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Why should the Light return upon
Our cold and darkened land?  
When, into sleep, we drift and yawn,
So thoughtless of His hand...

We never think: "Someday it may
Forever cease to shine!"
We never thank – with thanks, befit –
For Morning Mercies' rise.

Why should the Light return upon
Our cold and darkened land?
But to awaken life at dawn
As He, in Goodness, planned...

We never, then, have an excuse
To fall into a dream
We never, then, can e’re accuse;
His Glory’s, daily, seen.

Lamentations 3:22-23: "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness."
Joanna May 10
Thrown off course by a wild storm, circling but never finding the runway.

Hit by crossfire and bob-wire life’s complexities rise, rainbows disappear.

With no time to get warm one could lose out on all that matters in a flash fire.

With no notice, another goes astray till love comes 'to melt' this glacier within.

Light brings an awareness of the might of been and then removes them with real communication between friends.
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abecedarian Jan 2018
rite like Dylan/past the point of no return

all my life wanted to rite just once like Dylan.

but too set in the errors of my way to complement/compliment a master of the phrase, the original tunes I hum’em all
plagued and plagiarized and yet pleasing

head the Head over to the refrigerator, arrive in one piece,
but totally not remembering why I came this way,
cause i am way way past the point of no return

Oh yeah oh yeah cool brother Corona light to succor the soul,
while roasting body slow in a lavender bubble bath and it ain’t
even noon and no no room for company, this solo wonder-boy
tripping alone

pay my bills in the bath, winnow the widow-maker reading list,
good ****** on a free sundaey and there ain’t no football to watch and autocorrect authority don’t like ****** it only godded one D, as if He needs two D’s to mess us up better

the Corona doing magic trick disappearing so fast and here i am
certified past the point of return and there ain’t no more beer
in the general vicinity

so now the time to summarize my little darlings;
don’t break beer bottles in the bathroom,
don’t pay your bills in the bathtub when u gots 53.42 in cking,
don’t take your iPhone unsheathed into the same vicinity

all you will be left with is maxed out cc’s,
messes you want
not to tangle with,
brain leavings of a bad poem half write,
it isn’t even bad dylan mimicry
but confirmation you passed the point of no return

and u happy hum
don’t think twice it’s alright
it is all on my cover photo
A Sad Alex Jul 2018
Every moment away from you
A curse with no end
The miles that tear us apart
Sink into my heart
When I can´t hear your voice
Everything else is noise

A dagger that cuts
Blood streams forth
It drips at first
But then it pours
Life escapes me
Ebbs away
Thick and cold it runs
It chills me to the bone...

And as the embers of my life grow dead
And my senses start to go numb
Reach out to me and touch me
Button my lips to yours…
And once you do, stay
Please don´t leave me alone
It is so cold when you leave me
It is so dark when I don´t have your love
I notice I repeat a lot of words when I write, that is something to try and correct but I like how this one ended up
ryn Sep 13
A vessel set sail.
In the early call of day.
She lurched and bobbed,
as she moved across the bay.

From bow to stern
acknowledged by the morning light.
Her dew stained deck
- proof of restful slumber in the night.

With the earth’s fresh breath,
its majestic sail bloated full.
Her mast spoke in creaks
as wind and current made its pull.

A lone seafarer stood motionless.
His eyes squinted in the sun.
Deft hands on the wheel
as they steer and run.

Just out of the cove,
she’s now far off and seemingly small.
A silhouette about to disappear,
I await its return, when the sun begins to fall.
the sun
leaves the earth
with bright red,

preceding seemingly endless darkness.

only to return
with splashes of
pink and orange

giving rise to yet another beautiful day.

- v. m
your favorite colour is back after a few months of nothingness
Karijinbba Aug 2018
His Angel came flying downand landed right in front of me
He put his arms around me he looked DEEP into
my eyes and he said "I am leaving you,
I hope the lessons of our past lives can sustain you"
through the coming tough times.And just with that my Angel
flew up up above and he disapeared.
~All Rights Reserved.~
The day he took my Guardian Angel from me is now an eternity.
Return my Angel to me...
Diary of Jane Jun 2017
I don’t know
what to do with this new-found grief-
the one I thought I was over and done with.

I am trying to shove it deep inside me
so no one can know of its existence
but I also know from experience
you can’t run or hide from grief.

The only way to get through it-
is to embrace it.

I went to tealive and thought of you
I drank the liquid and feels like home
I breathe the air and hope you are with me
I sat on the same place like the first time.

