Lindsey Ross Aug 2014

It feels like
I've been alone for years
And she is so beautiful
It hurts.

leigh Jun 2014

Its sad really
Because the only reason I haven't killed myself yet
Is because I don't want to hurt anyone
But the reason I want to kill myself is because everyone is hurting me

Yoni Sav Apr 2014

I will never hurt you

Victoria Queen May 2014

They say that over time, it dissipates -
it will drain from you, evaporate like smoke.
It will descend upon you, destroy you;
but will soon release you, and fade.

But with time it instead grows stronger,
demanding to be felt.
It knocks on the doors of my soul,
its urgency to be let inside unrelenting and ruthless.

Like an unpredictable storm, it lands and ravages,
leaving just fragments of a heart already rebuilt.
What is gone is the will;
the resiliency dulled, the courage spent.

It's a deep-rooted weed, an unrivaled opponent;
It's a malevolent fire that refuses to be smothered.
The Hurt:
a wound that permeates, and remains.

DC raw love Mar 2015

In the land of love and hurt
Life holds no reason for what we gain

The love of hurt
The hurt of love

They come in a pair
So please beware

We hurt the ones we love
We love the ones we hurt

We execute our hurt for love
Surrender our love for hurt

We try to sweep our hurt under the door
We let our love fall between the cracks

Simon Eliasen Aug 2014

Help U Realise Truth

Kasey Lee Dec 2014

Disappointments are normal. And if I end up disappointed, I just don't feel disappointed anymore, because it's too routine to faze me

Gunnyr Johnson Jan 2015

Hurting inside.
Pain is everywhere.
I feel it in my soul.
Or where it should be.
Try and try but everything is already set.
We have no choice.
Its time to leave.

mina Aug 2015

He looked at her differently,
with those silent eyes so differently

He spoke words through that voice,
so gentle you can choke on air for

He'd never know how beautiful he was,
under the streets and beaneries' lights

And he'd never know how ineffable he,
so ravishing looked beneath the sunlight

She never found it hard to admit,
little things or anything

But utterly found it hard to admit,
what she truely felt afraid of

He'd never dry out of words,
he'd breath them in and out

He'd never have any boundaries,
he finds art under bushes and anywhere else

But he loves dim skies and old
old dying houses full of beauty

He'd never say something wrong,
he's nothing but a writer

So they both saw it twice,
Both individually a wishing star

But that night was full of stars,
and one fell beneath their feet

He'd never see through me,
what I saw through him

But he should know he's different,
In a way he twitches people's hearts

So he kissed her,
he kissed her gently,
so gently it kind of hurt

S O P H I E Apr 2016

something i believe with all of my heart
the exact moment you are hurt, you hurt
without warning you are torn apart
you hurt yourself and those around you
darkness isn't something you can easily outsmart
but i will say piece by piece and day by day
you will learn to heal and your life will restart

((people who are hurt, hurt other people
= "hurt people hurt people"))
dakota marie May 2014

everything around me is stupid, stupid.

just stupid
message me if ur 45+ male (preferably widowed)
Isnowhite Jun 2014

The touch of your hands
               cracked my walls.
Your sweet fragrance
               drowned me in an ocean of roses.

I poured
my heart
out to
you and
all you
said was

true story I told this girl how I felt and all I got was oh
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