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The Good Pussy Jun 2015
                           Fine Fine
                        Fine Fine Fine
                     Fine Fine Fine Fin
                    Fine Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
                       Fine Fine Fine
           Fine Fine               Fine Fine
      Fine Fine Fine      Fine Fine Fine
   Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine F
     Fine Fine Fine         Fine Fine Fine
           Fine Fine                Fine Fine
Lizzie Matthias Jul 2019
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
I’m fine I’m fine
Im fine I’m fine

Jk am I really fine,
No, but no one seem to notice,
So all I say is “I’m fine”
By six again :/ :(
Tenisyn Jun 2013
I'm fine.
Just fine.
I can't forget how the neighbor's casserole tastes,
And I can still see his face
But I'm fine.
Just fine.

The plaid shirt still smells like him
And the flowers have long been wilted
But I'm fine.
Just fine.

His picture sits on a dusty shelf
And his body is resting deep underground
But I'm fine.
Just fine.

My chin is up
My arms are open
And I've never felt so alone
But I'm fine.
Just fine.

New to town, New to school
A fresh start, Mom said,
Now remember,
You're fine,
Just fine.

Though this house is unfamiliar
His ghost haunts these halls
The floorboards creak and whisper
The lies I have to continually tell,
"I'm fine,
Just fine."

I watch as my mother tries to fill the part of her soul which my father used to occupy
But I'm fine
Just fine

Another marriage ripping apart at the seams
A man that never felt like "Dad" takes the car
And any memory of normalcy with him
I'm fine.
Just fine.

Packing suitcases again
My life like that of a gypsy's
I want to wake up from this nightmare
But I'm fine,
Just fine.

I punched out all the mirrors around here
Because I hate the wild-eyed creature glaring back at me
Im fine
Just fine

I hate how she talks, this monster of mine,
I hate the lies she tells
"Today was a good day. I made new friends.
And I'm fine.
Just fine."

Crimson puddles gather in my hand
And I'm starting to love how nicely flesh tears
But I'm fine
Just fine

I ponder escaping from here
Every second of every hour
and these lovely little scratched up my arm show it
But really, Im fine.
Just fine.

I don't need anyone to tell me
That everything will be okay
Because it won't.
He's gone.
Taken too soon
too quick,
too sudden.
I don't want your pity.
Dont look at me that way
Shining with tears and fake empathy
Dont look at me that way-
I'm fine.
**Just Fine.
For my mother, who's strength is truly beyond description.
Lawrence Hall, HSG

                An Afternoon LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER Walk
             Along Beer Can Road and County Dump Extension

Dewberries LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER sassafras seedlings LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER Virginia creeper LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER pine cones LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER crumbling oak leaves from last summer  LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER winds sighing in the pine tops LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER a little plum tree LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER Canada goldenrod LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER poplar LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER swamp oak LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER mourning doves LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER slanting evening sunlight LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER Chickasaw plum LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER nightshade LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER red spider lilies LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER a skink bluebonnets LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER clouds in the west LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER spiderwort LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER a long eared rabbit loping across the road LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER sorrel LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER a feather from a bluebird LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER waving field grasses LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER the neighbor’s cows browsing in peace LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER a crane flying up from a pond LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER crows fussing at me from the woods LITE A FINE PILSNER BEER…
Samuel Apr 2018
It’s fine
Is what she tells everyone
This day
Like so many others.
Fears run through her,
Her mind a mess of possibility
Infinite in number and horror.
Deaths here.
Failures there.
Maybe a grave injury at best.
Can they best this foe?
Is this the end of the Sages?
Is this the end of the world?
She ponders this
Over a cup of coffee
Poured by Moojdart,
All concern and bother.

It’s fine
Is what she says as she slinks off,
Telling Mooj again and again
Don’t worry, don’t worry
It’s fine,
She can handle it.
She always can, she always must.
Grus is worried too
And Milest
And even their leader
Who’s normally too vain to care.
She brushes past them all
To go and hide away
As she tries to fix it,
As she runs through bad ends
In search of a single good.
She can’t find one
Or even the hint of one
No matter how hard she picks
At the threads of potentiality.
There’s only more worries,
Only more failures,
Which darken the flame of Hope
Burning inside
Which she clings to so stubbornly
Even though it’s not her natural Will.
She’s got to.
She’s got to cling,
Got to be strong.
She’ll fix it, she will.

There’s a knock at her door
And it opens
Before she can even say no
Because that’s just how Fiethsing is,
Because that’s just how little she cares.
Really it’s amazing she knocked,
But there you go.
You never can guess with her,
But Zero can know she’s annoyed.
She snaps at her.
An admonition, a demand
To go, to leave.
That you shouldn’t just barge in
“I mean really, Fieth,”
And it’s fine anyway.
It’s always fine.

But that’s not what she came for.
So she claims.
She’s just here to find a book,
Steal it more like,
Like she always does
And Zero’ll never see it again.
It’s just a ploy anyway,
It’s just a ploy thankfully,
Fieth sets in on the search,
Looking for a book
And not speaking a word more,
Of concern or otherwise.
She’s simply an annoyance
That rummages through her things
After barging into her space.
Fieth’s one that’ll be ignored.
Has to be, must be.
So she drinks her coffee
And goes to reading,
Or more like looking at pages
As the words blur together
From fear
Now tinted with anger.

It’s fine
And Fiethsing sighs
Finally feeling fit
To make a sound
And even words.
“Wow, it’s hot.
Don’t you think so, Zero?”
There’s more sound too
Of rustling clothes
Falling off
Onto the floor.
A shirt gone,
More than likely.
Still searching too.
She pays no mind,
As little as she can.
She has a book to not read.

