Bo Burnham Mar 2015
I love you just the way you are,
but you don't see you like I do.
You shouldn't try so hard to be perfect.
Trust me, perfect should try to be you.
gwen Sep 2014

you're so perfect

she said as she
breathed in
my skin

like air.
Yes, man.
I have completely abolished the thought of her.
Eradicated that summertime face from my psyche.
It means nothing now, it never was anything.
It was ridiculously easy to forget.
I couldn't even believe how easy it really was.

I mean the only times I think of her now is
when I drink and write.

Kaitlynn Jun 2014
Perfection seems so eye catching
something we all strive for.
You were perfect.
Perfect in all the ways that society defines it.
Perfect in all the ways that I once defined it
And you're also the one that unintentionally taught me that I never
want to be " perfect".
Perfection holds the soul back
It closes our minds
and widens our expectations.
Strengthens our insecurities,
and accepts the unaccepted.
It tells us to follow only what is expected
Maybe perfect, isn't so perfect.
Craig Harrison May 2014
I dreamed of you a long time ago
my perfect one
Your smile, your big beautiful eyes
I saw them long before we ever met
You are the woman of my dreams
my perfect one

Some people wait a life time to meet their soul mate
but I'm fortunate to have met you
I don't think I would have ever been able to wait
You're my perfect one

So beautiful. so funny
Cute when you smile and don't realise
the way your hair falls into your eyes
My heart is yours, it beats for you
because you're my perfect one

I love you
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Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
It was just perfect
And then you laughed at her joke
It was beautiful.
Al Aug 2014
I used to say your lips were too small.
but now,
after feeling so many,
I realized yours weren't small.
They were a perfect fit,
like a puzzle piece.
Xandria Jul 2015
We are all born perfect

...society just ruins us
Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2014
An awesome book
a sumptuous chair
plump cushions
my perfect
Sunday afternoon
This perfect little girl
seems like she's a storybook away,
and the image you wish to see
is drenched in black,
a shadow that won't reveal
the identity of its master.
This perfect little girl
used to hold your hand,
but is now letting go
to search for something greater
than protection -
she's searching for herself,
and this perfect little girl
you tried to create,
isn't who she's looking for.
Purple Rain May 2015
Perfect perfections
One woman once made a connection,
Not to me, but the world
You see,
She found the key within her complexion  
For her whole life she faced rejection,
She wasn't "YOUR" definition of perfection
Your definition of perfection,
kept her from discovering her own

You kept her captive by your desperation,
to hurt her with your words of stone
For a short period of time you destroyed her throne
But now she has a voice of her own
The words that are made of stone
You get trapped by the sound of the drone

"Perfect perfections"
She stares into her reflection,
At her complexion
And says
" I have Perfect perfections"
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