I hear them calling, she said.

with her open mouth she joined the screaming crowd in her mind.
she wasn't alone now.

I can see them reaching out, she cried!

everyone appeared to be seeking her bursting mind.
she felt it all so deeply,
she was an ocean, flooding over everyone with her pain

they all wonder with danger seeping from their shut eyes.
she devoured them, with every closed lid,
with her broken mind
she pulled out her heart, to be alone
she stopped breathing.

how express, they whispered.
oh, she suffered beautifully they exclaimed.
how admirable.

it was easy for them to go about their day.

David Nelson Jun 2013

It is so easy
easy to pretend I do not miss you
easy to remove you from my mind
easy to turn my head when a tear falls
easy to make up a lie
when someone wonders why
where you have gone

it is so easy
easy to tell stories of days gone past
easy to say not everything is destined to last
easy to fake a cough when I choke up inside my head
easy to say I will not cry
as the days and nights go by
where have you gone
it's not that easy

Gomer LePoet ...
Wouter Apr 2014
At the third street on the left
from Bourbon Street,
the reddish brown waterline
follows us to the hotel

The sleek white walls appear
to be from ‘after Katrina’
like many here

In the spring sun
the pale green lies deserted
in the shadow of
a long line of soot
coughing cars

Where Sachtmo's park
seems forgotten
after cleaning and renovation

is the home of this
other musician with worldly
allure, like a fresh blueberry
on a flat beaten hill
full of loose ends
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I'm a simple man
A country boy north of the Mason Dixon
I don't look for much
There's only the little things I that I yearn
Like the love of a good woman and a smooth whiskey
Maybe a reliable old truck and some folks that would miss me

I'm comfortable anywhere I go
From the corn fields of Illinois, to the mountains of Tennessee
I travel light, some blue jeans and some shirts
Perhaps with a few bucks for a little fun
I listen to some old country every day
Like No Show, Hank and Mr. Conway

I'm cut from old school cloth
Just like my folks before me
Yeah, I'm not fancy
I just am who I am
A lover and a fighter
A son, brother, uncle, and lover
Tomlinsonsgun Jul 2015
The straight life is easy
I had a little try
But soon I realised that for me it feels better
To be Bi
AnActualToaster Oct 2014
Were words so easy
I'd say them more
Were words so easy
I wouldn't be such a bore
Were words so easy
Things wouldn't be so hard
But were words so easy
I wouldn't have made it this far
If I were unable to write poetry, I don't think I'd be here today.
ladyfunnybones Mar 2014
it's easy to breathe
for you --
when the sky is a
clear blue,
nothing burns
not even
the spots
you last
blah blah, back after almost a year, poetry, follow me on tumblr: ladyfunnybones,
Brianna Jun 2014
I loved him carefully; from afar I liked to watch him grow into the man I knew today.
I loved him carefully; I watched his moods making sure the outrage stayed as far away from me as I could.
I loved him easily... It wasn't hard when his green eyes watched your every move and his lips held pretty words that danced through my ears.

But he loved me recklessly; he came at me with full speed ahead on marriage and lack of trust.
He loved me dangerously; so much that became afraid to love me at all for fear I would be his all.

I loved him carefully and it was too easy to fall apart when he walked away.
He loved me recklessly and it had become to dangerous for him to keep me around.
Diana Mar 2013
It's easy for you,
When it's not for me,
The trees they don't sing,
But how to say anything,
Bull shit, bull shit you never cared,
It's easy for you,
When it's not for me
Ashley Garza Apr 2013
i miss i miss i miss...
to wit: you.
you brought me candy once
we were in a different world then
things were more honest then
oceans away from reality
you were wary of a ring i was
struggling to remove.
i stayed up late sometimes
so i could see you when you landed
did you notice?
it was silly.
it's still silly.
after a year we thought it was a different world
you said. i know.

it was easy
i felt easy
things are easy around you
you fell asleep on my stomach and i
to live in that moment.
i want to go back to that moment
i felt you ease into sleep.
i fell into something then
i hope it was just you
it's silly to think it could be anything bigger
than the two of us napping on the couch.
crystallaiz Feb 2016
Seasons passed us by
I grew, and so did you
In chorus we made the universe spark
At crossroads you kissed my insecurities away
And somewhere along the way
You gave me your heart
I told you I wasn’t good at reciprocating
But you just smiled and said it’s okay
I loved you so much then, for choosing me
again, it's part of something longer. anyone wants to take a guess which other short poem already posted is linked to this?

man, this was early on in the good old days... where everything was much simpler, less complicated, less tiring
Niti Joshi Jun 2014
Here comes the Rain
Thereby soothing our Brains
The Brains that got Fried
In the hot hot Nights~ Niti
Melissa S Nov 2014
She has her own star
Down on the boulevard
Where they all line up to see her
Welcome to her life
Welcome to her world
Her life did not go as planned
She thought the whole world was in her hands
She craves intimacy in the worst way
But has to settle for whatever the fellows are paying for that day
She parades around on her concrete stars perfumed and sprayed
Hopeful that someone will find her desirable rather than doubtful
Wears tons of makeup
Smokes two packs a day
She thinks the sooner she leaves this world the better
She had a plan she had a path
Before that monster stole her soul and caused her wrath
Now alcohol and drugs help numb her pain
Nothing but a ghost girl remains
The other girl shed herself just a pile of skin left on the floor
This new person is all anyone will see anymore
She does have a good heart
but rarely uses it
too many people have let her down
No one ever tries to see the person that she is
they never stop to hear her story
but not me
They say it's hard work to look that easy
Some may even call her sleazy
But not me
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