imadeitallup May 2014
Blame it on
Your absent father
Your addict mother
Your unexpected children
Blame it on
Anyone, and anything
So you never have to
Take responsibility
For your own actions

It's the whiskey
That hit me
It's my own shards
That tore me apart
It's a malevolent God
That lied about love
'Cause you don't do anything

Blame it on
My fragile psyche
My insecurities
My "impossible" needs
Blame it on
Anyone, and anything
So you never have to
Take responsibility
For what you've done to me

It's the cigarettes
That stole my breath
The weight of my expectations
That broke my trust
The spinning of my own wheels
That drove me into madness
'Cause you don't do anything
Everyone has a jerk like this in their life.
Skinny Love Apr 2014
You changed,
You changed
I walked a way
To keep myself
I lost the game.
The game,
The game,
You were not fair
It was a war
I left you there.
You’re there,
You’re there,
And there you’ll stay.
You play the game.
I’ve walked away.
Things have been said about me that are not true. He thinks I am the enemy, that I hurt him on purpose, but its all in his head. He wants to see me as the one who started the war, so he's justified in fighting me.  He thinks I left him to hurt him, but I left him to stop myself from getting hurt.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Do you pause
your video game
to answer her back?
Or do you keep answers short until
she stops responding,
like I do?
Nicole Dawn Jun 2015
If life were a video game,
Then I would totally buy the
'Skip this level'
Because let me tell you,
This level sucks
Nicole Dawn May 2015
An orange ball
Repeatedly against the floor.

Fake left.
Run right.

We must all be mad,
For we are doing
The same thing,
Over and over again,
And expecting a different result.

Lose the ball.
Run down the court.
Fast break.
Shot blocked.
Run back.

We run ourselves
To put a
Big orange ball
In a small white net.
And love every minute of it.

Back on offense.
Call the play.
Set a pick.
Roll to the basket.
Get the ball.
Get a point.

I don't know
What I would do
Without this madness
This again and again
This over and over

It may be mad,
But it makes me happy.
Basketball is my favorite sport
Rose Jul 2012
Life is a video game,
or so it seems.
It's difficult, hard to beat.
Just don't give up right away,
Beat the game.
But always remember,
Once the game has been beat,
You're dead.
Never to come back alive.
It's done there, nothing left after.
So enjoy the game while you're playing,
Make it last a while.
Don't pass up a level,
Don't cheat the game,
Take your time.

#YOLO , lol. Just kidding, that's annoying.
ME May 2014
you are
so good at flirting
or am I
too naive not to see
in the end
it is
just another game
of you
Maddie May 2013
This is not a game.

I am not going to be controlled by some stupid,
Player like yourself.
I am not a piece in your game,
So stop treating me like plastic.
Stop pretending you can use me to win,
Where you get all the benefits,
And I get absolutely nothing in return.

You use me to get what you want,
Then you push me to the side.
You figure:
               *You don't need me anymore.
                A winner deserves better.
                But in my book you are not a winner.

You may have learned how to control me once,
How to own me,
How to make me do whatever it takes for you to win.
But never again will I allow that to happen.

And now I'm just trapped in a box,
A dreadful box you placed me in.
You make it a point to play me again sometime,
But quite simply never get around to it.
You used me like a piece in a game.
And do you know how that feels?
I have never felt so unwanted,
In my entire life.
But you don't care,
Because you are the game master,
And you will do whatever it takes to win.
Talula Feb 2015
I must admit
I fell for the pretty lies you told
I guess I just wanted a hand to hold
Now my heart is broke

You made
Me go behind her back
Because I thought you liked me like me that
Now I don't know what to do
I need a guide to help me thru


I guess i was just another level to play
On his stupid, stupid video game
All his sweet talking
Smooth Walking
Always holding me close
Was just a strategy
But Baby
I'm sorry
In this video game
I'm the boss

FiRST Verse:

I'm a hard level to beat
I am the Queen Bee
I almost fell for all your tricks
But you never met a girl like this
Best believe I'll put up a fight
Before I let you win
I will make sure
You never hurt a girl again

Chorus x2

I didn't wanna tell her at first
But now I think its time
To be a true friend
And admit to all my lies

I got caught up in the web
And now I'm struggling
I never thought I would get stuck
Now all I do is hurt
I feel like I betrayed all her trust
I just hope she'll forgive me
When I tell her
To open her eyes and see


I'm sorry,
You can't win this game
You fought your side
But I won't die
Just stop playing

Needs work
IvyB Xx Apr 2015
"My heart is a pre-owned game,
with you being the current controller.

Having being reset over and over,
I am hoping that you will be the one to pass the level and clock me,
body and soul"
Ivy Botticelli
Frostley Oct 2015
She is the vindictive snow
Beautiful, cold causing her chilling touch to leave me numb
She creates an overload of dopamine for me
But like I said she left me numb
She compressed limerence upon me
The concentric feelings I have for her  linger
This contours her opaque heart
Leaving her pliable words lay rendering in my mind
She applies this solvent to it leaving me broken
Forlorn she left me
Yet, the tactile, numbing sensation keeps me going
For she is the one I love
Causing our hearts to be diptych artwork off our hinges.
J C Lynch May 2014
The greeting is the same
the minutia is the difference
Point A and Point B
are always constant

Like a craftsman with
his toolkit and techniques
nothing is out of sync
with expectations

It's not a game any longer
it has become a chore
motions to go through.
Ten minutes in.... threw in a wrench
into my machinations of
dialogue and movement. don't bore me.
It's a game once again,
and we both intend to win.

Let's play
To the ones who've held my rapt attention
HelpingHand45 Feb 17
Since Fortnite is incredibly bad,
I turn it off and get real sad.
As I sit there, a thought comes to me,
There's a better game, but it isn't free.
With a forceful tone and a loud holler,
I demand my mom to pay 30 dollars.
She buys the game, it's called PUBG,
The price of this game was worth the fee.
I fight my way to a Chicken Dinner,
I killed 6 men but I'm still a winner.
My mom barged in and yelled at me,
"How dare you game this late," said she.
I said "Sorry Mom," and gave her a shove,
She said "Game, game, game, my love."
thx fo the support #follow4follow
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