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Cné Sep 2016
A girl may fear but she is not a fright.
A girl may hurt but she is not pain.
A girl may cry but she is not weak.
A girl may fall but she is not a failure.
A girl may be down but she is not a mad.
A girl may lose but she is not a loser.
A girl may forgive but she does not forget.
A girl may be dreadful but she is not a tragedy.
A girl may want to die but she is not selfish.
A girl may feel worthless but she knows it shall pass.
A girl may be ****** but she is not Jil-flirted.
Listen to us, immersed in life:
Feel sensation (wipe away strife),
Know experience (and never desensitize).

Let the breeze amble by
touching clothes, flowing robes drifting over
soft air so quiet. Hold it there.

In the name of the wind
that brushes against our face,
Close contact on delicate skin, so
boldly tempting fate;
The words remained traced in the air:


Emulsified by dark days,
I used the memories to stay awake.
Keep it clean they say,
But my soul had been stained;
The senses had strayed too far away.

Bent to the will of the chems
they had been rendered slaves;
Surreality does slyly misbehave.

Draw simple oxygen into your being
as an empyreal tidal wave rises again;
The air around me speaks psychedelic zen.
Mikoarenas Oct 2015
I've had many wishes in life.
They said they were to much to ask for.
So these are just simply some simple ones.
The feel of your luscious lips softly hugging mine.        

Our hearts completely in sync but still racing to see who can beat faster.    

A frozen tongue from over flowing nervousness.                              

And your soft fingers caringly curved between mine, creating a perfect pattern.                          

Is that too much to ask for?
Sam Hawkins May 2015
I awoke this morning with all my
nanoseconds whizzing by—

spiraling, they broke for their exits,
they disarrayed my sky.

Each now and now and now
seemed a face, flash color,

many worlds. I could not sense
their place of start or stopping.

Morning sun peeped blue curtains.
I tried my usual breath, felt
heartbeat, wiggled foot.

My dog, he stretched
and bumped my bedframe
with his chest.

Against my fear I placed and pushed
messages of gratitude.

I thanked all things changing
and all of changing time.

Rather than elsewhere, I was here.

Instead of dead--
GreenTrees Oct 2018
True love is easy to find when it comes from within.

Karl V.  2018
Skaidrum May 2015
Some days I see the bad reflection
of every

Father father,
I'm afraid of what I'm becoming.
For my Wolf girl,
who bites at ashes
and stains her fangs~
"I'm afraid."

© copywrited.
Adilson Smith Aug 2016
Boy meets girl.
Boy is hooked.
Boy neglects his sports and books.

Girl meets boy.
Girl is smitten.
Girl leaves the house without permission.  

Boy likes girl!
Girl likes boy!
Both beget untinctured joy.

Then girl annoys boy,
And boy ignores girl,
And slowly their love begins to unfurl.

Boy grates girl,
Girl leaves boy.
One finds the other too hard to enjoy.

Girl gets better,
Boy stays lesser.
Boy thought girl would stay forever.
elle jaxsun Oct 2018
simple like rain
on a window pane--
it all sounds the same
drip drops
turn to hurricanes.

simple like rain
the tree branches sway--
wind passes through
whispers secrets to me and you
as the sun sets in the afternoon.

simple like rain.
written 10.08.18//revised 10.09.18
Joanna Jul 19
This winters brought a quiet peace within me. I fear nothing and sense such release, though it is a cold and windy time.

The joy that should be there is finally mine.

Funny how the season's change; one-day sunshine and then the cleansing rain.

Sort of like winter in a young girls heart, depending on spring to keep it from tearing it  apart.

And this time it is all mine, the joy, the love, the contentment I find. It's mine for a season and on into the year. 

A time of loving and being loved is finally here.
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Deb Jones Jan 2
To be loved
To love

To never forget
We are all but a grain of sand

To never get used to
Unspeakable violence

To see the atrocities in the
World and cry for their pain

To never look away
And pretend we didn’t see

To seek joy
In the most unlikely places

To pursue beauty
Until our eyes are enchanted

To never complicate what is simple
Or simplify what is complicated

To ask why
To ask why!

To never forget
For forgetting is intolerable

To respect strength
Not power

To watch
And try to understand

To never look back on decisions
Already made and done

To know regrets are valuable
If lessons were learned

To meet everyone with a smile
Without judging
Political views
Or who they love

To overcome
To rise above
And realize
All it takes
Is love

To try to make your life matter
Not in an attempt to gain anything
But in small quiet ways
That make your heart sing

These are the words that define
Us as human beings
Let’s stop wasting us
To overcome
to rise above
and realize
all it takes
is love
~Temporal Fugue
Kara Jean Sep 2016
Stop fighting your story
Life is meant to be
Complex is our punishment for not listening
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
This cursor is staring at me
But it doesn't understand it's flocking to me
Waiting for me to come up with gold
But before I do, I have to get old
I'm too young to have any wisdom
And I'm not sure how to get some
Does age define a mature mind?
Or is the way you live your life?

Writer's block ticks like clocks
While tired eyes wish it'd stop
Finding hope in midnight thoughts
That get lost in parking lots
Begin with a cliché and pray
That it won't just be cast away
Print your heart and make it hurt
For rolling eyes are so much worse
Ashleigh Black Nov 2014
The ones who say
they can live on their own
are liars.

Those who say
that love doesn't matter
are liars.

I say this with the intention
that one cannot live without
that one cannot find from anything else;

the conversation with others
or a simple graze of the hand
or a kiss every once in a while.

You'll always need someone
there for you, for any reason
even as miniscule as a "hello".
Junior Semil Feb 13
Give me food.
& I’ll give you
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