CK Baker Mar 2017
its amazing what we’re capable of
when pressed:
lunar launches
and shaman healing
hail marys
and fortunes of gold
heavy hauls
and broken borders
war, compassion
and treaties of peace

all those wild and lofty regressions from the mean:
soul re-settings
(from deadly deeds)
scores and scriptures
liberty and peace
walls, asylums
(in the jaws of defeat)
channeled spirits
of warmth
and love
and persuasion

and sometimes, it’s just a little fodder:
pyramids and viaducts
aqua-lines and chunnels
spider climbs
and deep dives
base jumps near the high wire
gardens and divine art
and even water boards
(for beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)
have a look around...
and let gratitude be your guide
Yip Wayne Jul 22
Whitewashed four walls
Silence and total recalls
Ticking clock on the wall
My mind begging for a curtain call

Flashbacks in my cerebral theatre
Complimenting the rainy weather
Raindrop falls as my insides wither
As I lay on my bed where we were last together

4 months gone and I still remember
Your scent from my shirt down to my sweater
Your voice I recall and every laughter
Became history now that you found another

So much done in this apartment room
So much wrong ended it so soon
River of tears flow as I vacate the room
Another chapter ends, a new story resumes
J Peters Apr 20
haven’t I wandered this city like
a ghost or a beggar,
it’s lights unnerving at best and
blinding at worst
(didn't I slip all my money
into your pocket,
like a reverse thief or a
trick of the hand)
isn’t it just like the day you were
looking at your reflection,
and I finally understood how to
see the world in colour
(when I should have given
you my heart,
and given you my bones)
before I ran from it,
the same way a traveller in an
empty motel room,
runs, when her thirst for adventure
is unquenchable
(but her chest still echoes like
a catacomb,
tired legs finally pulling
her down)
I think I finally finished this? You can read it different ways kinda
Lydia 5d
as your mama there are days I wake up and think to myself
"there is no way I can do this today
I'm tired
I'm anxious
I'm feeling kind of low"
but all it takes is a look into your little room
where you lay cozy and asleep
one tiny arm wrapped around a stuffed animal
snoozing with those little breaths
so soft sometimes I still go in and check to make sure you're breathing
to remind me all that I am working so hard for
and your tiny hands around my neck
that smile that melts my heart
and that little giggle that is so sweet I melt
I remember how you need me
depend on me
I close your door so the light doesn't get in
and I go get ready for work
For my sweet son, my reason for being everyday
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