And no one saw her hurting
They saw glimmering reflections of themselves
Off the broken shards that she was made up of
Cayla frazier Dec 2014
Struggles, your and mine,
are different but the same..
Learning that its not what struggles you have,
But how you come out of them that matters..
a l e x Jul 2014
You broke it
You broke my heart
You ruined my life
You almost kill me
You told me, you love me.
I  believed in you
I trusted you
I give you all my love
My life and my everything
What you did
Really hurt me so much
I didn't expected you'd do that
But "Expect the unexpected"
Someday you'll realize what you had done
And I just hope you would learn from that
6th grade life
Haikel Azizie Jun 2015
I care for you,
Because i love you.
I care for you,
Because i dont want anything bad to happen to you.
I care for you,
Because you are very essential to me.
I care for you,
Because i dont want to lose you.

But being too caring,
Becomes controling.
Becomes overprotective.
Becomes overthinking.
Becomes overreacting.

But be worried.
When they start to not give a damn about you,
Everything is gone.
Because i did.
Hannah f Jul 2014
I was really born with green eyes
They resemble emeralds
But it seems the biggest green eye I have
is the eye of jealousy
I see beautiful people doing beautiful things
Making art, making jewelry, getting photographed
All while getting paid to do what they love
Half of me wants to be happy for them
but the darker half gets glowing green eyes
My biggest dream is to do what I love while supporting myself and my loved ones
Yet people as young as my age are already doing it, and have been for all of their life
Makes my soul wary and weak and just want to sleep
I'm so jealous of all of you
Katrick Pane Feb 2014
As I light my last cigarette
I spend my last dollar
Side sweeping but not street cleaning
because theres no parking here
because i never let anyone stay
everyones done by 2
and gone by 3
some try to stick to
like an ant or flea
but my words are raid
and my actions are someone pushing down the cap
to only spray the bug
watching its passion pass on
but not alive
yet, sti
              l breathing.
Julian Dorothea Apr 2013
I cried at the breakfast table this morning
my father carefully explained,
"wives must be submissive to their husbands"
"housecleaning is the domain of the woman"
"God created woman because man asked for a partner"

This past semester I wrote two papers

One, a fire and brimstone sermon
          I quoted Anais Nin
          sending the creators of sexist commercials to eternal suffering
          "Damn them!" I said. "May they burn in hell."
          For the women they portrayed were doormats

The other, the role of women in the 1920s,
           No longer confined to the kitchen
           they dropped ballots with their new freedom
           they wore short dresses and short tresses
           fingers wrapped around cigs
           they quoted Wilde instead of Alcott
           they danced until their feet hurt
I read of Anais Nin's "new woman,"
her partnership, not submission to man,

I craved a room of my own, neigh demanded it
For sheep stayed in the kitchen,
The Woolf had a study.

I read poetry
I wept for their starved, depressed selves
caged, suffocating inside the clasped hands of a man.
Loved like rib-cage jails.

Adrienne Rich made me angry,
her daughter-in-law
forever trying to fit into a box
she was always too big for, spilling
at the edges, her shaved
legs like "white mammoth tusks"

I was finally
happy with my womanhood.

Uterus, vagina, vulva, clitoris
they are mine.
Breasts free to move unrestrained,
jiggling under my shirt.
Wetness between my thighs.
Menstrual blood,
they are mine.


I am not ashamed of what I am
because there is no shame.

I am woman,
I am girl,
I am lady.
I am a creature
with a voice
a mind.

a creature who endured much abuse,
continue to endure.

I am woman

and I don't have to be wife or mother
unless I want to be.
I was not created for man;
I was created for the same reason he was,
to serve the same great purpose on this tiny blue dot.

I am not rib.

I am Uterus, vagina, vulva, clitoris
Breasts free, unrestrained,
Wetness between my thighs.
Menstrual blood,

I am a per.
I am a wo.
I am a hu.

Man and son need to back down,
collaborate not dominate,
speak not command,

for when less are forced into silence,
the maddening scream
hidden inside skin and bones and muscle-meat
becomes song.

this world of car horns and tire screeches
crying and wailing from raw throats
angry protests of indignation

could use a little music.
Spur of the moment. Written after breakfast. Help me edit it, please? :)
AW Jun 2012
Het geluk dat stuk viel
Op de vloer van deze wereld
Had gevangen kunnen worden
Door een uitgestrekte hand
Uitgestrekt over grenzen
Met de wens om een mens te
Raken en in liefde te delen
Van het gevangen geluk
Ellie Belanger Oct 2014
my stomach is an empty pit
hard and well-lined with the stories
of a thousand nights of hunger games
where you play to eat and sleep
you lose and die, shuddering as your organs
one by one by two by two

I'm just wishing for the turkey dinner
the crackers and cheese
the milk and water and juice
that sits untouched on grocery store shelves
too expensive for me to take
and fill my body up
Got Guanxi Nov 2015
one for the delirious,
the inquisitors equipped,

loose lips,
loose grip.
loose lips,
loose grip.

the truth is the troops
are lost in the loops,
of houdini moves,
from those fools,
those fools,
those fools.

oh what can we do,
to break through to the justice.
alas, alas,
the rustic handshake.
not much comrade,
not much.


those stage show motions,
we slept on the stage,
we slept on our opponents.

i’m broken,
i’m broke.
I'm broke
Because i keep donating money
What am i going to buy that's important this holiday with a few extra dollars?
I'm going to give it to someone who needs all the help they can get
I'm putting my dreams of charity into reality
Welcome to my vision of America.
Jarret M Spiler May 2014
We live in a society were the physical world shadows the metaphysical.
We live in a society were money precedes life.
Students are broke(n) like the loans that imprison them.
Death and taxes are inevitable, but it seems that taxes are more of a threat then death itself.
The greenback alludes us into becoming vicious consumers praying on the wealth of others.
We live in a society turned upside down. Broke(n).
Stanley Wilkin Nov 2016
It was the day the toilet broke,
the day the bank was robbed
when my wife walked out,
suitcase in hand. Her head
blown off on the pavement
in the gunfire between bank robbers
and police. It was that kind of day.
That evening I had the toilet repaired.
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