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simple like rain
on a window pane--
it all sounds the same
drip drops
turn to hurricanes.

simple like rain
the tree branches sway--
wind passes through
whispers secrets to me and you
as the sun sets in the afternoon.

simple like rain.
written 10.08.18//revised 10.09.18
Cné Sep 2016
A girl may fear but she is not a fright.
A girl may hurt but she is not pain.
A girl may cry but she is not weak.
A girl may fall but she is not a failure.
A girl may be down but she is not a mad.
A girl may lose but she is not a loser.
A girl may forgive but she does not forget.
A girl may be dreadful but she is not a tragedy.
A girl may want to die but she is not selfish.
A girl may feel worthless but she knows it shall pass.
A girl may be fucked but she is not Jil-flirted.
aquis Aug 28
perhaps it’s best
to not think about it

to just think about
the waves that
touch your feet
and invite you
to dance with them
the rainbow that
paints your face
after you wipe
your tears away
the sun that
lights up your skin
to reveal that
it’s you
that you are seeking

perhaps it’s best
to not think about it
to just think about
"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." Vincent van Gogh
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
You drive me fucking crazy
pH7 Mar 2017
We are the winter
We are the spring, summer & fall
We nurture the will
to walk or talk,
climb or crawl.

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