A book to not read
As a thought invades her mind
Of what Fieth must look like.
******* and slick with sweat
As she digs through her shelves
Musing to herself,
“Oh it’s not here either, oh dear.”
There’s a book to not read
As an image invades her mind
Of a hug,
Of a kiss,
A touch, anything.
Contact, warm and simple.
Memories flood
And imaginings more
As she has a book to not read.

Still it’s fine,
Just fine.
She’ll just read and think
On all the ways the world can end
Because that’s better.
Better than admitting she’s scared,
Better than admitting she needs help.
Help of any sort.
A talk, advice, a decision
Or a pair of arms
Wrapped around her waist
As she falls apart
Just for a moment.

“Oh, there it is!”
Rings out Fieth’s sing song tone
And she trots on over,
For once bothering to walk
And not float.
Just so she’ll hear,
Just so she’ll know.
It’s a kindness but it doesn’t feel like it,
More like a threat
That makes her sigh
Heavy and hard
In frustration
As she turns around to see
Fieth ******* and grinning.
It’s enough to make her sick.
With fury.
With fear.
With want.
She holds out her book
Arm outstretched
As far as it can go,
A barrier between them both.
She doesn’t want to play this game,
She wants to play this game.

Fieth takes the book with glee
And a pleased, “Thank you!”
Before she rambles on and on
About dull history being her passion
Don’t you know, Zero?
It’s charming,
It’s cute
And she just wants her gone.
Gone and away
With her mirth,
Infectious as always,
And her plans,
Impish as always.
So she turns back around
And grabs another book.
Another thing to not read
As she tells herself
That it’s fine.

It’s fine
As Fieth steps forward and
rests a hand on her
Gripping her shoulder.
It’s fine
When she says, “I went a bit far
Didn’t I, Zero?”
Which she did
But it’s fine
And it’s not.
It wasn’t far enough, not close enough.
She didn’t just grab her
Right there, right then.
She didn’t just force her down
Against her desk
And whisper in her ear
Just what she’ll do to her.

So she falls to her side
Just far enough
To fall back into Fieth,
Head resting right between her *******.
The grip becomes a hug,
Arm wrapping firmly around
Her frightened frame,
So frail,
Right now, right here.

“It’s fine,”
She says again.
This time it’s the truth,
And a lie
And she closes her eyes
And she melts
Right there, right then
In Fiethsing’s arms,
Though she wants nothing more
Than to chase her off.

“Just need a moment?”
Fieth asks
With a sincerity
That she so often lacks.
She’s not going to run off.
She’s not going to lie.
She’s not going to force the matter
Even if Zero wants her to.
It’s frustrating,
The fiendish way that Fieth
Makes her fend for herself
By pushing just enough
To get a decision.

It’s fine,
Frustrating or not,
As she pushes herself up and off.
Just enough to sit up,
Just enough to lean in
As she makes a decision at last.
Her lips part
And she kisses Fiethsing.
A moan escapes her,
A desperate plea
Muffled as Fieth’s tongue meets hers
And as Fieth’s hand crawls up her front.
Up her front, to her shoulder
To her neck,
Thumb rubbing idly, intently.
Intoxicating, it’s intoxicating
That sensation and more
As she leans forward the more,
Body pressed
Against Fieth’s.
Fieth who takes hold of her waist
With a free arm
And pulls her forward and up
To get her standing.
Two bodies, pressed together.
The kiss deepens,
Desperate all the more.

Her hands snake up Fieth’s back
And her nails dig into Fieth’s back.
Fieth who breaks the kiss
As she lets out a hiss
Of pained satisfaction
And who looks down
At her
As she buries her face
Into her chest.
She’s coming undone.
She’s starting to cry.
She’s clinging as she can,
Telling herself
Over and over
That it’s fine.

It’s fine
And Fieth’s here
Resting her cheek
Against her head
And with her hand
Stroking her hair
And her other
Holding her firmly,
Just as she needs.
Just as she needs
Until she needs more,
More than a hug
And fingers in her hair.

She slips away,
Steps on back
One step, then two
Until a boot clicks against her desk.
She looks on
Eyes pleading
As she looks on at her
Her shirtless lover standing there
Unsure now of what she wants
But so sure of what she wants.
More, her.

So Fieth steps forward herself
Hands taking to her dress,
Undoing the buttons
As Zero tries to slip out of it.
Abandoning it on the floor,
Her bra goes there next
And her underwear
And her boots too.
It all goes
Until she is laid bare
For Fieth to look upon.
Fieth who doesn’t strip entirely,
Keeping her skirt on
And her boots too.
She dips down into her neck,
Pressing her lips against
That flesh
Vulnerable, sensitive
Enough to elicit a sigh.
Enough to get a roll of the hips.
Just enough
And not enough
As she buries her fingers
Into Fieth’s hair.
Pulling, stroking,
Needing simply to feel
Her and only her.
The her that slips a hand
Right between her thighs
Right then, right there.
A finger searching,
A finger finding
Just how wet she is.
A finger searching,
A finger finding
Just how hard her **** is.
Zero finds too
Once again
Just how skilled Fieth is.
How Fieth can circle her ****
Just the right way, just firm enough.
Enough to get her biting her lip
And resting her forehead
Into Fieth’s shoulder
As she comes apart
In her hands.

It’s fine
As her knees grow weak
And her breathing quickens.
It’s fine as Fieth slides a finger in
And a second.
The welcome stretch,
The familiar tension
Makes her shiver
As Fieth reaches deeper,
Deeper inside
And as Fieth pulls out
And pushes back in.
She pulls her head back,
And lets out a moan
Saying her name
As she pulls her hair.
God she’s near,
God she’s close,
God she’s in.
In her
Both in body and soul
And it’s all she can do
But say her name again
And again.
A fevered plea
As she begs for more,
Begs for her.
As doubts begin to clear
And leave
Just for a time.
Just right here, right now
And it’s fine.

