the glow of the flames and that
our idea:
has been taken by the wind.

It ran with it, and I tried to catch it, but the wind cannot be caught.
Remember the first breath of the war you took when you stepped outside into the
of the day and remember the glow of the flames.

Remember that people are still living
(Remember that our arms touched on the nights we counted stars)
and remember the constellations that connected us.

I am not sorry to tell you, however, that no matter how far constellations can be stretched,
constellations never can be broken.
They can stretch to heaven and hell and earth and the sky and the dust and to the war
But they will never shatter
because constellations are images the mind has created.

Constellations are made by the mind and stars are tangible.
Constellations connect stars.
We are stars and we all burn in our own flames.


The words from your charcoal pencil make me cry.
I cannot ever count the stars without you
and I cannot ever write poetry in the dust without you.

Your words make me cry and I run

I don’t try to compete with the light because I know we’ve been running with our backs to each other for the

The wind trips me and its fingers comb through my hair on the way down.
dust from the ground tickles my tongue and the wind left something in my brain.
our idea:
has been taken by the wind.

“Are you the dust, now?”
I feel your thumb across my cheekbone and I am
for what we could’ve had.

“Are you the wind, now?”
I feel your hand in mine and you lift me to my feet.
My face is dark brown covered with dust
but as I run the wind cleans it off.

“I have never been so tired,” I tell you.

I am so hungry for you.

I am starving
and I am sick with what we could’ve had.
Sofia Sep 2016
your stars hung in pairs against the
accustomed singularity of celestial bodies
your stars held the promise of enlightenment
and i sought you the way kings did
hunting you down in the endeavor of navigation
pinned down and ****** until
man left the stars for devices of their own
and when the stars followed humanity
stardust resurrecting in the arrangement of atoms
constellations manifesting in wombs
nebulae shattering for the genesis
the universe destroyed itself for you

oh gemini boy

the cosmos are not kind
to boys who are destined to be halves
on an eternal voyage for missing fragments
in a lover's touch and a child's laugh
the world is not kind
to boys who look into your eyes
and only see their reflection
but you were kind to me

oh gemini boy

this is an apology
to a mortal born from the immortality
of twins whose love bore the gods' mercy
to rest among the stars
not knowing that stars die just as
the children born from them do
just as you

oh gemini boy

maybe i should have known better than
to love a boy always searching for himself
i mistook you for a cosmic collision
meant for the dawn of a new heaven
and maybe i fell in love with your destruction
as i navigated you the way ancients looked
to your stars for salvation

oh gemini boy

my stars hang in the silhouette of the unknown
isolated from the promise of deliverance
man was once told
we are born from different stars
our fates moving in parallel precision
never meeting again after our stardust
once laid prints upon our astral anatomy
and because we are not stars
but the echoes of seraphic wars
meant to traverse desolate lands
in search for completion

oh gemini boy

i forgive you
you just wanted to be whole
wrote this a long time ago, geminis are oddly inspiring muses.
Stardrenched and stardazed,
Starswept and stargazed,
Mad poets and mad priests,
Madness of the gods,
Madness of the stars.
Swept away by visions and dreams,
Swept away by madness and stars.

The robes of the Star Goddess,
Full of stars.
Her train fills the temple,
My heart and soul her temple,
Vast space her temple.
All the worlds, all the stars.
Nuit's body, covered in stars.
The Milky Way, pouring forth from her *******,
A thousand fires, a thousand suns.

A thousand suns, burning bright,
A thousand fires light the night.
Heat that warms the coldest day,
The summer blaze, the winter's thaw.
One day star burning bright,
Life and heat, light and soul.
A thousand suns rise at night,
Fire burning, solar wind.

Solar wind and stellar breeze,
Blowing through the vaults of space.
Winds of movement, winds of change,
Chronus coils, Ananke's trains.
The wind in my heart,
The breath of God,
Breathed into a body of dust.

Body of dust,
Earth dust,
Star dust.
What am I but star dust?
The dust of stars,
The magic of stars.
The insignificance of dust,
The magisty of the stars.
Breath and dust,
Dust and water.

The great sea beyond our world,
Greatest ocean of all time,
The stars are islands in this sea,
The winds are currents flowing strong.
Great sea of space, the yawning mou,
Great womb of life of God Herself.

Stardrenched and stardazed,
Starswept and stargazed,
Mad poets and mad priests,
Madness of the gods,
Madness of the stars.
Swept away by visions and dreams,
Swept away by madness and stars.

— The End —