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Astra Jul 2018
Shh silence she’s asleep,
Quite to not make a peep,

The child made of concrete and leaves,
Is fast asleep,
Move to quickly and the ground will shake,
allow the vibrations to awake,
A silent soul so pure and innocence,

Yet the world decided to scream,

Frightened and confused the child moves just to quickly,
To hear the earth raddle as the body meets the floor,

I wish they would have just
listened some more..
Listening , All rights reserved,  written by fragilehalo
Listening doesn't always mean understanding
- Listening could mean getting lost in your own thought of tranquility
- Or even your own devastational whir
- Listening doesn't have to be with your ears
- Just the exhaustion of emptiness that outlines your skull;
- Or even the numbness that conquers every length from spine to external excellence of your mind;
- Gliding from one emotion to another could be the loudest transaction without making a single clamor;
- Listening doesn't always mean understanding
- But the utter perplexity of ones thoughts drowning in the sound of nothingness.
By Macee L
Osiria Melody Mar 23
From the initial note of
You conduct your musical
composition of life

Each day is a repeat sign
A commencement of anew
Flow through the dynamics
of emotions,
Embrace the crescendos and
diminuendos of life's trials
and tribulations

Some days smile like the
legato sun (progress)
Other days weep like the
staccato moon (stagnancy)
And so you produce pages
upon pages of the music
of life

play, rest, play, rest

Until the time has come for
you to
Confront the solemn
final double-bar line of death
If you could,
Would you take the chance
to listen to your musical
composition of life?

Life is like a box of musical compositions. You never know what's going to play.
Lone Luna Dec 2015
You are but a reserve man of emotions
The one who answers only to yes or no
The one who stands in the corner of the room of every party
The one who chooses to be alone just so

But when you write, the world stops
To listen to the words you've woven
with beauty and intertwine with sorrow
To listen to the rhythmless music
where all the butterflies in my stomach dance to
To listen to the raging wave of sentiments for humanity
To listen and to feel the love and ache that the world chooses to neglect

You, you may crack the lamest jokes
But when you write, *the world stops to listen
Vicki Kralapp Mar 2018
We live in times of greatest fear,  
and hear the echo of the past,
in words of those we can’t ignore,
and lessons of historic years.

Wars and their rumors speak to us,
of violence and the end of days,
as voices whisper in the lines,
of those we join in nightly news.

We stop our ears to those who plead,
for us to listen to their truths,
and point our finger for mistakes,
at those who have the most to lose.

We hide our eyes from blatant facts,
because they don’t affect our lives,
and so become a puzzle piece,
of people's war against itself.

The voices held in mortal screams,
of those beyond our backyard fence,
with children paying for our greed,
the future of our lives foretold.

But now with nowhere we can hide,
from evils living in our world,
our future lies upon the truths,
that are so carefully concealed.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
mt Apr 2018
u used to like the way i listen u liked it more when i'd speak
i'd fall asleep to ur voice and find heaven in ur heartbeats
missing u hurts my core, makes me think feel and cry
tell me if my hands didn't still shake when i see u would u allow urs in mine
Millie Aug 7
Our silence used to speak love
But now it whispers defeat
It whispers distance
It whispers “run”
Abigail Feb 2014
Between rough choking sobs, I cried
This Life, it moves too fast
and bad things happen
For no reason at all
Where is peace in this big mess?
My gentle father stopped and thought,
Brow furrowed for a moment

He leaned in and whispered, listen
to the chaos of nature and life
You are the world’s conductor
creating symphony from the plight
September Roses Jul 2018
Sit back and relax
Feel the waves wash over your back
In the melting sun
Looking at the clouds reflecting all the pinks and blues
Over the blooming hill, echoing white noise of chirps and crickets

Listen to the trickling of the slow water over the smooth rocks
Feel a warm wind brush your face
With your eyes closed
Enjoying the radiating warmth
And the soothing crackling of a log fire

Or sit and admire the shimmering spray
Of a waterfall smoothly crashing into the water of a sky kissed lake
Sunlight dancing through the vapor
Rainbows jumping through every droplet

Listen to the pitter patter of the rain, against a tin roof
Inside a warm cabin
Drifting to sleep
Soon to wake to the song birds chorus
And the blissful sun

Bask in it
And relax
Jeannery Aug 2018
Dark times, sad hours
When I look into the night sky,
They sparkle, stars.
What a perfect scenery for me to cry

As I look up into them,
Tears are starting to flow
Memories, they are my gem
Stars, you know how much I wanna go.

Thankful to you,
You make me wanna hope for more
You make me feel pink when I'm in blue
I love you just like before.

-jeannery a.

to the stars who listen, thank you for you make me feel less alone
zoie marie lynn Aug 2018
i can't breathe

you're touching me under the stars with hands that venture too far while the moon smiles at us showing every row of pointy perfect teeth
you're touching me and

i can't breathe

you're holding me in a way too tight hold and way too strong arms wrapped around a place i'm supposed to call home with termites eating away underneath
you're holding me and

i can't breathe

you're kissing me with lips of nicotine and breath like fire embers and words of forever and tongue that's sloppy and serene
you're kissing me and

i can't breathe

you're following me in between buildings that shouldn't be this close together and its another dead end another dead end another dead end, why does the sidewalk get to leave?
you're following me and

i can't breathe

you're whispering to me because this is what lovers do, you scream this is what lovers do but i don't want to love you and my lungs ache for you to let me be
you're whispering to me and

i can't breathe

you're laying next to me snoring very loudly so that the neighbors can't hear the sheets suffocate me and i'm dying i'm crying i'm dying
you're laying next to me and

i can't breathe

you’re saying you love me and you’re pulling me so tightly into that lovely body built from forever's and never’s and i’m screaming in your perfect little ears over and over because didn’t you hear me?

