Why worry when you can pray.
About it  won't help you
But stress you.
Don't hold on to the worry.
Keep* calm and carry on
You're wonder what
You were *
fussing about.
Worrying won't. Add a single day to your live.
It will shorten. It ..
Javaria Waseem Sep 2014
Those broken bricks told a story
Of a place where dreams were made.
A place which drowned in the floods
Those broken bricks are all that remains.
TlvGuy Jun 2014
They have their inner beauty
I know what others say
But for your sake only
I ask just this: Lets pray
And when they sudden reach you
Nothing could bring you back
Cause when they sudden reach you
The rope is on your neck
Ashley Somebody Jun 2014
If Home is the place where I belong,
Then why have I been wandering for so long?
Seems my whole life, I've been gone;
I wonder why I'm still holding on.

To a hope of finding myself a home,
Instead of all this busy Alone;
And honestly, if I had ever known,
I wouldn't have come on my own.

Sometimes when I can't find my way,
Or just can't find the right place to stay;
Never knowing the right words to say,
I just look to the sky and I pray.

Heaven knows where I belong,
And He knows where I've been for so long;
Even though my whole life I've been gone,
He is to whom I'm **holding on.
Old men
young men
& middle aged men
I'd fuck them all!
You men,
You are just money!

Big men
small men
& average men,
I'd suck you all!
Hey men,
Give me your money!

Tough men
weak men
& middle men,
I'd take it all!
So men,
Have you got money?

Black men
white men
& well read men,
Fuck them all!
Oh men,
I just need money!

As long
as you
are rich men
I'd give you all
(Just for the money)
the world turns never so dark

light is seen
only with closed eyes.
i'm fed up with isms and faiths and dogmas with apparently lofty goals in effect battering humanity.
Arna Banana Mar 2013
Loud minds in the silent chapel,
Echoes of desperate prayers.

Hope settled in their seeing eyes.
Words that their ears, caught not.
Joseph Valle Dec 2012
There was a Truth
in murk-settled water.
I'll sit at the surface
and remember past wrongs.

Stirred lake was below us,
the eels and a catfish,
but towered above
the sun shone down warm.

A dead masquerade,
you kicked for the surface.
Your body, it rippled
a silhouetted sky.

Dead hum underwater
our eyelids were liquid.
My jellyfish back
absorbed the tanned rays.

Ingest your diffraction,
a hunger astray.
A dry-land discov'ry:
it was my legs aflame.

The murk was in you.
The murk was in you.
Dear God, I was clean.
Dear God, I was clean.

A seat at the table
to pray for the lake.
But what does it matter?
Wash my hands to eat.
Ashley Nicole Oct 2014
Pained to the point of marble
   Now a cold statue
      You pray for a chisel
When pain enters the stage of numbness
Jason Cole May 2015
somebody pray for me
why don't you pray
just bow your head and pray for me
done went and lost my direction
i wander 'round aimlessly

got one foot in my coffin
the other's in the grave
get so sick of livin'
'cause i'm tired most everyday
please pray
somebody bow their head for me
i'm lonely as a prisoner
my heart is shade 'neath the tree

somebody pray for me
why don't you pray
just bow your head and pray for me
when i look at my reflection
my eyes are filled with misery

Mama she ain't lyin'
when she says what's on my brain
but i can't stop her cryin'
she sees right through my pain
Mama pray
just bow your worried head for me
you know i ain't been forgiven
and i'm so scared i'll never be

somebody pray for me
why don't you pray
just bow your head and pray for me
i just turned my head up to Heaven
midnight's all i seen
Another song. Slow tempo. Mournful blues ballad in minor key.
*Note: Mama prayed and the Lord delivered me from on high...
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2015

I heard your cry Oh, Paris
From the hundred of bodies that fell on your ground
I heard the sobbing of your neighbors
I saw the tears of all the eyes watching you
You were trying to  move on from the tragic Charlie Hebdo Attack
But here you are again-
Broken and bruised
And my heart is breaking
My tears are rolling down my face
As I utter  a thousand why's


I still hear the weeping from afar-
Palestine and Syria are still mourning for the death of their children,
India Heat Wave that killed more than two thousand,
The hundreds of migrants killed in sinking ship in the Mediterranean Sea,
The TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Crash in Taiwan,
The Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash into the French Alps,
The Earthquake in Nepal,
The Amtrak Train Derail in Philadelphia,
The Warehouse Explosion that killed a hundred in China,
The Reporter and Cameraman Killed live on TV,
The Refugee crisis,
The Hajj Pilgrimage Tragedy near Mecca
The series of calamities and tragedies in different parts of my dear Philippines-
The families of thousands of dead people are still in agony
These tragedies around the world
Gave those places the deepest cuts upon the bellies of the mothers
Wounds that connect to the hearts
And create scars that might be fresh until now

The world is in pain
And here are my tears again

I am praying for the world
Can we listen to those cries and open our hearts?

Let us  pray for you,  dear Paris
And for other places wich are still in misery

Let us pray for the world.

Please don't misunderstand.  I am also praying for Paris.  But many places are still suffering.  Please include them in our prayers.
orangesherbet Dec 2016
seconds, minutes, hours, days

spent hoping it was just a phase

as his parents sent him to a church where they'd say

"son, you better pray the gay away"

surely this "god" had far more important issues

than a boy in a closet with a handful of tissues

surely this "hell" was a place for far worse people

than a boy forced to confess his sins under the church steeple
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