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Ashley Chapman Sep 2017
Sandwiched in layers of liquid crystal display,
Encased in vats of plastic,
Voyaging in data-spheres, plumes of digital play.

         In the soup of silicone,
         Pouring over electro-spawned
          In the buzz of bits and bytes, of
          megabytes and terabytes,
          Far from the wood, the brine, the
          mud that caked us,
          In tighter and tighter
          digitised  projections,
‘Like me’,
‘Share me’,
‘Leave your comments.’

Messages smoothed out in polymers,
Beyond reproductions of ourselves,


Deeper, delving in the mire of dream-conscious,

Now a waking voice,
          Hardened, digitised, recorded in
          bubbles, in drives, in clouds:
Numb numbers of numbers numb,

          A platform slotted home:
The motherboard!
          To record the echo in the hollow
          of our Being.
Wrote this a while back. It was published in The Tunnel Magazine, which was great. Anyway, hope it gets a wider audience.
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
What a day
What a life
I've been here many times
But none of them felt like this

My first year
I saw this couple
They were dancing and singing
As they gazed into the other's eyes
The love there was palpable
And to a young queer person
Feeling extremely alone and unlovable
I cried because I didn't think
I could ever be worth
A love quite like that

Then this year happened
I thought they were a new crush
But those gorgeous eyes locked into mine
And I feel like I've known them for ages

A few drinks in and
The anxiety begins to fade away
As our bodies time themselves to the rhythm
Of music I didn't think I could dance to
As strangers question the intensity
Of the intimacy between us
And would probably freak if they knew
That we've only known each other
Just over two weeks
But time is irrelevant and
Feelings are everything

Their vibrant energy electrocutes mine
Sending my body into both a
Simultaneous rush and deceleration
As we are transported beyond this space
Beyond the heavy crowds
To a place of our own
Where no one can touch us
Where no one else exists
Where it's only them and I
Staring into each other's eyes
And feeling each other's souls
Exactly where I wanted to be
Is exactly where I am
Cné Aug 2017

I believe in love...
In a blink of an eye, a life goes by
extinguished in the end.
And all that's done returns to dust.
No omen can portend.
Yet love lives on, infecting all
and never really dies
It goes beyond the realm of man
to live in fragrant skies.
And on the spacious sea of clouds,
it waits to find a port.
And then it anchors in a soul
to caper and cavort.

In the emotional beginning
When head was yet held high
Stumbling through clouds
Of bright blurry skies
Love was a foolish quest
Of paralyzing highs
And now you're telling me
Love can never die?

the clouds we've sailed
and golden sunsets made
Kisses that we could have had
while watching rainbows fade.
Alas, a life's too short to spend
in fathomless regret.
Perhaps the wheel will turn again
another lifetime yet.
And so, my love
the voyage goes on,
to "golden years"?
We'll see.
the other side reveals
what shall become of "we".

A dangerous theory
I can't imagine
Love roaming free
The source of all misery
Another invisible ghost
Possessing unaware host
Love is the blood we bleed
All across time and history
Love is more than a mere key
More than a want
Love is a need...

Traveler Tim

Purcy Flaherty May 2018
Your soul is your current state of being!
Your capacity to feel the grief of the world and have some empathy with the things in it !
But this doesn't necessarily mean that you're a good soul!
The difference between a good soul and a bad soul is how much physical and mental effort you are ((compelled)) to put in; to ease the grief and suffering of others and all other things.

There's a broad spectrum of soulful and soulless in individuals.

A good soul benefits the world socially and strives to improve the environment for the next generation.

Shallow souls mostly look to benefit themselves and have little regard for anything else.
Good souls, bad souls and everything in between
kclantern Apr 2017
to say I am my own
is a misunderstanding.
I am not my own.
I have no business living in my body.

every so often
a soul enters and departs
slipping and evaporating like clouds
and hazy veils of smoke.

the souls tell me who they were
and what they weren't.
I can no longer help them
since their time is up.

no wonder people ask
"what are you thinking about?"
for souls pass through me like doors
and gates left cracked ajar.

to say I am not myself
is an understatement.
I am emptied.
I hold weary travelers as if they were my own.
Split Aug 2018
Don’t look.
Go look.
No. Don’t go look.

