Skinny Love Apr 2014
You changed,
You changed
I walked a way
To keep myself
I lost the game.
The game,
The game,
You were not fair
It was a war
I left you there.
You’re there,
You’re there,
And there you’ll stay.
You play the game.
I’ve walked away.
Things have been said about me that are not true. He thinks I am the enemy, that I hurt him on purpose, but its all in his head. He wants to see me as the one who started the war, so he's justified in fighting me.  He thinks I left him to hurt him, but I left him to stop myself from getting hurt.
Poppy Dec 2014
Remember our father
beaming as he rode his tattered bicycle home
Remember our neighbors
gawking at the sunset nestled in his arm
Remember our drool
dripping unnoticeably as he sliced open the alien fruit
Remember our core
planted after we gnawed off every juicy chunk
Remember our joy
blossoming bigger. stronger. with us
Remember the enigmatic men
shoved our father off his bike
Remember the guns.
Fired at our neighbors. Forced to flee at dusk.
Remember the run.
Guzzling our drool to satisfy the burning thirst
Remember the wandering
Starvation gnawing at our minds
Yet remember our hope
Preserving the memories of before and pushing us
to an after
I've received an overwhelming, incomprehensible amount of response to this piece, so I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody. XOXOXOXOXOXO
Amber Rush Jun 2015
Am I going crazy?
Or am I just trying to escape to another dimension?
Another dimension with no you

Reality keeps giving you lives,
And I really hate it.
All I find is myself playing video games.

Each time I select a target,
feels like I’m selecting your head.

Video games has nothing to do with you
or maybe each time I win I feel like destroying you.
Am I a hater now?
After all this love I felt.

War is my head
And it's all because of you.
Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
Basketball stands for war or battle.
That's why I think about the players'
personalities, in my foxhole or squad.
Danny and Ben are fast and smart. Dan
especially can pass making him master
and commander. To defeat them as we did
is very satisfying. Ben's five year old son
is intelligent but distant. Disdains to answer
my question Why are you you?
                                                       But I'm not here
to catalogue the men's personalities.
I like them. But each of us has moved on
many times, when  _______  suddenly died
the games went on with hardly a mention
and his name has since been forgotten.

But even this, absolute mortality
of not just our bodies but our names
and souls is not what I came
to talk about. Yesterday, between games,
I asked Joe how Molly his daughter likes
the high school. He mounted an impassioned
defense of reading as the indispensable skill
when I suggested math, the scientific method
and history are essential too.
                                                 Also between games
Bob diffidently asked why my kids are bald.
I was moved by the care he took to satisfy
his curiosity, concerned the subject might be
difficult. He's a political science teacher so
I took the opportunity to ask What ails
the republic? Of course I answered myself
wanting mostly to hear myself talk about Iraq
and how empire is self-correcting. For once I was amusing
I thought, treating the subject with a light touch
heretofore lacking.

But none of this is what I came to say.
A new guy, very big and strong, a
bulldozer under the boards with a good
outside shot if needed got into a dispute
with the other Bob who likes to tell people
what to do sometimes, about an offensive
foul Bob called which we almost never do.
The new guy said If you can't take it don't
play under the boards which is what I say
when I'm pissed and don't give a shit.
Bob said You've been pushing and shoving me
all day. I said He doesn't want to be
pushed and shoved which got a wry
smile out of Danny as I put the ball in play.
Nicole May 2015
Inside the lonely poet is a soul that cannot show the war it fights for inner peace.
© Nicole A
TigerEyes Feb 2015
I call out your name from another room
but your mind is trapped inside the color blue
I want to pull you out of shattered glass --
from all that haunts you in your past  
you are here but you're still there
where bombs, and blood are everywhere --
lost in the color blue while you're
wandering from room to room  
you are trapped inside the color blue
I keep searching for an open door
to tell you that you're home from war
you are here but you're still there
trapped inside the color blue
but, I keep searching from room to room
forever, and ever until I've found you.
This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Krisselle S. Cosgrove Feb. 15th, 2015
Had been classified
As one of the most Peace-Loving Muslim Nations on Earth
In a Document prepared by the State Department
Under then,
Secretary of State,
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
It was a Nation where camels chewed their cud
Near verdant oases
And Women recited the Poems
Of Rumi and Hafez
In bright red jump suits.
Whogivesafuckistan was,
Paradise on Earth
Until Donald Trump
Became President of the United States.
The Spiritual Leader of Whogivesafuckistan,
Milk Shaykh,
Named after his warm, chocolatey  complexion,
Had long been known For his Advocacy of Non-Violence
And Religious Tolerance
Of Adherents to All Faiths,
Who were all welcome
To pray together At his Shrine.
On April 1, 2018,
An American Nuclear Submarine
Was blown to bits
Off the Coast of Tierra Del Fuego
At the Tip of South America
And Militants from Whogivesafuckistan
Were Blamed.
Under the direction
Of President Donald Trump,
The Response from the Pentagon was swift.
An attack was launched
Against Militants Hiding out in a Cave
In the remote Houdini Mountains.
The Laser Guided Missiles
Missed their Target
And Blew up a Hospital for Children instead.
Gore Porn revealing
The charred and desiccated  remains of infants,
Who had been the Victims
Of this U.S  Military Strike
Was circulated throughout the Islamic World.
Milk Shaykh,
Who had formerly been known for his Advocacy of Peace  
And Non-Violent Dialogue
Called for A Jihad
Against the United States.
A Militia called “The Terrorizers”,
Named after a Pizza served at Gaetanos
In the American City of Denver
Where Milk Shaykh had Attended College,
Was formed. On July 4, 2018,
The Terrorizers blasted the U.S. Embassy
In Reykjavik, Iceland to smithereens.
The Hole in the Earth that emerged from this Attack
Was so deep,
That a Geyser erupted
Erupting Geyser
Resembled a Woman’s Ejaculation
In the Midst of her Orgasm.
President Donald Trump
Threatened the People of Whogivesafuckistan
With Complete and Total Annihilation.
He declared a War against Islam,
Declaring It to be a False Religion
And Told the Entire World
That HE was the True God!
GaryL Sep 2015
it's getting scarier by the HOUR
OUR world will never see PEACE
PIECE by piece we're overpowered
overpowering us as our fears increase

