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Nobody Jul 2017
Time is on your side,
what a beautiful lie;
so many reasons to cry,
so many wishes to die.
Spare time is worse,
to reflect on your curse;
when life moves this slow
you prefer a physical blow.
You just want to go,
you’re sick of feeling alone;
you quit asking why
when you’re too tired to try.
You barely get by
and long for the end,
this hand you were dealt
you can’t ever amend.
You'd rather fold,
It's getting so old.
Your life's a joke;
even with money,
you'll always be broke.
N Oct 2017
What made you feel the need to take my kind heart,
and break it in two.
Not only my heart but my mind, my pride, my self esteem.
All of that was broken the last night we spent together.
Why did you do it?

You told me to shut up, that yelling won't help.
You told me that if I ever told anyone I would regret it.
That nobody would believe me.
That I was not worth enough for people to care.
Why did you do it?

I gave you nothing but love and support for a month,
expecting the time to go longer.
But you didn't care, you used me.
For a whole month, you pretended to love me.
Why did you do it?

You are my biggest regret.
You are the one that pushed me over the edge,
the reason I ended up in that hospital.
You shot a hole in my heart and it can never be filled.

You pushed me onto that bed even when i said no.
You forced yourself on me when i tried to get away.
No you did not **** me,
but you did everything else.
And you made me do it back.
Why did you do it?
Cindra Carr Dec 2010
She broke hard right in my grip
Sweat poured life roared
Muscles **** skipped a beat
She slip tripped against my line
My lips flicked fire left a trail
Blazed hard left against a wall
She licked the last light flaring
Tongue tight flickered out
Cries begged out battered my ears
Soft shudders arched up singing their sighs
Lost tight life spurred beyond
Drifting down soaked straight through
Light fingers whispering down
She broke hard right in my arms

Steve Page Dec 2017
Peace broke out
with a rash of shepherds
Peace broke in
while most were asleep
Peace broke out
with a choir of angels
Peace broke in
with the bleat of sheep

Peace broke out
in a backyard stable
Peace broke in
and beggared belief
Peace broke out
in the stink of a manger
Peace broke in
with a cry of release

Peace broke out
to a child breast feeding
Peace broke in
to a mothers relief
Peace broke out
in the hearts of believers
Peace broke in
to the middle east

Peace breaks out
to those who believe him
Peace breaks in
to the hearts of the meek
Peace breaks out
here in Ealing
Jesus breaks in
as the Prince of true Peace
Isaiah 9:6-7
6 For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
   Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
7 Of the greatness of his government and peace
there will be no end.
pageants of pageants
fractals and hype
of faceless terrors and faceless
when rain on corrugated iron
when rain and the kettle boiling

i know i have taken too much time
i have taken time from time to decide
to realise i was only wiser before trying.

Patterns of paradox haunt
the terms of all desire

tussock grass on paths
that cuts the thin skin
and sticks

and a view to nowhere

some leaf in autumn

the hope of finding
Zumee Aug 2018
Sitting on the bus:
A sudden chill down my leg
I panic
for a moment
before realizing
it's summer
And more importantly
the liquid pouch
is in my backpack
not my belly.
Silver linings.
Night Feb 2018
sometimes, I fall into deep despair,
plagued with thoughts
remembering every moment,
and second
that hurt.
I feel like a failure for every moment
that I cause anger,
that I cause you to get lost,
that I cause a change,
sometimes for the worst.
Maybe its true
that I everything I touch
with my heavy hands,
shatters at some point,
it is what I end,
picking up.
Its why I always end up with
bleeding hands.

Only this time,
I swear,
this too shall pass.
Kara Jean Dec 2016
She thought she had it;

Muddy dress, an outfit depressed

The sunshine blinds

A use for her view

Then realistic features come walking in

Scolded shoulders tower over

Her fishnets and black lipstick hide her
mildewed heart

She fights

Fighting submerged her feelings

Numbing the pain she became hate

Hate became her soul

A control

A defense

A way to save her from death

To bad the devil has a toll

A fee

He envies ****
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
The golden sand swept around in synthe of beech,
where he hath made promises which he’ll keep.
He held her hands and walked past the bow,
the fazed waves whispered with a thwart,
Being thalosophile she stood with no go.

When the sea embraced the shore,
She could not keep him forsaken anymore.
Both settled to relish the saline tang,
As they oft had love pang.

One moonlit night she saw banshee,
Who warned her foredooming death,
She feared his life & ran gasping for breath.

She saw the wind unusually howled
When her beloved sailed and left her in cold.

