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Mark Toney Jun 2020

Happy o
Happy or
Happy or d
Happy or de
Happy or dep
Happy or depr
Happy or depres
Happy or depress
Happy or depresse
Happy or depressed
Happy or depresse
Happy or depress
Happy or depres
Happy or depre
Happy or depr
Happy or dep
Happy or de
Happy or d
Happy or
Happy o
Life i
Life is
Life is a
Life is a b
Life is a ba
Life is a bal
Life is a bala
Life is a balan
Life is a balanc
Life is a balanci
Life is a balancin
Life is a balancing
Life is a balancing a
Life is a balancing ac
Life is a balancing act
Life is a balancing ac
Life is a balancing a
Life is a balancing
Life is a balancin
Life is a balanci
Life is a balanc
Life is a balan
Life is a bala
Life is a bal
Life is a ba
Life is a b
Life is a
Life is
Life i
So e
So ea
So eas
So easy
So easy t
So easy to
So easy to s
So easy to sl
So easy to sli
So easy to slip
So easy to slip a
So easy to slip an
So easy to slip and
So easy to slip and f
So easy to slip and fa
So easy to slip and fal
So easy to slip and fall
So easy to slip and fal
So easy to slip and fa
So easy to slip and f
So easy to slip and
So easy to slip an
So easy to slip a
So easy to slip  
So easy to sli
So easy to sl
So easy to s
So easy to
So easy t
So easy
So eas
So ea
So e
Moods t
Moods th
Moods tha
Moods that
Moods that f
Moods that fa
Moods that fal
Moods that fall
Moods that fall c
Moods that fall ca
Moods that fall can
Moods that fall can r
Moods that fall can ri
Moods that fall can ris
Moods that fall can rise
Moods that fall can rise a
Moods that fall can rise ag
Moods that fall can rise aga
Moods that fall can rise agai
Moods that fall can rise again
Moods that fall can rise agai
Moods that fall can rise aga
Moods that fall can rise ag
Moods that fall can rise a
Moods that fall can rise
Moods that fall can ris
Moods that fall can ri
Moods that fall can r
Moods that fall can
Moods that fall ca
Moods that fall c
Moods that fall
Moods that fal
Moods that fa
Moods that f
Moods that
Moods tha
Moods th
Moods t
Wait for tomorrow’s new day
6/21/2020 - Poetry form: Shape - This was inspired by fellow HelloPoetry poet Riley Cartwright’s shape poem “The Music in My Head.” Thank you, Riley - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
silent Dec 2013
angry is an easy emotion
it's easy to feel
easy to describe
easy to tame.
aggravation is an easy emotion
easy to feel
easy to describe
easy to tame.
annoyance is an easy emotion
easy to feel
easy to describe
easy to tame.
it's sadness that's the hardest
it's not easy to feel
when bed seems like the only place you're accepted
or when the simple task of breathing is daunting
how could that be easy?
it's not easy to describe
how do you tell someone you're dying inside
when you've been laughing all day?
how do you tell someone the sobs that attack your body
during the darkness & silence of the night?
how could it be easy to describe?
it's not easy to tame
how do you overcome the yearning for sleep? for death?
how do you overcome the blanket of numb that threatens everything
whether it be your movements or your process of thought?
how do you overcome something with so much influence?
how could it be easy to overcome?
Anonymous Freak Jan 2020
"It's easy with you,
I don't worry about you not being there,
I don't freak out when I get a text from you.
being with you
makes sense,
It's easy."
He says it as if it should be comforting.

"But that isn't love,"
I didn't want to say it,
but it came out anyway.


On our first date I knew I wanted you,
you didn't have to chase me,
you didn't have to try and guess
if I liked you.
I liked you.
I woke up next to you that morning.
I'm easy.

You couldn't be with me then, though.
Because it was just a bit of fun.
it was just a bit of easy
no commitment
I knew that,
at least I thought I did.

Yet you found your way into bed with me
two more times.

And then your really knew you had to stop,
we had to just be friends.
I didn't matter,
I was easy.

Two weeks later,
I'm with you for a weekend,
we're in bed again.
I don't know how to get people to love me
I just know how to get attention.

That last day
you demanded an answer from the other girl
in your heart,
made her tell you if she wanted you,
and she said no.
So you asked me,
I said yes,
I didn't make you wait even an hour.

I knew I wanted you.
it wasn't a complex decision for me.

I met your family,
we all loved each other,
no drama,
no difficulty,

Your grandfather died,
you knew I was there for you,
you knew that I'd hold you hand,
your family's hand,
I'd be right there,
ready to help with whatever you needed,


I didn't make him chase me,
I didn't make him wait.
I'm just a bit of fun attached to open arms.
No responsibility,
just forgiveness,
and love.

I didn't put value on myself,
so neither did he.

I'm supposed to trust him,
but I don't.

