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Lyn Senz 2 May 2016
so long
it's all I
her life's
my song
and I so
and I'll go
to my grave
just as long
as I know

©2012 Lyn
CJ Sep 25
The words you write keep touching my soul deep within
Each time I read them I ache to feel them all over again
How you bend my will to submit to what you have to say
You dominate my thoughts and make me not want to stray
This power of wordplay you have over me
I beg you to tell me what you think and set me free
Why do you make me wait for your next words to come
When you take to long I begin to feel numb
Your holding back keeping me hostage
Seducing me and tying my mind up in all your  *******
Your foreplay is seductive in this game of words you play
It’s getting so hard for this sub par reader to obey
Your hitting below the belt with all kinds of *****
Making me feel your roughness all the while being flirty
Keeping me ******* in knots bringing me down to my knees
This bonding experience we share is what I want and what I need
Whisper your poems into my ears
Blindfold me until I feel every word you say with your pain and I’ll give you my tears
Pleading for you to just notice naughty me
Now you should know my safe word is poetry

#poetry #words #dominate
heart shaped kisses
really miss my mistress.
drowning in a sea of loneliness i call my home
might be better than sitting on a plastic throne.
but if she's here too then that's perfect for me
because she's one of a kind- extraordinary.
i imagine she kisses like a rattlesnake
addicting and deadly but i don't think she's the type to compensate.
i'd never make her do such a thing
only mostly for the fear that she’d never act the same.
because when she hangs over my hips tighter than my belt
i get the most intense feelings i've ever felt.
i’m starting to think she’s engraved in my bones
and if she leaves i’ll have to go with her because i have to go wherever my collagen goes.
i imagine she cries the way stars fall from the sky
beautifully and mesmerizing when they speed down her chin and make you want to die die die.
she tends to bring the end to make the beginning more livid
*** i love her
heart shaped kisses
i just really really really miss my mistress.
there's an ocean inside of me, put your ear against my chest and listen, it rages for you.
aquis Sep 14
you make me feel
like it’s pouring rain outside
but i’m in my bed
just listening to the drops
with my eyes closed
Inspired by the heavy rain :)
jerelii Jan 9
sometimes i'm overwhelmed
by everything around me
i felt i should fight back and never give up
i still have hope and courage
to do things right
but i have to be a little patient
no more crying
no more sadness
and no more emptiness.

that’s why I won’t stop believing
in my dreams and goals in life
if i can
you can
guess what, let’s be strong!
and fight till we feel the power of success
when we win this fight
let us do it again and again.
Let’s hope for the best
i know that it wasn’t perfect at all
but let’s stand up and take the courage to go on with life :)))
She Writes Jul 23
I cannot find the right words
To describe the way it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms
Soft breaths on my neck
Nails scratching your back
I cannot explain it
But in your arms I am home
And I know I am where I belong
Iska Aug 24
I feel like we lived in a bubble
All safe warm and secure
And now the bubble has popped
And we have lost the safety for sure
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