pk tunuri Feb 20
When your thoughts strike like a dart
My feelings gets pierced in my heart

Every night I wet my pillow with tears
As if gods listening to my prayers

Life seems to be fun with you
I can't imagine how that happiness, just flew
I hope you always knew
That my love was true

How easy for you to forget those days
Nothing is as heavy as this pain weighs
When you truely love someone and after sometime when they don't care about you anymore, The only things you are left with are tears and prayers
Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
If you knew how to kill me
Would you hesitate at all?
Would put the writing on the wall?
I'm starting to think about,
What it would be like
But I think we'll do it some other night

If you broke into my house
Would you steal all my things?
My cast iron lung and my mother's rings
I start to wonder about,
Everything we could do
But in the end, that's all up to you

If you saw my collection
Of everything I've ever done
Would come closer or would you run?
If things fell to pieces
And collapsed onto the floor
Would you beg for mercy or for more?

If you knew how to shame me
Would you kindly tell me how?
I'd like to use it in a painting somehow
If you thought about my flaws
As just reasons to laugh
I'd like to know so I can join in on that
Mira Nov 2017
Time has changed,
Weather has changed,
People have changed,
And so are you!
Yet no one to blame to.
I accepted the truth
That you were gone.
Even you are no longer with me,
Your memories are still with me &
in my heart &
in my thoughts...
Yet, somewhere inside my heart,
I miss the old you
Who used to care me a lot,
Who was the reasons of my smiles, &
Whom I loved a lot ....
Jamie Jul 2013
I wonder if you think of me
As I do of you,
I wonder if you miss me
I'm such an utter fool,
I wonder if you'd tell me
What I've put you through,

Soon I will be just a memory
Of someone you once knew,
As I fade away know that,
Once upon a time
I loved you ...
Did you ever love me too?
Lefa Mzondi Jul 31
After all the times we spent together
All the memories we shared
The countless number of pictures we took
Making those funny faces
All those not so funny jokes we shared
All the movies we watched together
The ice cream we ate
The shopping we did
The kisses we shared
After all the fights and fun we had
The tears and smiles
All the intimate conversations we shared
The childhood stories
All the dark secrets about each other we revealed
And after all the love we made
You still never knew me...
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