Peter Simon Jul 2016
Yesterday, she touched my lips with her fingers.

I wasn't so dizzy but I laid my head on her thighs.

I kissed her on her cheeks, I hugged her so tight.

We talked about our petty little secrets.

We stood on the rooftop taking all the night lights in.

She leaned her head on my shoulders.

Her face complemented the night sky.

I stared at her and I swear she's the most beautiful creature I've ever been so close to.

And I knew in those moments we were just playing some pretending games.

I thought I was contented. I thought.

Now, I know we should stop playing this game.

I'm losing all my cards.

I'm afraid that maybe after we're done playing inside our own storm, I'll be left alone engulfed in the sea of darkness. Scathed by the memories of her. And no matter how hard I try to keep swimming to the shore, I won't be able to find my way out.
© Peter Simon
thejohnags Jul 6
you're lost in the wild
you don't know where you are,
you don't know what to do,
so you're dying in the dark.

you're looking for a trace
you're looking for a place,
but all you get is this maze
you should've seen your face
you got burned, got cornered
no turns, just liars.

and when you try to seek out the exit,
you find the monsters in your closet
smiling, waiting, hungry to dive in
you can run, but you can't hide
you can try, but you'll be found

so you're lonely in the streets,
you've been sleeping there, no sheets
you're looking for a mirror, looking for a lover,
looking for a mother, looking for a savior,
but you're alone, child.
but are you lone, child?
are you gonna cry now? be brave child.

the time is ticking
the game you're playing,
it's never ending,
but try to win it.

you say you're fine,
but you hope with fright.
you curse your life,
cuz it's killing you with pride.

the door is open,
but it says closed
your heart is breaking,
but you got no one to hold.

so you hold onto your dreams:
bright, and thriving lights, NYC
but is it worth it? can you chase it?
can you catch it? or miss all of it?

you sit in the corner of the bed
you're thinking about life, you're thinking about death
you're thinking about your friends, you're thinking about your family
when you thought of yourself, you thought of yourself lastly.

you sit and think about living
what to do to learn? what to do to earn?
how to keep up the pace?
how to dance in the rain?
and why are you lonely in this sick, crazy game?

so you wake up in the streets
the air is warm, so you smile, and you breathe
looking for dime, looking for a rhyme,
looking for more time, looking for your prime

looking for a flower,
looking for a paper,
cuz that is what you're best at:
painting words then you're a goner.
Francie Lynch Mar 2016
And euchre,
Chance and chaos.
Elect to make it trump,
On a hope and a prayer
Your partner tricks,
Getting tricks,
You're in a game
With one
Who's guiled
On tricks.
A great card game.
Maybe I'll beat my mother today,

The game she plays with me;

Is getting better for her everyday,

I never liked it in the start,

because I never understood it, in the first place,

But now I've started to play and started to understand life,

One step at a time, bit by bit, a little every day

One board, Two players and 64 squares,

She is the snow white but I keep the dark pieces to myself,

Queen is the most powerful out there,

But the king is important to the game and mostly to the queen

It's a game of life; you do anything to protect your empire

And anyone who stands against your empire is your prime enemy

In a usual game your opponent decides according to their own strategy and also use their opponents perception

But when you know your opponent thoroughly,

The game becomes pretty easy to play and to learn

I know a few things about my current opponent, as well as about my darling mother

I know that my darling mother would lose one day,

Don't mean to sound rude, I know this for sure because she sacrifices everything even her Queen to protect her King

In a relationship, a woman is a Queen, a man is a King and together they make a powerful empire

And as tales as old as time say; once upon a time,

One empire ruled, and after a period of time, it falters and a new empire takes over

They always forget the prime saying that all empires fall eventually.
It's the way of things.

