Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Sky, oh won't you cry
And sing a song of sadness
Rain and run the risk.
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2015
When I met you the soil was wet
Underneath cloudy skies
And so were your eyes.

Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
You must say goodbye.

E Townsend Nov 2015
I crave human affection as much as
a flower demands photosynthesis
hiding beneath a shaded tree. It has
no control over capriciousness
from the sun.
this is rubbish ignore it, I'll finish it later
ic May 2014
your face is pale,
your lips dry,
but you still look perfect in
the moonlight.
Amber Oct 2014
I watch as tears fall;
From the sky, her eyes, his eyes, your eyes.
I smile;
My eyes are dry.
*they would remind you of a desert.
I've lost the ability to feel anything other than hunger, thirst and exhaustion.
WJ Niemand Oct 2014
A burnt arrow
a battered door
a land lay fallow
the moats filled shallow

A catapult without stone
a wheelless ram
empty fire pits
uninhabited tents

What may this be?
Has the siege extended man's reach?
Or has the city already been breached?

The wind whispers
while silence reigns
but then
someone came

"Guten tag", says the German traveller.
"Freibier at the pub..."
Melody W Nov 2012
Smoke rises across the plains -
an acrimonious dry whisper
of the flames that once coursed through
valleys all but forgotten

And the rains will come
drowning out the cries
of the mourning dove -
a last eulogy  

to the voices last heard in the fire
and all that will remain
aside from charred stone
upon the man-made troughs

will be the red earth
as it was meant to be,
clinging to itself in a perpetual cycle
of self-fulfilling prophecy
Erin Jean Aug 2014
here in this land the rain will not fall
the clouds pass us thoughtlessly
we wait and wait for rain endlessly
Dhaye Margaux Mar 2015
It's summertime, the drought is here
Water seems gold,  I have this fear
My mind is blocked, going nowhere
Do hearts affect? Nothing is clear
Summer heat
SøułSurvivør May 2015


Cheering myself up

MsAmendable Jun 2015
Red paint dries on a tissue
The same rush hue
Glazes imperceptibly
Gently losing shine
And carefully dulls without change
And softly hardens until dry,
When you can touch it without fear
of red fingers, red clothes, red smears
But still, wasted paint on a tissue
Will be thrown away without notice
And still dry red.
Katie Nicole May 2014
my* neglected heart
so frayed, so dry, so weary
only longs for *
Marion Clarke Apr 2014
Paper thin top soil
Cracks seep through
Red dirt.
Bloodless gashes
Simmering summer soil
Baked turf.
Rolled gold haze
Aches as the
Country stretches its skin-
Near breaks
Bareback teeth
Tight white itches
Red earth fit-
              To burst in a
Dark cloud of dust,
Choking soft as to soak
The moisture fresh
From your lungs.

Blinding blue sky
Set for worship
On a tall horizon
Too far, too high
For common souls-
                  To float on a      
Breath of sweet dry air,
Eternal journey to sunset
Small piece of a dream
To chase a grey cloud
From sky to west.

Where subterranean
Creeks used to slip by
Rise in a slope of land
Where water once carved
                          Its roam
Now the winds sweep
All traces away
Back toward the sea,
And fair beyond
The aching dry eyes
Of the sons of
This red earth,
A mist lies awake
And prays for rain.
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