we sit idle as hatred BREWS
BRUISED by the war torn SCENE
SEEN as only pawns to lose
losing all of our hopes and dreams
i capitalized the homophones for beginning writers, who may not know what a homophone is
Midnight Rain Feb 2017
you are the hardest decision
i ever had to make

in all matters that include you,
my mind declares
war on my heart
and i am chaos


when it comes to choosing
Didn't expect this to get the daily but reading all your lovely comments really made my day. :) Thank you all so much <3
Had been classified
As one of the most
Peace-Loving Muslim Nations on Earth
Under, then, Secretary of State,
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
It was a Nation
Where camels chewed their cud
Next to verdant oases,
And women in red jump-suits
Recited the poems
Of Rumi and Hafez.
Was Paradise on Earth
Until Donald Trump
Became President of the United States.
The Spiritual Leader of Whogivesafuckistan,
Milk Shaykh,
Named after his smooth,
Chocolatey Skin Complexion
Had long been known
For his Advocacy of Religious Tolerance
And Non-Violence.
On April 1, 2018,
An American Nuclear Submarine
Was sunk off the Coast of Tierra Del Fuego
At the Southern Tip of South America.
From the Nation of Whogivesafuckistan
Were blamed.
Under the Direction
Of President Donald Trump,
The American response was swift!
An attack was launched
Against Militants,
Holed up in a Cave
In the remote Houdini Mountains
Of Whogivesafuckistan.
The laser-guided missiles
Missed their target
And blew up  a hospital full of children instead.
Gore porn
Revealing the incinerated, charred remains of infants,
Killed in this,
So Called,
"Surgical Strike"
Was circulated
Through out the Islamic World.
Milk Shaykh,
Who had formerly been known
As an  Advocate for Peace,
Called for a Jihad of Annihilation
Against the United States.
A Militant Group called
"The Terrorizers",
Named after a type of  Pizza
Which was once served
At a Restaurant called "Gaetanos",
In the American City of Denver
Where Milk Shaykh
Had attended University
Was formed on July 4, 2018.
On Christmas Day, 2018.
The Islamic Terrorizers
From Whogivesafuckistan
Executed a  devastating  series of attacks
Against  the American Embassy
In Reykjavik, Iceland,
Blasting it to smithereens.
The force of the blast was so intense
That it exposed a cavity in the Earth
Which resembled a woman's vagina!
A geyser erupted
Where the Embassy used to be
And frothy,
Saline Water,
Periodically emerged from this new geyser
In  a way that  resembled
Female ejaculatory fluid
During  Orgasm.
President Donald Trump declared
That the U.S. Military
Would completely destroy
And would have to eradicate
All the Inhabitants of this,
Once,  Peace-Loving Nation!
President Donald Trump
Declared a "War On Islam",
Calling it a "False Religion",
And declared Himself
To be God Almighty!
Nida Mahmoed Dec 2015
Buy a gun, Sell a gun,
Increase numbers in army,
Spread the message of war,
War is devastating métier,
Rebel groups in a society,
Nor’ my fault,
Buy a gun, Sell a gun,
It’s a métier!

By; Nida Mahmoed.
Hailey Ngo Jul 2015
I look online
at this virtual world
we all live in today.
And I find a hidden war
that never seems to end.
Cruel words hidden as bombs.
Barbaric comments hidden as guns.
As I walk through this torn battlefield,
with blood spilled everywhere,
I find not a single page
with peace instead of war.
People seem to become so mean
just because it isn't face to face.
People turn into monsters,
monsters that bite and kill.
It's like people seem to think
their words have no impact,
their message is just a joke.
But this war on the Internet
is more real than before.
There are crying people,
bullied people,
who catch these bullets
that people have sent,
and decide that maybe life isn't worth living anymore.
There are wounded people,
wanting for just some love,
only to find hate and anger
written wherever they go
in this Internet war today.
This war may be virtual,
but it's real and alive
even as we speak.
Some people wonder why
suicides are so often.
Some people wonder why
teens are becoming so depressed.
All they have to do is open
their computer and their minds
to this Internet war we have today.
Mari-Elle Nov 2014
He fell in love with a walking hurricane
Putting a face to heartache as a name
She had a war going on inside her brain
She never knew that he'd love her all the same

'Cause fractured pieces
Can still make art
And wine will never cure a mistake
But choker chains
Made out of self restraints
Were worn by this runaway train

She was a runaway train
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