Styles Jul 2017
After the DJ dimmed down the lights
One look at you
I can tell it's gonna be a long night
I don't know if you can take it
It's too big, I might break it
Little waist tight dress
Your body shakin
Eyes Looking at me
like your for the takin
The way our bodies groove
make our bodies move
like love is for the makin
Dancing like we naked
dancin close like its sacred
Reading your body language
Screaming my name
like i’m your favorite
I make your body do things
Making love until your ear rings
Screaming out loud, speaking nonsense
make you cum first until is past tense
Styles Jul 2017
All these wild thoughts
beautifully inspired by you.
The way you looked at me when you walked away,
got me feelin some type of way.
The way you wear those jeans,
got me wishin you would put me on.
The way you smilin, if you're an angel,
then there is something wrong.
got my thoughts wildin, vibes getting strong,
The way you lookin, I know you feel the bond.
Got my attention, the way you move those hips
now you really turning it on.
Your body language speaking loud and clear
It wasn’t a mistake, destiny is got us here
now let me take you there.
The vibes will never disappear.  
Thoughts wildin with your lips in my ear.
I want to take you now and, right here.
I'll take you anywhere.
Time is precious
so lets not waste it here.
augustine veda Jul 2014
your body;
the brush
your canvas;
the floor
your music;
your heartbeat
K Balachandran Jul 2014
Streaming sunlight, what an intense, insistent lover!
empty catamaran dances in it's sultry embrace,
on the foam bed of gently rocking sea waves.
The dark shadow of this union finds it's kind of fun
swimming deeper, frightening fish roaming in pairs.
Conor Madden Jan 2016
To play a game,
With the dancing flame,
Is a dangerous move,
As history proves.

You must keep it lit,
and also control it.
Keep it small,
and don't let it fall.

If you lose you will burn,
and your loved ones will mourn.
If you win you will gain,
but not without pain.
Fire is a tool,
and consumes the fool.
definitely not my best work :P
MahoganyPumpkin Nov 2014
Flitting about the stage as would a
sparrow, they wield the weapon that is
beauty with the grace of one trained in the art
of being utterly flawless.
Whirling an inch off the floor as would
a sycamore leaf just about to hit the earth, they
hide the treasure that is
strength with the mask of one trained in the art
of seeming weightless.
Slipping effortlessly from foot to foot as would a
tiger, they deliver the gift that is
performance with the presence of one trained in the art
of confidence itself.

And they bow to the crowd with the relief and joy of one who has never experienced such like in all their small eternity.
I've been listening to so much Tchaikovsky today that it inspired me to write something about a ballerina.
Harshit Joshi Oct 2014
My dog goes ring-o-hop,
He likes to do hip hop,
He looks so cool,
When he jumps in the pool.
Wearing a stud-type top.
Leonard Sine May 2014
(It's the
same old song...)
Knowing the right,
   but doing the wrong.

(...and dance:)
Hoping a way to the heart
   will be found in the pants.
mandy rigby Jun 2014
I danced with the devil by the deep blue sea
he injected his venom into me
he waltzed in looking handsome and slick
I didn't know his poison would make me sick

I saw a white dove the devil turned it black
then I knew I could not turn back
the devil held me in his hand,
as my blood dripped in the sand

the devil he has many faces,
appears to people in many places
the devil he plays many games
the devil he has many names

sometimes he'll come with a smile
and your mind he will beguile
sometimes he'll come with a frown
that's when you know your going down

he'll hold your soul in the palm of his hand
as he grinds your ashes into the sand
I am the Devil remember my name,
you may know me as ... CRACK COCAINE

(c) P Skez and Mandy Rigby 16/06/2014
Ari Mar 2015
   Fear, uncomfortable
      Haunting, stalking, shaking
          Always following, mixing with every situation
       Laughing, dancing, loving
      Wonderful, desirable
Toni Sep 2014
Golden brown,
she leaps through the air.
spinning and twirling
flipping and dancing
in and out of time
- no conductor could control her!
to a soft landing.
Settling to wait
with the rest.
*The popcorn pops.
I thought this was a bit more fun than the normal poetry I write!
Umang K Jan 2015
Honey-coloured skin
Over-used bones and
Abused muscles
That have seen the inside
Of blisters
And bruises, hidden beneath
Mismatched, jarring wool
And tight, black
Material that only just
Manages to contain her.
Masuda Khan Juti Aug 2016
I like playing with words
Sometimes drinking coffee
I imagine I'm a ballerina drawing swords
To make my mind flee -
I need no drugs
But the little man in my coffee cup shrugs,
He whispers
'try some sativa'
I am stubborn
I pick him by his toes
And feed him to the bugs
The independent mind!' Says Shiva!
I'm now a samurai...
doing ballet moves.
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