Helen Oct 2012
I’m pretty easy to love without my makeup on
I’m pretty easy to talk to without a song
I’m pretty easy to approach without any drama
I’m pretty easy to ask if I want to belong

It’s pretty easy to want to be my friend
It’s pretty easy to comprehend
It’s pretty easy to do without the trauma
It’s pretty easy to the bitter end

It’s pretty easy to walk in the light
I’m pretty easy to talk to in the night
It’s pretty easy to make it all so hard
It’s not so easy to make it right

It’s pretty easy to make you go away
To hide away from the pain
It’s not so pretty to stay so sane
It’s pretty easy to take flight
It’s pretty easy for you to see me again
at my burial site

It’s pretty easy to make me go away
It’s not so easy to stay
my son was devastated to hear that a young girl killed herself because she was being bullied by a boy who liked her! He asked me for a poem to reflect her life and here it is... for her, for him...
Cassie Mae Jan 2011
It was so easy to get to know you.
Almost like the stars lined up and brought our worlds together.
How cliche, but that's how easy it was.

It was so easy to be with you,
like we had been together before.
That summer could have been the start of an eternity with you.
That's how easy it was.

Talking about the past, the present, and the future was so easy we could have been telling the stories to old friends.

It was so easy to be apart because we knew we would both be coming back to each other at the end of the day.
There was never fear or concern if you were late.
It was so easy to trust you.

It was too easy in those two months to fall in love,
but we both knew you would leave.

It was easy when you drove away the first time.
We knew we would see each other again soon.
Keeping in tough was easy with phone calls and letters.

It wasn't easy when you drove away the second time.
I knew you wouldn't call back and that I'd never get a letter in return.

It wasn't easy a year later when I ran into our old friends or when his eyes reminded me of yours.

It was too easy to fall for you under all the stars.
It was too easy to let you in with the warm summer breeze.
It was all too easy to be so heartbroken when it came to an end.
(c) Cassie Mae Writings 2011
Viseract Aug 2017
So i sit here spinning my pen again
Tryna think straight too late, easy man
Runnin' up, too fuck3d i don't have a chance
Too quick, too slick, made it to the end

Now what should I write before i get sidetracked?
Should i spit a little quicker about rhymes and raps?
How about advertise them jumping jacks
And how exercise is good at keeping down bad fat?

Nah man, that ****t sounds lame
Yeah i know but the actions always stay the same
Eat Maccas life hackers who cant cook a meal
And wonderin' why their trusty rusty weight scales squeal

Yeah dude, i know that a problem, hold
No matter what you sell it all gets cold
Like frozen cokes, just a dollar fast sold
Syrup and sugar that tastes too good to close

**** these hoes,
Wash it all down like a fire hose,
Where this ****t goes even i don't knows,
But I'm the writer y'all
Pshh I'm in control

Its easy too
Whip out the cash and drive on thru
Without a second glance at whats in your food
And why do i try to write to you
I'm just in the mood

Now this ain't a diss track just spittin' facts
But if ya keep buying quick you'll get heart attack
Some cardiac, not police, still arrest
Freeze with both hands up like be my guest

You'll wake on up with an oxygen mask
And wondering why your mouth tastes like a$$
Why you layin' on your back and ya wanna pass gas
But you fear if you do then your life won't last

You look to the roof and see the truth
When the bulge of your belly blocks the blinding view
Casting a shadow across the next street too
And you wonder how the doctor gonna quick-fix you

Well here's some news, flash ****!ng headlines
Perhaps if you were careful you wouldn't hear the sirens
Alarms are sounding both within and without
Never heard either, your lips flap like a trout

Just a fat-**** fish ****!ng gasping for air
Out of his habitat, look in the mirror
Because if there's one thing left to haunt your nightmares
Its the 1-0-0 flashing back to scare

Its easy man, easy man
An everyday person who doesn't really care
Easy man eats like a ****** big bear
And then a little more coz the coin helps to share

Its easy man, easy man
An everyday person who doesn't really care
Easy man eats like a ****** big bear
And then a little more coz the coin helps to share

Like whats your pant size, is it such a surprise?
Your belt buckle bursts because you got large fries?
For every day, and you got sausage thighs
God help the plane freighting you through the skies!

Sorry sir, all luggage is 20 and under
"I cant hear you, my thighs are thunder"
Your baggage sir, its far too large
The amount of fat flesh exceeds the limit by far!

Just danglin' there, and its hard not to stare!
When its in my face like when i trip the stairs!
That s**t could knock me out, fair and square!
Miley Cyrus, i found a free wrecking ball dear!

There's so much to swing from, a chandelier
Of quivering pale skin that makes my eyes go weird
When you take a seat, do you have to use two?
Do you gotta pay extra for the crane that they use?

****, son just take it easy
You spittin so much its makin' me queasy

Sorry man, it doesn't make much sense
Why the easy man cant walk up more than one stair

Like not only is it an inconvenience
You're relying on strangers spaces to be lenient
And then you gotta wonder why you get funny looks
That weight is a crime and they spotted the crook

Just take it easy, but not so easy
I don't wanna see your face shine so god-**** greasy
Like i get it man you eat when you ain't hungry
I ain't your next meal stop lookin' funny

But please, learn to look after yourself
Book a time for the gym to improve yourself
Do some jumpin' jacks it'll improve your health
Take in a few notches off that black leather belt

See? Dude, that ain't so lame
At least there was a message left halfway sane
Yeah i got half a brain, it don't take two cells
To realise that some people just as sick as well

He was an easy man, easy man
A fat fast **** who didn't really care
Once upon a time ate like a ****!ng dumb bear
Now he's callin' out the Rock for an arm wrestle, YEAH!!