Where did I go wrong, you didn't care if I unsend messages anymore
Where did I go wrong, you don't reply to my story anymore
Where did I go wrong, you don't want me anymore.

I believe we was something
I believe it ain't fake
I believe it's not just me who feels this way.

Do you still remember the first time that we met
Do you still have the photos that we took together
Do you still remember when you sneak out your classroom just so we can wave at each other
Do you still feel the same..

You said that we will solve everything together
You told me to be happy
You said that you're interested

You're the one who bring back the joy
You are the one who healed me and also brought back the sorrow.
You're the one that I'm so proud of showing off to
and also the one who gave up.

I'm here, in case you change your mind
I'm here, if you need a friend to drink
I'm here, and will give you all of me
just so you will return.. I'm here I'm here.
Carter Ginter Mar 2013
Stepping back into my life;
You know as well as I do,
That it's a dangerous move.

Don't play with my head,
Its true, I've began to lower my walls again,
But I can also get hurt once more, greater than I've been.

Everyone deserves a second chance,
But I give it to you in caution;
I can't turn back, on all the progress I've gotten.

So my mind will do it's best,
To make sure my heart stays in line,
And doesn't cross these boundaries, laid so fine.

I question myself,
And question your intent,
Hoping that my next decision doesn't end in regret.

So good luck,
I truly wish you well,
Because this time, I won't be the one who fell.
The 'field of mines' is an analogy for this friendship-ish thing I have with someone.
I know I shouldn't trust her but people can change right? I'm not sure about that one in this case. That's where the 'awareness' comes in. I know not to trust her yet, so I know, theoretically, where to stand in the field of mines until I know it's safe to move forward.
It's ironic that I put it in this analogy because she told me the other day, weeks after I wrote this, the same exact analogy is what she used to explain us.
Smoke Scribe Sep 2018
I am the smoke of return and rest,
sky inscribing,
knowing your precise needs and the
screams and the years unfair taken,
screened through five perceptions

I am the word weaver
setting the loom for each peculiar requisition,
a havened place of restoration
as best I can,
for this weaving my eye’s recollections
no imagination needed

imagine that
they told me
my father died quietly
in his sleep
at 2 a.m.

with his pain-ridden last years
I think he was not unhappy
to go farther for once
return to the cosmos he came from
wake up painless
     at peace
floating in the universe
he had admired from mountain peaks
all of his life
Zetir Nov 2017
The past comes rushing through our minds
Paralyzing us
Memories of us
Memories of them
We are running all of our lives
To escape the past
But it will always come back
No matter how hard you try
He will come back
She will come back
Everyone will come back
Besides the ones you want to
The ones who were actually there
The ones who loved
They will never come back
Joan Jun 25
Catch me if I fall
Lift me off my feet
Loyal through it all
Without you I’m incomplete

Fix me if I break
Make me feel loved
Let my demons escape
And clear my blood

Get me out of the blue
Never disagree
These were the things I did for you
But what did you do for me?
Toxic people
Are we toxic?
Thielle Mar 2018
Back again, back again,
From what I used to be;
For all the things I made myself
To please you, you could not see.

I tried to paint the stars for you;
I tried to do it all.
But everything I did for you
In your eyes made me fall.

So today will be the last day
That I for you adorn.
Give me peace, and let me rest;
I watch for coming morn.

Let rivers wash and waters flow
And carry back to shore
Thus from you I'll send away
To find my home once more.

(c) 2018 Indigo Kenna
lirau Aug 12
How do we know
goodbyes are impermanent?
Is it because inherently
Things never last
Such as the self?

I gave a bit of my body to everyone
Handed the pieces away
one by one like pills
so I don't have to say goodbye anymore
Well now,
I have returned
and I want those pills back
just felt like posting some thoughts today about the "hiatus" state
Antino Art Oct 2018
If you're unclear about love,
return your heart to a place with fog
With clouds created from breathing in the cold during long uphill walks that end in a view of the water
Return the way daylight retreats to the grey embrace of the Pacific Northwest sky at the edge of winter, dissipates in all directions like ripples upon their misty bay
Return the way sunset colored leaves hanging in limbo fall back to Earth
Visions to pieces
Tears to eyes as condensation builds
against the glass of a coffeeshop window and distorts the view from outside and from within
Return the way rain lands on a broken sidewalk in Seattle,
not pouring so much as drifting
through what looks like a new morning
blurred with all the dark nights that came before.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2017
The sun will return  
and will shine
upon the face of the earth.  
Tomorrow will come  
with a new sunrise!
Not everyone can
see it though
live well now.
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