Gigi Tiji Oct 2014
spark of life
touches earth
leaves crackle and
explode into breath

in deep romance, my
lungs kiss smoke
and Spirit expands within

sinking and
soaking through skin

deep into my roots dripping
into channels of rivers flowing
freely to my brain crackling
with neurons ever grasping
dendritically to reach
nutritious extrapolations
stormy interpretations
and interpolations

branches of
white birch lightning
Joe Cottonwood Jun 2015
Your spirit is a shadow
                made of light

Your spirit is a shadow
        growing longer
                into night

Your spirit is a shadow
        none can capture
                all can see

Your spirit is a shadow
                set free
First published in River Poets Journal: Volume 10, Issue 1

My brother was an old beatnik (I guess I’m an old hippie — only a few years made all the difference). I was my brother’s caretaker for his final seven years, the slow decline of dementia. He was not religious. In fact he was anti-religious. But still I would argue with my brother about spirit. I said we all have a spirit that lives on after we die. He wasn’t buying it and kept challenging me: “What is spirit? What do you mean?”  I told him your spirit is like a shadow except instead of darkness it is made of light. As the sunset neared on his life, I could sense his spirit growing larger. He denied it to the end and I love him for that. After my brother’s passing, years went by before I could write about it. When I was ready, this poem sprang up. You could chisel it on my tombstone (and please do).
A Whitney Feb 2015
You'll find me in the forest
Beneath the silver birch tree
With ribs in weaves of primrose
And stomach in knots of heather
Crazy Beautiful Mar 2014
Thinking of you - acid rain falls -
or are those tears which burn
fiery paths of hurt down my
face and on my neck - where I
can't swallow or breathe - can
this choking be my end? Yes -
but the pain has just begun
as the heart thirsts for love
but only soaks in anguish - which
drains it of life - tearing
a jagged scar - a raw wound
open and screeching - echoing
through a tortured mind -
then time is the enemy -
all that remains
is a skeleton of
Agonistic spirit -
singing a haunting melody -
"I'll love you to the bitter end.
Praline Poet Aug 2014
I don't know if it's natural
I don't know if it's real
All I really know is
how it makes me feel
when I feel empty
it makes me feel full
and all I know is that
it's beautiful
This poem is about saguaro cacti in Sedona, Arizona.
My country is an old book with a crumbly, dusty cover;
original and valuable
Like a book, you don't judge it by its cover.
What's inside it is what defines it.
Gently open it;
Read each word with heart,
Uncover its uniqueness
till it brings delight.
Find the book enjoying,
You'll never wish for it to end.
You'll read it one more time,
You'll show loftiness to it.
Oh, fellowmen, we're proud of our country
Even if we're not;
Our mouths say we are, but our hearts deny.
Oh beloved country,
We discerned ourselves
through judging you
because of our own fault.

**© Frank Lloyd Manalang, 2014
A poem written by my best friend, Frank
About nationalistic spirit
sincurlyxbaki Oct 2013
she put my heart in a jar.
wait here until i return, she said.
i waited two forevers for her to open it, my heart was suffocating.

i was drowning in her memories, her eyes danced like fireflies in the moonlight. timeless passion. she is my flower child.

flawless. my heart is in a cage, solitude sedates me. i recall memories we never had or maybe it was visions of a future we will have?

i sit down with a notepad and admire your movement. i pen down my studies, and try to understand your complexity. your face glows, your waist flows. like the beautiful Victoria Falls, African queen.

i digress, you still have my heart in a jar. open a few holes, my heart is suffocating.

hair like Rapunzel, fine spun gold, only love knows our connection. time is but a teardrop in our moments.

on my notepad, is stories of what i think you could be, yet my imagination is far from your real being.

your shadow is unique. i can see it dancing under the stars, it tells its own stories. faded, i am.

im loving, your heart. keep moving, beauty. i love you. stop arguing with your mind, you’re beautiful. every man knows.

o, to be young and feel love’s keen sting.


je t’aime. belle âme, mon coeur appartient à vous.
South Africa.
Ormond Dec 2014
As olive or grape  .  .  .
So shed, paired souls are threshed,
  .  .  .  Out of their bodies.
The Terry Tree Aug 2014
Spirit Dolphin

To be in tune in natures light
To be in touch and resonate
Intelligent communicate
Heartbeats of love and breath of life

