moemoe Jan 2015

Money masters the world
while cancer's spreading death
Money is our lord
on which we dedicate every breath
Money is a sword
which will cut us at the first chance

Mike Essig Apr 2015

Time isn't money;

time is your soul
bleeding out
onto your socks.

Money is just
an inferior brand
of toilet paper.

Use it for
what it is worth,

Michaela Siaki Sep 2014

I am greed, want.
She is need, lack.

I am anger and frustration.
She is hope, tenacity.

She is yellow
amidst the grey that I'm become.

But I am success, money.
And she is poverty, dust.

The everyday injustice that ensues.
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014

For the first time in my life
I felt ashamed
Of where I came from,
And where I live.

And the worst part is
I can't tell you why.
You'd laugh it off and say
It's only money.

Mike Essig Apr 2015

Wallace Stevens
once wrote
that money
is a kind of poetry;
he did not say
that it is good poetry.
- mce

Daina Apr 2015

In some cases
money doesn't just talk
it screams.
Quite frankly it has a big mouth.

Fake hair
Fake name
Fake nails
Fake game

Fake smile
Fake tan
Fake brow
Fake can

Fake laugh
Fake lips
Fake brow
Fake tits

Buried deep
Under all this fake
Is a girl
With money t' make

athena baluyot Oct 2016

you were shrieking about your problems
your teeth were all about this material world
everything was all about you
because that's how you wanted it
you loved yourself
and only yourself

you were spitting money of all currencies and kind
you adore them like how i adore humankind
you boast loudly about the material things you own
you loved your things so much, you turned into one
and you think people would actually love you

boisterous laughs were hidden behind the old brick wall
the you i used to know were a pigment of the past
you are now pitch-black, self centered and selfish

the pit can simply be covered with mud or a beautiful plant
but you dig deeper and fall and ask for succor
because that's what you crave for after all

-because money, that's all you have.
Blind Aesthetic Sep 2015

We waste our lives
Planting the seeds of the devil
In hopes
That we can reap what we sow
And enjoy the fruits of our labor
From a tree that will bear none.

Arataikii Sep 2014

"I'm broke."
Why are we broken?
Who broke us?

Pax Mar 2015

The poor get poorer,
The rich get richer.
           In some cases it’s a debate
             harsh situations Fluctuate
When money speaks, power escalates.

The poor gets tougher,
The rich gets fragile against danger.

Often times…
Harsh situations make us stronger,
Easy life makes us weaker.

the second one...
thanks again for reading.
MaYJa Aug 2014

Money cant buy Love, and Love cant buy bread either.

Be wise in your thinking
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