Easily the easy man comes real quick,
Jumpin' jacks over the Hungry Jacks fix!
EP definitely
David Nelson Jun 2013

It is so easy
easy to pretend I do not miss you
easy to remove you from my mind
easy to turn my head when a tear falls
easy to make up a lie
when someone wonders why
where you have gone

it is so easy
easy to tell stories of days gone past
easy to say not everything is destined to last
easy to fake a cough when I choke up inside my head
easy to say I will not cry
as the days and nights go by
where have you gone
it's not that easy

Gomer LePoet ...
민혁 Nov 2014
"You're so lucky you're so well-liked."
"Your life seems so easy."

You're so lucky.
You have it so easy.

I've been spending some time to find a way to articulate my discomfort in these two phrases. "You're so lucky, you have it so easy." The reasons are pretty clear, because I don't consider my journey in the least bit easy, but I can see why you would assume that -- after all, you'll always find me being optimistic in person.

When things *were
easy, they were not out of pure luck. I faced adversity with the display of resilience, and stood my ground when I was faced with hardship. I've watched my flowers wilt into weeds despite the nurture I had provided. And while I may be happier now, I was not fed the love and care I had desired from the very beginning. I wasn't always this way.

I don't talk about my past extensively. When I do, they tend to be the memories I've learned to accept and embrace throughout the course of my years. I don't talk about the time in middle school, when I was constantly made fun of for being overweight. I don't talk about the time I starved myself for weeks, thinking it would reduce the load off my stomach and hips. I don't talk about the time when I've been told I was a freak of nature, that I would never become the person I wanted to be. I don't talk about the time when doctors had to pump out the toxin out of my stomach, forcing me to ***** out pills and choke on my bile-washed throat for hours on end.

I don't talk about these things, but that doesn't make my own journey 'easy'. I did not end up to be the way I am now without all of these experiences. If that were the case, then fine. Call me lucky. Call it easy.

Life, in general, is hard. It hasn't been easy, but I've done it, and my purpose in being here today is to show all of you that you are capable. That no matter what's in your way... you can do it, too.

Which leads on to my second point: we live in a society of comparison culture. I've gone through a couple of things throughout the spans of my life, but that, in no shape or form, makes your own life experience trivial. I don't talk about my past very often, and when I do, it's often for someone who is going through something I once dealt with. I wish to leave the past in my memory box, and if it collects dust, I certainly won't mind. Not anymore, because I know now. I've experienced it. I've carried those burdens.

I do not wish to tell any of you the amount of times I've wished to leave this world. I want to tell you the reasons why I want to stay in this world. I do not wish to tell you my dislikes of this world, but my penchants of it.

In other words, what bothers me about the phrase "you have it so easy" is that it is an implied comparison.

My weight loss success was so easy... compared to someone making it out of physical therapy? My grades were easily gained... compared to someone with learning disability? My life was so easy... compared to what?

Every person is different. Every human experience is different. The phrase "you're so lucky that you have it so easy" bothers me so much, because not only does it paint over my struggles, but it emphasizes the flaw that we, as a society, have embedded into our minds. That comparing our lives to someone else and weighing our problems on a scale is the only way to determine our worth.

My friend's grandmother passed away. My other friend's dog just recently passed as well. Both individuals were devastated. I won't simply say, "my friend's feelings are legitimate because it was her grandmother, but my other friend is overreacting over an animal." No, that's not how it works. Sadness is sadness. Pain is pain. Hurt is hurt. One does not weigh any heavier than the other. They both exist on personal spectrums, but one does not hold any more value than the other.

The same applies to happiness. Happiness is constantly compared, which therefore makes all of us less happy. Just like compassion, just like hardship, and just like sadness -- happiness should not be compared, but shared.

I don't want you thinking, "Oh, Minhyuk has it so easy. Minhyuk is so lucky." I want you to wish your life could be as great as you could make it. I hope your life is better than yesterday, and the day before that. And if it isn't, I hope you can get back up on your feet and gather your courage again. I want you to stop wishing for someone else's life and begin to embrace your own. I want you to be able to stand alone in a room, without a single comparison, and know that you are worthy of absolutely everything in this golden world.

We're not lucky.
We don't have it easy.

But what we do now will make things easier, and make us happier. If not now, then in the future.

