Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
You drive me fucking crazy
Diego Morales Jun 2017
Never mind the time of spring,
From which love comes a common thing,
Love comes rare as life may
Midwinter or a gloomy day

To life, love, happiness can only bring!
To live and love, what a beautiful thing!
Midst the solitude in which we born and die
—Love greets our lonely life, passing by
Tufayl Myburgh Oct 2017
I once read a poem.

I remember exactly what it felt like,

reading her words

becoming so lucidly aware of what she felt.

Honestly, I appreciated her more and more after reading it, purely because she’d opened a door that I’d spent years trying to find the key for.

I thought I’d return the favour by writing a poem for her.

Maybe I’d say hi first. I would like to ask how her day was and if she’s okay.

I’d then ask her if she knew how powerful her fingertips were because she effortlessly created such powerful images with her words.

After that I think I’ll tell her that she’s strong,


and smart.

The most important thing I think I’d like to tell her is that she needs to let go of this idea of wanting to be so good looking,

because, quite frankly, being pretty is not the rent you pay for living on this earth,

and perfection is nothing more than a symphony of imperfections,

so maybe she’s actually perfect and it just takes a poem for her to realize it,

just like her poem made me realize.

And to think I say all of this just because,

I once read a poem.
I hated watching her look down upon herself and seeing her wish she was something more. This is for my friend who I care about deeply.

I wish you all the best, my quirky, quirky friend.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Write as flawless as the river,
as spotless as the mirror.
The sky can’t take its eyes
off it because it’s so clear.
If you ever spare
a word or two so pure.
Never wonder how it might look:
simply, it would be just like you.
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
This cursor is staring at me
But it doesn't understand it's flocking to me
Waiting for me to come up with gold
But before I do, I have to get old
I'm too young to have any wisdom
And I'm not sure how to get some
Does age define a mature mind?
Or is the way you live your life?

Writer's block ticks like clocks
While tired eyes wish it'd stop
Finding hope in midnight thoughts
That get lost in parking lots
Begin with a cliché and pray
That it won't just be cast away
Print your heart and make it hurt
For rolling eyes are so much worse
Ty Jul 28
I've had the pleasure
To sift through and measure
The greatness of clever
Writers who endeavor
To be the next Shakespeare

But let me say here
They really do never
Clarify, just sever
Minds, such a cruel leisure
Oh, confusing treasures
There are so many great writers on this site whose poetry I have a hard time comprehending.
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