Fieth pulls out again
This time fully
Leaving a dull ache,
An urgent need for more.
She wants to swear at her,
She wants to beg to her
To go back.
Back in,
Take her right there.
She needs it, needs her.
Fieth doesn’t though.
She grabs Zero’s thighs
And lifts as she can.
And she gets it
Though she’d rather not.
Rather not wait,
But she does wait and she knows
And she shifts her weight
Until she’s seated right on her desk,
Until she’s pressed down on her desk.

Fingers out of Fieth’s hair
She gropes at hard wood
That’s cold against her back
While the warmth burns
Between her legs.
She looks at her,
Looks to her.
Fieth’s hands rest on her thighs
As she looks back
Right at her,
Like she sees right through her.
Because she does,
She always does.

A hand travels up her thigh
Tracing a finger across her body.
A touch electric,
But not enough.
Not enough but enough
To get her speaking, to get her begging.
“Fieth, please.”
But Fieth just grins,
Feeling her *******,
Admiring the look in her eyes.
“Fieth please just stop looking,
Just this once and **** me.”
The words excite
And torment
And her cheeks burn red,
More ashamed to say it
Than have it happen.
The word she hears back isn’t a yes.
It’s “No.”

It’s fine
Isn’t it?
What had she done?
What could she have done?
Is it ending here, now?
Is it ending with still more to go?
What could she have done,
What could have Fieth have done?
Her fears come quick
And they’re tossed aside quick
As Fiethsing’s grin widens
And she says
“I’ve got a better idea.”
That’s fine.

More than fine.
Fine as Fieth bends down
Hand resting against the desk,
The other heading right back down
To her thighs.
Right back to part her lips
And then she feels her lips
And she feels her tongue
Against her ****.
Her fears are dashed
Right against the wall
And she lets out a cry,
A trembling moan.
So satisfied, yet not at all
As Fiethsing traces her ****
With her tongue.
As Fiethsing ***** at her ****
She claws, she scrabbles
Searching for purchase on the desk.
Which can’t be found
And she can’t find words
As she bucks her hips
Against Fiethsing’s mouth.
Not concerned about noise,
Not concerned about poise
Her worries gone entirely
And only this moment exists.
Only their bodies so close
Yet not close enough.
Time fades, distance fades.
A finger slips in again,
Then two, then three
But Fieth pulls her head up
Just to get it all situated.
Just to get it right.
Zero whines,
“Fiethsing please. ”

It’s more than fine
As Fieth dips back down
And Zero grabs wildly
Looking for something to hold
To touch.
All the better if it’s her,
If it’s Fieth and it is,
Her hair.
Her hair that Zero ***** into her fist,
Her hair that she pulls upon
As the tension builds,
As the ache grows.
Until at last it rolls over,
A rush of sensation
And feeling
That shakes her body
And gets her to cry out
Impassioned, fevered ramblings
About her, about her,
God just her.

And it’s fine
As Fieth keeps working at her
Through the ******,
Past the ******
And into the pain
Of too much sensation, too much.
She moans, she whines.
She begs, she even swears
And she bangs a fist on her desk
To stifle the pain, the pleasure.

Fiethsing slides out
And sits on up
And she laughs and prods
Right at her thigh.
“I bet even Milest heard that.”
What can she do
But roll her eyes
And groan in exasperation
At that comment.
What can she do
But be glad
Glad deep down for it,
For it all.
Glad enough that she sits up,
Glad enough that she hugs Fieth.

“It’s fine.”
Ivy Smith Jun 2015
"I'm fine," she says with a halfhearted grin.
"I'm fine," she says again, waving away a helpful hand.
"I'm fine," she says to herself, several minutes later.
"I'm fine," she whispers, wiping her face.
She's not fine.

"I'm fine," she says moments after the cry leaves her lips.
"I'm fine," she says to herself, sinking to the floor.
"I'm fine," she tells herself, shaking in a ball.
"I'm fine," she repeats, picking up the razorblade.
She's not fine.

"I'm fine," she says to her concerned family.
"I'm fine," she insists as those who love her worry.
"I'm fine," she says to anyone who listens.
"I'm fine," she lies as she slices her wrists.
She's not fine.

"I'm fine," she cries, sobbing on the bathroom floor.
"I'm fine," she wails, but only in a whisper.
"I'm fine," she mutters, watching the blood leave her wrist.
"I'm fine," she practices, stepping from the room.
She's not fine.

"I'm fine," she assures the world outside.
Nellie 55 Jan 2020
I'm fine when I grab that bottle
I'm fine when I isolate
I'm fine when i think of the old us
I'm fine when I see him at work
I'm fine when I catch old pics
I'm fine when I cry everytime I'm alone
I'm fine when I write down with tears drowning my journal
I'm fine when i think about slitting my thighs
I'm fine when we have a conversation
I'm fine when we argue in pity
I'm fine when i dont sleep
I'm fine when i don't eat
I'm fine when I reach out
I'm fine when i regret reaching out
I'm fine when I wake up knowing she's in a better place
I'm fine when I watch youtube
I'm fine when I put on raising hope
I'm fine when i rewatch everything
I'm fine.
For **** sakes please hold me I'm losing it
Broken Pieces Apr 2020
I'm fine.
Help me!
I'm fine.
I'm fine
I'm dying inside.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's cold in here.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Can I disappear?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm not fine.
I'm not fine.
I'm not fine.
I'm breaking apart.
Tamirra Holland Aug 2018
Look at me I'm fine! Are you fine!?! Yes, can't you see? look at me I'm fine. If you're so fine why do you feel like that on the inside? What difference does it make how I feel on then inside? look at me I'm fine. I don't want to look at this shell of a person I want to see you. If you wanted to see me you would know I was fine. I don't understand what you don't understand. Look at me I'm fine! If you're so fine why can people feel your pain through the smile? If you're so fine why can't you break through this feeling of being held back? If you're so fine why can't you get pass your own thoughts? Ok ok but look at me I'm fine! Why can't you accept the fact that I'm fine and leave it there? Because you're not fine and I refuse to allow you to tell yourself otherwise. But I'm coping so what's the problem? Aren't you tired of coping? Aren't you tired of barely living? Aren't you tired of being a shell of a person and letting people get glimpses and pieces of your spirit? No because that's what keeps me safe. Why be safe when you can live? What's life really about anyway? How do you miss something you never truly had? Because I know you can feel the desire and the fire that burns within. So what if I do? Look at me I'm fine! What do you mean so What? How can you sit and feel all the great things that you do and suppress it as if it means nothing? Because I'm lost and confused and it all means nothing right now. With that attitude it'll continue to be nothing. What do you want from me? Look at me I'm fine! I want you to live and be alive don't give me the words to pacify me. Look at me I'm fine!
Mikaila Dec 2012
I'll be by the water, lost and found,
A total ******* mess, a thrilling sound.
I can't see my silence anymore.
And they knew I was going down
The day I said I wished you'd come around.

