Melody Jun 2014
My name is Darkness.
I have a contract with light,
so I can be seen in corners and alleys.
I follow you because you follow the plight
and I will let you carry me, as long I can catch you.

My name is Evil,
I have a contract with good,
to add balance to your soul and
let you see my horns and many thorns.
I stalk you because you are one person, not a people.
I will let you hold my hand, as long as I can run ahead.

My name is Moon,
I have a contract with Sun,
because I need to ignite the night
and show you that I can shine just as bright.
I wake up because I like to watch you respite.
I will let you sleep as long as I can turn out your lights.

My name is not Darkness.
My name is not Evil.
My name is not Moon.

My name is Shadow.
I have a contract with light,
so I can be in corners and alleys.
I'm glued to one person, not a people.
I may have horns and I can have thorns.
I will hold your hand, and even let you run ahead.
I won't watch you fall, but I cannot catch you.
I will let you sleep as long as you keep on the light.

My name is not Darkness.
My name is not Evil.
My name is not Moon.
My name is Shadow.
I was born a stalker.
Please tell me what you think.

© 2014 Melody
Atul Feb 2015
As the sole cub born,
I had some tiniest spots,
My mother was the world,
And my father was the king,
As she fed me while I crooned for a sibling,
Dad used to just look at her,
But differences spawned and they magnified.

I never had a sibling,
I lack a big teaching.

Now I am the lonely lion.
My HP Poem #773
©Atul Kaushal
ThePoet Aug 2015
I don't wish
for myself to die,
but I wish that
I was never born.
I wouldn't die
after I'm broken,
but I'd be dead
before I'm torn.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Thank you everyone for the support.
Nenookaasi Oct 2012
You taught me how to love,
Unconditional and true.
There is nothing in this world
That I wouldn't do for you

I want to shield you,
From the hurt and pain
That you will one day come to know.
A mama bear doing whatever I can,
To protect my cub and soften life's cold hearted blows

My pride and joy
Forever my baby boy.
Growing so fast
Filling my mind, heart and soul
With imagery, laughter and stories that will always last.

As the stars illuminate father sky at the end of each day
I open your door to watch u sleep,
As I kneel to pray.
Watch over my little one
He knows not what awaits him
Away from the safety of my arms.
Give him strength and draw him close to u creator
Protect him from harm.
Copyright 2012 Rachel Fairbanks
WELCOME, welcome, little stranger,
Fear no harm, and fear no danger;
We are glad to see you here,
For you sing 'Sweet Spring is near.'

Now the white snow melts away;
Now the flowers blossom gay:
Come dear bird and build your nest,
For we love our robin best.
David W Jones Jan 2014
Sunrise towards my mental reflection;
Contemplating where my journey is directed.
Lying in the sweat of broken slumber;
The days are short and unevenly numbered.
Living in the darkness; dying in the light.
Silenced in the morning; tormented in the night.
Tested by devils and beaten by saints;
Waiting for the promise of mercy and grace.
Sandoval Jun 2017
I* was not born a


I was broken into


I carried life yet did not live
until, from blood and darkness came
a light that only God could give
from sacrificial flesh and pain.

For broken nights and restive days
of drifting into starry skies
hours, weeks, lifetimes I’d stay
daydreaming in your onyx eyes.

To look upon my face in prayer
with worship in your smile so pure
as if the holy land was here
in my arms forevermore.
Alyssa Torres Dec 2015
But are not the scandalous rumors,
the jealous lovers,
and inglorious bastards,
born of passion?
Affairs are the ripest of apples, the forbidden fruit of man.
Sara L Russell Aug 2014
The First-Born Blues
Sara L Russell 22nd August 2014 20:59 revised 27th Aug 2014, 13:58

So I bite down on bitter words
and I eat my humble pie
for those who will not understand me
Until the day I die.
self-pity's for the birds,
where the golden egos fly;
if you will not understand me
should I bother to ask why?

So you know I'm always me
and I never will be her
and you know she's gone forever
things can't be the way they were
I survived, unworthily
though you think I should concur
that death struck out unfairly
- should have taken me, not her.

So I wear my comfort cross
and I carry my cross of woe -
each a spiritual placebo
from the God I used to know;
and an eerie sense of loss
follows everywhere I go
for this poor downtrodden ego
that you always overthrow.
Chuck Jan 2013
A haunting stare with a serious note
Originates in a lad just thirteen
Ready to command or to set to task
Obedient, mature, and quick to rule
More comfortable with adults than peers
An old soul has he, loves cars from the past
Collects Civil War relics and antiques
Spends most his time reading and researching
Reads historical fiction, lost in time
Analyzes plants, insects, and ol' coins
He could be described like Chaucer's Cleric
"And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach."
He desires, especially, silver
Yet, gold and ex-presidents faces too
Protects younger members of his small clan
Only his hand will be attacking foe
It might be his fine grades, his quirk or two
That humbles his parents. Proudly they stand
And admire their first born miracle
A babe no more, his age will meet his soul.
I chose a serious form, blank verse, to match my son's attitude. I hope you like it.
Erin Murphy Nov 2015
Good girls get respect
And an empty bed.

Bad girls get screwed
In a stranger’s bed.

They both wake up alone.
You made my dad a grand father
But he doesn't mind
You've been the son at the back of his mind

You made my ma a grandma
And made her heart glow
Funny she's never loved something that made her feel old

You made my malla and me uncles
It feels kind of cool
To think now after being spoiled we'll be spoiling you.

You made Akki a mom
Or you made it official
I don't think she's been anything less than maternal.

You've made James a dad
And a fine one at that
Time will prove that i'm right and of that I'm glad.

Welcome to the family!
We were born into it too
It's wierd at first but it grows on you.

And we will do our best
To make you feel one
Friend and a loved nephew son and grandson.
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