I wait all day
I wait all night
Once midnight strikes
I know it’s time.

You are my poison in disguise.
The reason for my lies.

Red streaks on white
Veins all aligned
I know now you’ll speak your mind.

Words like water in broken glass
Each ear a sponge that always lasts.

Four hours until alarms quake.
Vulnerable conversations
Now somewhere in a deep dull lake.

But this one must be our last.
As I no longer wish to be your hearts cast.

My mind must accept
That the shreds of your love
Are not mine to repair.

For her actions have damaged your soul
Now we shall take a step back
And learn to be on our own.
Yaser Nov 2017
Maybe some day
on the shores whereupon the angels sing
our souls may cross paths once more
and our eyes may meet
and the winged ones will sing the song
that now echoes harsh within my chest
and to its sorrowful tune
our souls will dance

with neither thought  nor fear
of aeons passed

but until that impossible moment
every beat of this heart
belongs to you
and you alone
This is an attempt to deviate from my usual style.
And no, mum, I am not in love with someone so please stop asking.
zelda Nov 2015
we're alive but
our souls are
rotting in hell
September Roses Feb 2018
Brighter than the blinding flares of the sun, shimmering outward with power of thousands of stars
yet comforting
yet soft.
Filled with oceans crashing and wild, turning over ships, rushing under a powerful storm.
yet still
yet calm.
Filled with wonder and curiosity, yearning for the unknown, desperate for enlightenment
yet wise
yet content.
Eyes so wide, so deep, filled with delicate roses, the power of mighty warriors, elegant as the flowing dress of Venus, filled with souls of thousands, with passion, with yearning, with desire.
Filled with beauty
Filled with you.
Tammy M Darby Mar 2017
Drunk with madness and spirits
With the devil, they whirl

Dressed in daggers pockets ring with coin
The skies feared the words of the night birds’ song
The cold brook whispered of blood on the rocks
The half-moon bowed to the Lord of dark

Hand in hand with the Horned God dance
Frenzied and ensnared in evils trance
Kneel to him who fears the touch of light
So passed the willing victims
And their souls lept high

Wayward souls of the conscious world
Drunk with madness and spirits
With the devil, they whirl

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Mar. 13, 2017
All Material Stored in Author base
Abbigail Aug 2014
The space between our awkward bones
is like the water you let in when it rains;
it's not a lot
but it's always too much.

Sometimes there are letters between your lips
that try to spell out words you've never said out loud.
Something about secrets make us feel a little closer.
I'm always sure to keep my lips closed
when tucked away words try to escape off my tongue;
I swallow them instead.
Because secrets also scare us away.

The air is different when you're in the room.
It's not any warmer or cooler,
not really dryer or thicker;
just easier to breathe.

Sometimes a song makes me think of you.
But then again, most things do
and maybe nothing about it has to do with you;
it’s merely a justification for the creases of my mind
being stuffed with my crumpled up curiosities
and lined up polaroids of all of your expressions.

I’ve imagined us old,
sitting on a porch together facing an open lake
with our favorite authors in hand.
Every couple of pages one of us is caught
with our gaze on the other,
and as soon as we lock eyes
we'll blush and grin and look back to the places we left off.

I've imagined it once or twice.
Maybe three times.
I'd never tell you that.

There's one continent on Earth for each story that you tell,
but I swear,
I'd go in endless circles around the world
just to hear you laugh at each one every time.
And I'd smile as if I'd never been there before,
betting on the chance that your smile might overstay its welcome.

The way you love is like a book I haven't read yet.
There are words written in permanent marker on all the places of me
that only you can have;
and every word you choose to write is one I've never heard before
but now that I know it, no other word could be right.

Sometimes I hold my own hand,
Rest my own head on my shoulder,
Run my own fingers through my hair,
just to imagine what it is you like about them.
I'm not yet sure,
but I beg them every day
not to let you stop.

