Dawnstar Dec 2017
I see apes walking on ice,
I see snakes slithering on snow,
lively eyes indulge my dream,
and it haunts me.

worry, worry, worry.
marked drips on a stained walkway
catch my stare so often
I forgot I was looking

by two levels, I drop.
the ground awaits me.
today, I am sure-footed;
I will not buckle.

an enigma passes:
I wrest free my heart,
but too late!
all that is left...
a cold afternoon,
a quiet memory,
a regretful encounter.

and countless others
who, in unfortunate confidence
might turn away in disdain...
they won't know a flower's scent.

if I were one of them,
I would stand up and say,
"Advance, Collingchance!
Attach your legions to mine,
and together we will conquer!"
or I would approach you like a highwayman
and make demands of you....

but since I am not,
my only demand
is that you accept me
for what I am.
Updated 2/2//2018.
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
Life is just an addiction waiting to fade away
But while you've got the time
Let it free your mind
Even if it kills you someday

Today is just a day waiting to disappear
And though it's piling on
Soon, it will be gone
Just another wrinkle in your mirror

Tomorrow's just another stop along the road
A quiet little town
Or heaven coming down
Or somewhere you've never known

Death is just a final chord ringing out
Drifting into applause
For what is and what was
Something to never cry about
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