Elaina Sep 2013
Sending me down the road
Mom said don't worry, you'll do fine
Work hard
Work honest
Be kind

The road lead me to my home
I worked hard
Worked honest
Was kind

Just as I was told, I found
Hard work moves you forward
Honesty is a must
Kindness is a friend to all
oni Dec 2014
they called me crazy
for refusing to pick flowers
for saving spiders from the kitchen
and for talking to birds rather than humans

they called me crazy
for clawing at my wrists
for eating my own words
and for tearing out my hair for allowing myself to feel

nothing ever satisfies
when you worry about the endless amount
of "they"
and "them"
and what "they" think

nothing ever satisfies
when "they" meet your demons
and "they" make a home
in your own fucking ribs
Matthew P Beron Apr 2014
I don't know what it is
but I have grown very fond
of umbrellas
all shapes and sizes and colors
I never owned an umbrella
until a week ago
it was raining all day
and my mom gave
an umbrella
nothing fancy
just a black umbrella
then the rain let up
and I almost used
the umbrella
but I was worried
I wouldn't be able to dry it out
getting an umbrella wet
is a funny thing to worry about
but that's how I think
and that's not going to change
so when the sun comes back out
to dry the streets
only then
will I use
my first umbrella
for the first time
and it won't get wet
Andrea Fann Aug 2014
You wake up
something isn't right

you hear the words
and are filled

not with joy,
or peace,

you are filled with worry.
Don't worry, spiders,
I keep house
pookie Jun 2014
I worry all the time,
Not for what I've done or did or even may of done,
But for the people I care about,
When someone says don't worry Lu,
I worry even more,

It's like it's an in built programme that dosnt turn off or down it's set on constant,

And really for me if I worry about you,
It means I care,
It may be annoying but hell,
It's better than me
Not Being,
I worry too much I think but I just can't turn it off
Francie Lynch Mar 2016
Peter, my closest friend,
Name it - he worries.
Shows it too,
In everything:
Cause I worry
Bout everything,
he frets.
What advice can I offer:
*Don't use Compound W.
Francie Lynch Jul 2015
Why worry
About the afterlife.
There's nothing
To worry about.
DRPQ Nov 2014
the worry is nothing compared to curry
i had a tiny taste of it yesterday
the worry is nothing compared to those who are ok
because i'm not
the worry is just like myself
hopelessly hunched upon these sorrowful pieces of heart i poured out

the worry is just like the clouds than run across the sky
the ones you never see ever again
i dunno i wrote this when i was hungry
and worryful
im worryful again
i need mental help
Jasmine smiles May 2014
It seems I always worry about something
When we apart
I worry when we will talk
Or if you will leave me

When its the day of our meet
I worry what I will wear
How I'll do my hair
Will I be good enough?

But I know none of it matters
When we are together
You love me any way I come
For once my worrying is done
I see him today <3
My dear we have a week apart
An entire week of not seeing you
You'll be so far away from me
What am I supposed to do?

Perhaps we could do video chat
But then, that would be awkward, knowing us
I worry that we'll grow apart
Despite our growing online buzz

It's not like we don't talk anyway
Through Facebook and our various writing sites
But I love being around you in person
You send my heart rate to dizzying heights

Oh, I'm going to miss you so much
Miss your hugs and awkward looks
Your smiles and your hand in mine
The times we have to pretend we're reading books

I love you, you know this
But I'll say it, even so
And I know you have to do it
But I don't want you to go
fear the unknown Nov 2014
She picks up a pen,
a whirlwind of words fly around her head.
Her stories are written but not really read, as she plants her special words in her book.
She pulls her little book closer, as people are wondering why, she sits there and scribbles every day and every night.
Her throat swells and her anxiety kicks in, as worry pumps around her within.
She wonders what they'll think, is she weird? But she continues her poems with everything unknown.
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