I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
I feel as if this fate was bound.

I told them all with grace,
I'm fine.
I didn't really know the truth.
What happens if I lose my mind?
And then they'll see I never knew.
I need a melody, a sign.
That mine is not a love divine.

I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
It's a fine line.

What happens if you're everything?
And I die again.
Your light seeps into me,
What happens then?
I know that I am going down,
The question now is when.
Love, you're everything that's ever been.

I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
Until the day I'm not again.

The odd thing, now that I am here?
I'm not afraid.
I've never felt less terrified.
I hope this wonder never fades.
Until I lose my pride again,
I am the glorious charade.
My love is what the world forbade.

I'm fine, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
The lie I say every fking day.
The lie I say multiple times a day.
I wake up from a sleep that hasn't rested me,
And I lie. I'm fine.
When the woman I love asks if I'm okay, I lie to her.
I'm fine.
When she's breaking down due to her own issues,
I stay stong for her. Tell her it will be okay.
Possibly another lie.
I bury myself in these lies, to make sure everyone else is okay.
I'm fine.
The only reason, the ONLY ******* reason, why I haven't attempted for the 3rd time, is because I am scared of the impact of other people.
I'm fine.
I don't care what happens to me.
I care what will happen to others.
Laurens future. Her own mental health.
My Mums heart. I can't take a son away from my Mother.
My sisters big brother.
My Dads nipper.
My nephews uncle.
I'm fine.
My best friends. I couldn't forgive myself if I made the group smaller by 1.
I'm fine.
It even extends to work.
I can't let others take on the burden of doing the work I should be doing, because I ended it.
I'm not that selfish.
I'm fine.
Its the crippeling debt we're in.
How the f
k can I let the person I love put up with that on her own.
We barely live pay day to pay day.
And how can I do this to a family that hasn't even started.
I'm fine.
I am fine.
This constant feeling of something catastrophic is about to happen.
This invisible ocean I'm drowning in.
This explosion that is happening in my head, that I'm constantly holding back.
The thoughts that flitter in my head so easily.
I'm fine.
I say it with a smile.
I say it with purpose.
I say it with a heavy heart.
I'm fine.
My mouth says I'm fine.
My eyes scream for help.
I've been so good at lying, I've convinced every other communication I have.
My actions.
My words.
My mannerisms.
The jokes I flood into every conversation.
I'm fine.
I try to laugh as much as possible.
It helps convince others I'm fine.
It helps supress.
If I don't laugh, I die.
Or so it feels.
I'm fine.
This was more of a rant. A flood of thoughts.
Maddy Novak Mar 2018
I'm fine. My demons are sleeping. So I'm fine. They sleep every now and then. They let me rest and be fine. But then they wake up. They wake up my anxiety and my depression. I'm fine. My demons fight. I'm fine. They throw chairs. I'm fine. They throw tables. I'm fine. My demons cry out of anger. I'm fine... They laugh at my tears. I'm fine... They comfort me when I'm sad. I'm fine. My demons rest. I cry in peace. I'm fine... When they rest, I can finally sleep. My demons are awake again. I'm fine... I'm going to stay in bed. They say I'm not depressed. I'm fine... They take down walls. They take down cities. They take down countries. I'm fine... I smile through the tears. I smile through the pain. Help! I'm screaming. I'm not fine... They make me put on a happy face. I'm not okay... I'm not fine... I am depressed... My demons throw things. They break things. Every day is a new fight. Noone sees it because they won't let me show it. I smile... I'm not okay... I'm breaking... My demons are tearing me from the inside. I'm broken... My demons win every time and no one understands. And I can't make you. My demons are sleeping. I'm broken. And I welcome a new fight with a helpless breath. My Anxiety.
Form my heart to the page. Man does that scare me... I hope you enjoy.
Corey J Grace Mar 2016
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I say it in my head again.
Out loud.
But just above a whisper.
Repeat it again in the shower.
It gets  lost in the melody.
Mixing in the steam in the background.
Back to the head for shaving and teeth.
Master of using the mirror,
without ever quite looking at myself.
By now I'm remembering you again.
It comes and it goes.
Like a cough like a sneeze like a seizure.
Like a moth to a flame.
                                         Or a maybe an addict.
A bit louder because somewhere,
something lights across my synapses
A face, a laugh, a kiss, a memory.
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Both because I'm late.
And because I'm fearfully close.
Close to that razor fine edge of
put together and hot mess.
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Keys and gone into the day.
I'll wander the streets.
Because I hope if I listen.
I will hear you too
I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.
sheila sharpe Nov 2020
It is a fine, fine line
we use to place
good and evil apart
a fine, fine line
by a quill sharpened to
draw on vellum creamy white
a path hewn between
the road we should take
and the undergrowth of doubt
impenetrable and dense
and dark, so dark and deep
dream on it
draw in your mind
that fine, fine line
slide the golden nib of imagination
across the  parchment of your conscience
free and clear of prejudice
free of ideas preconceived
free of what others will
invariably choose to perceive
draw the fine, fine line
and use it as a guidance
for your continuance
the fine, fine line
free of suggestion’s nuances
draw or paint
with pencil, pen or brush
that fine, fine line
between the music of life
and Death’s deep, undreaming hush
3 fine men 3 fine men
Off to the pub to have a few beers
You see they will get really drunk and get on the dance floor to dance with the chicks
This will be a cool moment for them as 3 fine men
3 fine men 3 fine men
Having a party with beer
Enjoying themselves oh yeah
You see as they drink each beer right down and then they drink it down wearing a mighty big frown you see it is the best moment of life as 3 fine men
3 fine men 3 fine men
Getting each beer down them
Oh ****** yeah
You see drinking beer can be so much fun and they get to boot Donald trump up the ***
I never had a fine time in my life as being with 3 fine men
3 fine men 3 fine men
Drinking a lot of beer and getting ****** oh yeah
You see drinking beer for them
Sounds fun
And any conservative man ******* away from us
You see it will always be a fun time for each of the 3 fine men
Big Virge Oct 2014
Folks It Is A ... " Fine Line " ... !!!
The Road That I Walk ...
With Words That I Rhyme ...

