Shashi Jan 2017
It was a moment of destruction,
that created something beautiful.

When your eyes met mine,
for the first time

Love was created,
and the heart....  destroyed !!
Short Tales of Love #1
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
As wide open as the sea
as resonant as the waves
splashing on the beach.
For a moment or so I was
pondering so full as the sea
what has it left to tally
with as empty as the the beach?
Jayesh 7d
I can remember the feeling
As if a nostalgic memory
Even though I held it
Only a moment past

It used to be so simple
As easy as moving my eyes
To look at you
And feel the comfort
Of your delicate warmth

Perhaps I considered it too much a luxury
Something to never change
Growing under this familiar blanket
No matter what I went through

I felt a shift
Almost subtle
Of this weight I hold
While once I could share it with you
Now was held in solitude
A lonely burden

I find myself thinking back now
Of these times past
Wistful in my old naïveté
Believing my past would reflect itself

I feel it most in this reflection
Where before
I would see you standing there
Next to me
Never leaving hold
Allowing me to be strong

You would ask me these things
Of where I perceived such strength
When all along I wasn't strong at all
As the one asking me held the answer

I look sometimes
Through the chaotic forest in my mind
And wonder
How I once believed
You would be there to see it clear

It's in these thoughts I find myself
Honored for the time I had
Solemn for the times now gone
Even if it was only a moment past
goodtea Jun 1
Maybe at one point
I would have written
Great poetry,
I lost something
Along my way.
I won’t get it back.
I don’t expect you
To return it.
Some things are lost, lost, lost.
A Sad Alex Jul 30
Every moment away from you
A curse with no end
The miles that tear us apart
Sink into my heart
When I can´t hear your voice
Everything else is noise

A dagger that cuts
Blood streams forth
It drips at first
But then it pours
Life escapes me
Ebbs away
It flows and I get a chill
It´s so cold now…

And as the embers of my life grow colder
And my senses start to go numb
Reach out to me and touch me
Button my lips to yours…
And once you do stay
Please don´t leave me alone
It is so cold when you leave me
It is so dark when I don´t have your love
I notice I repeat a lot of words when I write, that is something to try and correct but I like how this one ended up
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