Because we are all worth it.
Aditi Dec 2014
they say
he must be lucky
the guy who gets to have me
and i just look in your eyes
and see the hell i have put you through
they fell in love w my words
but i wonder do they know
that this is not beautiful
all these words may make depression look pretty
but it is not
it is not easy to be w a girl
who wants to crawl into the tiniest space of you
and make her home there
it is not easy to be with a girl
who makes you her air
it is not easy to see her
cringe at her own reflection
it is not easy to love her
when all she has is hatred for her self
it is not easy to look at her
when you read her poems about how she wants to peel off her skin
till nothing of her remains
it is easy to say
he must be a lucky guy
lemme assure you
he is not
im not blushing cheeks and perfect smiles
Im not about classy looks and vintage dresses
im like the storm and the only way i know how to show my love is to destroy
it is not easy to talk to her
when she replies in proses and riddles
it is not easy to hold her
when one moment she is warm and cuddlable
and the next she is spitting fire
it is not easy to tolerate her
when one small mistake and
it has already been
carved as a poem
it is not easy to survive her intense gaze
it is not easy to look back into her eyes
when she is looking at you w too much emotions contained in her eyes
too strong for you to take
she is everything
or nothing
or both
at the same time
she is every shade of every color
Ill overwhelm you
or i can make you question your own existence
cause i dont know any other way
to love
than to make you my all
and to be your all
ill love you w a passion
you have never seen before
but can your feeble heart
take it?
do you think
your calculated actions and diplomatic decisions
will help you then?
you may be fooled by my smile
and my gentle voice in which i talk to you
but there is a lot to me
than what meets your eyes
there will always be more to me
than you ll know
and you may think it is easy to love me
but it is not
you are a dreamer, you are in love with the idea of me
while you remain oblivious of
all the stories behind the words i have not yet written
and the words you ll never see.
It is effortless to fall in love with a poem
but being with a poet is a totally different thing
don't you now agree?
The spark that you see in her poem that you cant help but be attracted to .. well, that spark might just burn you.
SoVi Nov 2018
               Keep your heart together
       Don't let them know you're alone
       Put the gun in the drawer, lock it up
                 Take that knife and throw it away
         Lies through clenched teeth
         Burn all your things together
                 Fight and fly to forget
          Hide your body so they'll forget
          It's never going to be that

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
How long will it take for you to see
Life is just an illusion, it’s gonna pass eventually
The flesh is just a lie
Eventually you’re gonna die
But your soul will live on
Rejoice in this don’t mourn
God made you to die
It’s why you were born
Last night GOD spoke to me
Your pain will end soon, so brother don’t worry
This world will soon pass
None of this is gonna last
But the word of GOD will live on
From the dusk till the dawn, on, on and on
He said pity the living, not the dead
I replied back to him
I meant no disrespect and this is what I said
Imma hold my head high and do my part until the end

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

Sister and brothers on streets
Instead of helping them get on their feats
We’re worrying about ourselves
It’s an endless cycle
man’s just looking out for himself
It seems clear to me
That nobody is free
Rich, white, black or poor you’re all the same to me
Trapped in a prison ruled by money
Don’t you think it’s funny
Endless numbers and papers rules us
We’ll never be happy
It’s not a mystery
The world is falling apart
I want it to end already, when will it start
Until then I guess I’m going to do my part
So while you’re here just make this life easy

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Henry Brooke Feb 2016
easy she just said
easy and so she
pull out your heart to me
being alone
being a lord is
you break the
brand old TV.
loose the control
Crush it your hole
is gaping,
sailing on,
is Easy.
burn all the sticks to
make a fight
to forget
oh easy
burn all the
text to show
a light
go next.
lyrics. mixed a song I like.
Kiana Lynn Sep 2015
Easy come, easy go
it hurts a bit more than a stubbed toe.
The hurt means I cared,
but I can't let getting hurt make me scared.
I have to believe
even if you all will call me naive,
that not everyone will leave
even if the notion, right now, is hard to conceive.
Easy come, easy go
you packed up and left, it was the end of our show.
But it's not the end of mine.
For one day, all my stars will align.
Everything will fall into place,
I won't have lies told straight to my face.
Easy come, easy go...
From this hurt, I know I'll grow.
jeffrey robin Nov 2010
love come easy

easy as the laughin child



love come pure

pure as the lovely child


we are so afraid
of the moment when

eye to eye

love come

and love come easy
so easy


love dont need you

you just here

love is power

love gives you life

love come easy
easy easy

we buy
we sell eachother

we dont come easy and love is gone


love come easy

easy as the laughin child

walks thru the Park

and all the children come together
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
It's easy to say I love you when you are face to face.
It's easy to say I love you when you are inside someone.
It's easy to say I love you when they are caring for you.
It's easy to say I love you when the butterflies are in your
stomach and every waking moment is consumed with one another.

But it's not easy to say I love you when they want nothing to do with you.
It's not easy to say I love you when you know they don't love you.
It's not easy to say I love you when it's been a consistent battle to
remain friends.
It's not easy to say I love you when you always choose guys who
make you feel less than you are.
It's not easy to say I love you when I have been waiting four years for
you to feel anything for me.
And it certainly is not easy to say I love you when there is an ocean
separating the two of us.