Cos' Words That I Talk May See Me In Court ... !!!
WITHOUT Sean Or ... " Just Cause " ... !!!

Because of YES THEM Those In Governments ...
And Those Who They Send ...
To Enforce ... POOR Judgements ... !!!!!

But Of Course They'll Contend ...
That My Wordplay ... OFFENDS ...
And May Well STIR UP TROUBLE ...
And Cause .... " VIOLENCE " .... !!!!!

But It's Okay For THEM To Say What They Like ... !???!
And Declare Their War Fights As Forms of Defence ...
When Plans They Design Keep Causing PROBLEMS ... !!?!!

Well It Doesn't Seem Like Their Actions Are Right ... !?!
When Every News Night The Things In Our Sight ...
KEEP Showing Us VISIONS of People Who ... DIE ... !!!!!

Now That's A Fine Line I Have Re-Designed ...
From Princes' Great Song The ... " Sign 'o' The Times " ... !!!

So Don't Get Me Wrong My Lines Are Refined ...
And Clearly BELONG Where Fine Lines RECLINE ... !!!

Each Line That I Write Proves My Mind Is Inclined ...
To Write About Crimes Affecting Our lives ....

And It Is A Fine Line That Helps Me To FIND ...
A Way To  Express My Anger And Stress ...
About How We TRY To Do What Is RIGHT ... !!!!

But What Does This Mean ... ?!?
In A World So ... UNCLEAN ... !!!!!

What Do We Stand For ... ?
When Going To ... WAR ... !?!

We Should Take A .................

...... Pause ..............

And THINK of Our Cause ...
Is Making Blood POUR ....
What We're Really Here For ... ?!!!?

If You're Thinking ... YES ...
Are You .... REALLY SURE .... ???

How Would You Feel ... ?
If The Blood Poured Was ... YOURS ... !!!

Or Someone YOU LOVED ... !!!
And REALLY ... CARED FOR ... !!!!!!

Well As These Lines State ...

It Is A Thin Line Between YES ...
...... " Love and Hate " ......

But Hating For REAL ...
WON'T Help Us ... Relate ... !!!

These Days It's Quite CLEAR The Dangers of FEAR ... !!!!!
But That's Nothing New The Past's Given Clues ...
of How IGNORANCE Fuels Individuals To USE ...
Torture And Abuse Through Crews Filled With FOOLS ...
Who THINK ... Hatred IS COOL ... !!!!?!!!!

Well Hatred Profiled ...
Does NOT Lead To Smiles ...

It Leads To A Place ...
That's NOT Quite So Great ...
And Leads Us Through Leaders ...
Who Like To .... DICTATE ....

Like Those Around NOW .... !!!
Who Want To CLAMP DOWN ...
On People Like Me ....
Whose Wordplay's So Neat ...

That .... Our Poetry ....
Gives Policemen A Beat ...
That Makes Them ... RETREAT ... !!!!!

See What I Mean ... !!!

My Poetry Seams Are Suitably Clean ...
And Walk A Fine Line of Quality Rhymes ...
That ... BYPASS Extremes ... !!!

Because They're Inclined To UNIFY Minds ....
See That's How I'd Like My Wordplay DEFINED ... !!!

Speaking Your Mind Should NOT BE A Crime ... !!!
UNLESS What You Say Divides And Spreads HATE ... !!!

I'd Rather Spread LOVE ...
Through Kisses And Hugs ... !!!
While Most Now Indulge ...
In Acting Like THUGS ...
And Taking HARD DRUGS ...
When They've Had Quite ENOUGH ... !!!!!

People Like THESE ...
Make Me Want To CUSS ... !!!!!!!

But These Days I'm TRYING ...
To ... Rise uP ABOVE ....
These ... Wannabee Thugs ... !!!

Who Spread Talk of Dying ...
Cos' Their Words NEED ... !!!

....... " REFINING " ....... !!!!!!

Things You Put Out ...
Come Back Son DON'T DOUBT ... !!!!!

Now That's A ... FINE LINE ...
That's Got ... LOTS of CLOUT ... !!!
So Think CAREFULLY ... !!!
BEFORE ... Running Your Mouth ... !!!!!

Fine Lines That I Write of Upsetting Designs ...
Are NOT To Start Fights So REMEMBER That Line ... !!!

They May Cause Offence ...
And May Cause Arguments ...
And REJECT ... VIOLENCE ... !!!

Keep A Cool Head ...
Like Des Dekker Said ... !!!!!

Then Pick Up A PEN ...
Rather Than Make Attempts ...
To Bring Me DISTRESS .... !!!!!!!
Cos' You Want To SUPPRESS
A View I've Expressed ...
That's Left You ... UPSET ... !!!!!

