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em Jul 2015
my palms
until you discover
they are roads
to my heart.

my freckles,  
and imperfections
until they
"i'm healing"

my heartbeat
into my chest
until i
the beauty in
it's song

me until
i'm breathless
so that i
will know
what it is,
to breath

try to mend my broken pieces.

love me back together again
i'm kinda in a major writers block. this is all that's come out of the past few days. please leave feedback and or prompts
Carl Webb II Aug 1
dressed in all black with a spirit to match.

brilliant scenery trapped
beneath the  surface of obsidian.

a haunted cave, a burning light,
enchanted rock, undying flame,
ignite the chamber, start again.

ignite the chamber, start again.
a spark is all it takes
AS Aug 3
When the heart speaks,
It discloses its beliefs.

Echoing its needs,
Humming its thunder to the

Offering its counterpart the
hyperactive brain a temporary
That there are times to just dream.

Cradling each other to find some type
of peace.

At times opening opportunities to
to offer a release in need.

Then comes the reflective soul,
Spurring the whole to reach for

To see,
What lays beneath.

To feel,
The unexplainable and to grasp for
the seemly unattainable.

Offering a taste,
Screaming to lead.

To take the whole down an
unworldly stream,
To a life which is not what it seems.

To show,
A world,
A time without control or taking a
toll on the inside.

So combine,
Go explore the wonders unknown
in life.

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
MalakF Jul 19
I've said it once,
 I've said it twice, 
and I'll say it another million times:  
It takes time to make a home out of your body.

 nobody; should ever despise their own reflection.
Your conception of 'beautiful' is corrupted but we're all here to help you reconstruct it.
By all accounts he’s had a lifelong case of OCD.
“Donald was a disruptive tyke”- his teachers all agree.
He was not much of a scholar but, as a youth, excelled in sports.
As a builder and developer he was often seen in  Courts.

When it comes to matters of the heart, he sadly is no wiser
He loves them and he leaves them. He’s a noted womanizer.
Oh, he pays them for their trouble; that much I will allow.
Still he’s never had compunction over breaking wedding vows.

Now he is our President and making noise on Trade.
If he doesn’t get his way beware his twitterverse tirade.
He's paying  farmers Billions  to forgo their tillage.

Hillary was wrong- It takes a child to raze a village.
From a clever bon mot from my Facebook amigo Maryann Kelly
Barker Jul 24
Oh, love,
Our time is up.

Love dies out
Just like hope
And everything else.
a breath of fresh air
tickles still-waters
a lone swan's quill
let fall, takes flight
  carpe  diem ―
nigh weightless,
buoyantly skitters
across the water,
laissez faire;
barely dimpling
the shallow peace
on a lake in the wood

a wild feather's
mindless pirouettes
emanate from
the steeping silence
lapping  its
superficial  refection  

the true nature
of wildness,
unspoken freedom,
an untamed
wilder – ness
skims the skinny waters
seeking their own level;
leaving no trace
of  ever being  containable
like a breath of fresh air
unconquerable souls
touching in the
conscious moment ―
a gentle passing breeze
arousing a rogue gust

Jesse Stillwater

01    June   2018
Thank you for stopping to read my soul scribbles :)
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