We're in control of this place!
We've taken charge
Of this No Man's Land.
We don't take orders
From the U.S. or the U.N.!
If you don't  comply with our interpretation of Sharia,
We'll simply blast you to bits!
Those who enter our area
Must  be deferential to us,
Even if you try to placate us
And accede to our demands,
We're will still be
Suspicious of You.
We call the shots around here,
But we don't feel obliged to
"Make sense",
Your Western ideas about
"Making Sense",
Don't  make any sense to us!
So, to hell with  all that nonsense!
If you want to lecture us about Human Rights,
Women's Rights,
Or the need for children to be educated
Give us a few million dollars first!
Then, we might be listen to you to your sermon
For a little while,
If we get sick of listening to your message,
We might decide to kill you
Before you convert us
To your ideology!
All this Nonsense about
Is for the Children of the Rich
To study abroad!
That sort of idealism
Doesn't  make any sense out here in the Bush!
It's the most well-armed men
Who Call the Shots out here!
You might think that I sound like an actor
In a Hollywood Movie,
But it's a struggle for survival out here!
Do you think that we really ENJOY
This way of Life?
We used to love to raise vegetables
As well as keeping
Chickens and goats,
But the rains are infrequent nowadays.
Our  vegetables wither and die,
And our herds  starve.
Kidnapping the President's Daughter,
And hold her for ransom
Is much easier
Than bothering with
We're  just taking  he spoiled girl off her parent's hands
For awhile.
If we don't take  her
She’ll just demand a BMW from parents
As well as lots enough money
For Tuition overseas.
What difference does it make
If she blackmails her parents
Or we do?
They say we  like to gang-rape
Wealthy girls.
It's not  true!
That's  just  Western Propaganda
To brainwash people
So they won't take our Agenda seriously.
We don’t really do those sorts of things!
If the spoiled girl
Listens  to our side of the Story for a while,
We know that she will become our advocate
Rather than consenting to be
Our slave.
We aren't stupid people, you know?
We know how to make a good impression on  young women.
We simple focus directly
On getting exactly what we want
Rather than conforming to a bunch of stupid,
Arbitrary rules
That were designed
To keep us impoverished and subservient.
That kind of philosophy
Appeals to young people, you know?
Even the children of the wealthy.
All the people out here in the Bush
Know that we're really the only ones
Who look  after them.
The so-called ,
“Real Government”
Doesn't actually administer this Area at all!
It's fallen into neglect.
We’re the Saviors
Of this No Man's Land.
Sure, we use terror
To achieve our objectives.
That's effective out  here.
People respond to fear.
Human Beings  don't necessarily
Listen to reason.
We're not really “terrorists".
That word that was  made up
By  Wealthy, Westernized Elites.
Terrorism is not an IDEOLOGY.
It's just the most efficient way to rule.
As these Government officials
Go on Junkets
In  Paris, New York or Rome
And participate in Drunken Orgies
In Rio De Janeiro
And Bangkok.
We take care of  this area for them,
And  make it possible for them to do
Whatever  they want to do with their time.
We administer this area
While our these  corrupt "leaders"
Go out and have fun!
They should be grateful to us!
After all,
They don’t give really give a damn
About the people
Out here in the Bush.
They just think,
"Let those maniacs rule the Bush!"
"If the Whites know that there is Terrorism in Nigeria,"
"They'll give us lots of  money."
"To help us fight their war!"
We're actually helping our
So-called "leaders
Get more money
By ruling this No Man's Land!
Then, they can go  play golf
With President Donald Trump,
Whore around in Rio De Janeiro
Or do
Whatever the hell they want to do.
"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."

------Carl Jung
Hartaz Kaur Jul 19
Mama told me to keep her close.
Certainty provides clarity.

So I give her my hand,
And in barter, I quest a true friend.

I have a doubt, I turn to Certainty,
But am met with the silent treatment.

I press further,
Only to be reduced to resentment.

I wonder. How can this be?
Desertion in times of desperation?

Certainty, existing and non existing, remains an illusion.
A body, that will never affirm any supposition.
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