Margaret May 2014
If no one
Knew what gay was
Who'd be gay?
Just thinking... I know gay isn't a choice, just thinking...
irrelevance10 Sep 2012
You said that my heart is black
If only you knew
the depth of that blackness
how it reaches toward infinity
and grasps me with its talons
and pulls me under

You said that I'm two different people
If only you knew
the fearsome duality
of my restless spirit
and the constant wrestling
for dominance

You said you could love me if I let you
If only you knew
my heart's blackness
and my restless duality
will be your undoing
If only you knew...
If only you knew...
Nicole Nov 2014
If only I knew your deepest fears,
your goals, your dreams, your closest peers,
I'd love you for the rest of my years,
if only I knew.

If only I knew what made you sad,
the good, the great, the worst, the bad,
I'd love you as the best I've had,
if only I knew.

If only I knew how to make you stay,
my troubling heart will no more astray,
I'd love you until my very last day,
if only I knew.
© Nicole A
Mitten Sep 2012
If only you knew
what you do
what you've done
you've taken many souls
left not even a trace
all you've done
all you've taken
wasn't yours to take
you've left me with nothing
nothing but fear
left me in a horror movie
forever I fall
imadeitallup Jun 2014
It's true, what they say
people are mirrors
I look into your eyes
everything is backwards

What you see,
eyes and lips
hips and thighs
dirt and twigs
curves and lines

If my proportions
are enough, but
not too much
I have your attention
and maybe
If I press my clothes
burn my hair
paint my face
maybe you will
like what you see?

What would I see?
If you never told me
I was beautiful
When I cover up
brush my hair
across my face
would I know?
could I see?
The girl that's dying
inside of me.
Come with me, I said, and no one knew
where, or how my pain throbbed,
no carnations or barcaroles for me,
only a wound that love had opened.

I said it again: Come with me, as if I were dying,
and no one saw the moon that bled in my mouth
or the blood that rose into the silence.
O Love, now we can forget the star that has such thorns!

That is why when I heard your voice repeat
Come with me, it was as if you had let loose
the grief, the love, the fury of a cork-trapped wine

the geysers flooding from deep in its vault:
in my mouth I felt the taste of fire again,
of blood and carnations, of rock and scald.
JaQuise Caldwell Nov 2014
Diminutive in frame and stature
defines him not, but instead enhances the
brilliance of his smile’s shine.
The golden flakes of honesty in his warm brown eyes
covey one vice that is captivation.
They hold hostage your most destructive thoughts
to instantaneously
replace them with the best; of
joy, contentment, and love-the best of him.

His high cheek bones define a mouth
so perfectly constructed.
They rise and fall like oceans’ waves with
every gentle gesture.

He thinks of love as a pool of chances
and illogically
he dives into the hurt he’s found himself in once
twice, no wait, three times.
But still, he never falters to give “chance”
just one more chance to prove he’s done what’s right.

Secondary comes his needs, in light of someone else’s.
The thoughts, “too tired” or “too busy” does nothing for him because
if someone needs help, you help them undoubtedly.
I  have seen the coat that once
cascaded on his back give warmth to one
who had no coat
or smile
or joy
or light.

And for that one he lowered his head
to ask God for a favor.
I met this guy, this “perfect” guy when innocence consumed me
and since that day we’ve been each other’s confidant and comforter.
My love towards him supersedes that of a friend or
the best of that.

The truest thing I know is that when everyone one else
disappears to the mundane norms of life,
he will be there with me to cut through
the silence with rolls of laughter.
At what? It does not matter.
Because when I’m with him and he’s with me
there is a “we” that is formed and that “we” is captivates me

An infinite truth is that I will never stop
loving this young man.
He keeps my heartbeat steady so I
must exclaim the best of
joy, contentment, and love-the best of him.
Life's a Beach Jun 2014
I truly underestimated the power of a good orgasm
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Only saw you once
On the metro
You looked like you needed help
I felt like I could have helped you

Never even talked
But our eyes did meet
You looked like you needed hope
But you looked away before I could smile

Pull up to the platform
I opened my mouth to speak
You just picked up your bag
And left

Fell in love
With someone
I had never even met
And it hurt

Atrayee Nov 2012
Only if you knew…
How it bleeds inside
The baby born of blood and flesh
Just a hideous beast ruined by time.
Single dame- thousand names
Only if you knew,
How the ice burns my throat
How the wills and wants went cold…

Only if I knew,
What the skies hold for me
I didn’t touch the blade,
But the stains don’t fade away..
Why the contrition of yesterday
Still pricks my soul’s edges
Why the sweet reminiscences,
Still a gloomy haze?
Why the memoirs of divinity
Have turned in immoral disgrace?
Why the reaper can’t sing in its solace?
Thee heart keep running but lost in its pace
Why each passing moment moans for the albatross?

Only if we knew…
The curiosities of life
And anxieties open and wide
Don’t stop the eyes
Now open and searching life
Taking my chances,
Hiding my grievances
I risk the curve
Once was jilted and deserted from love
I bask in the glow, soak in the sun
Step out of the low
The Satan takes no pity
Leaves the beast with an impaired heart
Now the eyes are shut, the dark creeps in
The clouds come and lo! they win
The stars now astray in a veiled sky
Feeble and faint
Again leave the beast forsaken
But animal instincts they call it
It strives again..
Only if you knew…
true Dec 2011
If the world knew what I knew
About the broken heart-disease
And how it festered deep inside you,
Or if they’d seen you change as I had
Caught quick glances of the real you,
If they’d watched there be no cure
As it became a trust infection,
If the world weren’t so sure that you
were just an imperfection
Then they’d box up their rejection
And accept you.
Winter Reached out, we're on: (feel it, fresh
.) Vaporizer kindled that frostfire bud,
The breeze subsided as I got buzzed.

Flawless minted diamond breath from the
menthol tobacco in a marijuana cigarette;
Exhail and we're blew,  it's beautiful.

All daze,
Everydaze, twenty-four/seven.
Roll it up cadet,
Four-twenty blaze it,
That heaviness hit heaven.
"How does it feel?"

Basswave envelope superseded the nominal.
Tremor amplification from the hot-handed devil,
Live electro plays better;
Electronic Renaissance:
"These ones go up to eleven."
-Line Thirteen: How Does It Feel - Electroset [Theme from Techno Blues]
-Line Nineteen: Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) - Spinal Tap

-Fourth Verse for Pinn Panelle
somebody knew Lincoln somebody Xerxes

this man:a narrow thudding timeshaped face
plus innocuous winking hands, carefully
inhabits number 1 on something street

Spring comes
                the lean and definite houses

are troubled.   A sharp blue day
fills with peacefully leaping air
the minute mind of the world.
The lean and

definite houses are the sunset their chimneys converse
roofs are nervous with the soft furious
light,and while fire-escapes and
roofs and chimneys and while roofs and fire-escapes and
chimeys and while chimneys and fire-escapes
and roofs are talking rapidly all together there happens
Something,and They

one by one are turned suddenly and softly
into irresponsible toys.)
                              when this man with

the brittle legs winces
swiftly out of number 1 someThing
street and trickles carefully into the park

Down.  pigeons circle
around and around and around the

irresponsible toys
circle wildly in the slow-ly-in creasing fragility
—. Dogs

in the beautiful nonsense of twilight

and somebody Napoleon
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