Like a leaf,

Every leaf was once productive,

But after a time it was rotting in ground

Every kingdom was under the reign of someone

After a time someone else took over,

Eventually, this is what happens, in every game

Birds were returning to their home

The branches on the trees were swaying with the gentle breeze

While humming a forgotten, old tune,

My darling mother was assembling the piece on their respective places,

And scolded me that I give an open hand and play recklessly,

She is right, I know she is,

I want to say something but I won't because she had told me a rule that never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake

I know she is my mother, she worries about me

But she doesn't knows and I don't want her to know that I'm just testing my team; and their limits

My pieces have been there on their seats for centuries,

I have just arrived

My pieces have known their potential, their power from a lifetime,

I don't, yet

I'm new, for now but not for long

No one has ever won games just by resigning

I'll end mine, when my opponent is finished, completely

Then I'll begin again with a new game, with a new opponent

We learn so little from victory but so much from defeat

It's human nature to learn from own and others mistakes,

It does not matters to me who is going to eat whom

I'm willing to offer my King

After all after a few moves even a pawn can take the place of anything, you want it to, even a king

I don't know about maybe,

But I'll beat my darling mother one day

And from then, everyday

Today is a new day,

But my opponent is still the same, the board is still the same, the pieces are standing in their place,

Mother went first, “Pawn to E4”

I replied with, “Pawn to E5”

And the game began.
A repeating day since I've known. A game.
The moon
one night
was bored
it asked the sun
to play ball
the game was on
Both played strong
Counting stars
to keep score

Using first
the brightest
each inning
Then the ones
Slowly dimming
It was hard to tell
as some stars fell
they lost count
on who was winning

rather than starting over
the moon lied
about the number
some stars
Even counting
It proved
to be
the loser

The sun got heated
enough of the moon
The tally was a lie
So the sun wiped the sky
The score
was back to zero
by morning
puddle dotted fields,
kids in mud football frenzy;
time stops for each game!
lauren wilson Jun 25
there’s a gun in my hand
(metaphorically speaking)
and i wrote this for u,
every last tear and laugh
and droplet of blood that
you drew out of my flesh,
blades for kisses while
the drugs reached your
veins-down the rabbit
hole you went once
again; and maybe i
should be sorry about
it, perhaps loving you
was just as mad as the
pills you swallowed,
because all i seemed
to be was a game
that you made, but
there’s a gun in my
hand, and it won’t
go away
summertime sadness
Jess Jul 2015
One word
One nasty word
Is all it takes
For my world to come
Crashing down
One word from you
Is a thousand words of others
One word from you
Breaks me
Or makes me

I am not stupid
I know your game
Hurt me so you can protect me
From yourself
No matter what my opinion will
Never change and I will always
Love you just the same
You're a glitch in the system,
a fuckin' mistake.
But carry on regardless
'cause I know you're fake.

I'm sure that you know,
you were never all that.
A big fuckin' lie
and then you did that!

So take off your mask
and show me your face.
'Cause to me you're already
a fuckin' disgrace!

You cast a steel shadow
yet still hide your face.
You shared all my secrets
and told them my name.
Now, step into your spotlight
and reveal your game.

Poetry by Kaydee.
No? I didn't think so.
Jess Jan 2016
I don't know
What is left of me
Or even
If there is
Anything at all

Ground down to nothing
I am not here
Not anymore

You see
Looking back
I can see

All the signs were there
Over these last four years

Memories can't be trusted
Were they all lies?
Your sociopathic inferno of illusion

Little by little I played into
Your game of chess

Thinking I was an opponent
In good spirits

But only was the pawn
From the very beginning

Spiraled into your manipulative ways
You were the puppet master

Now I see

And now the damage is done

But not
Really ever

And yet
You still find a way
To pour salt in the wound

And you are not
Even here

Just sharp words
That cut me down to size
And smaller
Until I cower once again

My mistake was bowing down
My mistake was valuing
Over  M E

Now I'm left
Deeper in the pit
Damaged beyond return

I am broken

Left less of a being
That I was before
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