Devin Lawrence Jul 2016
WE don't need to make
America great again;
SHE makes us all great.
BabeRuth Mar 2015
I remember the first time I watched the great Gatsby.
Your legs propped on my own,
Sailing in the land of happy dreams
You slept.
While I watched the most heartbreaking movie of the 2014.

You never realised how much that movie meant.
Never conceived how much  
Words and acts could drive a person

It was at that moment
As I watched Gatsby fall
His dreams shattered and his heart ruined
That I was hit with the reality.
Last nights drunken actions were more
Than just movements or simple words.

To me atleast
It all meant more
Deep down inside
Than you could ever have understood.

And though you hardly ever mentioned
The ongoings of that particular night,
It stayed with me.

And as Mr. Carraway spoke
Those last tantalising words of love,
I promised myself.
One day I shall tell you.
One day I shall have the courage Daisy never did.
To admit once and for all,
To the universe that I love you.
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
الامانة ليست كلمات براقة و جميلة فقط                                                                                    و لكنها                                                                                                                          فعل                                                                                                                               نشعر به و نعيش في عالمه الجميل ...                                                                                     الحياة بلا امانة                                                                                                                 وهم كبير ...                                                                                                                    Honesty is not just bright and pretty words ,but                                                   An act                                                                                                                        That we feel it and we live in its pretty world ...                                                   Life is a big illusion if                                   Lacks that honesty .
Greatness is misunderstood.
Therefore, let these actions
that manifest through
these arms
and these words

Let this voice
be reviled of men
lest it dissolve in the din
of fools and their Reason.

is a coping mechanism
against timelessness.

May vision proceed
let the waves
of eternity
be perceived

the presumption that they
are mine.
2.  Thou then who hast trials and troubles, rejoice because of them, for in them is Strength, and by their means is a pathway opened unto that Light.

3.  How should it be otherwise, O man, whose life is but a day in Eternity, a drop in the Ocean of time; how, were thy trials not many, couldst thou purge thy soul from the dross of earth?

Is it but now that the Higher Life is beset with dangers and difficulties; hath it not ever been so with the Sages and Hierophants of the past? They have been persecuted and reviled, they have been tormented of men; yet through this also has their Glory increased.

4. Rejoice therefore, O Initiate, for the greater thy trial the greater thy Triumph. When men shall revile thee, and speak against thee falsely, hath not the Master said, “Blessed art thou!”?

~Liber Librae
Lunar Jul 2014
What tragedy has seeked me out this year, I know not.
For in hope I expected, but t'was disappointment I got.
My thoughts on loving someone...and the time when Messi missed his shot at the free kick in the Fifa World Cup Finals with Germany :/ i wrote this when Gotze scored..
She May 2015
At home we sit at our wooden tables
Writing with wooden pencils on paper
Recalling tales and forgotten fables
About sad old trees turning to vapor

With brutality the trees were cut down
Used for their wood to meet everyone’s needs
A once great forest replaced by a town
And a landscape prepared for man’s crop seeds

Tree dwelling animals without a home
Were forced to move to a place they could live
And humans realized the barren biome
Had nothing to offer, nothing to give

The almighty trees were the key to life
Something to note when regarding this strife.
Tori Hart May 2014
You sat on the other end of the table
Glistening, shining, and taunting me
Rosy cheeks with spurts of Yellow and Green
Silently teasing
A juicy, little Apple.
Hopefully no one would see me, no one would pay any attention
As I grabbed the treat and the knife
And began to dangerously peel.
I knew I was doing it wrong
My hands shaking while my cheeks began to flush
Embarrassed by my ignorant inadequacy.
Are you left-handed? she asked from my left.
Humiliation filled the corners of my eyes, wet and distraught.
No, I mumbled. My cheeks reflecting Mose's Red Sea.
I was beginning to drown.
Your thumb needs to move, You make me nervous,
and she sounded nervous indeed.
Put it down here. Help yourself control it. Guide it.
Everyone was staring now, the whole table awed
My ignorance showing, like a medallion at my chest
My shameful Apple as pathetic proof.
You're doing it wrong.
Non così. Basta, faccio io.
Let me do it.
You're about to graduate, and you can't peel an apple.
I began choking, drowning in tears of Humiliation.
No, let her do it the small Voice on my left said.
She is finding her way. Let me watch her.
I finished peeling the Apple
Suffocating my tears as I ate.
You remind me of Daisy, she said soon after
From The Great Gatsby.
I choked and laughed, more ashamed than ever.
I'm not sure that is a compliment.
I could barely muster a mumble.
She couldn't do anything by herself.
She looked at me, gentle and forgiving.
I think it is, she replied
Wistful and Wise.
Daisy was vital to the story, you know.
And I believe that given the chance, she could have done anything that she wanted
*On her own.
"Sbagliando, si impara."
Piper W Mar 2016
I met you on a Saturday night,
You were wearing a white and tanish shirt
Skinny jeans
Grey converse  
It that made me sad when I found out you live somewhere else.
Don't know why
I just met you and don't know anything about you
I think you're
To this boy I just met
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
Great Caesar's ghost,
Hail dictating despot!
Overlord of Rome,
His soul still roams,
Big Julie's the magnate,
His motto still rates,
"We ain't dead yet!" Great!
All hail dictating despot,
Hail, great Caesar's ghost!
Feedback welcome, bit of fun.
CAME the great Popinjay
Smelling his nosegay:
In cages like grots
The birds sang gavottes.
'Herodiade's flea
Was named sweet Amanda,
She danced like a lady
From here to Uganda.
Oh, what a dance was there!
Long-haired, the candle
Salome-like tossed her hair
To a dance tune by Handel.' . . .
Dance they still? Then came
Courtier Death,
Blew out the candle flame
With civet breath.
Julie Grenness May 2016
A new babe on the way,
Does she arrive today?
The stork is on standby,
Is she coming down the slide?
A star in heaven's berth,
Winging her way to Earth,
Now an atomic cluster,
Has she got a dust buster?
Her future unplanned,
Soon in Earthling's band,
When is she coming down the slide?
Right now, the stork is on standby!
Feedback welcome.
Paul Butters Jan 2015
Oh what joy.
A little boy.
Jacob so happy.
A cheerful chappie.

Paul Butters
To my great nephew, born September 2014. SO CHEERFUL!!!

A great Hope fell
You heard no noise
The Ruin was within
Oh cunning wreck that told no tale
And let no Witness in

The mind was built for mighty Freight
For dread occasion planned
How often foundering at Sea
Ostensibly, on Land

A not admitting of the wound
Until it grew so wide
That all my Life had entered it
And there were troughs beside

A closing of the simple lid
That opened to the sun
Until the tender Carpenter
Perpetual nail it down—
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