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Ormond Feb 2015
death dirges

Frogs in distance sing  .  .  .
Foxes, herons, join in too,
  .  .  .  A round of croaking.

love gifts

Her gift of flowers  .  .  .
Came at night without garden,
  .  .  .  Were picked in bedroom.

twins demure

Full moon and she  .  .  .
Beauties without crescent smile,
  .  .  .  ***** in starlight.

light music

Before even sun  .  .  .
Gleam opens to paint each day,
  .  .  .  Beauty in birdsong.


After sun showers  .  .  .
Sparkle of rainbow colours,
  .  .  .  Busy hummingbirds


Hollow sound through trees,
***** and bare branches sway,
  .  .  .  Old winter creeping.


She wanted a child  .  .  .
Rushed from one suitor to next,
  .  .  .  Clock set to maybe.

super villain

Truth once singular  .  .  .
Mucked all up with politics,
  .  .  .  In cowl of falsehoods.


Blood spills in gardens  .  .  .
Naïve worms torn from loose grounds,
.  .  . Red robins, green lawns.


Each spring miracle  .  .  .
Trees blessed by caterpillars gifts,
  .  .  .  Holey hands of leaves.


Ripples lead to bows  .  .  .
After fish breaks the water,
  .  .  .  A kingfisher dives.


Steadfast as always  .  .  .
Wildflower in sun and rain,
  .  .  .  Showing true colours.


Chaste lovers wonder  .  .  .
How bodies weather the cold,
  .  .  .  Never knowing touch.

swept away

Suddenly we kissed  .  .  .
At beach as tides rolling in,
  .  .  .  Drowning by ocean.


Her red hair so long  .  .  .
Brushing my face, hiding eyes,
  .  .  .  A kind entrapment.
PoserPersona Jul 27
Your hair stills heart's rhythmic meter
  For this I wish forever
Strands spun with goddess gossamer;
  softer than touch of mother

Your eyes dazzle with no glitter
  For this I stare o're yonder
Locking jewels with coins of others;
  Leaves throbbing chests emptier

Your form flows as gentle rivers
  For this I grudge past swimmers
Glory bequeathed to the winner;
  drown will the losing suitors

Your voice humbles angel choirs
  For this I listen eager
Songs molding seraphs from satyrs;
  in harmony with nature

Your being stirs wildfire
  For this I bear the pleasure
Ethereal flames dance together;
  fueled by spiritual tethers

You are my love light of summer
  For this I waded winter
Glowing 'bove, spring was made greener;
  blooming nascent desire
Umi Jan 25
Our fighting spirit is the flame of our souls
Ensures us to reach in our most desperate times impossible seeming goals
Even if you should be full of misery, full of holes, it picks you up, fills you with confidence, pride, excitement and determination,
Maybe this seems like an exaggaration, or an excavation of falsities,
But with it you would be able to work as hard as the birds, or even the bees,
Even though you seem like you can't go on, saying " this is it "
There is an ember from the bottom of your heart which has been lit,
So get rid, of all your doubt, of all your inconfidence, rise from the fire
I am sure, the fight is gonna be worth it, you will reach even higher,
As long as you carry this flame within you and the noble desire,
To never, ever give up.

~ Umi
Maggie N Jul 21
I am so sorry for you

you are poor in

the currency that matters

I count out your meagre cash

and want to hand out more

compassionate acts
ManoelO Aug 31
When besieged by the
sweeping tides of time

The evanescent of your presence
Has been preserved
In the fortitude
Of my mind
And begins to bloom in
The moment of ecstasies

I have savoured
The sweetness
Of you

That the tongue
Unto unknown realms

That I may
****** destiny
To surrender
Her will

To the
Of new
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