I don't love you because I need you, I need you because I love you.
Love is not a feeling, or an emotional connection, or an opportunity not to be alone.
Love is dedication, a choice to knit your heart and soul to another because
nobody else can compare to the joy, peace, affection, and trustworthiness that you have.

So I love you. I love you. I love you.
You may never read this, but it's the deepest part of my love for you.
//On her//
This was my first ever poem, written in December of 2015.
Brent Kincaid Dec 2016
Easy Beach
I’m playing here today
Easy Beach.
It’s where I want to stay.
Where the sea and sand are brothers
And they play so well together
And let me play
With them all day,
Serenity is in reach
Here on Easy Beach.

Easy Beach
Has so much to say
Easy Beach
You’ve blown me away
With your softly murmured mumbling
Like the earth and my soul rumbling
Speaking to each other
Both of them together
Both sound and vision
Grant me permission
I almost hear it preach
Stay on Easy Beach.

Easy Beach
My troubles are behind me
Easy Beach
You treat me oh so kindly
So many gifts from the sea to me
Seashells and driftwood artfully
Gather here at my feet
Every single one a treat
If I choose to see it that way;
A shoreline of treasure
Truly without measure
Here on Easy Beach.
Rolled into town
With a chip on my shoulder
Big as a boulder
Footloose and free

I went to my woman
I stood there and told her
I thought we should fold her
Now it's just me

Love isn't easy
It's more than a game
You play what you're dealt
And there's no one to blame
Do something wrong
It's more of the same
Love isn't easy for me
NO....Love isn't easy for me

Needed some time
Found an old city bar
me and my guitar
Had two shots and a beer

Had me a drink
From an old, cracked fruit jar
Thick as coal tar
What it was, wasn't clear

Love isn't easy
It's more than a game
The players may change
The result's still the same
Think too ******* it
It'll drive you insane
Love isn't easy for me
NO...Love isn't easy for me

Went to the jukebox
Put some cash in
It was just then
my phone, signalled me

My ex said hey baby
Let's try it again
I counted to ten
It's my guitar and me

Love isn't easy
It's a new kind of hell
You think you're ok
But, you never can tell
Instead of in love
I wish I'd just fell
Love isn't easy for me
NO...Love isn't easy for me

Rolled into town
With a chip on my shoulder
Big as a boulder
Footloose and free
jeffrey robin Oct 2015

/    \



Tender your

Pure heart


The long Rifle day

That has invaded

The soul of Man


We meet in the alley behind the school yard

Where the dyin is ugly

And the heart is hard

But we wait till all hate dissipates

And start to love anew


It's easy

So very easy to love

It's easy

So very easy

It's so very easy to love


to believe that all dreams come true



Oh how tender.

Is your loving heart

Zara Jul 2013
It's so easy
being around you
every time I see you
I see home

It's so easy
to feel at ease
lose my restraints
be free
around you

It's so easy
to forget
the world
the darkness
the rain
the pain
when I'm with you

It's so easy
to love you
the light of my life

It's so easy
to remember
our laughter
our good times
our memories

It's so hard
to realize
how I meant nothing
to you
you tossed me away
like I'm worthless

It's so easy
how we fell off the track
of our future
that we planned

It's so easy
how you forgot
the promises you made
that you swore
you'll never break

It's so easy
to hate you
resent you
fill my heart with hatred
act like you destroyed me
my heart
my soul

but it's never easy
to forget you

I'll never forget
our time together
my time with you
Wk kortas Jun 2017
Back in the day before the game quit us,
We’d balled down at the rec center with an old guy
Who went by the name of Terry Easy.
He was there every afternoon, every night
(As far as we knew, he’d been there forever,
The joke being Hell, man, Easy was there
Three minutes after they got the floor down.
Big old dude, but you could tell from the way he moved,
Even the way he walked, that he had game at one time,
Though he’d gotten to the wrong side of the transition
From solid to just plain fat
(We’d woof at him Easy, you get any more flab on your *******
And we’re gonna have to go from shirts-and-skins
To bras-and-blouses, for chrissakes.
And he played with coke-bottle glasses so thick
You figured he couldn’t hit the backboard from outside three feet.
Still, if you didn’t pick the man up a few steps across half-court,
He’d bury you with set shots --‘course, if you played him too tight
He’d just back-door your *** for layups all night
(As far as playing D went, Easy was pretty easy pickings,
Though he’d try to make up for a lack of foot speed
With old man tricks--locking his knee behind yours
To push you off the blocks, a quick grab of the shorts
As you cut through the lane, stuff that starts fights,
Though taking a shot at Easy was just something you didn’t do
Something unspoken that you just knew was out of bounds.)
Between games, Easy would tell stories about his playground days:
He’d played on all the courts with all the legends,
16th and Susquehanna with Lewis Lloyd and Sad-Eyes Watson,
48th and Brown with The Pearl,
Ridgeway Playground with Wilt and Hal Greer.
One day Easy was telling a story about how Greer,
Playing out the string with a Sixers team
That won nine **** games all season,
Was playing against Wilt one night when the Lakers were in town.
Hal went down the lane, and Wilt was right there,
Getting ready to swat the pill…hell, eight, nine rows up,
Maybe halfway to Doylestown, but at the last moment
He pulled his hand back, and let the ball tap, tap, tap on the rim
Before it dropped through for two
(For old times’ sake, Wilt said later.)
Hal didn’t see it that way, giving Wilt a shove and glaring at him
All the way back down court, and after the game
He stormed into the Laker locker room,
Screaming Where the **** is Wilt? I’m gonna beat his ***!
And, catching sight of the big man, hollered ever louder
You play it straight with me, *******, you hear me?
You never disrespect my *** on the court again! Never!