She woke up and hushed and scream,
“this was a dream!”
Alas! Unconsolable she seam,
When She saw his scar left on her heart,
Memories flashing by and her world falling apart.
This is the story of the princess who stays by the beach who loves the sea... Shes madly in love with the man who she makes the love of her life... The beach,had witnessed the vows of the couples.. The sea being her lover warns her whispers to her about the treacherous man... But she being struck by the cupids arrows fails to seek the summons of,the sea... One moonlit night she sees banshee which is supposed to be the sprit Which warns people of forecomming death ... So the princess is afraid that she might loose her price ... She without even giving a second thought runs to meet the prince... Now the tragedy recalls on her n the wind howls strongly symbolizing the tragic parting of the two where she sees her prince elope with another lady ,she's all,alone left in the cold destined to be condemned by her fate She wakes up with fear ,and bit relieved cuz it was a dream.... But soon tears roll
OpenWorldView Jan 10
not with bombs
nor with bullets.

War fed his soul
with torn up bodies,
and cut off limbs.

War drowned his senses
with the smell of blood
and rotting flesh.

War broke his will
with man's capacity
for boundless cruelty.
Georg Trakl (1887 - 1914)
The words
The words in my head
Forever stuck in my head
I've tried
Oh! How I've tried
Again and again
To have those words spill from my pen
To light the world and inspire a smile
To bring out the dark, torturous and vile
To share all the pieces of myself
With the words that rise and fall
They beckon
They call
They taunt me
And haunt me
Begging to be layed on a page
And I have no choice
No choice but to obey.
Angel Ann Fulford 2/2016 ©
Jaycee Jan 2015
And you were there,
When no one else would care.
You helped me see,
What's most important to me.
No one ever saw me hurting so deep inside,
But you broke through the walls I built up so high.
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
Under the night sky I cry.
Beneath the stars I pray.
The Moon know his lover is lie.

The Sun will never go down.
She stop at her dawn.
Cause The Sun know her Moon is gone.
why do tears leave all the stains
and smudge the ink i used?
why must you always rearrange
the tattered and abused?
yes, some things are too torn to fix,
but here i pray and wish and wish—
oh, these everlasting blues
i broke three promises made to you:
one, to always feel with heart,
two, to yearn when we're apart,
three, never admit wrong from the start—
my mind the stars and world the chart
oh, it's torture, everlasting blues,
why do i do what i do?
said i wasnt going to write about sadness again, im not sad, it's just i have a whole pile of poems left from when i was
Cindra Carr Jul 2011
She broke my heart again
It failed as she skipped out of reach
It’s okay
Little things can go unnoticed
How big can a heart really be?
She gave it a kick as she stumbled over it
That paled in comparison when she stepped on it
I gift wrapped my heart
I even sang a little tune as I tied the bow
She had that look though
A little moue of surprise and a stutter
My heart dropped and I leaned back
Bracing myself always feels like it should help
But, then she broke it
Kicked it
Stepped on it
Scuffed it for sure
It got a little blurry
I knew as soon as she said
“We can still be friends right?”

BJ Donovan Mar 2018
Jack Daniel's

We bought a broken dog
and took him to our broken home
to live with this broken family.
We tried to fix him with broken
training. I was too broken to get
it right. The more I yelled the more
broke he got. I had a drunken insight
one evening walking him in a full moon.
He reminded me of me in my childhood.
I saw things through his broken eyes
and held him close. I promised I'd fix us.
I adopted myself from a dog shelter.
I...I love you.
That is the only way i can dis scribe this,
i love it when you kiss me,
your lips are soft,
and gentle,
no ones kissed my like this before.
you say you love me,
and my heart roars,
its a gushing volcano of hot lava.
you touch,
plants gardens.

your eyes,
Russet ,
i cant look away.
the way you look at me,
speaks a language,
without words.
You are Virgo ,
and i a Gemini.

you are kind.
and loving.
i cant let you out of my head.

you broke my heart.
I can't believe i let you in.
at least i didn't give you anything important.
its just a heart
nothing special.
for Jacob
Stephen E Yocum Jul 2018
An older neighbor of mine
did recently confide;

"Reckon I'm gettin' ready to die,
my mind ain't working so smooth
anymore, open my skull and what
might 'ya see, would resemble some
surreal Salvador Dali painted scene.
All melted watches and disjointed ****.

My legs are unreliable at best,
my back continually aches,
blasted headaches refuse to abate.

I shuffle along like some broke
down thing, balance sketchy at best.
My recall comes and goes like a
random weak spray from a garden hose.
Spurts, leaks running here and there,
No continuous steady stream going
anywhere, not unlike when I try to ***.

They took my drivers license,
said I was incapable today and
would be more so tomorrow.

I used to dream of things I'd do,
beautiful girls I'd like to *****.
Now any dreams I can recall
revolve around food and that's
pretty much all.

I wake at 6 AM each day
my body racked with pain,
eat some mush and sit in my chair,
fall asleep and wake 'bout noon.
Repeat some food, return to my chair,
turn on the tube, 20 minutes in feeling
like the world is a hopeless **** mess.
Even todays music ain't fit to hear.
Taking me yet another nap in my chair.

