Styles Aug 2016
I want to fill my mouth,
                   with your body, and
                               taste your existence  
                                                for all eternity.
Poetic Artiste Aug 2014
The taste of your lips.
Temptation I can’t resist
Let me savor you.
I.B, I enjoy kissing you <3
blow smoke off your lips
Feel the whiskey burn your throat
They taste like guilt
MC Hammered Dec 2013
Nectar of the forbidden fruit must be
nicotine laced, codeine

Powder trace mirror reflecting on broken
Just one taste.

Lips taut, set perfectly in place.
Whiskey shot with whiskey

Her armor?
Cold eyes, *Arsenic, and Old
Rockie May 2015
I've tasted life
I've tasted death
I've tasted hate beyond all control
I've tasted greatness
I've tasted love from friends
I've tasted honey beyond earthly sweetness
I've tasted pain
I've tasted ungodly jealousy
*I've tasted.

The Taste of Kiss is Love
Remember the moment
When your Mother
First kissed you


It's my Coat of Arms
Imprinted upon you
Saying that
You are the Statement of my Life
Copy righted. Right from my PhD thesis
I have a special talent.
I have the ability to taste peoples personalities.
It sounds weird, I know.
But this is not a fictitious writing.

It happens only on the very first interaction with someone.
Only in person obviously-
Not through text or the phone.

I feel it-
Rather, I taste it in the first words they speak.
The first time our eyes meet.
And in one instance, the first hug.

I guess I don't "taste it"
Its more instinctual-
It almost feels like a memory.
Not like I just imagine it.
Its more like-
When you think someone said your name when they didn't.

Sometimes people taste like the smell of rain.
Some, like salt water.
some, like cloth or toothpaste.
On an occasion-
Sweet Orange Soda.

I guess I don't know if its actually personalities I am "tasting"
It just so happens that the Fellows that taste like burning rubber, or rotten cheese end up being the ones that just cant get along with me.

Its hard not to judge-
When my body does it at the instant.

Maybe its all about mannerisms, and subconscious memories.

Its odd.
Ill stick to my friends that taste like Mint and Orange sodas-
Fruit and cake dough-
Than those-
who taste like moldy bread.
gray rain May 2016
This tremble in my hands
and the aching in my muscles
but the taste of blood in my mouth
causes me no trouble

no defending
just attack
the taste of blood
the aftermath

this fight
I probably won
but the taste of blood
lingers on
Yes I had a fight at jujitsu so it was light contact but I hit myself by accident.
How do you taste a woman?
Do you let your breath
Take over her skin
Or do you,
Her treacherous,
Deceitful, delightful touch?

Do you take her sight for granted,
As if it was yours to own,
As if she would
Never vanish,
Or do you know
She's nothing more
Than a chimera on a wall,
Than Clotho's spinning thread
In an ancient story of forgiveness...

Do you trust her soft and humid body,
Like a silky cloth soaked in
Spicy peppermint oil,
Or do you fear
Her lips
As if they'll
Harm the pulse
Of your easily grown
Desire for all that she has enchanted?

Do you let her fingers linger
Somewhere in between
The locks of hair,
As they were
Her only to poses,
And make them come alive
Like serpents shadows on a desert's moonlight?

All in all, a woman cannot be
Taken for granted,
As she isn't there
Only because
You see her
A woman is
A passing shadow
For your mesmerized vision.

A woman is that summer rain
On your heated body,
Or that devastating
Storm on a
She is both
Dust and wind,
Love and hatred,
Hope and despair.
She is nothing more
Than clear, cold water.

So drink the woman
As you taste
Into good wine
And tell me, stranger...
How do you taste a woman?
thank you for all your comments and likes. never thought that this poem would be so appreciated. thank you again and again.
lily Jan 2015
your taste is something that i had no name for
and it was the unknown part of you that i find so addicting
i kissed you until i could taste it in my mouth
Nickols Jun 2014
I can taste it.
The sour-tang of anger staining my tongue.
It's a flavor that really sinks in.
This nasty, awful taste of diminishing rage.  

Swallow the good,
does no good.
It only disguises my mood.

This, festering negativity of a no-good mood.
sweet ridicule Mar 2015
I know what love tastes like

sort of like the warm berries on your lips
mixed with chlorine and
       cheap pink perfume from a plastic spray bottle
              like lukewarm coffee that was carried on a bike by a underage boy  
  it tastes like jealousy on the roof of my mouth
at the success and intelligence that sweats from him
pride that overwhelms me--a wave of warm sunshine
like a cold metal ring in my mouth (biting it nervously--the raw disruptive taste of metal waking my senses)
as I say goodbye for the day
(or week)
here we go
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