All the time two or three guys holding Hal back
(And understand, Wilt was the biggest, baddest man in the game;
Hell, one time he picked up Mel Daniels,
Six-feet-nine of evil and bad temper, like a Raggedy Andy)
And the big man never said a word, ‘cause he knew was wrong,
So Terry told the story, anyway,
And Easy should have stopped right there,
‘Cause the story was over, but old men get foolish, get all soppy,
So he says Hal was right, understand-;
You just can’t do that to a man.
Old player like Greer, maybe all he’s got left is his pride,
Like some old lion who can’t hunt no more, but he’s earned that.
Gotta let a lion have his pride
, and after he finished
All the young ‘uns just hooted at him
Man, Easy, you do go on, and for months afterward
Every time the dude covering him turned his head
And gave Easy an easy bucket, everyone on the court
Would just laugh, and yell That’s good huntin’, man.
Roar, lion, roar
How easy it is to forget.

When it doesn’t affect you.

When the ones lost, weren’t your loved ones.

How easy it is to forget when it wasn’t your child on the receiving end.

When it wasn’t your daughter shrieking for help as some man had his way with her.

Indirectly telling her, her body only exists his pleasure.

How easy it is to forget when it wasn’t you that missed the call that may have allowed you to talk your son down from that ledge.

How easy it is to forget when your mother makes it home, and you didn’t even think to worry.

How easy it is to forget, when your father won’t get mistaken for an immigrant.

It’s easier to forget the horror when your family isn’t the one being torn apart.

You see how easy it is to forget, when it’s not their sisters and brothers being left for dead.

You see how easy it is to forget, when the bodies don’t look like you.
Flint Michigan still does not have clean water. Puerto Rico is part of America. The veterans you love so much are jobless and homeless.
Cecil Miller Jan 2023
They say it's where the heart is,
But I don't know
Exactly what my part is,
Which way to grow.

They say it's where the heart is,
But your love has flown,
From it's guilded caging,
And I'm all alone.

It would be so easy
If you come on home.
It would be so easy,
Like a sigh before a moan,
It would be so easy,
If you throw your dog a bone.
It would be so easy,
Easy as home.

Before, the Earth was quaking;
I'm I a one and then you're done?
I'm waking and I'm baking,
And I'm not sure that I'm done.

I miss the nights we’d spend
Together on our own.
Sometimes, the creaking floorboards,
When you'd sneak in, late for home.

All I do is wonder now,
What more can be done
To convince you where your heart should be,
With me here at home.

It would be so easy
If you come on home.
It would be so easy,
Like a sigh before a moan,
It would be so easy,
If you throw your dog a bone.
It would be so easy,
Easy as home.
Song lyrics, I just wrote them.
Jay Jimenez Jul 2013
Follow me into the land
of promise and promise
Follow my heart as it leads you to a
place of hopefullness
and joy
just take a little time
and build some trust in me
I promise I wont hurt you
or make ya cry.

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy

Dont worry
I'll take the good with the bad
and the sad with the mad
I'll sit around and wait for you to calm down
I got time to wait for ya babe
it shouldnt take long.

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy

You always tried your hardest to make me go
so you called me a douchbag
and said just go
but I know you wanted me to stay
so I took the words you said with a grain of sand
and waited outside
smoked a cig and waited for you to call my name
to come back in

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy

You opened your heart
and let love in
and to this day
our lives have never been the same
and it's not a dream
you can awake
and know that my love is yours
till the we day
and our ashes are scattered across
this land.

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy
Jackie Jun 2014
I used to think love was easy
I looked at her
She looked at me
I used to think love was easy
If she made me happy
Then I obviously made her happy
We didn't make each other happy
We were just along for the ride
I used to think love was easy
Like if I just tried a little harder
We could make it work this time
If I just proved that my love was more than my words
It would be fine
I used to think love was easy
Like on TV
Holding hands and laughing
Hoping that someone was writing a script for us to play out
That way it could seem real
I used to think love was easy
Like it just jumped out in front of us
Saying here I am
I'm yours
This is where you belong
I used to think love was easy
That's why there are so many love songs
We can write them like we know what we're talking about
They seem so true
So real
I used to think love was easy
Until I met you
And I had to try to love you
My words became salty and dry in my mouth
They didn't come easily
Like they should be
I used to think love was easy
Until I fell in love with you
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2014
for Joe A., who wishes me that
"may your best days be in love's sight"