i said i can’t breathe
i don't love you but my mouth says it anyway
lifeonLSD Nov 2018
It has been a while in time

-—However not out of reach

I was trying to climb highs

-—I’d dared not before dream

The whisper that followed

-—My every step into more sorrow

Softening with thy gentle hum

-—The less of the hollow i become

Not in view but within my range

-—I’ve settled a life within a place

Stiller, the quieter the strange

-—A hymn has me filled my gaze

Covering the eyes, i have them closed

-—For it’s in the heartbeat, ye old drum

The beat swung with wings that started to sing

—I thought i recognized the song

Laying still, bathed, i bask in your suns—-

—-I absorb thy lights and the winds blow in my back

All so i can let them move me as one—-
A visit from the nightingale
laura Apr 2018
funny how it's always
been about you

the wind's through the larynx
of a world raging without us
the song's making us weep

the stage too hard to cast our swag on
fingers to shaky to turn the page

i've been kicking it with a friend
the undertone of sinister elegance
of age - the vanishing of what used to be
drakes the type of ***** that makes me miss that one girl from second grade who took my green crayon.

i miss her. more importantly i want that crayon back
If you will please crowd around a campfire of words
and milk it for all it is worth.
There is always a little anger under the flames.
Don't be afraid to ask it what you got that the others ain't.

There are two very different fires burning inside of you.
The authentic flame looking more like a lighthouse all isolated, and the other called the shadow of lies you show the world.
Each flame sounds a lot like music as it tells you the difference between you and the rest of this planet.
Did you listen?
The world of duality is inside of you.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
I love listening to you.
In any way possible.
Whether it's big or small.
Sometimes I get lost in not just the words you speak.
But the actions that follow.
I hate interrupting.
Adding on to previous statements.
Until I know that your completely done.
Not wanting to make you feel unappreciated.

My hands following yours in the deepest form of flattery.

Open ended questions that lead to hour after hour of communication.
My fondness for you growing deeper and deeper.
At times I can't help but interrupt.

Our pauses taking a bit longer after each statement.
It's the anticipation that I want you to know.
That I am listening and take to heart what you are saying.
Stretching myself to cover every part of you.

Completely attentive excited that you'd consider my opinion.
To sit back and reflect without jumping to conclusion.
The one thing that I can do to improve myself.
To love you better.
To accept any and every change that may occur.

A safe place where we can do and say anything without being judged.
I love listening to you.
Specifically without interrupting.
Noticing how happy you are being heard.
With the intent of hearing what you are truly saying.
I appreciate you for truly understanding that if I do interrupt
It's truly the sole purpose of how much I care
Olivia L Feb 2016
Darling, I know that you are
Out of control.
And don't know why.
Have you ever punched the wall just to hear the smash of your hand crunching against the hard paint?
Darling please, you don't need to.
Just take a breath and hug yourself instead.
To feel the twinge of pain that radiates from your knuckles to your fingers to your palms, and, if you hit hard enough, to your shoulder blades?
Darling please, don't hurt yourself.
Too many people have done that already
Have you ever taken your hand down and stared at your hand, amazed that no evidence of your pain and anger and confusion is even there?
Darling please, you aren't alone.
You just need to stop hiding.
Have you ever stared at your mirror and begged your reflection to tell you why you have this gaping hole within you and
Darling please
All you want is answers
Darling please
All you need is a reason
Darling please
All you need is love
Darling please
Remember that love is all around you.
You just need to lower your fist
Open your palms,
Turn away from the mirror,
And listen.
This is actually gonna be my slam poem this year.. I guess I think this ones pretty good..
Hus J May 2018

Sitting cross-legged in a Subway
Doors open and close repeatedly
Footsteps resounding every now and then
A pair of daily sport shoes stopped.
Saying something for sure is human language
Listening with full attention, well understood.

You should go?

Stood for awhile in silence and handed me a ticket
Stretching out a hand, and feeling the warmth coming from the other end

You should go.

Begging the heart not to tremble upon whispers that just speak to the delicate night.
The spark that crushing my mundane life.
Thank you.
Sam Dec 2016
In, out.

Trouble's here, knocking on the door.

It's been waiting for a while now,
been pushed back as far as you'd allow,
Gathering together like clouds of dust
on the mantle piece, collecting rust.

Trouble's here, best welcome it in.

The worst's been done,
You've had your fun --
Nothing left now to outrun.

Trouble's here, at my feet.

Draws me in,
Makes me trip.

Trouble's here, leaving soon.

It'll come back,
To haunt you.
Ashley Kaye Jun 11
do you hear
like ringing of still bells
sound like precious silver
clinging to the flush of a cheek
The soft sobs of her soul
when you berate her
her whisper but warm breath on your neck
exhale birthing desire
“   no   “
Have your way
Have her sorrow
oh dear. you are mortally worn
by morning
June 2019
faith Oct 2017
sounds are of the essence,
of life,
and all of the above,
we laugh,
we cry,
we say goodbye,
we listen,
to words,
to the oceans roar,
to the crickets at night,
we listen,
to the breathing of an infant,
we listen,
to the wind in the trees,
we listen,
to the i do that changed you forever,
we listen,
to life.
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