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Tomorrow is game day all across Husker land Everyone is excited,the Ducks just don't understand
My bird shot is ready
The remote in my hand
I promise to yell and go crazy
I will cheer them on as loud as I can
Tomorrow is Gameday
Some ducks are going to die!!!!
  Let's get ready
Let the red balloons fly
It's Lincoln.......******* ......... NEBRASKA ..........
Now wipe the tears from your eyes
It's go go Huskers until the day I die
      Final HUSKERS 35 Ducks 32
red door and lemon tree; breathe for me
my heart of gold is quite a
currency; can’t you see?
he was no dragon
flames sweep my icy mane but his hand felt the whip grow
oh-so-hot; I know that smell
keratin-laden lemons part the sand,
give you life till they’re
hollow, then we’ll go;
he was no dragon but a waking fiend,
growing ill; I’m
seventeen and searing still;
by day, I’m their lilac-eyed abolitionist, their metallic metonym,
their mother, and we all ache for redolent citrus;
red door and lemon tree; set us free
by night, all doors are black and my
tears crater the sand;
one day you'll
carry me home
dany's a mess sometimes but I love her so far.

I do not intend to add anything to the GoT universe. This piece was merely an analysis of Dany's story arc in the form of poetry.
All places and characters described belong to George R.R. Martin
ryn Feb 2015
Stuck at this game,
In what seemed like forever.
Stuck at a stage where...
Experience points don't matter.

A game set in an expansive universe,
Rife with problems that arise to haunt.
You can't pass and can't concede defeat.
Troubles' only function is to mock and taunt.

I've chafed my thumbs raw...
Manipulating the knobs on my controller.
My mind is a mess...
In search of a happily ever after.

Puzzled by puzzles,
There are no cheat codes...
Can't blast my way through,
There are no god modes...

Neither are there any hints,
Nor is there a walkthrough...
I'm just running in perpetual circles,
In this game of me and you.
thejohnags Jul 2018
you're lost in the wild
you don't know where you are,
you don't know what to do,
so you're dying in the dark.

you're looking for a trace
you're looking for a place,
but all you get is this maze
you should've seen your face
you got burned, got cornered
no turns, just liars.

and when you try to seek out the exit,
you find the monsters in your closet
smiling, waiting, hungry to dive in
you can run, but you can't hide
you can try, but you'll be found

so you're lonely in the streets,
you've been sleeping there, no sheets
you're looking for a mirror, looking for a lover,
looking for a mother, looking for a savior,
but you're alone, child.
but are you lone, child?
are you gonna cry now? be brave child.

the time is ticking
this game you're playing,
it's never ending,
but try to win it.

you say you're fine,
but you hope with fright.
you curse your life,
cuz it's killing you with pride.

the door is open,
but the sign says closed
your heart is breaking,
but you got no one to hold.

so you hold onto your dreams:
bright, and thriving lights, NYC
but is it worth it? can you chase it?
can you catch it? or miss all of it?

you sit in the corner of the bed
you're thinking about life, you're thinking about death
you're thinking about your friends, you're thinking about your family
when you thought of yourself, you thought of yourself lastly.

you sit and think about living
what to do to learn? what to do to earn?
how to keep up the pace?
how to dance in the rain?
and why are you lonely in this sick, crazy game?

so you wake up in the streets
the air is warm, so you smile, and you breathe
looking for dime, looking for a rhyme,
looking for more time, looking for your prime

looking for a flower,
looking for a paper,
cuz that is what you're best at:
painting words then you're a goner.
min May 2017
trouble is our destiny
only two can play this game but

who will get hurt first?
who will love first?

these calls which i declined
these text which i just read

i love to tease you
i love to see you angry

you keep shouting at me
you keep calling me names

i thought you could keep up but
i just can laugh at you

there are no rules
and there will never be

but how can you win a serious game
with a funny player?

let that sink for a while sweatheart
There are fleeting patches of light
Within my confused and idled mind
What once was abundant with mercy
Has now presently been confined
I find myself
Picturing the worst within the frame
Yet not wishing to let those wild thoughts
Go about Untamed

Its like a game you play by yourself
When all the lights are out
In the dark without a spark
And no one to call for help
Is this the conflict of a broken promise
Or simply present tense
Am I justified within my suspense
Or should I rather...
Attempt to condense

Even though this makes sense
It could easily be that or the other
Don't get me started on the similarities
Between interactions happening
With she
And my distant mother

I don't wish to smother her
Only desire my peace of mind
I'm determined to soothe the fire
Before leaving everything behind

