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September Roses Jul 2018
When the day comes
That my light leaves
And I go to descend
What ever will they do with me
All the way down there
Where fire pours like rain
Main population: pain
The one place
in the earth,
sure to drive you insane
I suppose they would start normally
With a burning stake
Or pitchfork
But what ever would they do,
When those things just dont work?
I suppose they'd try to drown me
In oil
Or flames
But when a smile
forms across face
They'll see
I like the pain
So this might go on for centuries
They'd try as well
To hurt my mind
But when all they find is numbness
I might get hired
Sammie wells Feb 2013
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a princess, parade around my castle all day in pretty clothes and tiaras on my head.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a mummy, my very own tiny baby that would sleep all night and be kitted out in only designer gear, we'd  have everything.

When I was becoming a adult I wanted the big white wedding, the fancy ring and husband who would stand by me through anything.

Now I'm a woman the wanting has left my head, life is not a fairy tale and designer clothes ha! Only if you're rich, beware of the husbands you choose two for they can turn out to be just pigs.

Now older and wiser still I really must say, the only thing you should be wanting is happiness and peace for each and everyone.

Thought I would try something other than glum
Negra Jan 2016
You made me
And that idea baffles me all the time
Because you didn't make me at all.
Well it's arguable that your absence made some of me
But there's millions of people who aren't in my life too.
Has my absence made some of you?
The first time I was with you,
Half of me was swimming to my moms egg,
When we were together for the second time
I noticed I had built you up
I only knew the biology of our connection
It made me realize how disconnected we were.
We weren't that tall and still aren't.
Without you I am nothing
But without you I've been many things.
I'll meet you again sometime.
There's still time to grow.
Elizabeth Grace Oct 2015
I am the missing poster puppy
Left out in the rain
Surrounded by the absence of your heat

Raindrops collide with the windshield
Bound to cause a blue light scene
Lungs are empty from steering wheel screams

The bottomless pit in my stomach
Is sure to burst open from comfortless food
I can't take my meat-scrap hands
Bloodied, fractured, & bruised

And no matter how far I drive
Or fall deeper & deeper
I can't seem to catch up with you
You are too fast and I'm hardly moving

I keeping dragging my fragile corpse of a self
But the miles and miles between us grow
What am I supposed to do when the road ends?

When I'm bled dry like a stuck pig
Hung upside down to await the walk-in freezer?
I can't keep driving?
Can I?

Why is it that the closer I get to you,
The farther away I feel?
Like I'm searching for something in the dark
And miss that last step on the stairs
I'm not ready for it, so I fall
Harder than I ever have before

Those missing posters are plastered
On every telephone-pole on the east coast
I just hope that when you find me
I'll be the same girl you called home.
inside of me

you were already

she wanted my soul

so I cut off a finger,
noting that this little pinky
came from the hand,
who, who went to the market
to buy you a love poem
all your own, because
it was from the same  hand
who wrote:

who, can cut a soul in half,
no one!
so one will still ask you,
who, who will love you
in whole poems,
that are past and future tensed
composite composted,
from words overly overused,
but still foolishly brand new
when referencing you,
so you can believe with fool-thinking
this is your sole composition

she wanted my heart,
applauded her determination,
gave her one eye to see instead better,
so the visions she essays,
to write, like when I sit down to write
of women I’ve loved but!

they do not come from my heart,
but from inside insight from parts,
blind to everything
but raucous untamable invisible desire

she asked me for all the world’s wisdom,
while standing on one legging,
simply said, here I am,
telling you to love me the way you wanted
to be loved in return

so with one eye and one leg,
you will observe, two is not more
than the sum of the parts of one love,
as I count to ten on my nine fingers
fingers that wrote of love not enough,
no matter how many he gave up

she wanted my brainiac left hemisphere,
said, sure,
the left side of me is where the baby poems
are created, and then angel-released when ready,
when needed, now that I
see you’re needy for pieces,
but still mistaken that pieces can be reconstructed into
a whole with spit and spirit and an overarching imagination -

the whole comes from only a holy place extracted
from the hole-in-one that is my entirety

give me then your utter essence,
the place of you
I, only I know exists, must exist,
but cannot touch to see
where you keep it hidden
from all the women who love you,
better than you even love yourself

if you want that, then collect it,
for it exists and lives on
in every woman that asked for nothing,
but was rewarded with more
than a thousand poems,
stored in stars, for her,
to be creamed and cleansed,
when she plucked them
from the night in the galaxy where exist
love poems, only
to she-one shone-shine
JayceeJellies Jun 2015
I'm scared of bugs and, also hugs.
I enjoy writing, it keeps me smiling.
I like the rain, people think I'm insane.
But you seem to be different.
You remind me of being an infant.
Everything is exciting and new.
It's amazing, how you help me pull through.
I go off topic quite often.
The things I'll ramble on about..
I hope they won't make you check-out.
I wasn't sure how to title this, I just sort of spilt it out..
Jay May 2018
The universe
and all its stars
are nothing
compared to the joy
you bring me