I don't believe in soulmates and you don't believe in souls.
We can love anyone we want to,
but if your soul had a color,
I think it'd be the color I dream in.
Medusa Oct 2018
You matter to me,
You art the ghost in coffee
Clouds whistle around you

Too much energy scares
Hoi Poilloi but we rule these streets
Call us out by righteous name

Love is all you have in the Swamp
I imagine it in the hot night
Running from New Orlins

Tide tryin to eat you
Water mixed with kerosene
There is suddenly no god

My three year old daughter
Left in that miserable
Water, and nobody did a thing

9/11 was a kind of blackened day
But when the Levees Break
Nobody gets out alive

Without money to roll
It’s time to yell truth of my city
Marie Laveau in all her forms

She cried with me
She held my hands and said:
Do not lament forever
Sorrow has its place & tyme

Marie Laveau comes to me now:
Saying Rise Up and Save This  City
Something so still, so solemn

Guards the city of the yellow moon

I feel it
Almost reaching it
Hands touch my eyes and
I know them

I dream of Big Chief
Who flew from Heaven
Bringing the saving of the 9th ward

Nothing can save the 9th
But Marie Laveau, both a dem Ave Maria’s
No god no Saints came marching
Saving my role on freeway overpasses

Left there to be displayed, to die of thirst
Where were you, oh God?
We loved you even as we died of thirst
In a country that could pf delivered rations to Iraq
In less than six hours.

We have been sacrificed to low cause
No happiness shall come from this
True badlands, had Saints, and Faith

Nature took but once
Government took it all &
Left us standing
Or dying in attics

Save Our Souls
Fritzi Melendez Jul 2018
We stare deep into each others eyes.
Hand in hand as you hover over my body.
You close your eyes.
And give me a kiss.
I cant get enough of this.
The sweetness in your lips.
The passion in your eyes.
I want to savor the taste of honey.
I can only imagine what other flavors will come by.
I fly close to the clouds.
And I attempt to touch the sky.
You pull away
Take a breath
A sweet smile but...
There’s something underneath
Behind his perfect white teeth...
A smile so sinister,
I can barely muster
The courage to just pin you to the bed,
As you lick me deeply while I hold your head.
But I stay still,
An innocent soul,
Greeted by beautiful sins tied with a bow.
Who knew being bad was so much fun?
I close my eyes as your fingers run
All over my body.
Leaving its mark.
I'm your territory now.
Do what you want.
Hold me down, break me in half, **** me until I lose my mind.
Make my brain shake and turn my eyes blind.
From rolling them so far back as I take you in.
It’s so good, I don't feel human.
It all feels deliciously foreign.
I feel like an uncontrollable,
Savage monster.
I want more
I keep... wanting...
I can't... take this anymore.
Please, make me your *****.
I don’t know what to think or do.
My body just wants to become a **** for you.
For your eyes only to listen,
And your ears only to hear.
As you whisper I love you and as you make me fear.
Fear of stopping this two person ride.
I can feel you slip slowly inside.
I let out soft moans.
But with this I shouldn’t have loaned.
You take the advantage to hear me so vulnerable.
You pound me into something unrecognizable.
Everything in me is breaking.
I'm a chaotic mess.
But I’m also falling
In love with this moment, in love with you,
in love of feeling like we are one too.
Stroke my hair and whisper me your dark desires.
I'm crazy for it, it’s making my heart catch on fire.
Make me yours,
Make me your slave,
Don’t even try to save
Me, just do what you want to see.
Keep me locked in your rib cage, don’t let me free.
No don’t stop,
I'm not crying,
I'm just insane.
Insane for your touch and for your thoughts in your brain.
This is so good, I  feel like I'm going to heaven.
You leave my legs shaking with ecstasy,
My ******* moving to your rhythm.
This primal lust overtakes me.
I am talking so *****.
I can't even think anymore
**** this entire rhyme scheme,
Give everything to me.
Let our minds go crazy.
Explicit content warnings forgotten.
Take me in.
Make me...
Forever yours.
mindless, breathless, weightless...
The restless souls
Dark and cold

Deep below ground
Secrets are found

Where memories sleep
The past shall reap
A prophecy for a story I am working on.
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