I used to care 'bout lots of things,
now I can't remember why or where.
If these here are my golden years,
I'd rather be young, broke and *****
lovin' my Cheerleader girlfriend Amy
in the back seat of my '48 Chevy.
Now those were the Golden Years."
He has no living family, lives alone,
his dog died last year. He took down
all the clocks in his house, gave away
his granddads pocket watch. He leased
out his farm, got rid of his animals. Sold
off his John Deere tractors to a neighbor.
Uses only two rooms in a big old house
with ten . He is alone as alone gets.
He's 86 uses a cane to steady his steps.
We would need to walk in his shoes
to know his pain, in a few years perhaps
we too will know what he means.
Could this be why young people
avoid old people, I bet it is. They can't
stand looking in their Futures mirror.
Katja Pullinen Dec 2018
A puppet doll in someone hands.
She not a clever human.

A puppet doll in someone games.
She not alive, she just a stuff.

,,And it's okay!'' they say.
,,She doesn't feeling nothing.
She just a puppet doll, thats all.
She never speak, she never hurts.''

,,Lets tear her dress'' they say and smile.
They teared her dress.

A puppet doll was
standing *****.
No tears, no pain and no reflexions.

,,And it's okay!" they say.
,,She just a puppet girl, that's all.
She doesn't feel.
She doesn't cry.
She even tell nobody.''

,,It is okay!'' they say.
,,Let's cut off her long hair?"
They cut off her long hair.
,,It is okay!" they say.
,,She doesn't hurts.
She doesn't feel a pain.
She just a puppet doll, that's all!''

And puppet girl stay ***** and without hair.
No tears, no pain and no reflexions.

,,It is okay!'' they say.
,,She just a puppet doll, that's all!"

,,It is okay!" they say and smiling.
,,Let's cut her body?''
They cut her body.
A puppet girl lay on the floor.
No tears, no pain and no reflexions.

,,It is okay!'' they say.
,,She just a puppet doll, thats all!''
And smiling...
Woody Sep 2018
Tonight, eyes dry as a bone
I went out on the dock alone
and spit at the dark by myself
until the wind broke like a river
in Kansas, that flows through
my heart, still, you know who you are
and the moon came out and played
a tune on its white piano, about you
as the clouds flew by beginning to cry
and the wind blew that spit into my eyes.
For lecomps, where ever you be; be happy and well.
The Toxic Bitch Sep 2018
Well I did break it
But for the wrong person
I don't regret it
Nothing happened
He didn't feel the same way
But still
I don't regret it
I will deny it
But only because why
Why wouldn't I
Me actually confessing
Will only make things worse
For me
He doesn't care
Am the same as everyone else
But it hurts sometimes
Just wondering
Am i not good enough
Looking back
Am thankful
That nothing happened
As cliché as it's gonna sound
You don't deserve
What i was about to give
You're ****** up
In every way possible
But I'll still be there for you
There were times
When I wished I could go back
And not do things
That made me more attached to you
But again
These are the only good memories
I have with you
When I actually got to see you
The real you
You'll always hide
I get it
You have every reason to
But you're weaker than i expected
But it's my fault
For putting so much on you
When all you did
Was being yourself
I guess you are like that with everyone
I hope oneday
You'll be strong
But your heart is too broken for that
And now
Mine isn't the same as well
Delia Darling Sep 2018
She's going to make it
Lost a lot of blood...
High alcohol level
Ten minutes away
She's okay, she's okay
Losing her fast
She's gonna make it!
My head is reeling
Dear god, the world is on it's back
Stop panicking— it's only blood
No, I don't want an IV
It's okay, I'm okay
Don't give me an IV
Don't touch me, I said no!

Fears digress to slurred vocabulary
Over and over
"Am I broke? Am I broke now?"
Yah i don't like IVs...
Eva Aloezos Aug 2018
I laugh with disgust when a man tries to tell me what ****** things I should enjoy

the masochists of this world,
lying and creating ******* fabrications as to convince me of doing something I vehemently hate

today the dam broke
because he spoke
and the words he uttered were so full of ignorance I contemplated why I associate with such trash

he had the gall to ask me, why I keep dwelling on ****

so I spurned him with a grin, knowing that there are selfless men in this world

and he simply is not one of them
frankie Aug 2018
you got what you wanted
after months of waiting you received the one good thing i had left to offer
why won't you leave
i've built myself up ready for you to leave, and yet you stay
i don't know why you're still here
nothing is keeping you tied down to me, no physical strings
i've prepared myself for your departure
my heart cannot withstand loving you for much longer
when it knows that all you love me for is the things my body can do to yours and not the beauty that lives within it
yet you stay and with each passing second i love you more and more
every hour becomes more torture
and i know deep down that you'll leave
because i am just another girl you liked the look of
a nice statement piece in your bed
a tiny but sturdy frame to clutch onto
another kiss in the dark and barely a wave hello in public
but even though i know all of this to be true
you're still here and i, i still am in love with you
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