Kyla Shears Apr 2014
When I look out the window what do I see? I see all kinds of bitches trickin on the street. When I go shopping I see people huging a man and when they finish huging they give there number to a stranger that is hot and sexy. I turn a round and say that stupid bitch. She's a trick of a hoer
Love is not what u call it
Jane Doe Aug 2013
And we held each other
One last time
And pretended
Taylor Evans May 2013
I wish you would
Look into my eyes
As you thrust
Deep between my thighs

I wish you would kiss me
On the lips
The pair north
Of my hips

I wish you would hold me
Just for a moment or so
Before you get dressed
and say you gotta' go

I wish you cared
Or tried to love me
But I'm just your booty call,
And all you do is fuck me.
I'll just keep wishing my life away.
Francie Lynch Apr 2014
All I've learned
From Rock 'n Roll
Has helped divine
What I call soul.
Faith Gabito Sep 2014
You are the powerful voice that ordered the universe to be
You are the still voice that whispers into the depths of my soul and delights in me
You are the commanding voice that drives out demons
You are the gently guiding voice in every season
What is it worth to shout, when no one will reply?
What is it worth to scream, when no one hears the cry?
What am I worth, if I scream but no one listens?
What am I worth if my cry is only heard in these four walls I reside in?
Asking for help begging for a chance yet nothing good to come.
Stuck in a trance, my mind can't handle these thoughts.
Thoughts not new but still morbid.
Gruesome perhaps, enlightening to myself.
A point at last reached, not desired but truly deserved.
Calling one that will not answer, that once was there and has gone.
Mistakes in my shoulders being carried, clearly a well deserved scene.
A call for Superman to lift me up from this shadow I've hidden behind.
One last call please save me now.
I've lost all hope in myself.
Just one last call for Superman.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros
Superman will know if this is ever read.
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
Any phone call bothers me anytime                                                                       Simply because that's me anytime,anywhere,and everywhere .....                      I like people to call me , but                                                                                     Not as they want ....                                                                                                 Phone calls are great and wonderful ,but                                                               They should be in their accurate times ....                                                              Some people have their phone-calls for just have funny things or                     For just bothering others .................                                                                        A phone-call is pretty thing when                                                                          A caller means it well .
Sy Lilang Aug 2016

Ayoko sanang sagutin
Pero gusto kitang marinig.

Naiinis ako
Pagkat nilalampaso ang puso ko.
Pagkat wala lang sayo,
Pero heto ako't tila iniibig ka pa rin.

Sa tagal ng panaho'y
Ngayon lamang ulit.
Natatameme ako pagkat walang masambit.

Tangan ko ang matatamis na alaala,
Subalit dumadampi ang sakit
Tumatagos higit pa sa damdamin,
Ang iyong walang paalam na paglisan.

Yung boses mong tila walang emosyon,
At doon tumigil ang tibok ng puso.
Hindi ko alam ba't hinahayaan ka
Ba't ako'y tila umaasang
Baka may pangalawang pagkakataon pa.

Alam ko namang iba na ngayon,
Walang malalim na dahilan.
Wala kang dahilan
Bagkus puso ko'y tila naghihintay.

Nagtataka ako sa mga tanong mo
Nagtataka ako sa pag-uusisa mo.
Natatakot akong mahulog sayo,
Pagkat alam ko kung gaanong sakit na ang natamo
At sa ngayo'y
hindi ko na ata *kakayanin pang muli.
Nasasaktan ako kasi mahal kita. Nasasaktan ako kasi totoo ang nadarama. Walang halong biro, pagkat ako'y sigurado.

Sana makaya ko pagkat nakaya Niya para sakin. Alam kong mah dahilan Siya kung bakit. Kahit sobrang sakit ng ganito. Kahit mahal kita pero nasasaktan pa rin.

Lahat ay ilalatag ko sa Maykapal. Ganun na lamang.
Rockie Oct 2014
The Alpha will call, the omega will join,
Together as one, they sing a song,
All now hunted, because of one fateful calling,
Haunting, yet beautiful, they'll ravage,
They'll break, they'll snap and growl,
Stopping for yet no one,
No one but the Alpha Wolf.
Chris Weallans Jul 2014
You woke me in the thin dawn.
Like a riot of rain in a bleached dry summer.

small green shreds of shrub sprang from my heart
as tumbling birdsong might litter the long pale sky.

your voice came drifting through the shallow line
And I let the sound seep like a soft assault on my senses.

I hear the words and picture your lips
Folding around the consonants like a dance.

I hear your breath carry the words and taste the phrases
That linger on your tongue as if to  speak them in a  kiss

These words that spin this cloth of gold in whispered utterings
This silken tease with a wild sprinkle of kisses and anatomy.

And would my words soften your eye and entice your body
With fevered adventures seeking to be sated with a touch?

Could you taste the blessings erupting from my tongue?
Would you ache inside far beneath the longings of the flesh?

It seems that every cell is sighing a simpering listless want
to be captured by the haunting breath of a lover’s call.
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
I waited...and I waited

But I never got that phone call
The one that I have been waiting for all day
Just to hear your voice
To hear the reason why

Why you chose to end us
Why you chose to stop loving me
Why you chose to throw away something of significance

But instead...I get a text
Margaret May 2014
Call me invisible.
I go through school
A distinct personality of my own.
I'm not or normal or average.
I'm just me, but I'm not known or unknown
People know who I am but don't think much
People say sometimes the best things are unseen
So call me invisible
The best things are unseen.
s Jan 2016
Call me a slut
I'm a virgin.
Call me a slut
I was raped.
Call me a slut
I want to have sex.
Call me a slut
I masturbate.

Call me a slut
I fell in love.
Call me a slut
I kissed a boy.
Call me a slut
I touch myself.
Call me a slut
there's things I enjoy.

Call me a slut
he hurt me.
Call me a slut
I said no.
Call me a slut
he did it anyway.
Call me a slut
I don't know.

Call me a slut
I can hear you.
Call me a slut
scream it loud.
Call me a slut
although I might cut.
Call me a slut
like you're proud.

Call me a slut
it will hurt me.
Call me a slut
This I swear.
Call me a slut
I know it's not true.
Call me a slut
it's not fair.
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