Walking circles around the pit
up to our ankles, over our heads now and then.
In a safe place not always enthralling
nothing should last so long.
To stand outside other times
laid bare and cold.
The feel that this has always been
yet by temporary spaces.
Which can keep going?
Go around to find out
and come back around again.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2018
A Sad Alex Jul 30
Every moment away from you
A curse with no end
The miles that tear us apart
Sink into my heart
When I can´t hear your voice
Everything else is noise

A dagger that cuts
Blood streams forth
It drips at first
But then it pours
Life escapes me
Ebbs away
It flows and I get a chill
It´s so cold now…

And as the embers of my life grow colder
And my senses start to go numb
Reach out to me and touch me
Button my lips to yours…
And once you do stay
Please don´t leave me alone
It is so cold when you leave me
It is so dark when I don´t have your love
I notice I repeat a lot of words when I write, that is something to try and correct but I like how this one ended up
the sun
leaves the earth
with bright red,

preceding seemingly endless darkness.

only to return
with splashes of
pink and orange

giving rise to yet another beautiful day.

- v. m
your favorite colour is back after a few months of nothingness
English Jam May 12

A delicately placed glove upon a hand, mock-gentle and pale
Marks his return
Emerging from the shell of feedback and tortured sounds

Carelessly shattering the eyes of doubters, until they softly thrash for mercy, wailing in an unearthly manner

Taking violent pleasure in crumbling love to a rubble, making the remains march to his fascist regime, his sexualised abuse, his blistering dictatorship

His tongue is dry, his jawline jagged like a strip of fresh metal, his fingers slender and spidery
He strides silently, yet none can miss it, seizing attention in a
heil-ish fascion

His iron grip dredges my thoughts, infecting my hopes with his overflowing venom

He thrusts his black ink that peppers my skin with thousands upon thousands of dots, encasing my body, filling my mouth, prohibiting my free will

Twisting me to spiral downwards into his imagination
I descend into the darkness

The darkness ripped from my most volatile, filthy nightmares

The darkness that laces the web of black holes, that decimates any shred of light it can find, deliberately, harshly

My centre of gravity follows him to the sewers of the abyss, a cesspool of pain and stylised sexuality undiscovered by light

Everything starts swirling around him, revolving as though he is a star and all else is the merest of planets that are his to command

I'm going down now
I'm going down
I'm going dow-
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2017
The sun will return  
and will shine
upon the face of the earth.  
Tomorrow will come  
with a new sunrise!
Not everyone can
see it though
live well now.
Karijinbba Aug 2
His Angel came flying down
and landed right in front of me
He put his arms around me
he looked DEEP into
my eyes and he said
"I am leaving you,
I hope the lessons
of our past lives can sustain you"
through the coming tough times.
And just with that my Angel
flew up up above and
he disapeared.
The day he took my Guardian Angel from me is now an eternity.
Return my Angel to me...
Ivan had completely lost it;
Teenage Satan in town
to see his father
        for money;
Eli                 hated this kid;
                   a minor prophet
                 in his own scene;
                  Hel kept a photo
of Satan stuck to
          her mirror;      mirrors
going out of
          style & magic          making
a              comeback;
drinking   [Ivan could've
  sworn the kid was dead
  it was bad news that he
     showed his face at all;
                              Ivan would've sworn he
                              was dreaming:  pressing
in on the scared kid,
& growling in his face:
                                     "I watched u die in the
                                      gutter, u rotten bastard!"
Ivan had indeed been there

                                     when the satanic          | kid got run over
                                     by the yellow cab driving
                                     headlong into         hell;
[Ivan's blackouts increased after that]
Ciel Noir Jul 19
So many demons
Have left             my soul
I   gave        them         away
To   the rest            of the world
I   shared        my shadows
With you                all
And they return
As wonder
As love
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