i dreamed
  it appeared that you thought to
  escape me and became a great
  lily atilt on
  waters    but i was aware of
  fragrance and i came riding upon
  a horse of porphyry    into the
  waters i rode down the red
  horse shrieking    from splintering
  foam caught you clutched you upon my
  i dreamed    in my dream you had
  desire to thwart me and became
  a little bird and hid
  in a tree of tall marble
  from a great way i distinguished
  singing and i came
  riding upon a scarlet sunset
  trampling the night    easily
  from the shocked impossible
  tower i caught
  you strained you
  broke you upon my blood
  beloved i dreamed
  i thought you would have deceived
  me and became a star in the kingdom
  of heaven
  through day and space i saw you close
  your eyes    and i came riding
  upon a thousand crimson years arched with agony
  i reined them in tottering before
  the throne and as
  they shied at the automaton moon from
  the transplendant hand of sombre god
  i picked you
as an apple is picked by the little peasants for their girls
Bo Burnham Mar 2015
You're nothing, Special.
Craig Harrison Apr 2015
Is it true what people say
did the Earth have trees
and oceans
did life run free
for as far as the eye could see.

Is it true what people say
did Humans kill animals for fun
pollute the air they needed,
did no one listen to the warnings
did no one stop them.

Is it true what people say
did we leave Earth
because we killed it?
Based on a conversation that may take place someday in the future
Free Bird Jun 2016
Always pay attention
When someone else is speaking
If it didn't mean something to them
They wouldn’t talk about it at all

Always listen closely
For the answers you are seeking,
May be closer than you think
Found in the ramblings of that call

Imagine if you will
A world where everyone cared
Where they leaned ear in intently
Instead of filling our heads with doubt

Maybe we'd all be happier;
Collectively less scared
We could solve all of life's problems
If we just heard everybody out

You see confidence builds greatness
Yet we continue to put each other down
Jealousy and rage keep us from turning the page
Even when the story could teach us something profound
Mason Hollows Nov 2014
My skin glistens
The sweat drips ~n~
I feel the motion
The rise of my emotions
The tingle in the spine
Expands in time
Engulfing my muscles
With adrenaline, hustle
Fuck reason
Incite treason
Don’t back down
Don’t turn aroun’
Introduced, an obstacle
Beat it like a rock, unstoppable
Heart, rhythm, momentum
Breath, flex, go get ‘em
Never rest,
There is no success
As soon as you think you won,
Something hits your chest
So stand up, strong
This fight is gunna last long
In 1 second,
You could be gone

By GeoEthE
ryn May 2015
sound of running puddles• the          as they make
window pane•             their way out
   pelting my                         of stagnant
       the rain•                    troubles•listen
            sound of         the calm
          the                calling of
               listen                     the moist
            •                          breeze•as it
                 whispers its hopeful
        promises and decrees• the chaos in
   my heart •  heals it-    
self everyday  be-    
fore again it gets    
torn apart      

Begin reading from mid left of the poem
and work your way round.
Crysta Gingras Jan 2016
You make my heart skip a beat
Every time I hear my phone
Typing out your words so sweet
Training my ears to hear the tone
Your image in my mind is incomplete
Your voice an imagined tone
I await the day we are sure to meet
Until then I listen for the phone.
Good morning my Angel
PS Oct 2012
Once I read this quote
about how quiet people
have the loudest minds.

and only now
do I know what was meant by this.

I sit there while you talk.
Just sit and listen.
A little nod, a silent sound
of consent.
That's all you'll see from me.

Because I'm not a talker.
I'm the one who listens.
Attentively. Tireless.
An open ear
for everyone's problems
musings, thoughts.

And I don't complain
or give advice
I don't argue
or deny

I will just sit there
subtly smiling,
gathering my thoughts
inside my mind

And you are grateful
for that someone
who listens and cares
without judging

But ask me once
on my view, my experience
I will start slowly,
trying to hold back
on all the things unsaid.
tiptoeing around
so as not to drown you

And finally it will overthrow
my discipline
and words, letters, stories
start flowing out my mouth
passing the barriers that
have so long retained them.

And I'm afraid it might easily
crush you
because there's so much within me
that wants to be said
and so very few people ever taken the time
to listen.
Jude M Salazar Nov 2014
The dying flower
Wilting, rotting, crumbling
No one hears you fall
Adriean New Jul 2014
I want you to take a moment
& listen to me.

When you're laying next to the one you love,
do you ever put your head up against
their chest, & listen to them breath?
If you haven't, you should.
It's one of the most peaceful things
you could ever hear.

When you're laying next to the one you love,
do you ever just listen to them speak?
I mean really listen.
If you haven't, you should.
Listen to how the words just flow from their lips.
It's one of the sweetest things you could ever hear.

Try listening to the one you love.
Take a moment & listen.
You'll hear things different if you do.
Trust me, I know.
I learned this recently.
Chloe Elizabeth Apr 2014
He listened
To her laugh
As if it was a symphony
And she hung
On his words
Like they were vines

By Chloe Elizabeth
Another little excerpt from a short story I wrote a couple months ago.
Lauren Hitchcock Oct 2014
you stopped listening
and so I stopped
Chansee Williams Apr 2015
you cannot redesign
what was already born to be shined
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