ugly men burning their bay leaves
in pots of static gardens
underneath all this cement
your past is looking at you indecently
so change the words around you
you can shift their meaning
its all a game and no-ones winning
your tired emotions accent your poetry
umbrellas are scars that carry symphonies in their hearts
you held my hand as we welcomed god back into our skylines
her face is as familiar as the stars
we originated from
with ulcers open in quiet hurting
your youth are wordless and distrustful of angst ridden authority
in unsuspecting situations love’s vacation is ending
her wedding gown got quite dirty
since she literally spent her entire honeymoon
wandering idly into banks of muddy water
humanity is worthy of justice and sweaty romance
i breathe your flesh into my bottle
and we take boundless walks upon the clouds
that straddle mountains, graveyards and cemeteries
fresh from wading in the rice fields
i peeled you a ripe banana
under pressure your sweater came off
and revealed a perfect metric for us to emulate
your eye sockets are two umbilical chords
and your voice is a curved sword that cuts through fear
like the moon slices through the sky
i have held all of this inside for far too long
and now it comes shattering forth
spilling itself over every page
every letter an escapade almost as long as an Eskimo's parade
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
Not even the heaven did
encompass Adam forever
nor can do the earth.
But with a woman, with Eve
He is got his perfect match.
Danial John Feb 25
I've been waiting...
For the right moment.
Wasn't sure for what.
But now I know it.

Been close many times before.
Ready to scatter my brains and soar.
Better than a deep sleep... Never more.
Unfettered, emptiness galore.


That's what I've been waiting for.
GreenTrees Jul 18
That's how she described me, to me.

You are 95 percent perfect.

Loving and kind.

Generous and attentive.

I am always on your mind.

Artistic and hard to find.

Hard working and Inventive.

Your love making is sublime.

But the church remained quiet, no wedding bells to chime.

And now I think the only thing left of me, that is me, raw an un-refined?

Can be summed up in the most extraordinary Five.

Karl von Mecklenburg
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I step in the morning with horizon-fixed eyes
Underneath the December rain
I'm feeling good and no one knew I would
Because they only focus on pain

They frown and drown under the weight of it all
Yet they don't understand
I'm fine, just fine, and if I'm not, I'll call
Life is but a grain of sand

Somedays are perfect but no week can be
Even moments have ups-and-downs
Some let small grow big and tall, but me?
Only death will bring me frowns
tinhearts Aug 5
Washed ashore I was a bottle
Tangled in seaweed and kelp
Tossed by the waves I cry to my Father
Amongst many grains of sand calling HELP

I felt the Love of a stranger
Appearing out of nowhere
Never sensing danger
He said I came to make you aware

Tenderly He picked me up
Opening my soul to be rewritten in Christ
He sat on the seashore with me to sup
His beauty was a mesmerizing sight

He told me How He loved me
Writing my life in the sand
How to be obedient
In His precious hand

Aware of His message He was writing in me
Purest Word of illumination
Inhaling the salt in the Heir surrounding
Awakening my soul in humility

I laid my head on His chest
listening to His heart beat
Deeply such Love I felt perfectly blessed
Drifting into harmony in unity

Giving His hand to lift me up
Washing the sand out of my eyes
Clearly I could SEE the cup
Chosen as His vessel to sacrifice

I felt the weight of the world being lifted
Setting me free
I danced rejoicing at His promises gifted
No longer was I tossed by that sea

Walking away He told me to follow
My heart skipping a beat
He said be ye holy for I AM hallow
Watching the imprints of His feet

Disappearing as He walked away
He turned to me with a smile
Follow me and don't stray
Promising to be back in awhile

Holy Spirit is His first gift for me
A gift of His Life inside
A warm glowing remembering
The arms of a stranger that saved my Life

Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
One day, I'll tell you what goes on in my head
The things I think to myself
Are different from things that I've said
It doesn't matter to me if you run away
I'd be sad, sure, but I know that eventually I'd be okay

We're not perfect, in fact we're far away from that
I still remember that Christmas Day
I remember it and laugh
I think about you every time I blink my eyes
Even if you tell me how you feel, it would come as a surprise
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