your kindness in words,
over the top,
unduly undue

"my best days"
très charmant,
mais aujourd'hui

students surpass
the teachers,
sad, bad and life
tag trending
and we~me,
are simply
with those

grandpa's tools
outdated, shelved,
in their final
resting place,
blades dulled,
the technology
of his verbiage,
rusted by old age

the reads diminishing,
his touch, antiquated,
his best days, resting on top of
the ocean internet waves
his summertime buddies,
sand sun grass and sea air perfumes,
singing, awe we got ya,
cosy and comforted,
awaiting you in your chair,
overlooking our truest
sheltered applause

my best words
turned inwards,
collecting recollections,
rereading my solaces,
and content that

my body,
still stirs,
when joined by
Barry White and Lionel,
forgot like me,
yet happy, in bed
with us

so you see,
you are half right,
the right half

on my bare chest,
blonde tresses,
blanket, keeping me warm,
easy like a Sunday morning

so turns come and go,
no more down the slide,
running to the back of the line,
up and down again and again

time of the tool and die maker,
to cut loose,
learn by crafting daily,
and not from the books

Ooh, that's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning
That's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning^

write for me, write for her,
for with her,
in love's sight,
life is
easy like Sunday morning,
that's why I'm easy,
like Sunday morning
I find inspiration in the private words y'all send me, your messages,
become your poems

Sunday morning, in bed, March 23rd, 2014

^ lyrics by Lionel Ritchie, "Easy Like Sunday Morning"
the allan family story, brian’s easy to TEASE

you see brian allan was walking around the canberra city with a trolley full of groceries

because doing that caqn really help the poor as well as the young dudes who were poor,

you see brian preferred poorer people because they were cool and loved really loud music

and what brian had to realise that his brother and parents are helping the poor better than him

you see brian was treated like a cool kid by men who want to help the poor, and an easy target

by the young dudes his own age, yeah the kids played AC/DC OR JUDAS PRIEST OR IRON MAIDEN

really really loud and brian’s ,mate george taught brian that being poor isn’t a wish, it’s a catastrophe

and brian wanted not to be poor, so he played basketball, in which he trained at the woden basketball courts

and he also played ten pin bowling where brian won a lot of medals, brian was a real sports boy, and also

loved to be a cool party dude and brian was passed off as an easy kidnapping target by the ghost of ted bundy

to **** all the family person out of him, forcing brian to tie himself up, brian hated being known as the easy target

ted said, you are tying yourself up, to help the poor people, allow them to listen to heavy metal and not get in trouble

by conservos, and save the hooligans brian, and if you ever try and be a ****, i will bash you, brian, and shove another

poor man’s soul in you, ted said, we need to help the poor and having you ******* protects the poor people, and we need

to let criminals out of prison, you see brian allan, your like us, now man, every time a criminal gets caught, i will trap your mind

into feeling sorry for those hardened criminals, yeah this will be easy to trap mr brian allan, it’ll be easy to treat you like an easy

target, till you realise only ***** do help like this, you see brian, your mates are playing their characters from shows like prisoner

or the brady bunch or kings wood country, and in the process we will bully brian allan forcing ted bundy to die and have his ghost

force brian allan for the rest of his life, saying brian allan, the only family perrso you are, is a family person to a tease, don’t be

liken US, brian, you see brian’s parents and brother helped people the proper way, but ted bunny’s ghost is saying brian helps

the poor by tying himself up and this made brian allan wild, a real giant in the backyard, so to speak and when brian was trying to

be an adult going for a nightly swim making a lot of noise brian’s mum sprayed the hose on the giant in the back yard, like joan the freak

ferguson on the show prisoner because she was worried that brian was becoming an easy target to teasing like this

WOOSEY WOOSEY WOOSEY, and ted bundy’s ghost made it hard for brian to lock his door and forced him to have little visitors,

making brian allan dodge a kidnapper at the charnwood inn and making brian scared that his drinking mates were teasing as brian

say no to a joyride in a car, and on the way home from the gym, you see a kid asked me to buy him a pack of cigarettes and i said yes

and the shop assistant called him a total *****, and the kid laughed, because he was trapped by ted bunny’s ghost to laugh at me

ya know, tease brian allan, and now brian allan battles ted bundy’s voice makes a voice in my head, your like us now man

brian allan is like ted bundy’s mob, he doesn’t want it, but he has no choice heh heh heh

stay with the poor, allan boy
Zack Ripley Feb 2022
It's not easy to be me.
I don't imagine it's easy to be you.
It's not easy to be anything or anyone.
It's not easy to follow through.
It's not easy to give up. It's not easy to give in. It's not easy to keep people
from getting under your skin.
My point is, nothing is easy.
So, it's okay if you fail. Everyone's done it.
And just look where they are now.
Keep your head up, and you'll go far.
Matt Feb 2015
The Flak hits the wings and body of the plane
506th Easy Company
Of the 101st Airborne

The leg bag
Tore right off
They jumped lower than they should have been

Tracer bullets burning holes through the parachute
Tracers spraying around in the air
Firing in every direction

