Eli Hashaw May 2015
This matter of life and death

is a serious matter
not to be taken lightly
as though watching a play
from a seat in a balcony

Stand up

get on stage and take your bow
choose a character and play yourself
as far as your heart will take you
the part has been written
the casting call is posted
you are invited to play the role
you were born for
Jodey Ross Oct 2014
No matter if it's dark and gray,
you always seem to brighten my day.

I think about you all the time,
how your eyes always seem to shine.

Always there for me to talk to,
I know I can always count on you.

Laying next to you in bed,
not wanting anywhere to be instead.

Think about your kisses makes me swoon,
knowing I will get to have them soon.

I love you more than anything ever
and me stopping would be never.
Sometimes I get sappy and want to write about my love. Sorry if it gets annoying...
Chloe Nicole Jan 2015
I'm starting to think that there's something very wrong with me,
Because everyone I love, everyone I care about,
Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends,
They all leave me in the dust.
It's like no matter how hard I try,
No matter what I do,
I'm just not good enough.
(The title was random)
avery Jul 2016
Sometimes I feel
like a useless mass of space matter
Clumped together by ideas long ago tainted

I just do not understand
How the universe could be so against me
when I am the universe
I see her sitting over there
another's arms around her waist.
Sunlight shimmers through golden hair,
bodice ruffled and unlaced.

Surprise sits obvious on her face,
over the distance where I walk
it shouts to me of felt disgrace.
A story told no need for talk.

I look down staring at the ground
feeling awkward as I continue
not raising eyes to what I found
like curtains drawn across a window.

My footsteps quicken with the pace,
footpath blurs with constant view.
My head can't raise to see her face
because I don't know what to do.

I hear her calling, voice a quiver,
I hear her tread as she doe's chase
Almost a trot I do deliver
trying to clear from this place.

I manage to evade her follow,
thinking of the scene I saw.
Her cheating ways are cruel and hollow
as I viewed her frolic on the floor.

What do I say when next I see
her arm in arm with my best friend.
But if these words I say to he
will cause him harm that may not end.

So I have given them some room
to sort themselves in their own way.
It's she that must hand out the gloom
from her own words then she must pay.

As for this secret I say nought
I shall not give her game away
for she's not the only one I've caught
for my friend does play away.

I do not judge the things they do
and best that I do not involve
myself with what they both go through.
It's for themselves both to resolve.
4th September 2012
daisies Sep 2014
What can a single atom means to you?
How much weight does it holds?
I don't really care.
Why did it even exist in my life?
And why do we to discover them?

I finally apprehend their structure
Appreciate their attendance
Accept their existence.

What a house is all about without sand,
cement and bricks?
Perhaps a tile is made of rocks.
What about your body?
You're made of cell;
a creature you can never see
with naked eyes.
And because they united,
you can measure how tall you are!

A judicious, noble man once said;
"One will not enter Paradise, if one has an atom’s weight of arrogance in his/her heart."

I can't a predict the percentage of our arrogance.
A single atom matters.
An atom-sized arrogance in us is counted.
I can't guess the size of our arrogance.
Try to live without a single atom of arrogance in your life.
It's a big thing to do.
Small thing to say.
The word "arrogance" above means:
i) look down on other  ii) rejecting truth
Written on 26/09
@Copyright Hydourella
Fuji Bear Apr 2014
We are always trying to become equal
what makes it so special?
That is unique to human nature
to idealize and to hope
And yet,
life isn't fair.
And nature doesn't pretend otherwise
Neither should we.
The lion doesn't starve
to protect the endangered zebra.
No matter how much we fight nature,
We can’t control it.
avery Oct 2016

If for whatever reason it is not evident from the poem, I firmly believe and stand for the Black Lives Matter Movement.
Shaine Fraz Aug 2016
This isn't Rome
I'm standing still because statutes

Stone grill-- l a carved marble statue not a muscle dares,
near frozen by the fear let it go I hear
over shoulder
(Dilfer dime-- if I get shot over a penalty)

Is it clear
my arms are arms a load chopper in his shades,
do those aviators make me even darker
(if I studied aviation I could take off I can hover, I can--)
WAIT he's moving closer,
every hair strand an antenna,
I can feel him,

The smell of disdain on his glare
stained blood on his hands
another brother, my brother

Guiltier with every pace so..
--show your hands,
foot mixed with concrete I take this order serious,
my motions are motive and mistaken for resist,

Is it his stare or am I stoned,
(Why did I decide to go my friends wouldn't believe this limitations to the thoughts)

am I arrested or caught,

I'm cold on the surface
Erode so slow is my sediment evidence,
A blue god so I'm pacified,
I'm hesitant,
he calls and I say that I'm innocent,
I'm witnessing
the transitioning from eruption to ocean-- volcanic,

Blue Medusa
can you only sculpt destruction,
(I'm not 3 dimensional, I'm real and I matter, I'm real and I matter)
I'm real But I shatter,

Gravel if determined that I'm rude so I cant breath,
Gravel if My license plate removed I don't leave,
I don't speak,
I don't flee,
I'm not free,
I believe,
That this happen to mothers mother
mothers brother,

Brother from another was granite
and granted hes valuable but only in a home, of course,

I'm quartz in the making
A corpse still shaking--
Cause a wallet was mistaken
Or i.d. was misplaced

So I'm on the rocks
since the bar says that I'm a criminal,
velvet rope divider marks my life and a visual,
a wake,
or a hashtag,
you choose,
glass house,
cold stones,
rocky road,
medusa licks his finger tips same finger which petrified me in the first place,

Reminded I'm in Rome as im standing there motionless
a statue for display or a trophy for the kitchen,
this art is not for sale there will be no shipping,

With solidarity through our solidification,
It won't matter if we look back,
We Matter and We Black.
© 2016 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
Chiyo Apr 2014
Inside a valley seven tornadoes twist
like tortured matter
Except this time there's one right
in front of me
And it stands like a chess piece
Anna Lo Sep 2011
The girl had seen too much.
She had traveled to Iceland
At the mere age of four.
She had visited China
At the mere age of eight.

And at the mere age of thirteen,
she met Pandora.
They became fast friends.
Pandora opened the box.
They became fast enemies.
There were no "blue pills" in Pandora's box.

And so the girl went on.
She had seen too much.
Knew too much.
It didn't even matter.

She went on and composed poems
metaphorical pieces of shit,
that meant nothing
yet everything
to some misguided soul.

It bored and amused her.
Still didn't even matter.
Jazzelle Monae Apr 2014
To feel like porcelain,
fragile and easy to break
is something I'm no stranger of

Now to feel like
solid and dense,
is something I know nothing of

But to feel like
impenetrable, flawless;
to be the air that fills your lungs
is all I aim to be
© 2014 by Jazzelle Monae. All rights reserved.
kiki thomas Mar 2015
Pushing forward for another me,
Pushing through the pain,
Towards the goal i see,
Refuse to remain the same.

Enough of the cutting,
Enough of the hurt,
Enough rebuffing,
Its time to be alert.

I decided to change,
I'm sure that i can,
Sick of feeling strange,
I have a new plan.

Mind over matter,
Push to the edge,
Don't be a slacker,
Just breathe and stretch.
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