O rescue help the boys in dreadful cave.
Those adventurers could meet their demise
Unless in hour of crisis comes the brave;
But one by one emerge and none yet dies,
Unscathed though bruised from historic ordeals,
Escaped the jaws of death. Those left behind,
Our prayers they overcome their perils.
The tears flowing freely cruel minutes grind.
A strange surging water locking them in,
The force push them up to higher chambers.
Upon a mount waited; with anxious kin,
With families, monks believe still embers.
We salute rescuers' courage to save,
And one to God his precious life he gave.
This poem is to the boys and the coach of a football team trapped in a cave in Thailand. But thanks to the rescuers' most had been rescued and one of the rescuers died in this attempts to save the boys. Except a few left behind. Our hope they would be saved and hope all will go well.
Tonight i shall fight
In my dreams laced with fright
For a beauty
of whom
i know little

Eyes of crystal water
Hair as red as earths core
If heaven would be so just
Her face i would see once more

So as i drift into my mind
What is the first thing i find
But a serpent of malice and disgust
His life
I will take
I must

His fangs the sharpest obsidian
His gaze that of oblivion
His mouth the blackness of tar
Impenetrable i see from afar


Behind him i notice a cage
And in a fit of furious rage
Her shadow within those bars
I prepare to wear many scars

I approach this venemous beast
On my soul he wishes to feast
Her and i he shall not tear asunder
From my mouth a terrible thunder

I strike with the quickness of light
With all of my skill and my might
Only to finally see
That the serpant before me

Those bars are of my own doing
The cage i built with my two hands
If only i saw from the start
All it took was an open heart

Battled this demon victorious
The look in her eyes was quite glorious
But the fog began to set in
And the dream faded within

Awakened now from my slumber

My eyes soaked with tears
The longing continues for years
Of the maiden who dies everyday
In my dreams is where she will stay
Shrutidadhich at your request
Nexus 1d
Isn't it funny how his blood smells like his blade.
It must be the metal, quantum level the same.
Every possibility in time lead to this line.
A faceless man writing this rhyme.
In a world so messed up he thinks it's his fault.
Turning to drugs, he lost all his hope.
And now sits alone worrying how to cope.
Can't stop smoking dope.
He never visioned he'd be happy,
And it shows.
7 2 2018

Tears are meant for drying the pain away
That life builds up over a time of decay
So many memories we dont want to face
Regretting our lifes foulest mistakes

The love of the lost we left behind
In our hearts they stay till the end of our time
We cherish the past that went on by
Hours and hours we could've cried

Our love is our candle
Inside of our hearts
Light it so bright
A firery part. Glistening into the nights so dark

Like worms to butterflies
In life through life by living
We change constantly into something new. so giving

If we so choose to do so
Who would you be
A moth. A worm
Or a butterfly flying away unchained and free

The rainbow of love coming from nature
Surrounding us in wealth bounty and favor
Its free to see. Free to keep
But we must provide for this world we share

Take care to do your part
Mother earth has a big big heart
So much love life and laughter
If we take care of her. We all get a happily ever after

Only time Will tell
We have to care for one another
For our mothers and fathers
Every one of us. Is living here all together

Protect the earth
And she takes care of all of us
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
A night owl in the harvest moon
was awake till the crack of the dawn
but wasn’t surfing online, wasn’t rowing
the boat in the digital river.
Deep down to a dreamweaving scene
that was, in musing, painstakingly creative.

Wait till you snap up a witty aphorism.
The darling buds of May will be in bloom.
The tickled pink nightingale too will
give out its voice, singing a song.
Save a copy and tweet it to all,
but do give us a demo, tell us a bit more.
Where does it shine and sizzle?
Where did the winter tuck away the rose?
WendyStarry Eyes Jul 2014
I Have sustained
Healing of my brain
Yet, I have come to terms
With so much more
realization that I am not
In control
Jesus gave His life
on this earth
To save my soul
Thank you Jesus
For all you've done
Thank You Father
For sacrificing Your Son
I finally see
That He is the
True matter to me
Monday is the Anniversary of my brain surgery. This is a poem to say Thank You!
Greg Obrecht Jan 2014
A grey room with soft walls is waiting down the road.
Purple pills and quiet voices will ease my  heavy load.
They'll place electrodes on my head to shock away the pain.
Then I'll sit drooling as I stare at the morning rain.

Maybe a friend will visit and stare with wide unblinking eyes.
They'll speak cautiously and try to fill me with empty lies.
Even with my drug addled mind will see  through their mask.
There are questions visible on their tongue they refuse to ask.

The stern nurses in their funny hats take us out in the sun.
The sudden warmth and bright light jolt us like a firing gun.
We must stay in line and only speak when we're spoken to.
When one is barely conscious that's an easy thing to do.

I'm back in my locked room starting to fade off to sleep.
I wonder if God can hear my prayers under layers so deep
Please come and save your creation from this destiny.
Sprinkle your magical dust and set this tormented soul free.
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