ShowYouLove Feb 2015
The seeds of truth and love and light are scattered all around
Some among thorns and rocks or on the path, but some will find good ground
These are the conditions in which our souls can be found
Those among rocky soil are shallow and cannot take hold
When the heat is on in life they wither truth be told
And at times it seems they act distant mechanical and cold
Amidst the thorns and weeds the souls that fall
Find their deaths in the earthly siren’s call
Thirdly they that fall on hardened soil build up a rugged wall
Response to pain or suffering one creates a shield
For fear of getting hurt again but needing to be healed
Difficult to break through or down to deliver truth revealed
Finally the soul that falls on fertile soil and grows deep root
Healthy and pure they bear plentiful and beautiful fruit
This can be our destiny and our lives can follow suit
At different times in our life our souls can be
Any one of the soul’s soils you see
But we can choose and act any of these
So let us strive without end to find good soil not to break but to bend
Not to weaken but to heal not to tear but mend and seal
Set your seal upon us Lord and help us have the strength and grace
Sign your name upon our hearts as we sign ourselves with the father son and holy spirit
Deliver us from temptation and sin to your heart Oh Lord and we pray for our soul’s deliverance

Sarah Jane Dec 2014
Your Soul has no;
or gender.

All the same love;
rachel Nov 2014
The trees really do have souls,
And they whisper to me ways
To not be sad anymore.
Dark Musings Nov 2014
The words we don’t say
Fall to the ground like dead leaves.
To be trampled and stepped on
Barely making a sound over the wind
Of the lies we whisper;
Too afraid of the truth beneath our feet.
And when storms begin to build,
Lifting the leaves to dance around us;
Those words crawling across our tongues
Fighting to be heard.
The rain of our tears beats them back down,
And the leaves fall flat, soggy, and drenched  
To the cold, hard ground.
Beaten into silence,
To be trampled and stepped on,
Without even a crunch.
Those words we don’t say
Remain on the ground like dead leaves,
A reminder
Of dying souls we meet on these streets.
Kate Lion Apr 2015
Scroll through the newsfeed
that feeds anything but your
starving human soul.
J A M Aug 2014
You scored the leading role
A liar in London! the title appeared
Perhaps you studied for this part
Perhaps it was an accident
Perhaps it was the past ignited
Liars never reveal their sources
Out loud
Their sources reveal them
In silence
Rotting their souls
NYC Feb 2015
Souls are divine.
Most of the times,
I feel,
that you and I,
my darling,
redefine our love on
Saturday nights.

Saturday nights,
when the sound of our
heartbeats mixes with the wine.

When you swerve your hips,
to the tunes on the old gramophone.

When every streetlight seems like a shooting star.

in it's very essence.

and beautiful,
define you,
my love.

You breathtakingly
naked and beautiful soul,
is the gateway to the Universe.

Swooning and high off
your fragrance,
all I want to do is
make love with you,
till the yearning moon
gives way to the jealous sun.
Sasha Scarr Oct 2012
If I looked after the earth,
I'd burn it in passionate flames.
Bones inherit the soil,
not left a soul to claim.

The scent of rotting flesh,
brings essence to the finish
Life becomes extinct --
& so has the world within it.

Rich in confinement,
I slowly grow deranged.
Soon am I to join them,
hearken shrieks of the claimed.

My name is a song to them,
lost to genocide's insanity.
The voices in my head would claim;
"It's soon to be your fantasy."

The grand rite performed,
& all has been fore-said.
I am to dine and dance --
with the souls of the dead.
Amitav Radiance May 2015
Night comes with dreams
Brilliance of starry events
Darkness opens the eyes
When soul sees with clarity
Night urges the mind to dream
Darkness sees soul’s proximity
Into each other’s dreams
Playful night is a celebration till dawn
Hailey Elizabeth Jun 2014
There is a demon in my basement
He likes to sit and sing
About the angels that fall
And the tainted souls he brings
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
I found myself today
I found my strength, imagine that
on the breath of a shy whiskered cat
imagine how great to drift out of yourself
Float off through the night to see your desires
The beautiful feeling of being unrestrained by your skin
To look upon the face you can not replace
and see them smiling and happy
I love to dissolve in the street lights hue
and dance on the rain spinning around you
You know I'm there but you can't find me
No matter how hard you stare, but you can feel me
If we could meet on an astral plane,
we could fly together and make love in the rain

© Crystal Erickson 9/21/08
Elioinai Nov 2014
I tattooed upon my wrist
one to remember
and one to remember
that you're beautiful
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