the house next door makes me
both man and wife rise early and
go to work.
they arrive home in early evening.
they have a young boy and a girl.
by 9 p.m. all the lights in the house
are out.
the next morning both man and
wife rise early again and go to
they return in early evening.
By 9 p.m. all the lights are

the house next door makes me
the people are nice people, I
like them.

but I feel them drowning.
and I can't save them.

they are surviving.
they are not

but the price is

sometimes during the day
I will look at the house
and the house will look at
and the house will
weep, yes, it does, I
feel it.
Attineo Jan 2015
I will watch you here;
I will keep you safe with me
Until the sunrise,
When it spears the eye with light,
Death and dark fleeing behind.
River Scott Feb 2015
I hate the cold

Because I am naturally cold
And I never feel safe
Outside of heat
And the best heat

Is in your arms.

This is kinda crappy I dunno.
Firzaana Mohamed Jan 2015
Shivering to the cold
Still no effort in search of warmth
Is there anything like warmth anymore...
It's just cold,
Blue Flakes Surrounded,
The velvet box,
The one that holds my heart captive,

x'D It is a cold night.
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
So your wife doesn't like it
That's okay with me
I'll make a special place
For the whole world to see
My Yoda collection
Star Wars erection
Fits perfect in my house
Next to my piggy banks
And Womble mania
They make me happy
Because I believe
And that's all that matters ...
a few friends have beautiful sci-fi collections hidden away .. i say no to that .. give it to me if you can't find a better way to enjoy it .. i'm hoping anyway ..
Storm Raven Jul 2015
Many people fear the dark,

But there is nothing out there

Nothing to be afraid of

The darkness is safe

For as in the darkness you don't have to hide

You don't have to lie

For there are no judging eyes
Cade Apr 2014
your eyes they bore,
straight into my soul,
asking, "please stay safe"
knowing how utterly full,
I am of,
crazy and dangerous and,
world changing ideas,
and the urge they give me,
making me totally,
unable to keep still,
Ricordati di me Oct 2014
We'd travel the world in 80 days,
Every road all the way through.
The only difference between you and I,
Is I wouldn't go without you.
Unrequited Love Sep 2013
I think people find cuddling so appealing because of how close you become with that person, not just physically but in the sense that when you sleep you are at your most vulnerable.When you dream that's the real you shining through and you let that person see that, to be there to hold and protect you. When you decided to share something like that you are showing that person how much you really trust them.
I just wish I had someone to share it with
Craig Harrison Oct 2014
As the rain came down like an ocean of water falling from the heavens
the wind blew like a million fans blowing in the same direction
I was wet, I was cold and I was struggling to make it pushing against the wind
looking up was hard but squinting my eyes I could see a few stars in the night sky
ahead of me I heard shouting and screaming
a group of people were attacking an older Gentleman
I questioned should I get involved
I feared I might be targeted
but I did the right thing, I got involved

5 people all young men started to surround me
pushing me trying to force me on the ground
punching and kicking
one of the attackers pulled out a knife
I feared for my life.

As I lay their on the ground as the wind began to ease off
but the rain continuing to come down with so much speed and force
I remember thinking one thing, at least the older Gentleman was safe
This turned out totally wrong and I don't even think it can be considered as a poem. I had the idea for this after some reports I had been reading the last few weeks it is totally fiction..

Although it turned out wrong I decided to uploaded because I had written it and wanted to share it.
Nateive Son Nov 2015
Today I woke up and smoked,
A cigarette of something illegal,
And I freaked out,
Donald Trump is running for president,
And the world is so incredibly fucked up that,
My heart pounded on my ribs to,
Be let out and frolic,
In a field with all the other souls,
Some now roaches and others rabbits,
But hearts is hearts and blood connects all,
Big and small,
Blood connects all.

But I ain't no Jersey squall!

I have nothing against,
The man himself,
I just suddenly saw,
Through the fourth dimension and communed with,
Men in teepees from 3,000 years ago,
Who shouted,
"You are so far from where you should be right now."
While all the flowers and fish sang,
"Save us!"
Can also be read at:
Colette May 2014
you to go to him,
you're throwing yourself in danger,
to dream of such dangerous dream,
stop now,
let your heart rest,
my heart shreads to pieces watching you grieve.

you smile to me,
as if nothing had happened,
in reality,
you tremble, wither, scowl away,
come to me,
rest yourself in the arms of mine,
by dawn,
fly to the moon.

a place where we can't be together,
a place where I can't go,
that's okay,
as long as you are safe.

my sad story,
can never be fulfilled in bliss,
but instead,
just this once,

Your wings will get wet
inspired from exo's moonlight.
Adam Wallace Oct 2014
I am her comfort
Her safe harbor and refuge when the storms batter her
I strengthen and reinforce
I polish and I smooth
After a time, back out into the world she goes
Storms are my allies
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