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writerReader Jan 2015
sometimes I
reach within
the fragile paper of
this book to
my fingers through
your silver
L B Aug 5
You looked much prettier with long hair.
Don’t be like that, show me a smile
It’s better to have a more natural
look your arms are so hairy! Hairier than mine

Not rowdy or older than myself but definitely
confident and intelligent and maybe even
‘quirky’ as long as she’s thin
and kind. Because I don’t like fat girls

how to find your dream woma
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I think I’m still in love with Grace but
she ignores and blanks and shuns me even
after I shared so much yet
she doesn’t even seem to care

I’m verrru *****
I see u
the little green dot next to your name haha
night then iguess

I think I just hate women and that
****** insipid conceited *****
couldn’t tell a good guy if
he cuffed her clean
across the cheekbone
and spat in both her eyes
I wrote this after having to listen to and try to sympathise with a boy who seems to think women owe him the world. It reminded me of the hate and rage within the 'incel' community and the very real danger this poses to women at the receiving end.
Kathryn Rose Mar 20
Sweet face,
Soft ears.
Her eyes pierced me.
Soft giggles.
Everywhere she went,
She left a little piece of herself
Salem Noxolo Aug 4
Furry thing you are
Sprawled across the floor
And as my eye drapes here and there
All it hears is that which is your hair

As the breezes move on by
They kick up little whirlwinds
Delicate patterns like delirious jigs
Or like small waves like coin spins
And just puffs straight up like geysers.

Curious thing you are
Prancing around the halls
Almost as though you wear a crown
Strutting you may be, perhaps?
Or perhaps flaunting?
Or taunting?
But you're not taunting me.
Can you guess what animal?
alanie Mar 7
im gazing at you from across the room
but it feels like we are miles apart
your hair is dark and curly
it looks so soft
i wish i could just run my hands-


i dont want to do that
i need to
I need you beside me
with your soft smile
and smoldering eyes

i cant get enough of you
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