BML May 2014
You have your hopes, dreams and desires for someone,
Locked deep within your golden heart.
Hopelessly crying for their attention,
Endless time spent imagining the perfect future,
Will not bring you any closer to what you want.

Do whatever the fuck you want,
It's not like you're gonna get out
Thunderstorm Nov 2014
To bring us together,
But that has to stop.
We can't wait
Until people have died
To unite
Please, join me
If you find a poem
Saying the person will commit suicide,
Try and help
For Andy
(Even though he's not dead)
Repost if you support my cause.
Nas Aug 2013
It takes a smile to hide the pain,
it takes a laugh to shrug it all away.

It takes a shadow to hide the light,
it takes a flame to eliminate your might.

It takes a thought to change your mood,
it takes a memory to make you cruel.

It takes a heart to feel the sorrow,
it takes a pain to make your heart hollow.

It takes a breath to keep you alive,
it takes a second to take your breath away,
and let you die.
Birdie Apr 2013
your blood shot eyes
so red and round
their juicy plumpness compels me
to eat my baby tomatoes

the pungent smell
of your dirty second-hand smoke
fills me with desire
for some beef jerky

the sickly sight
of your slimy, greasy hair
leave me desperate with longing
for some succulent string cheese
when you scarf down your food
as if the world was ending
i can feel my partially digested turkey sandwich
make its way back up my throat
and spew out
all over your yogurt
ruining it


Twinkle Jul 2014
You are silent and so am I
You think you've been let down
And so do I

The truth however is
We both scared to risk it all
We both don't know what's to become
If we just let go of our bubble and
Float back to the ground!
Graff1980 Sep 2015
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
Everything that
takes me out of the moment
wastes the potential
of each moment
to be enlightening and inspiring.
Evan Ponter Sep 2014
Their lies are prompted
from teleprompters
and executed flaw-fully
from taxpayer's helicopters.

They say we're protecting
foreign daughters
while filtering profits
to desert clad marauders.

Blank faced public
fear conversing religion and politics
while passively electing
lunatics with trigger switches.

Arm the rebels
they bite the hand that feeds
the middle east burns
while America fucking bleeds.

The white, blue and red
camo helmets on their heads
farm fed frat boys
equipped with jackets of lead.

We watched Saddam crumble
his statue beaten with shoes
but the same war we already fought
the puppets now will choose.

Fight the good fight
support the troops.

Drone strikes by twilight
fuck the troops.

An Army of one
Sempter Fi
Do or Die
I won't shed a single tear when you come back in a casket
covered in a flag you valued more than your life.

Our heroes are our welfare
stop blaming single mothers
plastic bags tied around throats
water boarding dissent, it smothers.

Fuck the Medal of Honor
I'm tearing up your portrait Obama.
How many can benefit from free tuition?
But we give it to those trained to slaughter.

Our priority is the police state
Nazis pretending to tote freedom.
We sip our Americanos
And retain nothing from the newspaper we are reading.

**By Evan Ponter
Today, the US government voted on arming rebels in Syria to fight the threat of ISIS. We made this mistake before. The Taliban was originally an American puppet that we used as a tool to fight in Afghanistan. Now we're going down the same dangerous route. The war on terror is never ending. Fuck the troops and stand up against the fascist foreign policy of this country.
Third Eye Candy Aug 2013
It takes a village to stop a bullet, johnny.  but you go 'head and stand in front of as many bullets as you want; hell, i might even write a poem about you doing just that. but i shan't pay you. and that is my price.
there, under the rug, like darkness in haste... there between, we perplex... at a civilized pace
[ as we continue to mean nothing ]

until our horrors are in HD
then we make a move on Paradise...
like drunken kangaroos wearing cursed hats
that can never be removed....  

storming the gates.
PrttyBrd Oct 2010
In an instant
The question is gone
Choices made
One action begets another
No turning back
We move in time
Lead by forces unseen
We pass each other
Perhaps only briefly
Perhaps for longer
Tiny acts of kindness
Heartfelt words
A hand reaches out
Grabs the heart
Expectation of the harsh
Receiving gentle strokes of caring
Words of wisdom shared
Hugs sent along
Unknown prayers answered
Gratitude and friendship
The depths of which remain untold
Yet moved to tears of thanks
Friends for an instant
Marks the soul eternally
Never to be forgotten
Only to be cherished
copyright©PrttyBrd 15/10/2010
Doctor SM Jun 2013
Hollering wind noises agitated
                                                        the motherless womb.
Clouds casted imprecations
                                                   within a roofless tomb.
One witness wallowed about
Traced her fingertips along the edges
                                                                ­     of ivory-laden walls
Unwilling to let her out.

A veteran seeking refuge
A sheep escaping slaughter
A witness shielding her eyes

Only one will escape.
Sometime, 2010.
Megan Nov 2014
What if...
I'm as light as a feather and as heavy as lead.
What am I doing here?
Where do I want to go?

What if...
Now something stupid to think off.
We could run in the fields?
And pretend we are kings and queens?

What if...
I can't fathom the universe.
And we are just here?
And we don't exactly know where?

What if...
Let's live more lies.
Do we ever fall in love?
Do we ever know the worst from the best?

Takes hit.
And as the smoke billows out and away,
I wonder
What if?...
I'm too high to care for appropriate or approximate meters right now <3
Asphyxiophilia Oct 2013
It only takes one step to walk over the edge
And if your heart is as cracked as the canyon under your feet,
I suggest you back away from it
Because the split rocks scattered around you
Are not good indicators of
The split seconds it would take
For your hands to reach the heavens and
Your face to connect with the ground beneath
And although your only thought is
Whether you would finally be able to fly
And reach the other side
You are only a human
Standing with your barefeet pressed into sand
And your toes kissing a ledge
And although you can't fly right now
That doesn't mean you never will
But it only takes one step to walk over the edge.
Today you said you'd always love me.
And you didn't ask for my naked breasts,
or my submissive body beneath silk sheets.
You didn't even ask for my loyalty.

It's hard to believe the tragedies that
we've brought to life before this moment.

I've always wanted a relationship to be dangerous.  
Call it my penchant for self-harm, or my need to feel victimized,
but I crave love a that could burn down towns, destroy lives.
Passion isn't safe, it takes causalities.

People spend so much time balancing,
looking at their feet and trying not to fall.
We are brought up to believe that pain
should be avoided at all costs,
but what if your happiness lies
just beyond the thorn bush?

I won't claim to be fearless.  
It seems that I am constantly caught
between apprehension and regret.
My indecision is a wall
that very few would dare to scale,
but your words are building me a harness.

The other side is surely filled with storms.
Treacherous animals that would seek to tear me limb from limb.
There may be pot holes and misleading signs,
long stretches of greedy quick sand.

But, then again,
no one remembers journeys
that were effortless.
Not really feeling the title. Suggestions? And as always I'd love your thoughts :)
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