THAT Message Is SENT ...
To Those ... JEALOUS Gents ...
Who Think They're The BEST ...
At Writing Fine Lines ...
With Words That They Rhyme ... !!!

Well CLEARLY They're BLIND ... !!!
And ... OUT of Their Mind ... !!!!!!
To Think That Their Rhymes ...
Are ... BETTER Than MINE ...  ?!?

Those Causing Us STRESS ...
Are Those In GOVERNMENTS ... !!!

NOT See Us ... " UNITE " ... !!!!!

THINK About That ...
Before Starting FIGHTS ... !!!!!

Black On Black Crime ...
Has Been ... LONG DESIGNED ...

Don't You  Think It's Time ...  ?!?
We Start To Fight THEM ... ?!?!?
And Their BOGUS Systems ... !!!

That's Where I Will END This Simple Poem ...  

Cos' ...

Words In Those Lines ...
May Cause Me PROBLEMS ... !!!!!

Even Though Their JUST Rhymes
That Flow And DEFINE ...
How The Words I Transcribe ...


.... " A Fine Line " ....
An early foray into rhyming, that delves into a number of interesting subjects ......
Michaela Ferris Jan 2014
I'm fine, but I'm crying
I'm so tired of trying
To find a way to believe in what you say about me...
I'm fine, but I'm trying
I'm so tired of living
Another day to try see what you see...

I mustn't let you down now,
I mustn't let go and cry...
All these nonsense stories
All made up in my head...
I'm trying to believe
But I'm fine... I'm fine

I'm fine, but it's so hard to believe
What you see inside of me.
I try, but I can't see what you see
But I know, I'll be fine...
I try, but I'm lost inside
I'm fine, but I cry...

My whole world is changing
I don't know where to turn
All these made up stories
Inside of my head, they lie, they lie...
I can't leave you to grieve
But I can't stay and watch me burn... me burn

I'm fine but it's so hard to believe
What they say about who I can be.
I try, but I can't see the ending
But I know, I'll be fine...
I try, but I'm lost inside...
I'm fine, but I cry...

I can't take anymore,
I just don't see what you see...
I've tried, but nothing will past through these walls.
I'm standing in the dark
And everything is not alright...
But I'm fine... I'm NOT fine...
Alex Jan 2017
I'm fine, fine, fine.
I'm lying, lying, lying.

I'm fine, fine, fine.
I'm drowning, drowning, drowning.

I'm fine, fine, fine.
I'm hoping someone sees through my lies, lies, lies.

I'm fine, fine, fine.
I'm hoping someone saves me, saves me, saves me.
Sorry, this is not that good.
If I was fine I wouldn't be going to the hospital 2 or 3  times a week,
If I was fine I wouldn't be going to physiotherapy,
If I was fine I wouldn't have hearing loss,
If I was fine I wouldn't have to wear on eyepatch every night,
If I was fine I would be able to concentrate for longer,
If I was fine my memory wouldn't let me down,
If I was fine it wouldn't take me twice as long to write work for college as it used to,
If I was fine tears wouldn't flow from just one eye,
If I was fine I wouldn't be going to rehabilitation,
If I was fine I would be living life like I used to but I'm not.
Stop saying I'm fine.
Grace May 2018
This is just a boring sadness;
a low-lying, flat sort of sadness,
just a grey sea on a drizzly day.
There’s nothing major going on here,
nothing monumental, nothing tragic.
It’s all just a bit blue round the edges.

This isn’t an explosive sadness,
it isn’t a torrent and it isn’t rock bottom.
It’s just a boring sadness that hums steadily
and it’s fine, really. It’s fine.

It’s just a sort of storm globe sadness,
willing to become tempestuous when shaken.
The waves rush, lightening darts, thunder bellows,
but it all happens behind glass.
And it’s fine, really, because it settles itself quickly.
The sea goes flat again and it’s fine.

It’s just a monotonous sadness,
the sort that makes life dull and hopeless.
It keeps you in your bedroom
and it ticks off the years and still,
you’re in the bedroom,
yet to have your first kiss,
your first heart break,
your first night out,
your first airplane ride,
your first concert,
your first car,
but it’s fine, because it’s a sadness
that comes down like a fall
of paper snowflakes and it’s fine.
It’s all fine.

It’s just a boring sort of sadness,
so you watch other people’s misery instead
and you wish you could spare them the pain.
You become a twisted sort of sadness covet,
a sadness thief, stealing sadness that isn’t boring,
stealing sadness that seems worse than your own
And it hurts you and makes you feel worthless,
all these bungled attempts to rob sadness
but it’s fine, really. At the end of the day, you’re fine.
It’s just another bit of boring sadness and you are fine.
'Well, all children are sad
but some get over it.
Count your blessings. Better than that,
buy a hat. Buy a coat or pet.
Take up dancing to forget' - Margaret Atwood

It's fine, just another quick poem about sadness, what's new?
B Jan 2022
I'm my mother's daughter
It's in my genes to cry
The littlest things set me off
When I was in third grade
I cried at my standardized writing test
It wasn't hard, I was just stuck
I love writing
I'm good at it
I always have been
But I couldn't handle the pressure to write well
That my entire life was based on my grades
and how well I scored on tests
And wrote about a three page story
I cry when I'm frustrated
When I could do a math problem on my homework
When I couldn't remember simple biology questions
But I did well on the tests
So they assumed I was fine
I assumed I was fine
How could I not be fine, I did well
I was talented
I was skilled
And I was doing well
My life was too good for me to be upset
I had to reason to be upset
And no one realized I might no be ok
Until I stopped eating and lost 15 pounds
But even then I told myself I was fine
I was eating less because I was doing less
I wasn't using as much energy so I wasn't eating full meals
I only at a tiny portion of my already small plate
But I was eating so I was fine
I moved out and started school, fully online
I was lonely
But I had my roommates
So I was fine
I couldn't bring myself to go to the class I thought I would love
I was failing a class
I was doing nothing to fix it
I was starting to hate writing and reading
But I had a plan to leave my major
So I was fine
I failed my first college class
But everyone gets one mistake
Everyone screws up once
It was during covid
Everyone is struggling
So I was fine
Everyone else is fine
So I am fine
And I keep telling myself that
In hopes that one day it'll be true
I am Fine
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
It's fine
I mean it when I say,
That everything's fine
Even if I'm slowly losing my mind
I'm fine
You can believe me or not
But I'd like to say one more time
That I'm fine

