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GreenTrees May 2017
In the dry cracked walls
Behind the dry rot
Below the slithering bellies

Where the earth turns death into life.

Soothed by the warmth of decay.

Tendrils of sorrow reaching deeper

Into that place in side my soul that has died

Where I silently scream breathlessly.

Time has stopped and the hands of time cover her face
Timidly peering out,
To one day see the sun again
Muted Aug 24
i used to be
fond of that
light trickle,
that subdued
of rain,
the calming
sensation of
my spirit

i relished the
thought of a
grayscale sky
wrapping its arms
ever so gently
around me,
found comfort
in slick surfaces
and symphonies
in thunderous echoes

now, rain feels heavy,
feels like
i become
the bucket you
search for
when the
ceiling leaks,
like the air
is far
too dense
for my lungs
to handle,
like the rain
isn't really rain
when it
pours out of me

I used to be
fond of
rainy days
because they
remind me
of you

yet here,
i desperately
long to be
The body is weak,
But the spirit is broken,
Someone had added "Old wounds",
To the instruction:
"Tear here to open".
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
You say stop and I say go
It's the little voices that tell me so
You say yes and I say no
But I hate it when you have to go
I can't think straight but that's okay
I don't have much to say anyway

I'm important and you are too
There's got to be something we can do
Do you like to drive around?
We can listen to what you want to
I'm bored and I don't care
Responsibilities give me nightmares

I say love and you say hate
Hate is easy but love is fate
We talk philosophy and time and space
When passion's real it shows in your face
I'm too tired to even try
The rain is nice but my bed is dry
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