I wish I could make you understand
I wish I could make you see,
how happy you make me
I wish I could make you happy as well
I know I can't
But please let me try
I love you, so smile.
L B Mar 2018 choose Him, or at least, include Him
as our weird and lonely friend--
to yell at, to misunderstand, to complain to--
or maybe--
just to sit with, for a silent while--
while we figure it out

The quiet company
where we sit with our friend in misery.
Maybe share a beer, a smoke, admit we can't forget--
...the knowing companion that we talk to

He so gets it--
about the girl or guys we love, and why...
And he tells us, "Yeah
He feels that way too"

The grief of having lost us to another...

That whole free will thing--
that lets us choose Him
to be with us in our lonely failing--

It was everything.
Carter Ginter Jul 2013
I'm sorry that I'm not sorry
That I can't love someone who's caused me so much pain.
You ask that the bad out weighs the good,
But you really have no idea.
You have no clue as to how many deep seeded problems I have,
How many issues that could have been avoided,
If you could have just picked me.
If you could have seen the life slipping out of your daughter,
The pain every day brought;
It was deep and kept burrowing,
Deeper and deeper.
Into not just my body but my soul.
Now I pay for it with anxiety
With violence
And don't forget the depression.
But it wasn't my fault right?
Not my fault that I can't break these bad habits she burned into me?
The borderline eating disorder
And the inability for any emotional stability.
So they wonder why I can't let people in.
Hell even I questioned it.
But then I realized,
That in those 5 years of hell,
Wanting to take my life at the age of 12,
I stood on my own.
And I fought my battles without help from ANYONE.
So how can I change that now;
Convince myself that things have changed,
That I'm allowed to be weak for a little bit?
I'm going to fight for this,
Until I'm my own person again.
And I will NEVER be like you,
Or her,
I'd sooner take my own life than to witness that result.
Finally let some of this out..I guess it's too hard to explain. Just a ******* up family and not any better now even though that's the way it looks. Then again it never really looked bad in the first place did it. Never left any bruises, no proof. But memories never die.
Aislinn Miell Sep 2017
I fall in love too easily
Feel pain too quickly
I let my heart flutter too simply
Feel torn too hastily

Is the what LOVE is?
So one-sided. unrequited. desperate.

In these foolish feelings
I am like a lost child in a hide and seek game waiting to be found.
Hoping one day you will see me as more than just another vaguely
familiar face.

But I know i was never on your mind...
Please don't feel guilty.
Just know...
if you ever think of me even for a second.
I’ll be here waiting.
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
I wanted to reach out to the sky
not to touch any star
just to whisper to the Moon
'How beautiful are you'!

I was still, stunned on the ground  
wandering down the sunrise hill.
In the midst of the morning breeze  
I heard of a whispering
‘The eyes in the sky gaze to the ground’.
So close to me that drew
as if that whispered to me ‘tell me about you’!
Jen Mar 25
They want to form you,
Take away your, mind.
Blind you to what’s deep down,
Living inside.
So caught up in it all,
Before you know it,
It’s gone.
All you wanted was that topaz ring,
All you wanted was that house and everything,
All you wanted was that wedding dress to impress the crowd,
All you wanted was that image of what you thought your life, should be.
When all you needed was love,  
Those moments you couldn’t buy back with any amount of gold.
It’s easy to think these things will bring happiness to your life,
But they never do.
The greatest gifts are free to give, yet they are becoming Extinct.
A lasting embrace, a smile that can’t be erased,
Human touch and raw
Emotion when unselfish and giving, a kiss blown as more than Expression,
Awaking from this daze and wanting more than what is depicted,
True love for ratings, highly overrated.
I used to be better
At being with those less put together
But as I assemble my own pieces
I've become bad at that, too

A girl wants a fiery temper
Tattoo scars from bad weather
And pieces not assembled
So she's something to do

While a boy wants not to feel bad
Something sad to make glad
As if he has no root in the blame
That any other person’s due

So now I'm trapped somewhere between
What makes up a girls dream
And what I now assume
A woman must want, too

I’m probably still wrong
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