It's right
Nothing better than this
Optimistic lunacy
In the face of cold misery
Dead friends
While they drink themselves to life
Smiles ten miles wide
But I know that it's alright

Break backs
Trying make them take me back
Send love but it's never enough
I guess I'm alright with that
Send notes
Written in calligraphy
All the words read perfectly
Crying out to come back to me

I'm fine
Please believe me when I lie
Straight to your worried eye
That I will be just fine
Take time
I smile when I hear the words
Please, say that you're alright
Even when I don't know what it's like
Emma T Feb 2015
My body is fine
It is not fine wine
It is not **** fine
but its fine
"My body" is a foreign phrase
Because it is there
Its not here
Its just there
its fine
But sometimes my body does not feel like mine
It doesn't feel like yours or hers or his
But it feels unlike mine
It feels fine in a way of
Its just,
yet not there
Sometimes it wants to change
But I do not want to change
I want to like what's already there
The fine I've had to grow use to
Adapt to
The fine of old and new
The fine I tell myself to learn to like
The fine that stops me from asking too much
The fine that wont let me bother
The it's fine
The you're fine
The you're perfect the way you way
But I sit here curled up and I realize
Maybe its not fine
Q Jun 2015
Because you have to be;
What problems do you have anyway?
You're doing just fine, you know
No one wants to hear you complain.

You're doing just fine;
You're rotting more every day.
You're doing just fine,
No one cares what you have to say.

You're doing just fine;
There are people who have it worse.
You're doing just fine,
As long as you're outside of a hearse.

You're doing just fine;
You're brain is clawing it's way to your heart.
You're doing just fine,
As long as no one sees it rip you apart.

You're doing just fine;
You're not in pain, you've no problems.
You're doing just fine,
You're terrifyingly, apathetically numb.

You're doing just fine;
You'll last another day, another year.
You're doing just fine,
Just the same as every one else here.
If you read this, V, know I did consider sending this to you before I posted it for your opinion. I came to the conclusion though that, when I don't post poems immediately, I second-guess them, edit them, and end up never posting them. Best regards,
Chaus V.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
When people ask me how it is going
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me what I want to do
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me where to go
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me what to do
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me what I like
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask witch way to go
I'll tell them I am fine

I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am a lie
I'll tell them life is a lie
I'll tell them there is nothing to live for
I'll tell them it's all a lie

I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am lie
I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am lie
I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am lie
I'll tell them I am a fine lie
Lytrell Howard Mar 2015
A yo Shawty,
You is lookin fine, fine, fine
Like a crisp hundred dollar bill on da sidewalk
Found between paychecks.  Fine.
Lookin like that Queen off in my dreams
So I be real when I step to you
Wussup, whut yo name is, whus yo phone number?
A yo Shawty,
If I gotta, I’m a steal you from somebody.
I mean some ***** gon be ******
Cuz you gon be my special dish
Shawty ya look good
Got those legs that
Mad David Ruffin not too proud to beg.
I wann know whut’s behind those eyes that hypnotize.
Whut’s in yo head?
A yo Shawty,
Is you gotta mind to go wit yo
Fine, fine, fine, super fine ***?
I see you got class.  Physical beauty surpass
Named after a month cuz the thought of you last
For mo days than the rains of Noah
God couldn’t destroy this place ‘til he made yo face
I’m down fo the chase let’s run dis race.
A yo Shawty
Yeah you
Tongue ring and accessories
Make me wanna catch yo disease
I wanna inhale what you exhale
Taste whut you smell
My idea of Hell is you not by my side
A yo Shawty
I shall provide
That fire fo you to ride
I ain’t givin you no cheese
But together we can make Swiss cheese, American and cheddar
In memory of you no falsified lines
That month befo summer and at de end of spring
A yo Shawty
Let’s get togever and do da right thing.
Like a fat *** Spike Lee Joint
Roll up dat bubonic sticky green chronic
And let’s pull together
Get close like crystal when we toast
Every anniversary Cristol in the crystal
We boast that I’m yours and you is mine
A yo Shawty
You lookin
Fine, fine, fine.
Like a crisp hundred dollar bill on da sidewalk
Found between paychecks.
Hear here:*

I'm fine
  I'm fine
    My heart's on fire
      But I'm fine
No ****
  No wine
    No need for that stuff
      Cause I'm fine

The words on the radio
Don't touch me like they used to
Not a single song out there
Sounds right or rings true

I'm chill
  I'm fine
    Growing colder
      On the vine
The leaves
  They turn in time
    And I'm turning too
      Cause I'm fine

I wish I could capture a sunbeam's warmth
Before the autumn days
But just like the summer in your smile
This too will fade away

I'm fine
  Not sure what I'll do but I'm fine
    This heart beats slower now
      But it's fine, oh it's fine
I'll try
  To coastline
    Try to glow up
      Til I grow up
        And I show up
          Truly fine.
Find the track here:
danny Jul 2016
go ahead and make complaints about the texts you aren't getting back but remember that i endured months of a screaming silence that hurt my ears and rendered me a walking empty body
sorry that i couldn't be enough for a family that set me up to fail the second i stepped in the door
he's bringing her places we used to go and it's to overwrite the data already deeply encoded
i'm sure that our footprints and traces of who we were are still everywhere we ever went because time with him was on a different continuum and they shouldn't be trying to upset the balance
Daivik May 2021
Another ambulance siren sounds
Another death waits around
Everyday, increasing counts
But its nothing to worry about
We have it under control
Government says
It's fine it's alright
It's just a few people dying