I don't want to call you a liar
But its where I find myself treading
Like that one event suddenly made a dent
And fissures started spreading
Like every last thing could be a deception
Manifesting what I believe
And I don't think I'll really get to know
Is it you
Or is it me?
This one is.for you Echo
Sleepz Dec 2013
Lets play a game,
The one where we act like we know each other.
Let's play a game,
The one where I'll pretend to never hurt you.
Let's play a game,
Lets play a game.
People get used to pushing others away,
People get used to being on their own,
But it shouldnt be that way.
Let me understand you,
The way you understand me.
Let me show you a different game,
Let's call that game Life.
Let's play it together and cheat as much as we want,
Take off our masks,
And show the world what we really are.
Even if I'm **** inside, and you are filled with happiness.
Even if I'm afraid of myself, show me that you aren't.
Show me a good future,
And I'll help you forget about the past.
Let's play this game,
Even though it wont last long,
Until the time comes where you have to come back home,
Back where youre alone trapped in your thoughts,
And you can't help but to be depressed.
You can't help but to wish you were dead.
Theres something missing here,
And you could use some fixing.
Let's play a game,
Where we could all pretend all these problems didnt even exist.
The one only me and you could understand.
Let's play a game,
Where you could escape and never come back.
Truth is I'll miss you,
Even though we pretended to know each other all along I fell in love with your disguise
But he thing is,
I know some truth about you,
I could see it in your eyes.
Let's play a game,
Where we dont need to act surprised
Where we dont try to hide,
It'd be impossible cause I'd always find you.
And when I do you'll have tears going down your eyes,
Its a side you never really let me see.
I remember you gave me the key to your heart,
But I still find myself knocking,
And you always answered the door.
Let's play a game,
Where I never saw you again.
Let's play a game,
Where all I really needed was your permission.
Let's play a game,
Before we ever have to go back to reality.
Let's play a a game.
Tanay Sengupta Oct 2018
They were young and in love.
They didn't know, what it was
All a game of push and shove.

Smoking up and gazing at the stars above.
Without any reason, or any cause
They were young and in love.

Black dress and a leathered glove.
That one night, inside the bus
All a game of push and shove.

Like a pair of doves.
Always sticking together, because
They were young and in love.

Maybe in their naivety, they knew love.
Maybe it was better when it was
All a game of push and shove.

Maybe the river of lust flows to the ocean of love.
To them, it didn't matter, what it was
They were young and in love.
All a game of push and shove.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
I am often accused of not writing anything naughty. So, I thought of giving it a try. Happy reading!
Putt. .. ...................
                                  .          ­                                          
                      ­                .  
           ­                              .      
                                     .                                                                ­



The Day...
...huff, huff, ...huff
Not one but many,
twenty-two a numbered set
break, reset, align...
frost, huff,
Great God of Light reveals our Glory!
Field of pain, torn, exhausted,
sweat, rain, mist, colder
as grass-stained; the warrior's drobe.

whistle! -stop!
Randint, paired, matched to offset...
feign, move
'Eleven-by-Eleven,' storied beget



In the fields herds collide,
as Chaos, Eros, Geron, Adonai,
War portends a losing side?
The cheering throngs cast coronae...

Eleven steers to sacrifice,
go they do to God.
The ritual structure to suffice,
Violent nature absorbed by sod.

The origin of football is Sparta. The Game of The Sun. Contact was only allowed when in pursuit of the ball or upon players with ball in hand. You threw the ball at the sun and any player who caught it could run it downfield. All forms of contact to get the ball were allowed including eye-gouging, biting, bone-breaking or even killing. See Justinian's Trogus.
karin naude Mar 2013
try as you might
your dictated actions will never dictate mine
by the grace of my God
my actions shall be my and my choosing alone
not if it pleases thee
i will not live on my knees
i will serve no master
i will not be dictated to
you forget just my clean conscience needed
not both of ours
for a deep night sleep
your actions clearly misplaced hostility
actions not thought through
when investigated , ooh bad spot light
your honesty wont save this ship
too little too late

someone's head will be needed for the crowd
appeasement if you will
my money is on you
or will black mail save you once more
lets be honest, you know no other way
the game played by secrets
karin naude Nov 2013
love has become a national sport
but what about the rest
the rest who believes in love with all there heart and soul
that believes in the pureness and sacredness of it
they who cherish the innocence of it
people like me

people justify a lot with motivational speaking
in the end the picket fence is littered with nail wholes
each whole resembling a day someone trampled my dreams , unprovoked
in the name of the game
Osiria Melody Feb 18
for hours, agonizing over every succinct detail,
in my mind, a finely crafted story comes to life

a poem, you see, takes more than adding figurative
sprinkles into a cake of esoteric, thoughts that only
i understand
perhaps, not. i could write about topics that
everyone else is doing to "fit" in. perhaps, not.
i'm just overthinking it?

i'm after becoming a poet, but not after fame
i'm after becoming a poet, but not after
making a living from its craft
i'm after becoming a poet, but not after
proudly holding copies of my own
works in book stores, to sign them

point is, i'm happy. i call myself a poet
because i breathe my creative breaths
into this life of poetry

for hours, agonizing over every
succinct detail,
in my mind, a finely crafted story
comes to life

a poem,

my brainchild that i nurture.

