Sy Lilang Aug 2016

August 3 na,
Pero **AuGUST2 pa rin kita.
Styles Mar 2017
Spread your passage of desire;
              Warm me with your heat,
              melt me with your fire.
              For  I am what you seek,
              you are what I desire.
Harsh Sandhu Nov 2014
That time being nation's condition worse
For all to exist in yoke motherland seemed
                                                       to be curse
Having country's onus on youths to freed
So swear to intent freedom theirs' mind
With full enthusiasm, excitation and zeal
Everyone gone for country's wound to heal
Having all that time the same intent
Anyone who felt country's screaming of
                                        bondage present!
I try to feel again and again country's situation of that time , when freedom was only a word for our countrymen.
Wide Eyes Sep 2016
(Part 1:

Come spring, she leaped across the grassy dune.
In her ageing almond eyes, fresh wisdom strewn.
Unthought of now- he who had once been her all.
In a forbidden forest, a smiling lean buck stood tall.

Come summer, standing afar she did quietly spy;
Studying his ways from the curious corner of her eye-
How chilled he liked his water, how green his grass…
A polite little nod if ever he happened to pass.

Come monsoon, away she cast the lessons of the past.
Throughout their graze, on him her gaze.
Playful fights they feign; adorable moments in the rain.
She’d fallen tame; her clumsy hooves not to blame.

Come winter, cold truths in the icy winds blew her way.
Her lean, smiling buck wasn’t really hers per se.
He smiled much the same at myriad doe and antelope,
Yet, in her shivering heart flickered the scantiest of hope.

Come fall, she finally forsake her futile trail.
Turned her back with a swish of her bushy tail.
Beaming with sheer joy, she hummed a halcyon tune twice over.
For bucks would come and bucks would go, but the river’d go on forever.
A sequel.
Unity Drain Dec 2013
The aftermath of poorly applied algebra is a scramble of numbers, letters, lonely coefficients, and an unemployed ninjas. These characters are much like those of a barbershop quartet, where members can either harmonize or simply fall flat. All of this depends on the song they sing and the order it is sung; algebra sings a song of SVSCOS (Same Variables Same Coefficients Opposite Sides) What else can come of bad math? Nothing less than a burning hatred for radicals, imaginary numbers, the saying 'PEMDAS', or maybe the fact that if you're 21 you must stay out the bars. This being said, Algebra 2 is very much like a dream; once you wake up, most of it is forgotten, but also in that it can be strived toward and reached.
Ashley Somebody May 2014
The sun was in haze
Smoke or dust shrouded mountains
I felt stranded here.
Corporate CEO's,
mindlessly hoarding money,
as the poor suffer.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
turbul-sense Jul 2015
i met someone, friend
it's a fascinatingly consuming experience
when you realise that another human being's existence
can make you feel, quite simply,

she's beautiful
and she's never known it and
i want nothing more than to hold her until
she believes me,

i like her like boys do.
my mom would not approve.
about her
Harley Hucof Sep 2014
(L)ick my muse
(E)at it all
(T)ry not to let a drop fall
(S)uck my juice, suck it all

(M)oan and scream
(I)t's all i need
(S)ubmissive is what you'll be
(B)e patient your time will come
(E)rotic games are to be done
(H)ardcore is my only way
(A)fter that it's your turn to play
(V)iolently, softly? it's up to you
(E)nding the night exploding on you

Words Of Harfouchism
just for fun
Karma Jun 2014
I wish for you to see me.
Dancing to music, totally lost.
Laughing, beautiful.
Being silly, the girl you fell for.
Creating new paintings, memories...
But rather than just seeing me,
Be there with me.
Prove predictions.
More hopeful
. xxx .
Bridget Allyson Apr 2015
I want to get inside your head...
See the world through your eyes...
Touch the ground with your feet...
Only then can I understand.
Forgive yourself…
For your sins.
Forgive yourself…
For being fragile.
You are only mortal.
Forgive me…
For not answering your burning question.
Forgive me…
For I cannot answer.
I know so little…
I’m trying to understand.
So this is part two to "Understanding."
This poem was inspired by the poem "We are the messengers"
Maa ki mamta ko dekh maut v
aage se hat jati hai
gar  maa apmanit hoti
dharti ki chaati fat jaati hai
ghar ko pura jeevan dekar
bechari maa kya pati hai
rukha sukha kha leti hai
paani pee kar soo jati hai

Jo maa jaisi devi ghar ke
mandir me nahi rakh sakte hai
wo lakho punya bhale kar le
inshan nahi ban sakte hai
maa jisko v jal de-de
wo paudha sandal ban jata hai
maa ke charno ko chukar paani
Gangajal ban jata hai

Maa ke anchal ne yugo-yugo se
Bhagwano ko pala hai
maa ke charno me jannat hai
Girijaghar aur Shivala hai
Himgiri jaisi unchai hai
sagar jaisi gahrai hai
dunia me jitni khushboo hai
maa ke anchal se aaye hai

Maa kabira ki sakhi hai
maa tulsi ki chaupai hai
meerabai ki padawali
khusru ki amar rubai hai
maa angan ki tulsi jaisi
pawan bargad ki chaya hai
maa ved richao ki garima
maa mahakavya ki maya hai

Maa maansarovar mamta ka
maa gomukh ki unchai hai
maa parivaro ka sangam hai
maa rishto ki gahrai hai
maa hari dubh hai dharti ki
maa keshar wali kyari hai
maa ki upma kewal maa hai
maa har ghar ki phulwari hai

Saato sur nartan karte jab
koi maa lori gaati hai
maa jis roti ko chu leti hai
wo prasad ban jati hai
maa hasti hai to dharti ka
jarra-jarra muskata hai
dekho to dur kshtiz ambar
dharti ko sheesh jhukata hai

Mana mere ghar ki deewaro me
chanda si murat hai
par mere man ke mandir me
bas kewal maa ki murat hai
maa saraswati lakshmi durga
ansuya mariyam sita hai
maa pawanta me ramcharit
manas me bhagwat geeta hai

Amma teri har baat mujhe
vardaan se badhkar lagti hai
he Maa teri surat mujhko
bhagwan se badhkar lagti hai
saare teerath ke punya jaha
mai un charno me leta hu
jinke koi santan nahi
mai un maawo ka beta hu

Har ghar me Maa ki puja ho
Aisa sankalp uthata hu
Mai dunia ki har maa ke
Charno me ye sheesh jhukata hu.....
Copyright© Shashank K Dwivedi
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A slut, bitch, and a whore
who we all pay to fuck
Draped in the green garments of Envy
being pimped out by Greed
impregnated with the seed of Hatred
giving birth to Anger in the house of Gluttony in the bed of Sloth.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
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