Gruesome rapes the headlines say
But who believes them anyways
It's worse in the neighbouring state
It's their migrants doing it anyways
(We have no proof
But believe it, it's true)
There's nothing we can do except
Wait till the anger wanes
It's fine it's alright
You'll forget it in no time

Poor die of hunger,"why?,
Are you making this statue?.""To unify
For national pride, comes reply
Reason enough to justify"
Payments of millions less cash more kind
Its fine it's alright

Irreversible damage done
To nature and environment
"Well, it's irreversible, so nothing can be done
Just sign a meaningless treaty, a pact
Just for fun"
Climate change its all a hoax
All this science is satanic folks
Just believe us when we say you won't die
The living conditions will only drastically decline
It's fine it's alright

Turn off the TV station
They sell.fake news to this nation
Lapdogs of the opposition
Just believe what The Republic says
And other government outlets
It's truth, all ahem no lies
It's fine it's alright

Wars, genocides
Crisis of humanitarian right
It isn't our fault this time(it is)
Or anytime
There are things that can't be understood
Just agree, it's for your own good
Anyways, you'll.never know
It's fine it's alright

Nothing to eat
Nothing to wear
Nothing to do
But swear
"It's fine it's alright"

Don't get too fiesty  child
(No revolution coming anytime soon)
Rebel want
(We will crush you with our iron fists)
It's your freedom
It's your right
It's a democracy, your government
It's fine it's alright

Another ambulance siren sounds
Nothing to worry about
Oh it's for you, there's no bed
(As if we care)
Just die
Don't defy(us)
Don't cry
No whys
It's fine it's alright




Really, it's fine, it's alright

    -Issued by the loving government of the world
Inspired by bob Dylan's do nt think twice it's alright and I'm only bleeding mamma
Jonathan Jun 2019
I‘m  F.I.N.E

               ****** up,



                                       ­                    and Emotional.
But beyond a cheap self-deprecating joke
You and I might have a very different definition of
F i n e

To you,
fine might be scraping the surface
Or untapped potential
Knowing you can do better
  you have just enough money to make it by
You have just enough food on the table to survive
You are certain you can pay your bills this month
You just might pass on  netflix to get by
or you won’t go out with friends because you can’t pick up the tab

Are fine

To preface my point
This still isn’t a great place to be
and I’m sorry that you have
to just scrape by every day
Having fun should be a part of life
But at least you are stable
You at least are fine
You at least are

To me,
is digging deep

To me,
is a barrage of  pedigree hate

To me,
is not knowing if I’m gonna spend the night on my friend’s couch
Because   h e   beat me up
Or   s h e   told him to

To you,
might be safe

To me,
is whatever I think I can handle before I grab the bottle

To me,
is a measure of how bad **** can get before I grab the blade

So the next time you ask me if I’m   f i n e
And I say yes

Doubt me

Call me late at night
Don’t let me drink
It’s not the right kind of medicine

Follow me home
Don’t let me touch that knife

And if I don’t make it
If I couldn’t make it to “fine”
Even by my own delineation
It isn’t your fault
I just can’t seem to settle on the definition of a word
whose weight
I never quite understood.

One of my favorite pieces I’ve written. Backwashes feelings from a Time when things were much worse than now.
Alex Jul 2016
You had my heart,
Back when We were younger,
Promising "We'll never part"
You were my suicide lover.

I'm Running out of Time,
In my heart you're still Alive,
In my Dreams,
**** Reality, I mean
We had it all,
I Fell Hard,
You Caught My fall,
Tell me,
Where'd it all go wrong?

And I keep telling myself lies,
"I'm fine, I'm Fine, I'm fine"
But you're, no longer,

My Candle shines Bright,
But you always outshone me,
You were so full of life,
Had such a sweet Personality,
Love and life are such a battle,
Why'd you quit the Fight?
Little ray of Sun,
Why'd you have to be done?

Darling we had come so far,
Underneath the same stars...

And I keep telling myself lies,
"I'm Fine, I'm Fine, I'm Fine"
But you're, no longer,

Life wasn't so bad,
Back When You were here,
You kept me from going mad,
And Chased out all my fears.
You were always there for me,
In my Darkest times.

And I keep Telling Myself Lies,
"I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine"
But you're, no longer,

Amd Baby if I Could,
I'd turn back Time,
To tell you Once more,
"I love you, It'll be fine"

But I Guess that its okay,
You've found some Better days,
But I Wish you couldve stayed.

Darling, We had come so far,
Underneath the same stars...

And I keep Telling myself lies,
"I'm fine, I'm Fine, I'm Fine."
But you're, No longer,
I did NOT write this poem, my friend, Emma, did. All credit goes to her.
Chloe Henry Jul 2014
Please ignore that sharp inhale I just took

I swear
I'm fine

I know it might look like I am choking on something

Believe I am doing fine

I swear
I'm fine

Yes go on and on about your day
, with your reoccurring and ever stagnant worries

I swear
I'm fine

Please ignore that tear in the pit of my eye

Please pay no heed to me calling at an hour so obscene

Don't bother responding to that text message please

I don't mean to be a bother
I swear
I'm fine

Yes, I know you have a life
I know you need some rest

But don't realize that this head of mine is buzzing
It has become so restless
It won't let me sleep
No it won't let me think
I swear

I'm fine

I'm fine
I just find it harder to sleep
Even harder to wake up

Harder to eat
And even harder to smile
Because I feel I am sinking into a deep pit

Grieving grievances are not what I need

I just need someone to say "it's fine if you aren't fine"
But don't worry

I swear
I'm fine

— The End —