Superior to human sight
Your sound waves and reverberates
To be in tune in natures light
To be in touch and resonate

You touch the stars and elevate
Our spirits to become alight
Giving us freedom to ignite
Centers begin to emanate
To be in tune in natures light

Beneath the sun, beneath the moon
You teach us how to breathe with care
Oceanic friend, solar flare
Communicating our monsoon

Teaching in us how to commune
Opening our minds to beware
Beneath the sun, beneath the moon
You teach us how to breathe with care

Your innocence rests like lagoon
On the surface emotions bare
Vulnerability is there
Beneath the sun, beneath the moon

A good omen to protect us
Saving the lives of so many
Selfless creature giving plenty
From outer space some do discuss

To touch you frees us from raucous
To ride with you fulfills empty
A good omen to protect us
Saving the lives of so many

With you we find our playfulness
Self-confidence more than any
Never to lose our assembly
Connect us all with inner trust
A good omen to protect us

Helping others finding our truth
To be One Universally
What might seem strange is certainly
A reflection upon our youth

Make bright our eyes with wisdom's root
Free from shame inadvertently
Helping others finding our truth
To be One Universally

Though we may taste forbidden fruit
What we will learn so artfully
Forgives our aches so perfectly
Flipping through curious pursuit
Helping others finding our truth

Poetic Form | Rondel
Ann M Johnson Jul 2014
The intertwining of heart, spirit and mind becomes Soul mates
Madhumita Apr 2015
People find it strange
that someone like me
who gets out of breath,
after two flights of stairs
considers the horse
to be her spirit animal.

Ironic though it may be,
isn't it natural
for the somatically lazy
to have a wild soul
that runs free?
NaPoWriMo Day #30
Poetry form: Free Verse
The Terry Tree Dec 2014
Initiate our souls into the light
Flamingo yes your hue is burning bright
Your colors lighting up the night
We migrate out of darkness within you

Enlighten us to heal our weary hearts
To be with love and never to depart
Appreciating brand new starts
Your beauty resonates us deep within

We want nothing more than with you to be free
To fly away from stress along with thee
Our wings could only hope to grow
As beautiful as yours unfold
You are the breath of freshened air
Our spirits call to breathe repair

In my memory of you I see poise
Noticing your stance without a noise
Perfectly still you are seen
Tranquil in life's pond so serene

As we pass through to become in ourselves
Teach us how to become nothing else
Than the magnetic beautiful creatures
Spirit designed with every feature

We are a gift to the flowing
Always coming always going
There never seems to be enough
Time in the universe thereof
To take a moment to enjoy
And therefore we destroy

This is an ode to your sweet nature
A song of love and light not danger
A memory we are creating
A vibrant show of figure skating

In the circle of acceptance now
Our wings are rising up to bow
Take in the scenery with deepened breath
Never afraid of shaking hands with death

For we are peaceful and at rest
Knowing we always do our best
A true beginning has no end
Drinking from life as we befriend
The journey of our soul path
In a spiritual rose bath


The Terry Tree Dec 2014
You carry a weight that's so heavy
A caravan filled with so many
You journey along, the sand is your song
And heat filled with sun rays aplenty

With your guidance we soon will become
Unified with God's grace and God's love
Your knowledge is great, sufficient in strength
Standing small as you tower above

You feel pain just the same as we do
You will cry tears of sadness for you
Tune into the light, your spirit is bright
You reflect what sunlight shines in you

Teaching us to heal and to move on
Even dark times when sadness has won
To listen up close, is what I have chose
Especially when life comes undone

Spirit Camel, you never run dry
Capabilities keep you alive
You're a natural at heart, playing the part
Mother Nature intended you by

To ride on with you makes me feel safe
With you there is no rush and no haste
Taking our time, learning how to decide
With a rhythm of peaceful-like pace

Self sustaining without an ego
Spreading love every place that we go
We survive day and night, sharing your plight
We are one with your wandering soul

As your milk provides food for your calf
You have cared for us on your behalf
Without a complaint, and in your restraint
It appears that you smile and laugh

You must see how humans sometimes seem
Like a nightmare and not like a dream
Yes we can be, idiotic you see
We have so much to learn from your scheme

I am honored to know you great one
May your message be carried with love
Through winds and life's storms, may we be reborn
With your courage and gentle wisdom

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