My poems are my brainchildren.
Brody Blue Aug 2017
It’s true my friend,
She did leave again,
Though I did believe
This time, she would stay.
But I won’t regret,
Nor will I ever fret,
For it’s only in
The game she plays.

And I just don’t
love her the same;
There’s not enough
To go around.
Though, when I
Hear her name
It’s such a
Lovely sound...

But she doesn’t care,
She only compares
Her field of daisies
With her field of hay;
And I’ll never know
What she’ll never show,
For it’s only in
The game she plays.

And I just don’t
love her the same;
There’s not enough
To go around.
Though, when I
Hear her name
It’s such a
Lovely sound...

It’s two below
Here in Tupelo,
And I cannot feel
My fingers as they play;
But I can’t forget,
So maybe I’ll just sit
And think about
The game she plays.
Carter Ginter Dec 2013
I can't seem to tell
If you're expressing undercover
Or if you're really that ignorant.
How adorable
Watching a pretty girl lie,
******* denial at the teeth.
If I remember correctly
When you were really under covers
I held your gaze.
Maybe you forgot
The way you held me close
Yet never close enough.
Or the way you kissed back
With such a passion
That YOU initiated in the first place.
Take back then your words
Of how okay you felt
for the first time in forever.
Take back the desire you craved
And still do from time to time
In order to keep to your word now.
Sorry sweetheart
You choose your own destiny
And I stopped playing your games long ago.
You made your decision to hide yourself
To deny how much you cared
And gave up your chance for the last time.
So I bid you a good night
And a fair life
Where our memories won't haunt you anymore.
And you can forget about my existence
I'll make it easy for you now
You've clearly made your choice.
Sorry this is a complete rant. I just saw something from a girl i used to care very much for saying that she's straight which wouldn't bother me if it hasn't been for the past we have and her telling me that with me she felt more herself than ever before.
Sorry sweetheart can't have it both ways.
I've been through this before,
You think I won't catch on.
I pay attention,
Its not that hard to see.

One minute you give me the world,
The next you hardly give me a glance.
I make the effort,
You used to do that too.
You give me excuses,
Now we hardly talk.

I knew it was too easy,
Too good to be true.
I was waiting for the other shoe to drop,
And it did.

I'm not going to beg,
I deserve more than a read text.
If you won't put in the effort,
Then neither will I.

I gave you chances,
The benefit of the doubt.
You showed your true colors,
And their nothing but darks.

I thought we clicked,
Felt a spark as we talked.
I opened up to you,
Slowly but surely..
You even stopped
No longer cared
Now we're here.

I thought we could have been more,
But I deserve a better man.
A man who makes the effort,
And manages their time.
I tried with you,
I really did....

I don't care for liars,
Despise dishonesty.
You can lie to my face,
But I knew you were a liar.

There's nothing more to give,
I doubt we'll talk again.
Those sweet words,
As empty as the air.

Don't bother now,
I started moving on from you.
Tomorrow will be a new day,
And a new possibility for love.
Umi May 2018
And thus when the sun would rise, it should be determined;
I had lost, failed to wipe out the transience of a dreams miracle,
Leaning back as the stars fade one after another in the brightening sky
I find myself smiling, at the disappearing sight of the lunar rabbit after the moon too had sunken down to rest without a single cloud having witnessed it, the heavens remain only filled with great light.
While everyone rejoyed with a big smile to the morning which welcomes them to be again, hard working and productive, I can't help it but to feel sad, having to accept my destiny of never breaking free.
The fleeting time passes aimlessly, only for me to have faint courage,
Glooming, one would even embrace the darkness which befalls the world at a time which ceases to let even crystal starlight seep through,
This is where the dreams created in the world of fantasy are born,
That's a repeated story, they bloom, scatter then fall, recycling again.
Shining and withdrawing itself, there is always my presence in a dream, so dance in the dark night my beloved servant, have we really lost if I do not fade away and perish ~ ? Yes, we have, sadly enough.
Yet I should engage ourselves with the solance;
I don't have to die in a dream.

~ Umi
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