AmberLynne Dec 2014
Your promises come out
as pre-splintered words,
already having a tarnish.
And yet I am hopeful,
always, that I may be able
to pick them up, rub them
with my shirtsleeve just so,
and see the gleam of a true
promise. But no matter how I try,
how tenderly I handle the pieces
of your intentions, they always
crumble in my fingers,
confetti litter on the floor.
Arcassin B Jan 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

I promise to take care of you,
I promise to have a clean plate,
I promise to never forget you,
I promise I will never hate,
And even when your set to frustrate,
You must always never ralate,
To others that hate,

I promise I'm gonna make you smile,
I promise I'm gonna make it right,
I promise to stay for a while,
I promise I'll get a glimpse in sight,
Of the past and how it was,
Everything will be alright,

A promise is a promise,
Thats not always kept,
Lied to your founding Fathers,
When you tried to establish you wealth,
I said,
A promise is a promise,
Thats not always kept,
Lied to your founding Fathers,
When you tried to establish you wealth.
Yeah :(
Andrew Ciaciuch Sep 2012
With this ring comes a promise. You must be willing to accept it before you wear it. The promise is to love me for as long as possible as I will you. To love me through all the hard times that are yet to come as I will you. To love me and nurture me back to health on the days where I am sick as I will you. To love me and comfort me when I need it as I will for you. But most of all when the day comes where all that matters to be said is “I do”  when I say those words you will not hesitate to say them back to me.

Our love is not fragile, it is not shallow. Our love is strong and none can fathom how deep.
Our love is not short, it is not passing. Our love is for a lifetime and it is here to stay.
Our love is not one sided, it is not full of doubt. Our love is open and it is built on trust.
Our love is not for you or for me. Our love is for US.

Some say that the journey into life begins when you first enter this world. I have a theory that there are multiple journeys of life in the life that you live. There is obviously the journey into becoming a adolescence and then teenager (it is coupled with school). When that ends there is the journey into adulthood (can be accompanied by but not limited to college, vehicles, taxes, jobs, stress). But I believe the two most important journeys in life are the ones about love. The first one begins when you are first born, the second one begins when you find the right person. The first one is finding the person you belong with that you love with every fiber of your being. The second journey is simply to spend the rest of your life with this person. And as I have went through both of these (the first being a bit rough to start) I ask you  to join me in starting the second journey of love. I want you to be my lifelong partner in exploring the world.

If you choose to make this promise all you have to do is put this ring on your finger, and I will be yours for life.
I wrote this to go with a promise ring that I bought my girlfriend
Dhaye Margaux Feb 2015
When I promise of forever,  it is true
And know that I only promised it to you
It is true love when you dream of forever
Atul Mar 2015
Some might consider me a fool,
But I promise you my fidelity,
Not just till we are married,
Even as we sally forwards,
I stay as true as that sun,
In our joint life I pledge my fidelity,
And I pledge my exclusive faithfulness.
You need not feel the same for me.
This is a selfless promise, my dear.
I will never doubt your integrity.

I know that you might be angry after reading this, but I must be accepting some essential practicalities of life.

Though I feel that you are as sincere as any human beings can get,
I won't ever compare the extents or the natures of our mutual fidelity as I am no alien.

I am a homo sapiens sapiens just like you and we can get married to multiply.

I am sorry that I behave weird often, dictating you to not to talk with some people, and now I will let you experience and experiment with people's ingenuity.

My HP Poem #807
©Atul Kaushal
NewAgeOfAnarchy Sep 2014
The path to freedom is prove with broken promises and hardship.
©2014 Michael Cross
Kathy Byers Jan 2010
The smell of coffee and black sharpie fill your senses
Dragging yourself out of bed, you wrap the sheet around your naked body
Your head hurts more with every movement, every thought.

The sticky note on the door
written in small, squished, boy-like writing
"I never promised you forever."
Shyanne Galvan Dec 2015
When your high, keep it low.
I promise I will never ever let you go.
I will always got your back
Copyright Shyanne Galvan
We may not have each other but in some way, mentally in my head I do.
"Forgiven for the mistakes I've made;
so many times in anger and rage, broken your heart
and begged for a new start.
Only to fall short, shutting the door once more.

You say, "if you truly love me, let me go!"
As much as it hurts, I know this to be true.

But by chance you let me in,
I will never utter
those hateful words again.

For instead I will read this poem so your heart
will never feel blue.
And this is my promise to you."
a l e x Jul 2014
You broke it
You broke my heart
You ruined my life
You almost kill me
You told me, you love me.
I  believed in you
I trusted you
I give you all my love
My life and my everything
What you did
Really hurt me so much
I didn't expected you'd do that
But "Expect the unexpected"
Someday you'll realize what you had done
And I just hope you would learn from that
6th grade life
Shana Dukes Oct 2010
I wait longer and longer to hold a
singing family.
They let me go.
They don't tell me about the show.
I'm another broken promise... words can't hurt me.
Today is another broken promise...
Like a much craftier wordsmith
  will never hurt me.
Feeling disconnected from the world of songwriters and poets, I wrote this one.
Devashish Kumar Jun 2015
A Promise for forever
Is a double headed sword.
Whether you make a promise or
Break one,
Either way you are screwed.
Be careful.

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