She Writes Jul 23
I cannot find the right words
To describe the way it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms
Soft breaths on my neck
Nails scratching your back
I cannot explain it
But in your arms I am home
And I know I am where I belong
jerelii Jan 9
sometimes i'm overwhelmed
by everything around me
i felt i should fight back and never give up
i still have hope and courage
to do things right
but i have to be a little patient
no more crying
no more sadness
and no more emptiness.

that’s why I won’t stop believing
in my dreams and goals in life
if i can
you can
guess what, let’s be strong!
and fight till we feel the power of success
when we win this fight
let us do it again and again.
Let’s hope for the best
i know that it wasn’t perfect at all
but let’s stand up and take the courage to go on with life :)))
Danneli Apr 22
I caught you up and sang you to sleep
Would you sing that song for me?
I fought in battles, screaming your name
Would you fight for more than dreams?
I protected your family while you were away
Would you save our child's mind?
I walked into the flames for you
Would you let your heart be mine?
I love all that you have loved
Would you love me and be free?
I protect you, dear, with all my strength
Would you do the same for me?
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015

I used to think men
should be more like books
Both you cannot
judge by looks...

If I didn't want to finish reading
I put it down... no heart was bleeding

A book will never fuss or fight
It will stay with you
through the night...

It doesn't smoke. It doesn't drink.
It won't leave toothpaste
in the sink!

It doesn't binge... it don't eat...
It won't leave up the toilet seat!

It don't forget. It doesn't mope.
It won't hog the TV remote!

It doesn't have to have
The last say...
It doesn't have legs

to walk away.

But it's not soft. It isn't warm.
It doesn't keep you
safe from harm.

Even though it makes no fuss
It can't think. It can't discuss.

Even though it has its charms
it can't hold you in its arms.

It doesn't pine. It doesn't miss.
It can't hug and it can't kiss.

So now I think on it again...
... I think BOOKS should be
             more like MEN!!!

danny Aug 4
Never to have felt the wind of change upon your flesh,
to dazzle and dance on the precipice.
One jolt after another, character un-built..

Rarely to have left the bed unmade,
After nights of raw abandon, to gaze in a lover or a strangers eyes.
To let go and curse the parachute.

Teeth not brushed fail to bring forth the doom that was promised.
Un-cut grass does not shield waiting monsters.
Chipped paint and failing wallpaper tell a story.

A brush with the law wont quell the gossip mongers.
Alas, to be so safe quietens no mouth.
For they will talk anyhow and the sun will still rise, regardless.
Utpal Thaker Jul 26
they said
be practical
stay with the herd
for safe grazing
in a secured turf
      i have
     only to search you
     flower by flower
     fruit by fruit
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