taylor bush Oct 2014
When you are sick
Stuck on bed rest
That blue is what keeps you alive
That liquid blue
The blue that eases all the pain
The blue that goes down so soothingly
Liquid blue
Blue like the ocean you'll never swim in
Blue like the sky you'll never touch
Blue like the tears that roll
If you don't have it
Louise Smith May 2014
I am blue
my skin blue
my hair blue
my blood blue

an ocean of blue lace
surrounds my body

I traipse through my oil world
all I can see is blue

blue tinted lenses branded into my face

like a cow I am branded with your blue
you are my owner
I am meat you sell on after you kill it
you raised me up to turn me blue
Andrea Svanne Jun 2014
Blue is the sky on hot summer days when you're holding a cold drink in your hand,
Blue is the winter sickness with warm sweaters and hot tea,
But blue is
Loving this
Amelia Owen Mar 2015
Your blue eyes
Match my blue hair
Maybe it's meant to be
I doubt it
about a boy I really like
BrookGina Dec 2014
my life has been blue
since I came from my mother

it only makes sense that blue
would be my favorite color

lots of choices
so many others

but I chose you
pretty, cool, and detached like my lovers.
Ivy Haegan Mar 2014
Love me til I'm blue
Catch my every tear
Love me til I'm blue

Swallow me up in blue
Help me touch the clouds
As I breathe in what's true
Save me from my doubts

Swallow me up in blue
Drown me in the sea
The words will come on cue
If you'll let them be

Love me til I'm blue
Cause words are so unclear
Every part of you

Swallow me up in blue
Let me smell the flowers
Forgive all that they do
You've merely got hours

Swallow me up in blue
The earth, sea, and sky
For there are very few
Who have wondered why

Love me til I'm blue
Call my every fear
Love me like you do

Swallow me up in blue
Before my life will end
I've only one to choose
But I can still pretend

Love me til I'm blue
Catch my every tear
Love me til I'm blue
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Why is the sky blue
When the earth is brown and grey
And black and so dark?
Thandi Joyce Jun 2014
Colorless and yet so colorful.
Such depth you hold, boldly you stand out. You reside in the skies and the deep seas, without you they seize to exist.
Such royalty you are, you linger peace and serenity visible within a colbat glass. Indigo plants spit you out on the wings of lycaenidae and let them stand out with such radiance feeling so blue, how you strike me with calmness.
You bring life to the lifeless.
Without you there is darkness .
Blue you give me life. By Mpho TJ Thibile
alexis Mar 2015
Representative of the Ocean;
The under side of galaxies -
depths that man will never come to know,
But will foolishly never cease to search to for.
The tips of waves
Caressing the shore line to meet man once again,
Though it draws its feeble hand back often.
The color blue is
The moment after grieving,
The emptying of great seas.
Temporary peace.
idk what this is
blue horse Jan 2014
I saw
a blue horse in my dream
in his eyes a rainbow shines.
and sings.
Poetic T Oct 2014
The green eyes
Which once where blue
Now contaminated with
Love is now hatred
Through green eyes
That where once *blue.
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Blue can be happy,
Like blue party balloons

Blue can be sad,
Like a tear down your cheek

Blue can be angry,
Like a stormy dark ocean

Blue can be frightening,
Like your piercing bright eyes

Blue can be hopeful,
Like a new day's blue sky

Blue can be timid,
Like baby blue walls

Blue can be mysterious,
Like the ocean's far depths

Blue is a bipolar color.
Kate Apr 2014
Veins run like blue rivers
Silent oceans crashing in your body
We sit in blue darkness
Until blue skies rise in July

Blue eyes reflect blue moons
in November
Empty girls in blue ball gowns
Searching for brown or green
Or anything but blue
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