Renu Bindlish Oct 2014
A girl is the doll
Princess of the house
Loves so much
So pretty and cute
Like little fairy
Solves all the problems
Never demands
So affectionate
Till the death
Then why?
We are so cruel
Kill her in the womb
Think about it
And take an oath
To give her a right
To survive.
What a wonderful view to see
The flowers and the trees in serenity
The people and animals strive for prosperity
For peace, mans’ natures’ unity
All united for every body’s equity.

A creation of such wonder and beauty
The birds’ one and only sanctuary
A product of God’s power of infinity
There’s no other majestic than a tree.

It stood so still and tall
Its rustling leaves gave a melodious song
Like a lullaby from far home
That someone would always long.

But now, man is blinded by treasures and selfish thoughts,
And forgot the tree’s such true and noble worth
He destroyed nature and the idea of balance he seems to abort
He thought that maybe with treasures he will go forth,
But never for if Mother Nature revenge he will be caught.

Buildings, computers and other inventions
These were the things which caught mans’ attention
Trees and animals suffered from mans continuous exploitation
Nature provided everything, so why can’t man give a little appreciation

Cut here, chopped there, cut here, chopped there
What a pity the fate of the trees were
The forest was swept off, hectare by hectare,
What a fool man was to think he will prosper,
When the joy he felt now tomorrow will differ.

Deforestation and pollution product of man’s wrong action
Reforestation and sanitation, why don’t we practice these act of affection
Why destroy nature, for mans upcoming destruction?
Why don’t we love God creation for a better nation?

Flood storm and fire, a taste of revenge from nature
Catastrophes or calamities that strike and torture
These will all happen if nature is not given cure
A sign that doom will fall and it will be sure.

Soon people will suffer without pity
And nature’s answer will never be mercy
For if man continues to destroy the tree
Then it will be the end of the story

But it’s never too late for us people to change
Plant a tree and be aware
For today’s, tomorrow’s, children’s sake
Save the tree, Save the Nature, Save the Earth.
Crystal June Sep 2014
it's not easy being the superhero
in fact
it's hell
because while you're out there
saving the whole goddamn world
who is going to save you?
those selfish bastards need you
but you need them more
and they'll never know
sometimes the superhero
needs saving too
WistfulHope Nov 2014
that          form
sente            ­     nces,
that                       form
rope,                         which
ties                               itself
into a                            noose.
Your                         ­     words
are also                    a rope,
that saves me from
Sorry if you can't read it.
Andrew Switzer May 2015
Turn up the silence and block out the sun,
Alone in my room, a bottle and a gun.
It goes click twice, I'll see another day,
Tears start to fall, can't carry on this way.
Sagar Sachdeva May 2014
The perfect synonym of a pearl,
Yes I'm talking about a girl

A mother, sister and a wife,
She enacts every role in just a single life.
Being callous is not in her nature ,
But nimbleness is surely one of her features.

Then why, the gender based foeticide,
Set some rules and please abide,
Giving birth and throwing the girl child in a bin,
Understand morons, will never be considered masculine.

Don’t you have them in your fraternity?
If you have, and still get down to such heinous crimes, I pity.

Don’t know about men,
But girls are certainly made in heaven,
Show Love and respect for them,
As they truly ,are a gem.
ryn Mar 2015
I don't seek your permission...
To write about the what, why and how.
It could be a haiku or come in the shape of a cow.

I don't need your approval...
When I don't sound the least bit poetic...
In my mismatched metaphors or ill-rhymed acrostic.

I'm not asking for your blessing...
When I pen down and put up what I think...
Be it in cloying cliches or in tear drenched ink.

I don't crave for your understanding...
When my 10 word poems weren't filtered through your poetic lens,
Or if my contributions in collaborations lack in sense.

I don't hope for your likes...
If my content does not tickle your fancy,
Or if my words just rubs you silly.

I mean no disrespect...
But don't be too quick to click on the 'comment' button.
Private messaging has been put there for a reason.

I don't mean to cramp your style...*
You're entitled to your own opinions of course...
But if you've got nothing good to say, please save it and shove it up yours.
This is a peaceful community, almost sacred to many. All bearing a heart (hale or ailing) are welcome to spill their ink... Regardless of writing experience or poetic prowess.

Bear in mind that people write for various reasons. Some are really good at it, some are just barely starting. Some ask for feedback, some just want an outlet.

So... Be nice. Use the private messaging feature if you really need to offload your thoughts on another's text offering.

Respect and be respected.
David W Clare Jan 2015
Branch out leafs stuck in tables
The call of the wild
Inner child alive
Bust lose wild horses hate their stables

Some birds don't fly?
Chicken with head cut off can dance
Do all 16 dances
Can't fly to France

Or live in a tree full of owls

Crows nest
Birds and the bees
Eat from flowers
Just like all the rest

Reincarnation, a dead man takes a vacation
When I die I want to return as a wise owl
Live with a girl owl

In a tree full of owls...

Davey of Montana
Owls are hip!
Alexis Apr 2014
She looked at how
Everyone was so sad,
So in need of help,
And thought,
"Maybe I could do something
To help!"

And then she realised,
Laughing bitterly
That she couldn't even
Save herself.
Madison May 2015
Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.

You can feel their skin on yours and you can't escape.
You're so scared,
But this is what you did, and now it's your fate.

You gave it all away when you were young and naive,
Not thinking of how things could possibly be.

Now what about her?
The one you love,
The one you would die for.
She's saving herself for you,
And you can't do that,
Because you gave it all away years ago.

You cry now,
So ashamed of who you've become,
What does anything matter if you're ruining everything you love?

You didn't know things would turn out this way.
You gave everything away,
Not knowing you'd be here today.

Clutching the grass,
And tearing out your throat with your screams.
You gave it all away,
And it didn't mean a thing.

But try to explain that to her,
You didn't mean it,
And it wasn't even real.

But you did it,
And that's all we need to know
You did it,
And now they have to go.

You're alone,
And no one can hear you scream,

But you're tainted,
And you're no longer pure,
You have to live with what you did,
And there is no cure.

No cure to turn you back,
And no cure to make her stay.
What you did is unforgiving,
And you live with it today.

Save yourself for someone that's worth dying for, don't give it away.
I wrote this for young people in the fact that if you give yourself away too soon it could ruin future relationships. Also for HIV/AIDS , because there is no cure. Either way, it's about saving yourself.
Alexis Apr 2014
Oh, save me
From the depths of
alcohol goddess Jul 2015
I remember,
my mother would often tell me
I am not alone.
I wonder is she feeding
the same lies
to my niece?
Oh mother,
please don't lie
to my baby girl,
tell her the truth,
tell her how alone she is.
Tell her,
that no one will be there for her,
that no one will save her,
unless she saves herself.
And, I know I am a disgrace to you,
but please tell her about her aunt,
the one who loved her more than she loved herself.
Tell her how much I loved her,
and teach her how to fight alone.
You ruined me,
but in the name of everything you love,
Save her.
Karma Jun 2014
I wish for you to see me...
Alone in my room.
Singing,writing about you.
Crying,begging darkness.
Throwing notes,paintings,
Watching our memories rain down.
Covering my floor in
Tear-drenched declarations of love.
Watch me prove predictions,
I said,
without you, I'd be dead.'
Save me...
You're the only one watching.
. xxx .
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