kgl Dec 2014
like a cigarette, ignited and raised to your scornful lips
you made me your addiction
and i let you consume me
patty m May 2014
The train chugs into town, its smoke
rising over trees, black
against the setting sun's spread of
blue and tangerine.
And still the pale and exhausted clamor
aboard dust and soot covered,
until the train slides forward exhaling.

Golden hawk your broad circles stretch the moments
until your talons touch down,
while the train recedes into mountain's
violet haze.

Old Simon, a fisherman
from a neighboring town
rolls a cigarette and looks around
then proceeds to tell
one of his stories.

He tells them in segments,
holding each of us enthralled
as he puffs and blows smoke
in the eyes of gullible youngsters.


Smoky mountain sunset
the train of thought
comes rolling in,
no arrivals or departures
just miles of rail going nowhere,
clickety-clack clickety-clack.
Jordan Rowan Aug 2016
I wasn't born to be like this
I've got to be someone to miss
Someone save me
Sold all my things to the man with diamond rings
As I sing
Someone save me

This is no good, I know
I hope the hurt doesn't show
As the moon tries to glow
I become like smoke

I never knew how to give / in my life
What you need to live
Someone save me
This isn't me and I'm not you
If you were me, what would you do?
Would you beg too?

This night wears me down
As I wander around town
Someone save me
If you look at me, please don't cry for me
Please don't sweep me off the streets
And maybe save me

This is no good, I know
I hope the hurt doesn't show
As the moon tries to glow
I become like smoke
How more lavish can our lives be??
Smoking dope, lying in sand enjoying the cool ocean breeze;
Not a care in the world; no deadlines to meet;
Who can stop me?  I’m the king of my own imaginary fleet.

As the time passed by and my cravings started to grow;
I was an addict in a tiny spark of time
And that is the only thing I know;
They showed me how to blow rings;
They showed me how to get high;
But they never told me that this habit will hit me like a rip tide.

I was just a young soul, with dreams in my mind;
Look what you’ve done to me, now I don’t even have time.
This journey has been short and easy,
Just like the first Kush you take;
Smoking was all that I did.
Now let me take a break!.
That first Kush you take, it's a beginning to your short end. As addictive as smoking can be, we all just start it under depression or with the influence of some friends, but soon it becomes a life style and in the end it kills us.
Boi Jul 18
You are a simple god's creation
yet still I'm stuck on your adoration
What's our relation
is this probation
I need a smoke station
so I can kill my hesitation
to keep my formation
and reach my final destination
Raffael Feb 2016
Be the best thing
you break it into pieces
Seven hours
and 17 without sleeping
the end is neigh
as you look up into the sky
Waves of Smoke
Piling up high
LexiSully Jan 2017
the prairie led to a clearing where
a tree
ought to be enough to brush away the smoke

the spring by the clearing
had to kick the fire out before dark
it was risky

five months
it had gone on

looking for smoke
through the flat woods.
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