You're watching, judging, and assuming
You don't understand why I do what I do. 
Why I obsess over little things.
So stop trying to
The world is my oyster
But without the beautiful pearl
Just a plain old shell, in a plain old world

It's a shame you'll never know the brilliance
All you're capable to understand is the madness.
Insane, sane
Heart, or brain
Ferocious , tame
Take two breaths and stop breathing all together.
Turn your self to useless energy, forever.

Welcome to mind of the mad.
The queen of the asylum
A dapper old castle in the brain of a girl.
Who is tortured yet pampered in her own little world.
my mind is
a big hunk of irrevocable nothing which touch and
taste and smell and hearing and sight keep hitting and
chipping with sharp fatal tools
in an agony of sensual chisels i perform squirms of
chrome and execute strides of cobalt
nevertheless i
feel that i cleverly am being altered that i slightly am
becoming something a little different, in fact
Hereupon helpless i utter lilac shrieks and scarlet
Megan Grace Nov 2012
my hands are tired from
having no purpose
so why don't you take
the load off and
slip your fingers through
Poieinbroidery Nov 2014
My mind isn't big enough for an escape
My mind, I am trapped in a disadvantage

Usually my mind is as big as the universe
But my mind, is discourage

My mind, my mind, holding on to courage
Making my way to uncover

Another path of undiscovered
Amitav Radiance May 2014
The constellation of the night sky
Dotted with Asterism
Calling our attention to the mystical lights
Plotting an image on our minds
The celestial space is where minds wander*

© Amitav (Radiance)
*Asterism are pattern of stars visible in the night sky
Alex Hoffman Apr 2015
The split personality which exists within us,
constantly battling for the spotlight of your mind,
feeding off your acquiescence to their imposing forces.
Beating like a drum at the sides of your skull.
Katie W Jan 2015
Young is the flesh that your body may be
Frail is the mind of a body that cannot see.
yours Jul 2014
my mind
will not
find itself
to you
the mind is its own beautiful prisoner.
Mind looked long at the sticky moon
opening in dusk her new wings

then decently hanged himself,one afternoon.

The last thing he saw was you
naked amid unnaked things,

your flesh,a succinct wandlike animal,
a little strolling with the futile purr
of blood;your sex squeaked like a billiard-cue
chalking itself,as not to make an error,
with twists spontaneously methodical.
He suddenly tasted worms windows and roses

he laughed,and closed his eyes as a girl closes
her left hand upon a mirror.
Danielle Mimran Jul 2014
Thoughts inside the head,
to who they belong?
Hard decisions to take,
am i really here all alone?
Leaded, controlled, left alone,
confusion, what's your song?
Who are you for real?
Come out from that dream.
Is it me being you or just you being me?
Inspired by the movie "Being John Malcovich"
Someone take my mind away from me,

                                    its driving me INSANE.
The monsters offer comfort.
The nightmare is my home.
Where many would be scared,
I find I’m not alone.
The shadows that surround,
Do not engage my fright.
Where most long for the day,
I embrace the night.
What many think is normal,
Is what scares me most.
Not vampires or werewolves.
Not even witches or ghosts.
I find it fascinating,
Eccentric and unique,
But most would find it strange,
And say that I’m a freak.
I still love the spooky,
The creepy and the weird.
What most find terrifying,
And are considered feared,
But who’s to say what’s normal?
Who’s to say what’s sane?
It’s my imagination,
The world inside my brain.
The goblins and the ghouls,
The zombies and the fiend,
Cavort within my morbid mind,
Like a sick and twisted dream.
That’s what makes this monster grin,
Make no obfuscation,
This dark and gloomy soul of mind.
My macabre imagination.
farahD Oct 2014
Mind wanders,
Day and night,
Like a soul,
No one knows the reason.
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