Sarah Spang Feb 2016
I worry
For the unmoving mountain
Unable to move an inch
In the midst of an earthquake.
The shaking ground
Does not mean to destroy it
But it cannot be helped
When some things
Are just so obstinate.
They must survive
Or crumble.

The earth is changing beneath us all.
When the dust has settled,
Nothing will ever be the same.
Fall apart or carry on.
SE ՍԷ Jun 2015
A full moon apart
From the one I love.
It has been hurting
Ever since the day
The fingers on my hands
Were no longer  enough
To count the days
You have been away.
Another full moon...
It has been painful
Ever since the day
A long round year
Was no more enough
To contain the full moons
That we have spent apart…

© S.E.
kafka Mar 2015
I'm torn apart between
ending my life with you
living the rest of my life
with you
Mari Anjelyn Dec 2014
I never thought you would play the part
Of someone who'll have a hold in my heart
I foolishly believed this is a beautiful start
But it pushed us to fall and grow *apart

I'm not supposed to feel this way.
This is truly unexpected.
You have this strange effect on me.
You make me happy.
I hate how you make me happy.

Katlyn Dion Oct 2014
I'm falling apart again.. And I'm not going to try to fix myself this time.
I'm tired, and broken.. I don't want to be alive.
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
cold coffee warming my hands
the ghost of you staining my heart
the thought of us drifting apart
the ghost of you haunts my in my dreams
Maria Imran Mar 2015
your name and mine
are written on two
different books.
how can you fight
a destiny like that?
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2015
We are apart
Like a broken heart.

She hid things,
and left you in the dark.

He forgot things,
and caused her to anger.

They fell apart,
and he went with another.
She stayed behind,
in her wonder.

They fell apart,
leaving me here struggling
between which side to choose.

I am like the sun which gives warmth:
they revolve around me
as I give them advice,
but I try my best
not to get drawn in.

It's hard for them,
but harder for me,
as I'm tossed around
like a ping-pong unfree.

I don't want to be in the middle,
I just want to be free.
It's not my fault,
so why me?
Aurora Aug 2014
over drinking
under sleeping

yelled at too loud
crying too softly

stop talking
start listening
Stanley Wilkin Jan 2016
Into the crimson surfeit
lust enters
a burst of borrowed intimacy
until the blanching rust
of familiarity
slows the soft flow of love.

into all lust enters
dying with the first light...............
Ronald J Chapman Nov 2014
I only see me in the photograph;

You left without a goodbye!

Have I torn our dreams apart?
Leaving me! With a lonely future,

I only see me in the photograph;

Have I torn our hearts apart?
Leaving, a pain in my heart,

I only see me in the photograph;

I have to forget the past,
Toss this torn photo in the trash and,
Move on at last.

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Teddy Geiger-Torn Photograph
Sharina Saad May 2013
I was torn between the worlds of a dream
and the awakened life
Tonight... I feel torn.. I am torn apart..
why does it have to be this way?
torn apart by time and space why?

Thiis isn't how it was meant to be when our hearts became entwined
we could not foretell that this thing was to be

Torn apart like a photo ripped in two,
one half being me and the other being you

I don't know why fate has dealt this hand
I only know the way I feel the pain thats in my mind

I see your tears inside my head
but can't kiss them away, I feel so helpless
Please give me a choice,
Please give me hope to survive
Struggling for a life
Struggling for a future
It was never clear
It was to be torn apart….

Your eyes never shine anymore,
your smiles are fading away..
All hopes are broken apart..
All joy is broken from the core.

Once I had you in my arms but you were torn away
Once I had you in my arms but we were torn apart
past tense.
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