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writerReader Feb 2015
i cried when you died
i died when you wept and wailed
Me Díaz Sep 10
I saw my spirit slip out
My body
While I slumbered
Undressed itself
Of its fleshy coat
And tiptoed out the door
While it was still dark
And I heard the door creak
But by then it was too late
My soul had already left
So I lay in bed
Eyes wide awake
And I find
I’ve no strength to mourn
The hollow inside
The dead inside
But my spirit still
Follows me at a distance
As I drive along numb
And I can’t tell
How fast any of us are going
Or where we’re going
And if we even have a destination
And it’s all tunnel vision
And I can’t feel my skin
But I can feel the wind
Come in through my window
Kiss cool the moisture on my cheeks
And it’s just a mess of tears
I never felt slip
But I know they’re there
Giving me away
And I walk on by
my spirit by my side
Watching as I stride
All along these halls
Within these walls
To and fro
And I’ve no purpose
Except to ambulate
With the residual energy left behind
Just like any other corpse  
How they twist and twitch
One last time
And so I walk on by
Just a series of electrical impulses
That make me seem alive
But I know it’s all a lie
For I’ve died last night
And it wasn’t violent
And it wasn’t peaceful
It just was
And I wonder
How long it’ll take
For anyone to notice
This is just my outer shell
And any word or action sprung
Is just soulless synergy
Elements working and collaborating
Purely on instinct
Simple nerve reflex
For my spirit’s left
Creeped out my front door
While I slept
And I wish I’d woken in time
To wave it goodbye
One last time
Last night
When I died

M•(e). Díaz
joe thorpe Jul 16
if you dig down
just so deep
you could do it yourself
with a shovel
you can reach
and touch
with your self
the day
the dinosaurs died
if you have a rocket
you cannot do this yourself
you can fly to the moon
and touch
with your self
the day the earth
came to being
you can listen
to recordings
and hear the music
that made your parents move
you can read the words
of ancient spiritual prophets
and find god's Love
you can look
into your child's face
and time travel to your face
not so long ago
and all I'm trying to do
is reach you
Tin Aug 2
You never know that she wishes for you to leave
You never know how weak she is when she's with you
You hold her as if she's going to leave you
But yes, she can't,
She can't leave you
She can't untangle herself against you
You hug her with the cold comfort
She embraces you everyday and every night
You wont let her away from you for even a single night
You want to see her like that
You want her,
You want her to feel you
Without knowing that she is the only one who's not with it
But she keeps staying beside you
Though she already know that it makes her numb
But still, she keeps you;
She tried to leave you but she find out that there's no one for her, but only you, so she stay
You let her to stay with you until the two of you do not care about anything else
But there she is, trying once again to leave you
But you keep chasing her
You don't know that she also wants a life
She wants a life without you
She wants a life but it seems like there's no way out,
No way out for you to stay away
So her emotions let her be
She came to the point where she finally knows the answer
The answer is...
She ended both of you
By leaving you,
And being away from this world is the only way to leave you
That's what she want
So she did, and so she died.


A Sad Alex Jul 25
Something within me died
If it was even born at all
I don´t know what, I´m not quite sure
But I can feel it´s loss

It´s air in a room where there was a void
It´s space where there used to be more
It´s silence where there once was a voice
It´s so dry now, it´s so cold…

Trapped between the walls of my mind
I can´t tell what is gone
It has all been the same for a while
The same people, the same thoughts
The same everything, day after day
Year on, year on…

Inside my dying heart, it will be hard to find
Nothing has been here for some time
It is withered, shriveled, cut and scarred
I locked it tight, hoping for it to die

To search my soul, it is to search what once was
A place of so much hope, so many dreams and lies
I couldn´t tell what died
So much has, I can´t tell them apart
It´s a graveyard of innocence
Where my ambitions rest dead
And by its side my happiness lays…

To search me whole, is to search nothing at all
For there is nothing to find
I feel now like I am husk
A dead man who forgot to die

So I will write my sad poems
The one thing I can do right
Change my blood for ink
Black and thick, as my being
Let paper be wrapped to my skin
An open book, for all to see
For something within me died indeed
Or something wasn’t born at all
The more I search, the more I think
That it was me all along.
Sara Kellie Jul 3
Look what they've done,
torn you apart.
In the name of fun,
some kind of black art.

I'd been thrown into the lake,
arms and legs tied.
I sunk to the bottom,
they thought I had died.
Out of the depths I arose
wearing a beautiful dress.

Some kind of new magic,
like a good witch.
A white art.
I don't seek revenge
for I have a pure heart.

It's now they'll see
that they could never be
someone like me.
Because I'm the greatest
mother fucker in a dress
they'll ever meet.

Poetry by Kaydee.
They struck me down and I'm now more powerful than they could have ever imagined.
Showing them love and equality kills them more than they could have ever killed me.
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