Liv Catherine Mar 2015
Some people hate the smell of smoke
To me smoke meant early Thursday morning bongs rips
And the sun fighting it's way through the curtains
His 8 AM shirtless skin against mine and his face in my neck
The way our lips would play and tease each other, longing and smoke on our breath
Until we drifted back into dreams
Because we weren't about to let the morning win
To take that away from us
joyce knee Dec 2014
I inhale and hold my breath until I see black-
blank spots in my vision.
I exhale and release
beautiful, long-limbed clouds of smoke.
Shrouding my face, covering my eyes
blinding me to everything
but these pale tendrils
fluid and simple

curling wisps of smoke
scar the air
scar the silence

all secrets lie in smoke
if i could read it, i would know
the world.
Clindballe Jul 2014
The smell of smoke
and broken trust
is all I'll ever see
and all you'll ever be
Written: July 15. - 2014
Andrew Durst Apr 2014
read from bottom to top*

Trying some concrete poetry again.
Shin May 2014
Let's make a deal
that the smoke scented
taste of your tongue
will never leave mine.
Steele Mar 2015
Blades of smoke pass through my hair,
Cutting; oxidising; as the smoke is slowly rising
through the tower of my power as I vainly gasp for air.

Cyanide, it seems, can comfort me a while,
as I'm breathing; screaming and repeating
smoky words into the floor's mute bathroom tile.

But my power is all gone; all wrong.
Oxidise: Cyanide.
Once more into my lungs.
I've been quitting about a month now, and fuck is it hard. It shouldn't still be this hard, right? Jesus.
Taylor Lynn May 2015
the smell of cigarette smoke still lingers on her breath*
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
I will not smoke weed
I do not care
under peer pressure
or on a dare

I will not smoke it
in your car
I do not care
who you are

I will not burn trees
on a rainy day
out of boredom
despite what you say.

I will not kiss that bitch
Mary Jane
I will not get lost
in your cloudy haze.

I will not pass the joint
circle's are too
square for me
please, just let me be.

I will not roll one up
if it's legal or not
I won't watch your reruns
of a god damn yellow sponge

I will not get high
not even if you beg
not if you're my friend
or some bear named Ted.

I will not take a puff
not if it pisses you off
go and get lost
and leave in a huff.

I will not smoke pot
even if it's for free
I do not like the idea
can you not see?

I will not let my brain rot
just to get a buzz
I do not want your weed
no-- I really think not.

But, if you're drinking beer
then hey, let's get together
alcohol is my second language
crack one open; let's get wasted.
Cave Man Jun 2015
Take a toke
Inhale the smoke,
This isn't no joke

I love this plant
Let's make a chant,
All hail this incredible plant

Marijuana is the best
Fuck all the rest,
I'll take this rest

I'm high
While you lie,
There's no time to disguise

So let's take a toke
Inhale the smoke,
Because this I no joke

Marijuana is the best smoke!!!

Melting, dripping with time passing,
Wick still clashing.
Ashen, waxen,
Flame un-passion.

Holding candleholder handles,
Snuffing candles,
Watch smoke-shadows
Dance to who-knows.

Out! Out! like the light that it is,
But witness yet
Grey pirouette's
Dark banishment.
Mikkel Mathiesen Sep 2014
In you breath life
Out you breath death
You dream about kids and wife
But all you get is one last breath
Gigi Tiji Oct 2014
spark of life
touches earth
leaves crackle and
explode into breath

in deep romance, my
lungs kiss smoke
and Spirit expands within

sinking and
soaking through skin

deep into my roots dripping
into channels of rivers flowing
freely to my brain crackling
with neurons ever grasping
dendritically to reach
nutritious extrapolations
stormy interpretations
and interpolations

branches of
white birch lightning
Mouthpiece Dec 2016
Linger here
Cling to me
Flow in the dim
Evening light
Ghostly blue
Help me breathe
Encircle me
For the night

Subtle notes
Thick as ink
Kill me softly
At my lips
My fingertips
These dirty words
At your hips

I am yours
You are mine
Every kiss
Pulls the sky
The fire burns
And you rise
Slowly recline
Watch me die
A poem for somebody who has deserved one longer than anybody else I've ever known.
I've told the person I wrote this poem for and about that it is enjoyed by many!
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