Paul "Buck" Rogers
Lands in a tree

Some worked their way down
Through a farm area
To a hedge row

Easy Company captured and destroyed
The guns at Brecourt Manor
Saving countless lives on Utah Beach

They helped to liberate the Dutch
Angels from the sky

The black and white footage is amazing
The gratitude and love the people show
To the men is wonderful

Finally free after four years
Of Occupation by the Germans

Battling from village to village
Along "Hell's Highway,"
Easy Company crossed Holland to the Rhine River

Nine men of Easy Company
Lost their lives
Battling in Holland

By the End of the Holland campaign,
Easy Company had been on the frontline
For more than 70 days

On Dec. 16, 1944
****** launched his offensive into the Ardennes

The Battle of the Bulge would become
The largest engagement
In the history
Of the U.S. Army
600,000 soldiers would fight in the battle

Easy Company was told to hold the perimeter of Bastogne
Surrounded by Germans
Branches knocked off of trees
Holes in the ground

Artillery attack
88s, mortars, rockets
They jumped into foxholes
He could see all the shells hitting from the foxhole

The wounded got relief from battle
Maybe a ticket home
If they died they were at peace

At Berchtesgaden
They uncovered artwork

In Zell Am Zee, Austria
Easy Company helped secure
The surrender of 25,000 German troops

On November 30, 1945
The 101st Airborne Division
Was inactivated

Day after Day
They fought together
Fought for each other
Knowing some would not return

This veteran said,
"I cherish the memories
Of a question my grandson asked me the other day.

'Grandpa, Were you a hero in the war?'
Grandpa said no
But I served in a company of heroes."
R May 2015
It's easy to stick your finger or toothbrush to the back of your throat,
as you grasp the edge of the toilet seat as you puke up
all of your misery, mixed with the turkey sandwich you had earlier.

It's easy to make lines across your thigh or your wrist,
because blood is blood and who cares about how much you spill
when you're all alone at 3am with your thoughts and your pain?

It's easy to stop eating all together and to make food for others,
because then you get to smell the scent of your favorite food without
actually having to feel more weight added to your thighs or stomach.

It's easy to stop enjoying the things that make you happy in life,
because every movie has the same plot and every book reads the same words, so what's the point anymore?

It's easy to become numb to the fact that everything you could possibly
ruin has been ruined and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, so why try and make things better?

It's easy to listen to the voices in your head after they've been gone for so long, because they want to comfort you, they want to help.

And it's sure as hell easy to remind everyone around you just how awful you are, because when everyone is too afraid to say that I'm a horrible person, I get worse and I hurt more and more people.

It's also easy to become comfortable in your own sadness, your own deep depression. It holds me when I'm being pushed down by the weight of my own horrifying reality.

But, do you know what is really hard, what takes courage?
Delaying your daily toilet-date for a study session because you're failing a class or four.
Not pushing the blade in your skin so that you won't bleed all over your favorite blanket that you gave to the girl you loved not so long ago.
Eating that dreadful piece of pizza on your plate, because you don't want your parents to be disappointed in you again, because you're drowning in your own ocean of disappointment.
Sitting back and relaxing, and watching that movie you've been wanting to see and reading that book you've been wanting to read, because you know deep down inside that it's not the same plot, its just been the same story replaying over and over in your head.
Realizing how evil and barbaric you've been, and coming back down to Earth again so you can plant your sunflower seeds in places that deserve your company, and apologizing for the weeds you left in the gardens of the people you love. I'm so sorry.
Not listening to the voices in your head, because one side of you realizes that they're not there to help you, they are only there to destroy you.
And lastly, it's hard to remind yourself that you're human. Sadness is like a faucet, while sometimes it leaks, you are more than capable to fix it, or to at least help it. Don't let it become an uncontrollable waterfall, let it be something that can be turned off once in awhile so you can remember to enjoy life.

It's okay to be sad, but there is a difference in being sad and being sad.
I'm really proud of this
Jonny Bolduc Jan 2013
exit bag

It's easy enough to peer through the underside of a hearse-
easy enough to **** those gears.
Easy enough to try it once or twice or give up or spit it out like a bad fruit.

Easy enough to shiver in bed
Easy enough to last it out and sleep all day

puff on the bag and go somewhere else

A quick, easy blur. Negation
hand in hand loyal love with sleep. A handshake, low,
tossed about with a final farewell, a quick gulp
in the arms of a surrendering light- a face-mask.

It's easy enough to stick it and last.

So level out with a spliff, take another chance-
a homespun remedy will extract the saccharine
days and take out the "too sweet" sweat of a poison

it's easy enough to do it quietly.
It's easy enough to have a pay-order-death.
Spit-up, a final Sampson barber drain. You'll never
sleep through another day if you put on
that exit mask and breathe
slowly until you can't

until the surprises stop coming
until the wounds stop laughing
until the only obdurate straight man will stop his act and take you home and lay you on a couch and drape a clean blanket over you like a white sheet
and cover your eyes with cloth and pennies and
gently weep when no one's making a joke anymore

— The End —